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provide for an adequate staff in each regional office to carefully review applications for specific jobs in their area.

58. Resolved, That the Congress of the United States enact legislation to provide that the Retirement Act of 1930, as amended, be further amended to provide for voluntary retirement, with no reduction in pension compensation, for all Federal employees, veteran and nonveteran (preference eligibles and other employees) completing 30 years of creditable service.

59. Be it resolved, That AMVETS recommend to the Senate of the United States that a regular standing committee known as the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee be established in the United States Senate.

60. Be it resolved, That AMVETS urge the Congress to extend the Defense Production Act of 1950 with sufficient teeth to make it work, until such time as the dangers of uncontrolled inflation and Communist aggression subside.

61. Be it resolved, That the Congress of the United States declare the Korean conflict and any similar hazardous duty a period of service for full veterans status.

62. Resolved, That all citizens of the United States 18 years of age or over be given the right to vote.

63. Be it resolved, That AMVETS urge the establishment of a civil commission made up of members of the several congressionally chartered veterans organizations and Gold Star wives and mothers to administer and maintain national cemeteries beyond the control of the Armed Forces.

64. Be it resolved, That AMVETS urge the Department of Defense to institute one central bureau of purchases for the procurement of all items of military supply which are of substantially the same design or for substantially the same purpose.

65. Be it resolved, That the President of the United States be urged to issue an invitation to the President-elect to sit as an ex officio member of the Cabinet and as a conferee on all Presidential functions during the period between his certification by the Electoral College and the date of his inauguration, in order that he may enter his new office as fully advised of national affairs as may be possible. 66. Be it resolved, That Congress enact proper legislation so that a newly elected President of the United States shall be permitted to sit in on all governmental functions performed by the President wherein our national security is involved, being in effect an ex officio member of the Cabinet of the United States. 67. Resolved, That AMVETS urge the enactment of proper legislation to abolish the Electoral College system of electing the President of the United States and to substitute in its place a system whereby the President of the United States will be elected by the popular vote of the people.

68. Resolved, That AMVETS go on record as opposing the destroying of the U. S. S. Hartford and petition the Navy Department to return it to Mobile, Ala., to be preserved as an historical shrine.

69. Be it resolved, That the Veterans' Administration be given authority by amendment to title 3 of the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944 to supervise the contractual relationship between the veteran purchaser and the seller. The Veterans' Administration should be specifically authorized to require the contracts used by veteran purchasers in the purchase of new homes, incorporate the plans and specifications on which the Veterans' Administration bases its guaranty for a loan. The Veterans' Administration should be authorized to require protective features in the contract relating to closing costs and specific performance as to the date of delivery.

70. Resolved, That sales contracts on GI home loans should include specific guaranties that all materials be free from defect and that the following systems be guaranteed for 1 year: Heating, plumbing, electrical fixtures, roofing, sewage systems, cesspools or septic tanks.

71. Resolved, That the sales contract on GI loans should stipulate that the dwelling has been erected in accordance with the minimum construction standards of the VA and in accordance with local building codes where such codes are applicable.

72. Resolved, That GI loan contracts should provide that no deviations will be made from the plans or specifications incorporated in a contract except upon written consent from the VA, the purchaser, and the seller.

73. Be it resolved, That the Congress, the Administrator of Veterans' Affairs and the Civil Service Commission support a program which will provide civilservice ratings and appropriations sufficient to attract for the GI loan program competent professional employees in the fields of appraisal, land planning, archi

tectural design, and building inspection with salaries for this work being consistent with those in private industry.

74. Be it resolved, That the Veterans' Administration be given authority by amendment to title 3 of the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944 to furnish the veteran who has an application for a certificate of eligibility for a GI loan with a booklet explaining the entire operations of the VA loan guaranty program, including the responsibility of the veteran, the builder, and the seller. This booklet should explain all terms used in real-estate transactions and should warn the veterans of structural defects and of dangers of trick sales contracts, sharp real-estate practices and all the other inadequacies of the general loan guaranty program as it has developed since its inception.

75. Be it resolved, That title 3 of the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944 be amended to establish a basis for the purpose of eliminating the conflicts between the personal interest of VA loan guaranty officials and the interests of the Federal Government. This amendment should specifically contain a provision which will effectively prevent the acceptance of gifts and gratuities by Veterans' Administration employees and from persons doing business with the Veterans' Administration and should limit the outside activities of Veterans' Administration employees in real-estate activities, construction, and lending companies, when such activities tend to conflict with the interests of the Government.

76. Resolved, That the Congress and the Veterans' Administration take steps to impress upon loan-guaranty officials that the GI loan program is a veterans program, primarily intended for the benefit of the veterans and is not a builder and lender program.

77. Be it resolved, That AMVETS urge the local governing bodies of each city and county in this country to pass adequate legislation prior to September 30, 1952, requesting the continuance beyond that date of Federal rent control in their communities if the prevailing local situation demands it.

78. Be it resolved, That AMVETS commend the work of the Teague committee established by House Resolution 93 in February of 1951, chairmanned by Congressman Olin Teague of Texas, which had as its purpose successful evaluation, investigation, and studies of alleged abuses in loan-guaranty provisions of World War II veterans housing legislation.

79. Be it resolved, That the servicing, or cost of servicing, GI loans be absorbed by the United States Government so that the ultimate purchaser of one or more of a block of such loans from any agency of the government or any originating lending institution be assured of a 4 percent return.

80. Be it resolved, That private lending institutions be paid by the government a fee for servicing GI loans originating and held in such institution, said fee not to exceed one-half of 1 percent of the remaining unpaid balance of the loan. 81. Be it resolved, That only trained and qualified preexamined personnel be used by the VA and Loan Guaranty Division, or retained by them on a fee basis. 82. Be it resolved, That the Government should appoint a committee composed of qualified members of nationally chartered veterans organizations, the National Association of Home Builders, and other related associations of home builders, financing agencies, and congressional housing committees, the purpose of said committee to be the review of specifications and requirements for the proposed construction under the GI loan program, additions or deletions of or to said articles in such specifiications to be handled by this committee which will work toward a goal of better housing, sounder construction and lower cost to veterans and said committee to determine if the present rejection of loans by various lending institutions is attributable in its entirety or partially to the interest rate now in effect.

83. Be it resolved, That the Government guaranty on GI loans be raised from its present limitation to 100 percent.

84. Be it resolved, That credit restrictions be eased on homes purchased through the GI program up to the $15,000 bracket.

85. Be it resolved, That attorneys be selected from a list to be furnished by local bar associations or any list deemed proper by the Government, to be paid by the Government on a fee basis to examine and close all deals involving GI loans.

86. Be it resolved, That immediate action be taken to expedite the processing of GI loans.

87. Be it resolved, That an immediate fixation be made to the Veterans' Administration of the responsibility of the evaluation and inspection of homes purchased under the GI program so the veteran can be reasonably assured that

he is getting value received for purchasing a home under these conditions, specifications to be identical to those now used by the Federal Housing Authority.

88. Be it resolved, That legislation be strictly enforced which would prohibit the recurrence of alleged and rumored side payments by either the purchaser or the seller in the acquisition of housing by the veteran under the GI program. 89. Be it resolved, That the Veterans' Administration refuse to process any applications involving a builder known to have been guilty of faulty construction, nonperformance of contract, or nonadherence to specifications and other loan deals involving GI financing.

90. Resolved, That AMVETS go on record demanding that States take action as soon as possible to insure all citizens, otherwise eligible, the opportunity to vote in order to exclude limitations on absentee voting.

91. Be it resolved, That AMVETS go on record requesting the State Department to investigate serious charges of Communist affiliation and if found to be true, to take the necessary and appropriate action of declaring Dr. Emil Weil of Hungary persona non grata.

92. Be it resolved, That every immigrant residing in the United States and all persons entering the United States from now on, be examined as to their intentions and fitness, and that unless there is valid reason otherwise that they be required to become American cittzens within a reasonable time to be determined by Congress; otherwise that they be subjected to deportation: Provided, however, That this not apply to political refugees who intend to return to their native land at such time as conditions there make it practical or possible.

93. Resolved, That we urge our Government to set up a foolproof screening system to prevent any further undesirable persons from entering our country. 94. Be it resolved, That we favor legislation granting a 15-percent increase across the board to all veterans having a compensable rating from the Veterans' Administration which is presently evaluated at less than 50 percent.

95. Be it resolved, That we favor revision of Veterans' Administration regulations which would grant a 60-day rebuttal period for non-service-connected veterans whose award is proposed to be withdrawn by the VA.

96. Be it resolved, That we reaffirm our position calling for equalization of death benefits for World War II and Korean widows as compared to benefits paid to widows of World War I veterans.

97. Be it resolved, That we recommend the employment of a full-time or parttime medical consultant, within the national service department, to further implement the service program of the national organization, provided that this medical consultant shall be accredited as a representative of AMVETS.

98. Be it resolved, That we recommend that the Veterans' Administration abolish the present system of issuing informational bulletins, technical manuals, and other material reference to policy and revert to the system of putting all changes, policies, and procedures in the VA regulations formerly known as R & P, and R & PR's.

99. Be it resolved, That we recommend the enactment of legislation requesting that the first $10,000 of income received by widows from veterans commercial life insurance be waived and not counted as income in cases of non-service-connected benefits.

100. Be it resolved, That we recommend that legislation be enacted enabling veterans who have been continuously hospitalized since the end of World War II and therefore unable to avail themselves of the training benefits under Public Law 16, be allowed a 4-year extension of time to apply for training under Public Law 16.

101. Be it resolved, That we recommend that veterans be allowed a period of 1 year from the date of awards of 50 percent or more compensation to present proof of marriage or dependency which will entitle them to increased monetary allowances pursuant to Public Law 239.

102. Be it resolved, That we recommend decentralization of death claims to the regional office level of the Veterans' Administration.

103. Be it resolved, That we recommend that Public Law 300 of the 78th Congress be amended to provide that all military personnel who suffer injury while reporting for examination ordered by the service department be compensated for all injuries or disabilities incurred while en route.

104. Be it resolved, That we recommend that the Armed Forces of the United States institute an educational program urging veterans to apply for compensations and other veterans benefits to which they might be entitled at the date of discharge.

105. Be it resolved, That we recommend the enactment of legislation providing for a 2-year presumptive period for compensation purposes for psychosis and, in so doing, we emphatically urge that once service connection is granted for a disability, thereby implying that this disability was incurred in service, that compensation be payable by the Veterans' Administration.

106. Be it resolved, That we recommend the enactment of legislation providing for a 15-percent increase in compensation to all widows of service-connected veterans who have no other dependents.

107. Be it resolved, That we recommend that the Veterans' Administration take administrative action in order that it might maintain uniformity in rating board procedures.

108. Be it resolved, That we recommend that all ratings made by the Veterans' Administration on individual veteran claims show whether or not that veteran has had combat service or whether or not he was a former prisoner of war. Also, we recommend that at all times the Veterans' Administration make absolutely certain that all disabilities are recorded on the rating sheet.

109. Be it resolved, That we ask that the Veterans' Administration give particular consideration to dates, places, and types of service in the consideration of adjudication of neuropsychiatric claims.

110. Be it resolved, That we ask that the Armed Forces change their administrative procedures so as to make absolutely certain that a claimant applying for benefits in reference to discharge, retirement, or separation from the service be allowed adequate counsel, such counsel to include service officers of veterans' organizations.

111. Be it resolved, That we recommend that, when veterans are retired under Public Law 351 and given severance pay and when they are subsequently awarded a compensable rating from the Veterans' Administration for the same disability, the Veterans' Administration reschedule for examination and reevaluation all such claims in order that the severance-pay period may be paid off and recouped as soon as possible and in order that the veteran might be allowed to draw Veterans' Administration benefits at an earlier period than would otherwise be the case.

112. Be it resolved, That we recommend that veterans' insurance laws be amended to such an extent that managers of Veterans' Administration hospitals will have the authority to take the necessary action to protect insurance rights of incompetent veterans.

113. Be it resolved, That we recommend that the Veterans' Administration recognize dependent parents of non-service-connected disabled veterans whose income limitations exceed the present rate of a single man but who do actually have a dependent mother or father, and we request regulations be changed to count dependent mothers and fathers in the income-limitation brackets.

114. Be it resolved, That we recommend that legislation be adopted giving the boards presently set up under section 302 of Public Law 346 the authority to review all disability evaluation proceedings of disability evaluation boards when the retired person believes that the percentage of disability is not correct, thus eliminating a review by the same branch of service which formerly evaluated a disability and thus effecting a full-time Board of Physical Evaluation Boards, thereby formulating appeals procedure for persons retired under Public Law 351. 115. Be it resolved, That we recommend the enactment of legislation amending Public Law 351 in order that a veteran released by the Armed Forces prior to the enactment of such a law who has disability that was called to the attention of the proper authorities prior to his separation from the service which would have qualified him for retirement be allowed to appear before a disability evaluation board and be given recourse to retirement procedures.

116. Be it resolved, That we recommend that no mentally incompetent veteran so rated by the Veterans' Administration be discharged from the VA hospital prior to the appointment of a guardian by the VA, thereby eliminating the problem of an incompetent veteran, discharged from a hospital with funds held in escrow by the Veterans' Administration, walking around the streets with no one to take care of him and no funds on which to live.

117. Be it resolved, That the national legislative department of AMVETS continue support of the library services bill which is now pending in Congress.

118. Be it resolved, That there be no amendments in the educational provisions of Public Law 550 of the 82d Congress at this time due to the newness of the bill and due to the short time that it has been in effect. We feel that it should be given a period of time to prove its worthiness. At the end of the first year, if need be, technical amendments could be made.

119. Be it resolved, That after Public Law 550 has been in effect for a prescribed period of time, that national headquarters of AMVETS give consideration to a determination as to whether or not the intermediate amount of subsistence under this law should be increased.

120. Be it resolved, That we find there is a definite shortage of doctors and nurses in the medical profession and we recommend passage of legislation granting Federal aid to medical education.

121. Be it resolved, That an overall review be made of the minimum subsistence payments under veterans' educational laws and that adjustments be made in these payments to conform with the cost of living based on the fiscal year with such adjustment in benefit payments being made on a fiscal year basis.

122. Be it resolved, That an appropriate letter of appreciation be forwarded to Oliver Meadows, chief counsel to the House Committee to Investigate the GI Bill, for his outstanding efforts in obtaining passage of this legislation and for his complete cooperation with the national headquarters staff of AMVETS. The CHAIRMAN. We have one more very fine witness, Commander in Chief Dan S. Hewitt, of the United Spanish War Veterans, the only organization representing a war in which every man was a volunteer.


Mr. HEWITT. Thank you, Madam Chairman.

The CHAIRMAN. We have known of you for years very favorably and are delighted to have you with us. Will you sit down. Judge Mack, of Washington, will be the chairman of your subcommittee.

Mr. HEWITT. Madam Chairman and honored members of the committee, we thank you for allowing us to appear before you today representing our organization, the United Spanish War Veterans.

As you, Madam Chairman, stated, we were a 100-percent volunteer organization. I daresay it was the only war in the history of the world fought entirely by volunteers, and we have been very, very proud of that fact.

I would like to give you a little history of our Spanish-American War. The official period of the war was from April 21, 1898, until about July 4, 1902, a period of a little over 4 years. Of the troops engaged, about 61 percent saw foreign service. I think that is a larger percentage than in any other war service. From death, we lost a little over 4 percent from various causes.

Our pay was $15.60 a month. We had no allowances of any kind, and we received no benefits until about 20 years after the war, when they gave us hospitalization and a small pension if we could prove we were unable to earn a support.

We appreciate very much what this committee and our Congress has done for us in the past, so we are not asking specifically for any increases in pensions for our men, but we are asking for a slight increase for our widows because most of them are having a very hard time getting by with what they are getting.

So we are presenting a bill, H. R. 2574, which we pray will be favorably considered. As far as the men are concerned, we are asking that we be granted outpatient hospitalization treatment on the same basis as service connected. This request is represented in H. R. 2573, introduced for us by your gracious chairman.

When we enlisted in 1898, we were sent down into mosquito-infested areas; the water was contaminated; and in a very short time we

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