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HOME OF RUTHERFORD B. HAYES With reproduction of official portrait, by Huntington, from the White House


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LUCY WARE WERp was born in Ohio, and married Mr. Hayes in 1852, the union resulting most happily. During her husband's military career she often visited him in the field and endeared herself to the soldiers by her gracious sympathy. Frank, cordial, hospitable and beautiful, she freely expressed her pleasure at becoming mistress of the Executive Mansion, winning many friends by her sunny smile and sincere greeting. She was very popular, although she displeased a certain few among her guests by banishing wine from the White House table, thereby gaining strong support from the temperance advocates. A fine oil painting of her was added by these adherents to the collection at the Mansion, Frances Willard making the presentation. During her husband's administration their silver wedding was celebrated, the occasion arousing national interest. She did not long survive her husband, who died at their home in Fremont, Ohio, in 1893.

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