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worship IN THE MEETING-House IN Monkwell. STREET, LONDON. -

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My much loved and highly respected friends, MANY years have elapsed, since I pledged myself, at your unanimous request, to give you from the press, a Volume or two of those Discourses, which you heard from the pulpit with the partiality of friendship. This pledge would have been redeemed long ago, had it not been for the desire of -rendering them more worthy of your acceptance. I waited for leisure to make : those improvements, both in style and arrangement, ..which compositions so hasty, iv and in consequence so defective, would require, to fit them for the public eye. This leisure has never come; and if I wait for it any longer, I shall probably leave the world without fulfilling my promise. Under this apprehension, I have come to the determination of printing one Volume, in their original state of imperfection, with no other change than that of verbal cor

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I am well aware, that, in acting thus, I am laying myself open to the severity of criticism. You know how constantly I have been, and now am occupied, in the laborious work of education, and how many engagements of various kinds are incident to my profession. You will therefore be inclined to make allowance, even for numerous defects. From the public at large, I can expect no such indulgence; nor

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