Continuous Railway Brakes: A Practical Treatise on the Several Systems in Use in the United Kingdom, Their Construction and Performance

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C. Lockwood and Company, 1882 - Railroads - 228 pages

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There are three important books that illustrate the braking problem on railways and the way to the solution that ultimately saved thousands of lives. The first is Galton's work, quoted herein, the third is the report of the tests in the United States of this same era, made accessible by the Westinghouse reprint on the ocassion of the 1904 Lousiana Purchase Exhibition.
Unfortunately, as has been all to common in the Google project, the loss of foldout tables and figures greatly diminishes this reproduction, as those plates contain descriptions of brake systems not found elsewhere as well as thorough tablular of comparisons of tests of competing systems.
The importance of this loss should be viewed not from the final if incomplete dominance of the Westinghouse system, but as study of the effects of forces technical and non-technical that shaped [and delayed] the outcome.
One can only hope that Quality Control will come to Google [and other projects] so that important works such as this one can be restored to completeness.

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