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21. Seeking legislation to extend the period during which education and training may be afforded certain hospitalized, or otherwise incapacitated, World War II veterans who were prevented from entering training by reason of physical disabilities requiring emergent medical or surgical treatment and who have shown their intent to enter training (Res. 128).

22. Urging extension of period during which vocational rehabilitation training may be afforded certain hospitalized or otherwise incapacitated World War II veterans (Res. 226).

23. Seeking legislation to extend until July 25, 1960, vocational training under Public Law 16 so as to furnish disabled veterans training at any time handicap requires need for it in keeping with the facilities and ability of the Veterans' Administration to furnish same (Res. 201).

24. Advocating more effective counseling and testing in vocational readjustment programs (Res. 235).

25. Urging dissemination of information concerning GI training (Res. 35).

26. Recommending that payment of a Federal bonus for war veterans be deferred (Res. 341).


1. Expressing opposition to increase in interest rates on GI loans, and recommending legislation to provide :

(a) Immediate resumption of purchase of GI loans by FNJA and adequate funds for secondary market; and

(6) Adequate funds for Loan Guaranty Division of VA (Res. 358). 2. Recommending that at least $500,000,000 be made available for investment by the United States Treasury upon the recommendations of the Home Loan Bank Board as to the relative needs in the different areas of the country; that savings and loan associations be authorized to apply for investment from the Treasury Department and use all of the investment funds for making of veterans' home loans (Res. 36).

3. Endorsing S. 3307, 82d Congress, to amend the Servicemen's Readjustment Act in order to set up procedures on default and release from liability on loans for the purchase or construction of homes, farms, and business property (Res. 344).


1. Seeking legislation as follows:

(a) Section 602 (c) (2) of the National Service Life Insurance Act, as amended, shall be amended by striking out “prior to January 1, 19950" contained therein and inserting in lieu thereof “during the calendar year 1954."

(6) Section 619, National Service Life Insurance Act, as amended, by section 10, Public Law 23, 82d Congress, shall be amended so as to provide that during the calendar year 1954 any veteran theretofore eligible shall have the right to reinstate, renew, or apply for national service life insurance under the normal provisions of the act (Res. 303).

2. Seeking legislation as follows:

(a) That the 120-day period under section ) and section (22 regarding expiring term insurance be considered active service for the purpose of Public Law 23 of the 82d Congress.

(6) Liability under part I of Public Law 23 shall be borne by appropriations from Congress, and shall not be borne by the national service life insurance, or United States Government life insurance funds.

(c) A parent who deserts his or her child, and said child is killed or dies of a service-incurred disability, as a result of service in the Armed Forces within a criteria of Public Law 23 of the S2«l Congress, such parents shall forfeit his or her right to benefits under the Servicemen's Indemnity Act under Public Law 23 (Res. 318).

3. Seeking legislation to provide that if a veteran has been declared permanent and total for insurance purposes for a period of 5 years or more and has attained the age of 60 years, he shall be presumed to have remained so disabled for insurance purposes and no longer subject to automatic review by the Veterans' Administration to determine whether he has regained his ability to follow a substantially gainful occupation (Res. 266).

4. Seeking an amendment to the National Service Life Insurance Act to provide a 30-day grace period in connection with such particular premium payment so that it will be on the same basis as premium payments due in all other months,

and that said amendment be made retroactive to enable the restoration of
national service life insurance policies terminated or to be terminated by the
lack of such provision under the existing law (Res. 91).


1. Seeking legislation which would authorize the Veterans' Administration to
furnish outpatient treatment in existing Veterans Administration clinics to any
veteran, who, under present law, is eligible to hospitalization for non-service-
connected disabilities, or permanent and total non-service-connected disability,
if in the opinion of the medical service of the Veterans' Administration such out-
patient treatment should be medically feasible, and at the same time it would be
less costly to treat the patient on an outpatient basis than it would be to authorize
his or her hospitalization in a veterans' hospital (Res. 265).

2. Requesting VA to return to policy of admitting veterans to hospitals on the
basis of need for inpatient care, and to return complete control of VA hospitals
to full-time hospital managers (Res. 338).

3. Urging VA to allow reimbursement for unauthorized hospitalization in
certain neuropsychiatric cases (Res. 354).

4. Seeking legislation to provide chiropractic services for veterans (Res. 279).

5. Demanding that the Federal Board of Hospitalization be reestablished as an
advisory board to the President as it was originally created in the Harding ad-
ministration for the purpose of coordinating the hospital activities of the various
Government departments to the end that adequate hospital service may be made
conveniently available to all persons entitled to same, and at a minimum of cost
to the American taxpayer (Res. 223).

6. Seeking funds for the establishment of a mental research institute for the
study and treatment of mental diseases of veterans (Res. 309).

7. Expressing opposition to any plan of organization which seeks to take the
hospitals, the medical service, or any other essential function of the Veterans'
Administration from the jurisdiction of the Administrator of Veterans' Affairs,
and the placing of this function under the jurisdiction of any other Federal
agency (Res. 174 and Res. 224).

8. Endorsing H. R. 313, S2d Congress, to provide 16,000 additional hospital beds
(Res. 225).

9. Requesting investigation to determine that before additional transfers of
paraplegics from the VA hospital at Hines, Ill., are made, assurance be obtained
that soldiers' homes are adequately equipped to care for them (Res. 366).

10. Recommending adequate hospital facilities in all States for inpatient treat-
ment of psychiatric cases (Res. 328).

11. Recommending the opening of chronic or custodial wards in any and all
VA general medical and surgical hospitals, for the care of those chronic cases not
requiring active treatment, but who are too seriously disabled to care for them-
selves, providing that such awards will not be established at the expense of active
treatment beds (Res. 361).

12. Colorado : Seeking legislation to establish a VA domiciliary home at Fort
Logan (Res. 15).

13. Colorado : Urging a 150-bed addition to VA Grand Junction Hospital (Res.

14. District of Columbia : Urging construction of a 750-bed VA hospital in
Washington (Res. 141).

15. Missouri: Opposing discontinuance of temporary hospitals at Springfield
and Excelsior Springs until other adequate facilities are available (Res. 52).

16. Montana : Urging hospital construction at Fort Harrison to increase to
575-bed capacity (Res. 200).

17. Montana : Urging more adequate canteen service at Fort Harrison and
Miles City Hospitals (Res. 202).

18. Montana : Urging additional visiting hours at Fort Harrison Hospital
(Res. 212).

19. Montana: Urging permission for relatives of employees of Miles City
Hospital to perform voluntary hospital work (Res. 198).

20. Pennsylvania : Urging restoration of VA contract hospital beds in Pennsyl-
vania (Res. 340).

21. New York: Urging construction of a hospital in Queens County (Res. 92).

22. New York: Recommending use for veterans of facilities at St. Albans Naval
Hospital (Res. 87).

23. Oregon: Urging the opening of 500 additional beds at Camp White (Res. 259).

21. Rhode Island: Urging increase of 100 beds at Davis Park Hospital (Res. 112). 25. Wisconsin: Vrging the construction of a new hospital at Wood (Res. 102).

Mr. KETCHUM. I am sure the committee has had enough of us this morning and we would be very happy to stop at this point, as I am sure members of your committee have other committee meetings they wish to attend and we do not want to delay them.

The CHAIRMAX. We are very grateful to you, gentlemen, for a very wonderful presentation.

Mr. COTHRAN. It has been a wonderful experience for us, Madam Chairman and members of the committee.

The CHAIRMAN. The committee will stand adjourned until 10:30 tomorrow morning.

(Whereupon at 11:30 a. m., the committee adjourned to meet on Wednesday, February 18, 1953, at 10:30 a. m.)

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