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this was he nat a type of our di- could not be exempted from the vine Redeemer ? Doing always pains of death, nor from the solthe things which pleased his Fa- itary mansion of the dead; but ther, did he not receive the most having spoiled principalities and positive assurances of his esteem powers by his obedience even to and delight? The Father loveth the death of the cross, and made the Son and sheweth him all a shew of them openly triumphthings that himself doeth. Thou ing over them in it, by the mighlovest righteousness and hatest|ty power of God he burst the iniquity, therefore God, thy God, bands of death and the grave, hath anointed thee with the oil and came forth a glorious conof gladness above thy fellows. queror of all the powers of darkWhat a public and honorable tes- ness. Ascending on high and timony of his Father's approba- leading captivity captive, attendtion and complaisance did he re- ed by a joyful choir of holy anceive when there came a voice gels, he entered into heaven itself from the excellent glory which and appeared in the presence of said, This is my beloved Son in God, who expressed his infinite whom I am well pleased ; hear ye complacence in him by honoring him?

him with a seat at his own right IV. In his translation. hand, investing him with royal

Enoch walked with God and dignity and power, subjecting was not. By faith Enoch was angels and authorities to him, translated that he should not see and constituting him head over death and was not found for God all things to the church, consigntook him. As he had distin- ing all the affairs of the universe guished himself by the holiness to his direction and influence, of his life, God highly honored that he might gather in his choand distinguished him in the sen and bring many sons to glomanner of his transition from ry: and, blessed be my rock, this to a better world. Exempt enthroned in majesty and light, from natural infirmity and decay, there he lives and there he from the anguish of wasting sick- / reigns. Amen. Hallelujah. ness, from the terror of the con- In the translation of Enoch quering king, the gloom of the what a solemn and instructive shadow of death, and a painful scene opened upon the astonishseparation of soul and body, in ed spectators of the wonderful full possession of health and vig- event? The heavens opened and or, God took him, and he went di- a saint passing into glory! What rectly, body and soul, from earth ocular and decisive evidence of to heaven, exchanging an house a future state and the glorious of clay for a celestial mansion, reward of the righteous ! But and his social connections on when the triumphant resurrecearth for the society of angels tion and glorious ascent of our and the perfect communion and exalted Redeemer, far above all enjoyment of his God and Sav- heavens, and the blessed effects iourHail happy Enoch ! Was to all those who love his appearnot this a lively prefiguration of ing and kingdom, are the subthe glorious ascension of God's ljects of our meditation, how are well beloved Son ? From the our minds absorbed with the subnature of his office and work he / limitv and magnitude of the sub

jects! And how consoling the over Union church and socie-
prospects which result from ty in New Haven. The Rev.
them! The power of darkness David Ely made the prayer be-
vanquished, death conquered, the fore the sermon, which was
grave perfumed, a direct, safe, preached by the Rev. Doctor
and joyful translation to heaven, Dwight; the Rev. Doctor Trum-
whither the forerunner for us bull made the consecrating pray-
hath entered; where we shall er ; the Rev. Noah Williston
see him as he is, and be made gave the charge ; the Rev. Mr.
like him, where we shall for ever Pinneo gave the right hand of
admire his love and sing his fellowship ; and the Rev. Clau-
praise ! Thanks be to God for dius Herrick made the conclud-
his unspeakable gift.

ing prayer. A great concourse
of people attended at the said
ordinations and conducted them-

selves with great decorum and Religious Intelligence. solemnity.


On the 6th of February, the
Rev. Sherman Johnson was or-

On the 14th ult. the Rev. Jodained to the pastoral office over

siah Hawes was ordained to the the second church and society

pastoral office over the second

church of Christ in Cornwall. in Milford. The Rev. Oliver Hitchcock made the introducto

The following gentlemen perry prayer; the Rev. Samuel

formed the parts: the Rev. AmAustin of Worcester, preached

mi R. Robbins of Norfolk made the sernion; the Rev. Doctor

the introductory prayer; the Trumbull made the consecrating

Rev. Peter Starr of Warren prayer; the Rev. Noah Willis

preached the sermon ; the Rev. ton gave the charge; the right

Joel Boardwell of Kent made the hand of fellowship was given by

consecrating prayer ; the Rev. the Rev. Bezaleel Pinneo, and

Mr. Cornwall of Nine-Partners, the Rev. Abner Smith made the

N. Y. gave the charge; the concluding prayer.

Rev. Timothy Stone of Cornwall gave the right hand of fellow

ship; the Rev. Samuel J. Mills On the 13th of February, 1 of Torringford made the concluthe Rev. Samuel Merwin was ding prayer. Propriety and atordained to the pastoral office'tention marked the solemnity.

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Donations to the Missionary Society of Connecticut.
Feb. 19. From the Rev. George Colton, of Bolton, - 25 -

20. Rev. Thos. Williams, collected in new settlements, 44 36
22. From a Friend of Missions -

11 32

$ 80 68

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On Covenanting with Gods and their inward part is very

wickedness. When there is no (Continued from p. 387.) judgment in their goings?t How P! DAD* ' " can they covenant or promise

any thing in the name of Christ, OEVERAL interesting re- while they have no faith in him, de marks offer themselves from no union to him, nor any spirita review of the preceding sub- ual life, or covenant communiject on covenanting, and keeping cations from him? Does not covenant with God. I bow every thing essential in 'coven- I. Thát állattempts of unre- anting with God, imply a new 'generate men to covenant with heart, love to him and union God, and pretences that they can with the Saviour ? Does not the do it consistently are absurd and Almighty therefore, that he may delusive. How can they, with I have a covenant people, who the solemnity of an oath, avouch / shall indeed be his, and that he the Lord Jehovah to be their may be their God, put his law Sovereign Lord and supreme in their inward parts and write good, while their carnal minds it in their hearts ?f Does he not are enmity against him, and when he makes an everlasting they do not like to retain him covenant with his people, that he even in their knowledge ? How will not turn away from them to can they give up themselves to do them good, give them one God through Jesus Christ, on heart and one way that they may the terms of the covenant of fear him for ever, and that they grace, when in their hearts they may not depart from him?|| How reject him ? Will not come to do all natural men deceive them him that they might have life, I selves while they imagine that nor have him to reign over them? they covenant with God in sinHow can they covenant to walk in all the statutes and ordinances 1 * Psalm v. 9. + Isaiah lix. 8. of God blameless, when there is t Jerem. xxxi. 33. Heb. viii. 10., no faithfulness in their mouth, ! ll Jerem. xxxii. 39, 40. VOL. V. NO. 11.

B bb

cerity and truth, and that he is | They must perform alt known their covenant God and Father duties, whether they respect in Christ? Or that they do, or God, their neighbor, or themever shall, while unregenerate, I selves; or they will violate the keep covenant with him ? They express terms of the covenant, cannot be accepted in covenant- and deal falsely with God. When ing with him, nor in their per- men đo neither cordially emsons, nor in any of their religcbrace the terms of God's covenious performances : for men areant, nor walk according to the accepted in Christ the beloved tenor of it, they can have no claim only.* God can have no pleas- to its blessings. All their exure in them : for without faith pectations of enjoying them are it is impossible to please himt. delusive. They are foolish virThey can have no communion gins who have no oil in their with him in time, nor in eterni- lamps. When they shall say, ty : For without holiness no Lord, Lord, open unto us; he man shall see the Lordt

will tell them, I know you not, II. That when, in covenanting whence you are ; depart from with God, persons, make excep-me, all ye workers of iniquity. tions, in words or in their hearts, III. How great and awful is to the terms of the covenant, the guilt, and how dreadful will not rerrouncing all sin, and de- be the consequences of dealing termining to perform all known falsely in God's covenant ? Lyduties, they do not enter into | ing, perjury, and covenant breakcovenant at all ; and they can ing are great crimes, when comlay no claim to covenant privi- mitted against men ; but much Jeges. Nor can there be any more so when committed against such thing as keeping covenant,God. The more directly sin is without a consciencions avoiding committed against God, his per: of all known sin, and the per- fections and glory, the more formance of all known duties. heinous it is. The apostle PeThe terms of the covenant are ter therefore represents the sin universal obedience. Walk thou of Ananias. as exceedingly agbefore me, and be thou perfect. gravated on this account, That Teaching them to observe all he had not lied unto men, but things whatsoever have com- unto God.* This is the case manded you. Men must for: with all those who'covenant with sake every sin, be it ever so dear him in hypocrisy and deceit, and to them, or they never can enjoy who take no proper care to keep one covenant blessing, nor es- covenant with him. They swear cape the vengeance of eternal falsely to their Maker. In his fire. If thine eye offend thee, awful presence, before angels pluck it out :: It is better for and men, they call him to witthee to enter into the kingdomness the truth and sincerity of of God with one eye, than hav- their vows, when they are made ing two eyes to be cast into hell without a consciencious regard fire: Where the worm dieth to either. What solemn perjunot, and the fire is not quenched. ry is this? What a presump

Ituous profanation is it of that * Eph. j. 6. . t Heb. xi. 6. I Heb. xii. 14. | Matt. xxviii. 20. |

* Acts v. 4.

great and fearful name, the Lord | ceit. How often do they cruci. our God, and of his holy ordi- fy to themselves the Son of God nance? What trifling is it with afresh, and tread him under him, and with the momentous foot? What guilt can be com.concerns of eternity ?i

p ared unto this, except that of · For professors after the most Judas, who betrayed his Lord ? solemn covenant engagements, Will not the consequence be to take no consciencious heed to dreadful to them, as it was to walk with God, is presumptuous him? Will they not go with him and abominable wickedness. It to their own place? Will not involves in it not only the gross their punishment be equal to est hypocrisy and falsehood, but their enormous guilt ? Shall not it is rebellion against the most the congregation of hypocrites express and positive commands be desolate ?* Shall not their relative to keeping covenant with hope perish, and be as the givhim, and paying their vows. It ing up of the ghost? Is not is written, thou shalt keep my Christ's fan in his hand, will he covenant therefore.* Keepthere. not thoroughly purge his floor, fore the words of this covenant gather the wheat into his garner, and do them. When thou vow- and burn up the chaff with unest a vow unto God, defer not to quenchable fire ?+ Will he not pay it: for God hath no pleas- reward every man according to ure in fools : pay that which his works? Shall it not be more thou hast vowed. Better is it tolerable for Sodom and Gomorthat thou shouldest not vow, than rah in the day of judgment, than that thou shouldest vow and not for those who have thus viopay. Wherefore should God lated the covenant of their God? be angry at thy voice, and de-. IV. This paper not only adstroy the work of thy hands ? I ministers solemn reproof to covThe guilt of false professors is enant breakers in general, but further aggravated and increas- particularly to persons of this ed, in as much as defiled with all character, of various descripthis hypocrisy, deceit, covenant|tions. breaking, and rebellion against Some there are who notwiththe most express commands of standing their solemn covenant God, they come to the Lord's with God and their brethren, table, and from month to month, for some private pique against and year to year, eat and drink the pastor, or some particular unworthily, and are guilty of the brother or sister, entirely withbody and blood of Christ. As draw themselves from their comit were, at the foot of the cross, munion. Though their brethin full view of the love and dying ren can discover no just occasion agonies of the Saviour, while he for it, use all pacific and prudent is evidently set forth as crucifi- measures to reclaim them, yet ed before their eyes, they still they obstinately persist in withact the same presumptuously drawing themselves from their wicked part, sealing their cov. communion and worship. They enant vows in hypocrisy and de- join themselves to no other

church, and for many years, . Gen. xvii. 9. † Deut. xxix. 9. 1 Eccles. v. 4, 5, 6.

Job xv. 34. + Matt. jii. 12.

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