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Printed for the use of the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce

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Hearings held on— Page

June 10, 1965------------------------------------------------- 1

June 11, 1965------------------------------------------------- 175

June 15, 1965------------------------------------------------- 275

June 16, 1965------------------------------------------------- 309

June 29, 1965------------------------------------------------- 347

Text of

-R 463----------------------------------------------------- 1

H.R. 2105---------------------------------------------------- 2

H.R. 4001---------------------------------------------------- 2

H.R. 7005---------------------------------------------------- 4

H.R. 7394---------------------------------------------------- 10

H.R. 7429---------------------------------------------------- 15

H.R. 8007---------------------------------------------------- 16

H.R. 8398---------------------------------------------------- 16

H.R. 8723---------------------------------------------------- 18

H.R. 8800---------------------------------------------------- 24

S. 306-------------------------------------------------------- 30

Reports of -

Agriculture, Department of------------------------------------- 53, 57

Air Force, Department of the------------------------------------ 45, 59

Atomic Energy Commission------------------------------------- 51

Bureau of the Budget------------------------------------------ 36

Commerce, Department of.------------------------------------- 39

Federal Aviation Agency--------------------------------------- 52

Federal Power Commission------------------------------- 43, 56, 58, 63

General Services Administration-------------------------------- 48, 64

Interior, Department of the ------------------------------ 41, 54, 58, 61

Labor, Department of.---------------------------------------- 63

National Aeronautics and Space Administration------------------- 49

State, Department of.----------------------------------------- 60

Treasury, Department of the------------------------------------ 55, 60

York City Transit Authority--------------------------------- 230

Finnegan, David B., attorney, Office of Legislative Counsel, Depart-

ment of the Interior----------------------------------------- 309

Fletcher, Dr. Alfred, director of the New Jersey Division of Environ-
mental Health---------------------------------------------- 299
Frase, Robert W., American Book Publishers Council and American
Text Book Publishers Institute-------------------------------- 304
Gilbertson, Wesley E., Chief, Division of Environmental Engineering
and Food Protection Service, Public Health Service-------------- 99

Green, Hon. William J., a Representative in Congress from the State

of Pennsylvania--------------------------------------------- 78

Halpern, Hon. Seymour, a Representative in Congress from the State

of New York------------------------------------------------ 83

Hart, Samuel A., Department of Agricultural Engineering, University
of California------------------------------------------------ 301

Heinen, Charles, Chrysler Corp--------------------------------- 275

Helstoski, Hon. Henry, a Representative in Congress from the State

of New Jersey----------------------------------------------- 90

Howell, Hon. Evan, counsel, American Transit Association---------- 230
Isbrandt, Ralph, vice president, American Motors----------------- 275
Lindsay, Hon. John W., a Representative in Congress from the State
of New York------------------------------------------------ 375
Linsky, Benjamin, P.E., professor of sanitary engineering (air
pollution), West Virginia University--------------------------- 249

Long, Hon. Clarence D., a Representative in Congress from the State

of Maryland------------------------------------------------ 98

MacKenzie, Vernon G., Assistant Surgeon General, Chief, Division

of Air Pollution, Public Health Service------------------------- 99

McVicker, Hon. Roy H., a Representative in Congress from the State

of Colorado------------------------------------------------- 92

Meyer, Col. Alvin F., Jr., U.S. Air Force, BSC, Department of

Defense---------------------------------------------------- 175

Mighdoll, M. J., executive vice president, National Association of

Secondary Material Industries, Inc.---------------------------- 267

Misch, vice president, Ford Motor Co---------------------------- 275

National Coal Association------------------------------------ 328

Perry, Harry, Division of Coal Research, Bureau of Mines---------- 309

Po. Paul F., manager of fuels, Products Department, Mobil Oil
--------------------------------------------------------- 347

Quigley, Hon. James M., Assistant Secretary of Health, Education,

and Welfare------------------------------------------------ 99

Rainville, Walter S., Jr., director of research, American Transit

Association------------------------------------------------- 230

Roosevelt, Hon. James, a Representative in Congress from the State
of California------------------------------------------------ 96

Rosenbaum, Joe B., Acting Assistant Director, Minerals Research,

Bureau of Mines-------------------------------------------- 309

Scheuer, Hon. James H., a Representative in Congress from the State

of New York------------------------------------------------ 372

Scott, John, general counsel, Socony Mobil Oil Co., New York, N.Y.,

representing the American Petroleum Institute------------------ 347

Sherman, William F., secretary, Engineering Advisory Committee,
Automobile Manufacturers Association------------------------- 275
Story, William S., executive vice president, the Institute of Scrap
Iron & Steel------------------------------------------------ 302

Xanten, William A., representing the American Society of Civil

Engineers--------------------------------------------------- 270

Additional material submitted for the record by-

AFL-CIO, Government Employees' Council, statement of.--------- 399

Additional material submitted for the record by—Continued
American Petroleum Institute:
Letter from Dr. G. H. Collings, Jr., chairman, Central Committee

on Medicine and Health----------------------------------
Attachment A.—Proposed control system-----------------
Attachment B.-Health considerations-------------------
Sulfur dioxide alone, table--------------------------
Sulfur oxides accompanied by particulate materials----
Resolution of Interstate Oil Compact Commission-------------

American Public Health Association, Inc., letter from Dr. Berwyn F.
Mattison, executive director----------------------------------

American Public Works Association, letter from Roy W. Morse,


American Transit Association:

Appendix A.—Exhaust Gas Constituents.---------------------

Aoi. B.—Comparison of Diesel and Gasoline Engine Ex-

Chart I.-Carbon monoxide in bus engine exhaust---------

Chart II.-Formaldehyde in bus engine exhaust-----------

Chart III.-Hydrocarbons in bus engine exhaust----------

ASME, telegram from Junius W. Stephenson, chairman, Incinerator
Committee, Process Industries Division------------------------

Automobile Manufacturers Association:

Estimates of future vehicle output, stocks, and mileage---------

Auto travel volume, 1955–76 (table).---------------------

Estimates of vehicle miles of travel in the United States,

1960-80 (table)-------------------------------------

Motor vehicle needs in the United States, 1963—72 (table)--

Ratio of population to vehicles in the United States, 1952

and 1962–72 (table)----------------------------------

Summary of , anticipated population, registration, and

travel (table)---------------------------------------

Total number of vehicles (passenger cars) (table).----------

Daddario, Hon. Emilio Q.:
Interpretive statement on Presidential order on Government
patent policy-------------------------------------------
Text of Presidential order on Government patent policy-------

Defense, Department of:

Directive No. 5500.5, Natural Resources—Conservation and


“Environmental Pollution Abatement,” proposed directive------
Monitoring of Environmental Dispersion of Beryllium, final
o prepared by U.S. Army Environmental Hygiene

District of Columbia, air pollution control in----------------------

Garvey, James R., president and director of research, Bituminous

Coal Research, Inc., statement--------------------------------

Table 1.-Most promising SO2 recovery processes--------------

Table 2.-Approximate costs in cents per million B.t.u. of SO2

recovery systems—with credits----------------------------

Gibbons, Hon. Sam M., Representative in Congress from the State of

Florida, press release from, dated June 10, 1965-----------------
Greater Detroit Board of Commerce, letter from Willis H. Hall,


Griswold, S. Smith, air pollution control officer, Los Angeles County
Air Pollution Control District, letter from----------------------
Health, Education, and Welfare, Department of:
“Air Pollution as It Affects Agriculture in New Jersey,” article
by Robert H. Daines, Ida A. Leone, and Eileen Brennan-----
“Chemistry,” article from Time, February 19, 1965------------
“Damage to Forests From Air Pollution,” article from the Journal
of Forestry, September 1964------------------------------
“Distribution of Vehicular Air Pollution in the United States,”
article by Robert M. Brice and John H. Ludwig-------------
Figure 1.-Diurnal variation patterns for 2-year average in
Cincinnati, 1962-63----------------------------------
Figure 2.-Photochemical “smog” incident in Cincinnati,
uly 21, 1964---------------------------------------



















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