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braced for endless and complete the inhabitants of this state are, felicity in the world to come, it | in some respects, under peculiar is most reasonable and important advantages and obligations to that they by whom it is enjoyed, perform should not only be grateful and From these considerations, the solicitous to secure its privileges subscribers agree to form a Sofor themselves, but be affected ciety, to be styled “ The Rhode. with the miserable state of those | Island Missionary Society,” the without it, and ready and zeal-objects of which shall be to proous to do all in their power that mote the gospel in any part of its blessings may be extended the state where there may be to them.

opportunity for it : and to assist In addition to this, Christ, Africans in coming to the knowl. who is “ Head over all things to edge of the truth in any way the church," hath commanded | which may consist with our his disciples thus to exert them- means and advantages. selves, « going to all nations, We agree that the following and preaching the gospel to ev- doctrines shall be supported by cry creature :" and it is gra- | the missionaries and schoolmasciously promised, that in this ters, who may be employed by the way“ the kingdoms of this Society, viz. That there is one world shall become the kingdom God subsisting in three Persons; of our Lord and of his Christ:" that the second Person in this It is further to be observed, that mysterious Trinity hath become in the present season there is a man, by taking the human nature general prevalence of errors and into personal union to Deity, by destructive delusions : and the which he is “God, manifested in enemies of Christianity are pe- the flesh”-that He, by sufferculiarly bold and active in at-ing the curse and obeying the tempts to introduce doctrines precepts of the law, hath openşubversive of piety and morali- ed a way for the pardon, justifi. ty and all the best interests of|cation and complete redemption men ; and that it is incumbent of those who may be brought to on Christians to exercise a zeal believe in him that all men, in proportioned to that by which their natural fallen state, are their enemies are actuated. wholly under the influence of

Among the associations of moral depravity-that they must Christians in this country for be born of the Spirit of God in the purpose of counteracting in order to be saved that they fidelity and vice and promoting who experience this sanctifying the gospel, but few of the in-change are pardoned and justihabitants of this state appear, fied, and shall be “kept by the though in some parts of the mighty power of God through state the people are destitute of faith unto salvation”-that God the regular preaching of the hath decreed whatever comes gospel, and ignorance and vice to pass, and hath elected some to are very prevalent. Nor by any everlasting life that the purMissionary Society in the coun- poses of God are in general intry has any attention been paid stances accomplished by means, to the condition of Africans, and that the preaching and orwhich duty, important to them, I dinances of the gospel are ap. pointed means of salvation that dent, call a special meeting of the condition of admittance to the Society. The Society shall the Sacraments is a credible pros | holda correspondence with other fession of faith in Christ; and Missionary Societies, só far as that the children of such pro- may conduce to the object of sessors are to be baptized that promoting the gospel among the « God hath appointed a day in Africans, and shall solicit benewhich he will judge the world,” | factions when they may be ap. and that he will confer on the plied to useful purposes. righteous an everlasting reward, This Constitution may be aland doom the wicked to endless, tered at any annual meeting, by punishment.

i á vote of two thirds of the memWe agree that each one sub-bers present, provided the whole scribing this plan and paying | number present amount to two one dollar into the Treasury, thirds, or a representation of shall become a member of this two thirds of the whole number Society ; and at every annual of members in the State. But meeting of the Society each |no essential alteration shall be member shall pay the sum of made in its doctrines. one dollar, which monies, with An account of the Society whatever may be acquired by shall be published annually, in donation, or otherwise, shall be some Magazine, or in a manner drawn from the Treasury only most satisfactory to those interby order of the Society, and their ested in its proceedings. Committee, or Committees hereafter specified. .

AT the time the preceding The votes of two thirds of the Constitution was adopted the Somembers present at any duly ap- ciety was organized, by the folpointed meeting, shall be deem- lowing choice of officers, and aped the act of the Society. pointments, viz. '.

There shall be an annual Rev. Samuel Hopkins, D. D. meeting of the Society, at New-Newport, President. Rev. Wilport, on the Tuesday evening liam Patten, Newport, Secretapreceding the general state elec-ry. Mr. Jabez Denison, Newtion, at which time the officersport, Treasuser. ; for the year ensuing shall be. Rev. Thomas Kendall, Southchosen.

Kingston, Man Shepard, Little The officers shall be a Presi- Compton, Wm. Patten, Messrs. dent, and if expedient, a Vice- John Mein and Jabez Denison, President, a Secretary and Trea- | Newport, Committee. surer :-and there shall be al Committee, or Committees of AT an adjourned meeting of business."

the Society, May 18, A.D. 1803, To the annual meeting, or It was voted, That it be recomoftener, if requested by the So-mended to the several ministers ciety, the Treasurer shall re- belonging, or who may belong port the state of the funds, and to this Society, to concur in a the Committees the business by quarterly meeting for prayer, them transacted.

forthe revival of religion, and exEither of the Committees may, tension of the influence of the with the consent of the Presi-| gospel ; the meeting to be on

the first Tuesday of every quar. The funds of the Society conterly day, beginning at 2 o'clock sist of the subscription money P. M. and at the close of the ser- of the members, collections at vice to have a collection for mis- quarterly prayer meetings, and sionary purposes.

| by the missionaries ; private do

nations, &c. and the part be. AT an adjourned meeting of longing the Society, July 13, A.D. 1803, \ To the African fund It was voted, That the Rev. Wil- amounts to $ 168 30 liam Patten be appointed to de- To the general do. to 247 liver a Sermon before the Missionary Society, on Thursday,

$ 415 30 succeeding the day of General Which is at present at interest, Election, in May next ; and that payable on demand. None of it at the close of the service, a col-constitutes a permanent fund ; lection be made for the Society. but the whole may be applied By a previous vote there is to be according to the discretion of the a sermon annually delivered. Society.

At this meeting Gold S, Silli- In the State of Rhode Island man, Esq. of Newport, and Cy- to the eastward of a line from rus French, Esq. of South-King- Newport to Providence, there is ston, were added to the Com- but one minister of the Congremittee-and a majority of the gational order. To the westCommittee being present, they | ward of that line, a territory still elected Mr. John Mein, Chair- more extensive and populous, man, and Gold S. Silliman, Esq. there is but one, whose settleClerk.

ment is very uncertain. There

are several remnants of churchAT the annual meeting of the es and societies, who were once Society, May 3, 1804, Rev. Man flourishing, and who are amply Shepard of Little Compton, was able, if they were disposed, to elected President, in place of Dr. support the institutions of reliHopkins, deceased. The offi- gion. The few, who are dispocers of the Society and the Com-sed, need encouragement and mittee for the preceding year, assistance ; without which there were re-appointed for the year has been reason to fear that the ensuing ; and Major John Bai-knowledge and influence of the ley, of Little Compton, added to gospel would cease from among the Committee. The Commit- them: tee then made choice of their The Society has several times own officers as before.

sent missionaries to those parts · According to appointment, a of the state which are destitute Sermon was delivered before of the gospel ; and their labors the Society on Thursday the 4th have been attended with some inst. from Matthew xxii. 39.- success. They have in general “ Thou shalt love thy neighbor been received with much kind, as thyself;"-and after the ser-ness and gratitude, and there is vice a decent collection was a prospect that two or three soci: made. Rev. Man Shepard was eties will be gathered and have appointed to deliver the Sermon the ministry established. at the next annual meeting. 1 With respect to Africans the Society has no particular plan : | morally certain, that he dilinor is there any other than a gently taught his family the general prospect of being useful right and good way. As Abrato them. Its attention is not ham did, he commanded his confined to the natives of Afri- | children and his household to ca ; but may be applied to their keep the right way of the Lord, descendants in this country, and inculcating the doctrines and duthe West-Indies. In a field so ties of religion, in the house and extensive, and which requires by the way, when he sat down great labor, much good may be and when he rose up ; while in done. Within the United States, his social connections he diffused' there may be some disposed to a savor of divine knowledge all devote their services, and to con- around him. Enoch was endowtribute of their wealth to the ed with the gift of prophecy and spiritual interests of this descrip- enforced his instructions, warntion of men. Opportunities to ings, and reproofs, by the solemn do them good might be lost, retributions of judgment and were it not the professed object eternity. Enoch also the sevof somé to observe and improve enth from Adam prophesied of them. It was the design of those these, saying, Behold the Lord who subscribed the preceding cometh with ten thousand of his Constitution to hold up this ob- saints, to execute judgment upon ject, and if there should be any all and to convince all that are opportunity to promote it, that ungodly of all the ungodly deeds it might be improved to the best which they have ungodly comadvantage.

mitted, and of all their hard speeches, which ungodly sinners have spoken against him. In

these respects did he not typify An Explanation of Scriptural Types. that teacher who truly came NO. IV.

from God ; who taught his disENOCẢ a type of CHRIST ciples, his little family, the mysCOME of the names given by teries of the kingdom of heaven, D parents to their children, in explaining and inculcating the the early ages of the world, were sublime and glorious doctrines dictated by the divine Spirit, and of the gospel, recommending all denoted what manner of persons manner of holy conversation and they should be, or some impor- godliness by the blessed rewards tant event to be effected by their which he would confer on his instrumentality, or some pecul- humble followers in their regeneiar blessing to be derived by ration, and animating them to mankind from them. Among patience and perseverance in those of this description, may suffering for his name's sake, by we not place the name of the assuring them, that great should son of Jared, by whom the their reward in heaven? Was siah was eminently prefigured ? he not indefatigable in preachWe may consider him as a type ing the gospel of the kingdom of Christ,

to the multitudes who attended I. In his name. Enoch sig- his public ministry, addressing nifies teaching. From his emi- the most instructive and awaken. ently holy character, we are / ing considerations to the stupid,

and exhorting sinners to repent. Of all the excellent charactance by the terrors of the world ers drawn of holy men, in the to come ? I have preached right holy scriptures, few are equal to eousness in the great congrega- the character given of this emi. tion. I have not refrained my nent saint. Enoch walked with lips, O Lord, thou knowest. God ; importing views which And at the same time, in the corresponded with God's end melting accents of compassion, and designs, the pursuit of the inviting those who labored and same objects, the glory of God, were heavy laden to come to and a mode of action, or manner him, with the promise of rest and of living which, in his place, corpeace. Was he not also a di- | responded with divine adminisvinely enlightened prophet ? mi trations, and by which he pronutely predicting his own suf- gressed with God in the daily ferings and resurrection the walk of life. In this did he not trials and persecutions of his typify the holy life of Christ Jedisciples-the destruction of Je-sus? How perfectly did his views rusalem and the calamities of harmonize with the mind and the Jews--the end of the world, will of his heavenly Father! and the eternal retributions of How perfectly united in object the righteous and the wicked ? and design ! How cordially did

Enoch also signifies dedicated, he co-operate with him in effects or devoted. And did not that ing the grand designs of his wis. exemplary holiness which he dom and his power! How were exhibited in life, originate from his heart and soul absorbed in a voluntary dedication of himself prosecuting that wondrous work to God ? Consecrating himself of love and grace, the glorious a living sacrifice, holy and ac- work of redemption ! I must ceptable to God, whether he ate, work the work of him that sent drank, or whatever he did, he me whilst it is day. My meat is performed it for the glory of | to do the work of him that sent God. In this did he not typify me' and to finish his work. I the divine Saviour, who was ded- have a baptism to be baptized icated to God by his parents, with and how am I straitened and who perfectly resigned and until it be accomplished. consecrated his body and soul to III. In special manifestations the service and glory of his hea- of divine approbation and favor. venly Father? Mine ear hast thou Enoch walking with God in opened, (to receive the intima- the way of truth and holiness, tion of thy will, or bored as the had this testimony that he pleased servant who loved his master and God. What holy and refreshing would not relinquish his service, communications did he receive Deut. xv. 12.) said the only be- from him! How was his mind gotten Son when he came into enlarged and enriched with transthe world. With what solicit. porting manifestations of the exude did he apply himself to his cellence and glory of God, and Father's business, in his youth, of the wisdom and perfection of and with what zeal, fortitude, pa- his ways and works ; while his tience and perseverance, did he soul, enjoying the loving kindpursue it to the end of life! ness of the Lord, was satisfied II. Ia his communion with God. with marrow and fatness! In

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