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byses, or Ahasuerus; and by the ; terms of this prophecy, that such decree of. Smerdis, or Artax- | a general and anxious expectaerxes, was entirely suspended. tion of the Messiah obtained Ezra, ch. iv. The work was re- among the Jews, about the time sumed by the Jews by the ad- of his advent ? Art thou he that dress of Haggai and Zecha. should come or look we for (ch. v.) and thro' the favorable another ? The divine decdecree of Darius (ch. vi.) the laration, that the seed of the temple was finished in the sixth woman should bruise the seryear of his reign, about twenty | pent's head, certified the event, three years after the return from the incarnation of the redeemer. the captivity of Babylon. Tho' | The promise to Abraham definthe temple was built and the led the nation of which he should worship of God attended in it, be, of his posterity, or the Jews. yet this was but a partial resto- The prophecy of Jacob, The ration ; the decree of Cyrus was sceptre shall not depart from Jubut partially executed. Many dah, prescribed the tribe. The profanations also had insinuated promise to David, the family ; themselves; Jerusalem was yet and the prophecy of Micah, waste and the gates were consum. Thou Bethlehem Ephratah, the ed with fire. Neh. ii. To correct town or city. But however acabuses and effect a complete res- curately these prophecies might toration, Artaxerxes, in the se- | define those particular subjects, venth year of his reign, gave yet the Jews could never deterthat liberal decree to Ezra, re- mine from them the time when corded Ezra ch. vii. From the the Messiah should appear. But going forth of this command- | this prophecy of Daniel, making ment are the 70 weeks, or 490 the time a principal subject, deyears, to be computed. These fined it in the most explicit weeks by the angel are divided terms. It should be seventy into three parts, 7, weeks, 62, weeks, or 490 years from the goweeks and one week. In the 7 | ing forth of the commandment. weeks the work of restoration -As this prefixed a period from was to be completed, in which which the Jews could calculate, the street and wall should be built it premonished them precisely in troublous times. How exactly of the time when the word this part of the prophecy was should be made flesh and dwell fulfilled, is very obvious from the among them. Computing from history of Nehemiah.--From this period and perceiving that these 7 weeks or 49 years are the the time was about to expire, 62 weeks, or 434 years, to be their minds were filled with arcomputed. These introduce the dent expectation, that the Lord third part, the one week, when would suddenly come into his the Messiah should appear, first temple ; and at the time prefixby his messenger, who shoulded he appeared to the inexpresprepare his way, and then in his sible joy of those who were waitown glorious person, to finish | ing for the consolation of Israel, transgression, make an end of Let us now consider, sin, and bring in everlasting

1 II. The works to be effected in righteousness for the salvation of

" this conclusion, or last part, of his people. Was it not from the definite

'this period. These are expres

sed in the following terms. And, the prince that shall come, the Ror he shall confirm the covenant with | mans, shall destroy the city and merry for one week, which was ef- the sanctuary and to the end of the feciud by the preaching of John | war desolations are determined, the Baptist, of his disciples, and and for the overspreading of abom, his own public ministry. He inations he (God, by his instrushall finish transgression and make | ments, the Roman princes) shall reconciliation for iniquity, seal un make it, the city of Jerusalem, the vision and prophecy, or fulfil or the region of Judea, desolate all the prophecies concerning even to the consummation and that himself and anoint the most holy. which is determined shall be poured And after sixty and two weeks in the desolate: or, until God hath from the seven, or in the seven- completed that series of terrible tieth week shall Messiah be cut judgments with which he is deteroff, and he shall make the offering mined to punish the aggravated and oblation to cease. As these wickedness of that guilty nation. are particular parts of one gen- See Mat. xxiv. chap.-As the eral and very obvious subject, conquest of the Jews and the permit them to be expressed in desolation of Jerusalem by the one general observation, that Romans, are generally known they relate to the accomplish- from the most authentic histo, ment of the wonderful and glo- ries, and the present state of that rious work of redemption by Je- | miserable people, let it suffice to sus Christ ; importing, that by remark upon this part of the his obedience he should bring in prophecy, that God hath illus, everlasting righteousness, and in trated, by events, every part of the midst (last half, say critics) it most minutely. The calami. of the week be cut off, making ties of the Jews in the war made reconciliation for iniquity by his upon them by the Romans, are own most precious blood, and without a parallel. War and cause the sacrifice and oblation the sword without, and famine, to cease, by perfecting forever pestilence, factions, massacres them that are sanctified, by the and assassinations within the one offering of himself. This city, destroyed 1100,000 during completed the seventy weeks the siege. They were finally and determined, or concluded, overcome, their city destroyed the Jewish church state, abro- | and their temple burnt, they gated their peculiar economy, were captivated and dispersed, and dissolved all distinctions of and continue a reproach, an hisnations, times and places. The sing, an astonishment and a terseed of Abraham then ceased to | ror, throughout all nations to be God's peculiar people, Jeru- this day ; a continued miracle in salem was no more his holy city, support of the truth of divine nor the temple his holy habita- declarations, a visible illustration tion. Let us next consider of the fulfilment of the several III. The scene which should

parts of this prophecy, and will

so continue until the whole of that succeed this period.

which is determined shall be pour And the end of the Jewish state ed on the desolate. shull be with a flood of calamities The work proposed hath now coming on the nation like a / been attempted, the typical rep. mighty torrent, and the people of resentation been considered, the

events signified by them produ- , interesting events. This may sed, and a review of them sug- / be illustrated by observing, gests the following reflections, l 1. This series of events was

I. The book of Daniel con- | in connection and succession.tains a variety of wonderful vis- | The several metals which comions, or typical representations. | posed the image were connectWhen the inquisitive mind of ed with each other and constituking Nebuchadnezzar, in his ted one entire object. The slumbering moments, would beasts appeared before the Propenetrate into the destinies of phet in succession, first the lion, futurity, instantly a splendid and then the bear, &c. denoting a terrific image rears up itself be- succession of kingdoms and efore him, which was of a very vents. singular composition, The head 2. These visions or types had of gold, the breasts and arms of their peculiar and appropriate silver, the belly and thighs of signification. Hieroglyphics, and brass, the legs of iron, and the describing subjects by figurative feet and toes part of iron and representations were in great part of potter's clay. What a and general use among the anwonderful spectacle was this, i cients, both in writing and conand how must the mind of king / versation. Of this nature were Nebuchadnezzar have been af- | even all the religious rites and fected by it? Did any such ob- sacrifices among the Jews, and ject ever address itself to the all the allegories and parables in astonished eyes of mortal men. the sacred writings. Such in Similar to this was the vision of their kind were all the visions the Prophet Daniel when deep of the Prophets. Such was the sleep falleth upon men. Behold image, and such were the four a majestic lion, having the wings beasts. These represented parof an eagle on his back, comesticular subjects and events. in his view; then a bear having Thus were they designed by the three ribs in his mouth ; then a authors, and so were they unleopard having four heads and derstood by the subjects of upon his back four wings of a them. This is the dream and fowl; and last of all, a beast we will shew the king the interdreadful and terrible, having pretation. Thou, ( king, art a great iron teeth and ten horns on king of kings. Thou art this his head. Then the vision of head of Gold. And afier thee the ram with two horns coming shall arise another kingdom, &c. up out of the river, and of an he Then I went near to one that goat with a notable born be- stood by and asked him the truth, tween his eyes, coming from the the signification, of all this. So west, skimming through the he told me and made me underair, and not touching the stund the interfiretation of the ground. What strange sights things; vii. 16. When I, even were these, such as the world I Daniel, had seen the vision had never seen, nor had imagi- and sought for the meaning, then nation ever painted the like on I heard a man's voice which said, the mind of man.

Gabriel make this man to unII. These visions typified a derstand the vision. So he came series of important subjects and near and said, Understand, O 301

of man. The four different | How fitly did the bear with three metals which composed the ribs in his mouth represent the image, and the four beasts of voracity and cruelty of that conthe visions are difinitely inter- quering empire ? As for crowns preted to signify four kings or the kings of Persia wore the kingdoms, which should arise | heads of rams adorned with preout of the earth. Then I would cicus stones, when Daniel saw know the truth of the fourth beast the ram with two horns come and of the ten horns which came up out of the river, and push up-Thus he said, The fourth westward and northward and beast is the fourth kingdom which southward, how expressively did shall arise. The ram with two this represent the conquests of horns are the kings of Media and the united kingdoms of Media Persia, and the rough he goat is and Persia. Do not the belly the king of Greece. How ex and thighs of the image, the plicit is this interpretation of leopard with four wings upon these visions ? A certain writer his back, among the beasts, and has observed, “If there were the rough he goat as admirably men (Prophets) to whom the represent the courage of the Almighty communicated some Macedonians,the rapidity of their event that would take place in conquests, the luxury of their future, it is consistent to sup kings, the division of their empose that the event would be pire into four kingdoms and the told in terms that would be un final descent of it into the kingderstood, and not related in such |doms of Syria and Egypt ? Did, a loose and obscure manner as to in water, face ever answer to fit almost any circumstance that face with greater exactness, than might happen afterward." And these visions describe the genius, is not the interpretation of character, conquests and final these visions in terms very per- | issue of the extraordinary emspicuous ? Can he invent terms pire of the Greeks ? What more explicit and intelligible?- think we of the iron legs of the Is not this reflection upon pro- | image, and the feet and toes part phecy very unreasonable ? of iron and part miry clay, to

3. There is a wonderful and | denote first the strength, and pleasing aptitude in these types then the weakness of the mighty to represent the various subjects empire of Rome, the unnatural and events signified by them.--- commixture of the native citiHow aptly did the head of Gold zens with the ignoble barbain the image, and the lion a- rians, and the division of it into mong the beasts represent the ten kingdoms ? What shall we opulence and splendor, the | think of the monstrous, nameless strengh and majesty of the em- beast having great iron teeth pire of Babylon? How aptly and ten horns on his head, to did the breast and arms typify denote the destructive cruelty of the empire of Media and Persia, that empire, and the kingdoms united in Cyrus, by the mar- into which it was divided ?-riage of the Persian king with Could any type represent them the Median princess. from a u- with greater aptness? What nion of hearts in the most ten do we think of the little horn der and endearing affections ?- springing up among the ten, and

prostrating three before it, hav- | nity of this publication to recite ing the eyes of a man, and a the vulgar language of the aumouth speaking great words a- thor who has asserted, “that a gainst the most High with a blunder will serve for a prophelook more stout than his fel-cy,” yet the learned world will lows? Does it not with admi- | be infinitely obliged to him if he rable accuracy describe the rise, will produce other kingdoms and establishment, subtilty, arro- | events which have existed in the gance, blasphemy and persecu- | world, to which these visions tion of Antichrist ? And yet it will apply with as great aptness hath been said, with an affron- and beauty, as to the empires of tery almost provoking, " that a | Babylon and Persia, Greece and blunder will serve for a type.”- Rome. Or if he will invert the If we pass from types to pro- order of the subjects or events, phecy, how correct, how precise and make it manifest, that the the predictions concerning the l types as fitly represent them, as emulations, strategems and con they do in the order in which flicts of the kings of Syria and they are placed. If, for instance Egypt, particularising even the he will take the golden head of dissimulation and hypocrisy they | the image and apply it to the practised at the table ? Can it Romans, and shew that it reprejustly be said, that these are so sents their empire, from its rise equivocal as to fit almost any | to its final dissolution, its prima. circumstance which might hap- | ry strength, its division into ten pen afterward ? Do not the kingdoms and the coalition of seventy weeks with great per- | the native Romans with the spicuity and exactness define northern nations, with as great the continuation and conclusion aptness, as it is represented by of the Jewish economy, and the the legs of iron, and the feet and advent of the Messiah, with the | toes, part of iron and part of destruction of Jerusalem, the miry clay ; or if he will make calamities, captivity and disper- | the legs, feet and toes represent sion of the Jews? Must it not the unity, opulence and splenthen be very falsely asserted, dor of the Babylonian empire, as that the prophecies “ are a bow fitly as they are represented by of a thousand years, which comes the head of gold; or if he will only within a thousand miles of make the breast and arms of a mark ?"

silver, represent the kingdom of 4. These visions or types are the Greeks, as aptly as it is reapplicable to no other subjects presented by the belly and thighs than those ascribed to them in of brass; or if he will take the this prophecy. However, with brazen belly and thighs and a kind of pleasurable ease, the make them represent the kingaptitude of these types to signify dom of Media and Persia, as their peculiar subjects may be fitly as it is represented by the displayed, yet it exceeds the ef- | breast and arms of silver; or if forts of the most consummate he will make the nameless mongenius to make them represent strous beast with great iron teeth any other subjects or kingdoms in his mouth and ten horns on with aptness and propriety.- his head, describe the strength Although it is beneath the dig- and grandeur of the Babylonish

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