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British Pharmacopoeias. LONDON: EDINBURGH: DUBLIN. Dispensatories. Edinburgh Dispensatory, edited by Dr. Rotheram; by Dr. A. Duncan; Supplement to ditto; Dr. Christison's Dispensatory; London Dispensatory, by Dr. A. T. Thomson; Conspectus, by the same; Complete English Dispensatory, by Quiney; General Dispensatory by Dr. R. Brooks; and Gaubius' Complete Extemporaneous Dispensatory.

The Dispensatory of the United States of America, by Drs. Wood and Bache.

Pharmacopoeia Bateana, edited by Salmon; Dr. Fuller's Pharmacopoeia Extemporanea; Wilson's Pharmacopoeia Chirurgica; Pharmacopoeia Medico-Chirurgica; Swediaur's Pharmacoparia Medici Practici Universalis; Dr. Hugh Smith's Formula Medicamentorum; Dr. R. Pearson's Thesaurus Medicaminum; Dr. Ryan's Formulary of Hospitals; Fox's Formula Medicamentorum Selecta; Pharmacopoeia Augustana, by Zwelfer; Plenk's Pharmacologia, &c.

Pharmacopaia of the United States of America.

Materia Medica. Cullen's, Lewis's, Alston's, Boerhaave's, and other works on; Dr. W. Ainslie's Materia Indica; Dr. Fleming's Catalogue of Indian Medicinal Plants and Drugs, Calcutta. Materia Medica and Pharmacy. Brande's Dictionary of Materia Medica and Practical Pharmacy; Gray's Supplement to the Pharmacopoeia; Professor Redwood's improved edition of the same work; Rennie's Supplement to the Pharmacopoeia; Kane's Elements of Pharmacy; Davies' Manual of Materia Medica and Pharmacy, from the French of Edwards and Vavassour. Elements of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, by Dr. Pereira; Dr. Paris's Pharmacologia and Appendix; Dr. Royle's Manual of Materia Medica, &c.; Dr. Neligan's Medicines and their Uses.

Phillips' (Mr. R.) Examination of the Pharmacopoeia Londinensis; and Translation of the Ph. Londin.; Dr. G. F. Collier's Translation of the Pharmacopoeia; and Companion to the same; Drs. Barker and Montgomery's Observations on the Dublin Pharmacopoeia.

Hospital Pharmacopoeias, (British). Guy's; University College; Charing Cross; St. Bartholomew's; St. George's; Middlesex; Manchester; &c.

The Bengal Dispensatory. Edited by Dr. O'Shaughnessy. Pharmacopoeia Suecica; Pharmacopoeia Borussica; Pharmacopaia Batava, &c.

Pharmacopée Universelle, ou Conspectus des Pharmacopées, &c. Par A. J. L. Jourdan. This work embraces the principal pharmacopoeias, dispensatories, formularies, &c., of all countries. Codex, Pharmacopée Française. [A considerable portion of this work has been incorporated in the present volume.]

Alibert's Nouveaux Elémens de Matière Médicale, 2 vols.; Virey's Traité de Pharmacie, &c., 2 vols.; Baume's Eléments de Pharmacie; Lemery's Dictionnaire des Drogues.

Dictionnaire Universel de Matière Médical et de Thérapeutique générale, by Merat and De Lens. 6 vols.; and Supplement. Soubeiran's Nouveau Traité de Pharmacie theorique et pratique. 2 vols.

Henry and Guibourt's Pharmacopée Raisonnée, ou Traité de Pharmacie, &c.

Dorvault's L'Officine ou Répertoire général de Pharmacie pratique.

Magendie's Formulaire pour le préparation et l'emploi de plusieurs Nouveaux Médicaments, with an Appendix by Dr. Marinus. Brussels.

Richard's Formulaire de Poche; D'Etilly's Formulaire Eclectique; Foy's Formulaire de practiciens; Ratier's Formulaire pratique des Hôpitaux; Edward's and Vavassour's Nouveau Formulaire pratique des Hôpitaux, by Mialhe; Bouchardat's Nouveau Formulaire Magistral.

Bouchardat's Annuaire de Thérapeutique, &c.

Mr. Braithwaite's Retrospect of Medicine.

Dr. Ranking's Half-Yearly Abstract of Medical Sciences.
Transactions of the Medico-Botanical Society.

Besides the above works, the editor has had occasion to consult the well-known chemical works of Berzelius, Brande, Graham, Kane, Turner, Ure, &c. The Dictionary of Practical Medicine, by Dr. Copland; the Library of Practical Medicine; the works of Sydenham, and other medical writers: also several works on Systematic and Medical Botany. Many separate treatises on particular remedies have also been referred to, as Fleming on Aconite; Turnbull on the Ranunculacea; Manson on Iodine; Brandish on Caustic Alkali; Jongh de tribus Olei Jecoris Aselli Speciebus ; Scudamore on Inhalation; Venables on Aerated Waters, &c., &c. Also the following periodicals:-The Pharmaceutical Journal; Lancet; Medical Gazette; Chemist; Pharmaceutical Times; Dublin Journal of Medical Sciences; Medico-Chirurgical Review; British and Foreign Medical Review; Chemical Gazette; Journal de Pharmacie; American Journal of Pharmacy. With respect to several of the above, both the recent numbers and the back volumes for several years have been carefully perused with a view to the present work. Many volumes of periodicals, now discontinued, in some cases the entire series, have also been looked through: Annals of Chemistry and Practical Pharmacy; London Medical Repository; Medical Review; Medical Essays; Duncan's Annals of Medicine; Medical Museum, &c., &c.

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Libra. Apothecaries', or Troy Pound.

3 Uncia. Troy Ounce.

f3 Fluiduncia. Fluid Ounce.

3 Drachma. Drachm, (60 grains.)

f3 Fluidrachma. Fluid Drachm, (60 minims.)
3 Scrupulus. Scruple, (20 grains.)

Minimum. Minim, (1-60th of f3j.)

gr. Granum, or grana.

88. Semis. A half.

Sesqui. One and a half.

Grain or grains.

q. p. Quantum placet. As much as you please.

q. s.

Quantum sufficiat. As much as is sufficient.

p. æq. Partes equales. Equal parts.

Aa, Ana, and Sing. Of each ingredient.
M. Misce. Mix.

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London Pharmacopoeia or College.

E. Edinburgh Pharmacopoeia or College.

D. Dublin Pharmacopoeia or College,

U. S. Pharmacopoeia of the United States.

P. The Paris Codex, or French Pharmacopoeia.

AUST., BAT., PRUS., RUS., SPAN., PH., &c. The Austrian, Batavian, Prussian, Russian, Spanish Pharmacopoeias, &c.

CH. Pharmacopoeia Chirurgica, and Ph. Medico Chirurgica.

M. Magendie's Formulary.

H. Hospital Formularies, as Gur's H., St. B. H., Char. H., Mid. H., U. C. H., St. GEO. H., &c. Those of Guy's, St. Bartholomew's, Charing Cross, Middlesex, University College, and St. George's Hospitals.

FR. H., IT. H., GERM. H. French, Italian, and German Hospitals. [These are chiefly taken from the latest edition of the "Nouveau Formulaire Pratique des Hôpitaux," edited by Mialhe.]

The Individual Names attached to the Formulæ are those of the Authors to whom they are commonly attributed, or from whose works they have been taken.

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