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Jesus taught those truths which | up the vision and profihecy, and were galling to the corrupt, un- to anoint the most Holy. Know, sanctified heart. None more so therefore, and understand that than his real divinity. This doc- from the going forth of the comtrine had been taught by the pro-mandment to restore and to build phets ages before Christ appear Jerusalem, unto the Messiah the ed among men, especially by Prince, shall be seven weeks, and Isaiah, when he declared, Unto threescore and two weeks : the us a child is born, unto us a son is street shall be built again, and the given, and the government shall wall, even in troublous times. And be upon his shoulders ; and his after threescore and two weeks name shall be called Wonderful, shall Messiah be cut off, but not for Counsellor, The mighty God, The himself.H Everlasting Father, The Prince of When Messiah was cut off, Peace.* This doctrine which the but not for himself, then was reprophets taught with a degree of conciliation made for iniquity, obscurity, was declared by Christ and the vision and the prophecy with great clearness. He ex-sealed up. To this pointed all pressly declared his eternity, Be the sacrifices and legal oblations. fore Abraham was I am.f He To this all the predictions of the asserted his oneness with the Fa- prophets had respect ; and in ther, I and my Father are one. this they had their accomplishThis important, fundamental ment. Herein was the plan of doctrine of Christianity, Christ God relating to redemption comtaught as much more clearly pleted. As a faithful witness than the prophets, as the meri- Christ revealed divine truth, and dian sun outshines the pale died to confirm and establish it. moon, or twinkling stars. And And herein he made reconcilia. for this doctrine, more than any tion for iniquity, and brought in other, the Jews brought him to everlasting righteousness. the cross. By his death, he faith It may not be improper to fully witnessed the truth; and by hint a few thoughts naturally his death he completed theatone- suggested by the foregoing rement. He came into the world marks. not only to give witness to the 1. We are led to conclude truth by his death ; but, also, by that Christ is the promised Savhis death to make reconciliation iour. If Christ was pointed out for iniquity, and to bring in ev as the Saviour, and in that charerlasting righteousness. How acter was the subject of propheclearly is this expressed by Dan- cy for hundreds, yea for thouiel in his prophecy relating to sands of years ; if the legal the seventy weeks. Seventy weeks priests were all typical of him, are determined upon thy people, and in him the prophecies and and upon thy holy city, to finish the types all meet, and are fulfilled ; transgression, and to make an end if these things are true, then he of sins, and to make reconciliation is to be viewed as the Saviour. for iniquity, and to bring in ever. He is doubtless the person prolasting righteousness, and to seal mised in the garden, and whe


ade bir


was, for a long time, looked for . * Isaiah ix. 6. + John viii. 58.

|| Daniel ix. 24, 25, 26.



for tzugt

preach uth in



John x. 30.

and expected to make his ap- correction, for instruction in pearance among men. As the righteousness, that the man of Saviour, therefore, it becomes God may be perfect, thoroughly men to view and receive him. furnished unito all good works.” We are to own and embrace him All the doctrines revealed by in the character he hath assum- Jesus Christ are the eternal ed, and allow him all that digni- truths of God, and are connected ty and glory he hath claimed ; with the everlasting salvation of acknowledging that it is the du- the soul. As such we are to re: ty of all men to honor the Son even ceive and embrace them. We as they honor the Father. We are to give up no doctrine con. are to rely on him as the only tained in the scriptures, nor deny Mediator between God and man, any thing Christ hath revealed. and make him all our hope and By denying the doctrines of rev: all our dependence.

elation we deny Christ ; and by 2. It is clearly the duty of denying him we seal our own people to embrace, and adhere destruction. closely to all the truths Christ 3. We have exhibited an exhath taught. Is Christ the faith-ample of fidelity. Christ was ful witness, and hath he revealed appointed in the counsel of eterall necessary truth ? Hath he nity to be a “ witness to the peo, also sealed his testimony with ple," in which character, we his own blood? If so then is it have seen, he was to reveal all not plain that people are to em-necessary truth, and seal his tesbrace and adhere closely to all timony with his blood. Yes, to the doctrines he hath taught? this he was appointed, even to How can we answer it to Christ, die, making his soul an offer. and with what face can we appearing for sin; for he saith, Therebefore him, if we give up a sin-fore doth my Father love me, begle doctrine he hath revealed ? cause I lay down my life, that I He taught no doctrine but what might take it again. No mun takis important as it relates to the eth it from me, but I lay it down honor of God, as well as the of myself: I have power to lay it good and happiness of men. He down, und I have power to take it hath revealed no doctrine but again. This commandment have I what is nearly or more remotely received of my Father.t And he connected with the salvation of was faithful to do all that to sinners. Jesus Christ did not, as which he was appointed. He many speculatists do, spend his did not fail in the smallest and time to no valuable purpose. most inconsiderable thing. He He did not hold up ideas and revealed all that which, in the make propositions merely to a- divine counsel, he was appointed muse mankind, and afford mat- to reveal. He endured all the ter of speculation. All that he sufferings which were appointed, revealed had an important mean- and were necessary to the atoneing, and was designed for an im- ment; and he performed all portant end. If it were not so those works which it was the Fathe apostle could not have said, ther's pleasure to require of him. “ All scripture is given by in- He is the faithful witness. spiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for/ * 2 Tim. ii. 16, 17. t Jolin x. 17, 18. In Jesus Christ we have an earth with the blood of Martyrs. example of fidelity. Christians The same spirit that pursued Jein him may see what is to be the sus to the cross, has, and will extent of their obedience. They yet pursue, and thirst for the are to imitate him in doing free-| blood of his faithful servants. ly, and suffering cheerfully, all But they are not to confer with that it is the pleasure of their flesh and blood. When the perheavenly Father to require of secuting Saul of Tarsus was conthem and lay upon them. Like verted into the meek and humJesus they are to say under the ble follower of Jesus, he well most pressing calamities, The knew to what he should be excun which my Father hath given posed; and he was sufficiently me, shall I not drink it ?* They armed for the fiery conflict. are, like him, to be faithful in do. When, saith hé, it pleased God, ing, and patientin suffering all the who separated me from my moth. will of God, even to the death. er's womb, and called me by his

4. Ministers and preachers of grace, to reveal his Son in me, that the gospel are not to confer with I might preach him among the flesh and blood. The minister heathen ; immediately I conferred of Jesus is under peculiar obli- | not with flesh and blood.t Knowgations to imitate the faithful ing the trials he must undergo witness. Called to preach the in the apostleship had Paul conunsearchable riches of Christ, ferred with flesh and blood, or and set for the defence of the consulted his own ease and pergospel, he needs the whole ar- sonal safety, he would have mor of God that he may stand, shrunk away from the work. faithfully, in his lot, and honor But, feeling the importance of his divine Master. Having to the cause, and relying on the meet the prejudices, the unbe- almighty arm of Jesus, he could tief, the ignorance and vices of venture forth, even though he mankind, if he consult ease and knew that bonds, imprisonment, popularity, he will daub with un- and death were before him. Is tempered mortar, and plaister there not the same inducement, over the errors and wickedness and the same ground of confiof his fellow sinners. However Idence in every age of the church? unreasonable it may be to re- Religion and divine truth are the proach the servants of Christ for same now as in the days of the preaching the doctrines evident- apostles; and Jesus Christ is ly contained in the gospel, yet unchangeably the same yestersuch is the depravity of the hu- day, to-day, and for ever. inan heart that unsanctified men We have, however, a more will do it. Every age from the perfect pattern than that of Paul commencement of the Christian or any of the inspired servants of era to the present period, has God. Our divine Redeemer has produced this evidence of hu- gone forth in the face of a most man depravity. Bitter enmity powerful opposition, and declaragainst Christ and his doctrines ed the truth at the expense of has produced raging and violent life. And shall not--will not his persecutions, and stais: 1 the ministers go and do likewise ?

* John xviij. 11.

+ Gal. i. 15, 16.

On Covenanting with God. themselves, and awful judgments

upon their families. If his chilPART I.

dren forsake my law, and walk

not in my judgments: If they NOVENANTING with the break my statutes, and keep not

W great, holy, and omniscient my commandments ; then will I God, is one of the most interest- visit their transgression with ing and solemn transactions in the rod, and their iniquity with which a creature can be enga-stripes.* What affecting instanged. Eternal life or death are ces of this have we in Eli, Dadependent on the manner in vid and others, who might be which men covenant with him. mentioned? Of what moment Keeping the covenant is no less is it, therefore, that Christians important than covenanting in should understand the nature of the fear and love of God. If covenanting with God, or what men's hearts be not sound in his is implied in that solemn transstatutes, and stedfast in his cov- action ? That the solemnity of enant it is impossible to enjoy it, and the importance of keepthe blessings which it secures ing covenant with God should to the heirs of promise. It is in | be truly represented ? a conscientious, stedfast walk Might not a discussion of these with God, according to covenant points be of speciul use to indiengagements, that his people viduals, to our churches, and to have peace with him, peace in society in general ? It is the detheir own consciences, joy in sign of this paper to illustratę the Holy Ghost, and assure their and impress them.; . hearts before him. It is in this Covenanting with God implies way that they do honor to God his willingness to be reconciled and the gospel, give joy to their to rebellious men, and to enter brethren in Christ Jesus, be- | into a covenant of peace with come the pillars and ornaments them, through Jesus Christ.of our churches, prepare and ri-That the infinite God who.dwells pen for a happy exit, and for dis- in the high and holy place, whose tinguished blessedness and glo- name alone is holy, should conry, in the presence of their Re- descend to be a covenant God, deemer.

and Father to polluted worms of But if they deal falsely in his the dust, is indeed wonderful. covenant, they bring great guilt It sliould arrest the attention of upon themselves, wound reli- the whole human race, and fill gion, grieve their brethren, can earth and heaven with gladness have no peace with God, nor in and hallelujah. Of this he hath their own consciences, no com- 1 given the fullest assurance. This munion with him in grace here, 1 is the language of his word, And nor in glory hereafter. Notwith- this is the covenant which I will standing their fair professions make with the house of Israel and high advantages, they will after those days, saith the Lord, be cut asunder and have their | I will put my law in their in. portion with hypocrites.

ward parts, and write it in their Even God's own children, by hearts, and will be their God, backsliding, may bring great guilt and chastisements upon! * Psalm lxxxix, 30, 31, 32.

and they shall be my people.* that he will be a covenant God This was the promise to Abra- to all those who will be his peoham, I will establish my coven-ple. ant between me and thee for an To be a God to them implies everlasting covenant ; to be a immense good, the inheritance God to thee.t This covenant God of all things. It implies the formaketh with the whole church, 1 giveness of all sin, adoption and and with every individual, who sanctification, peace with God, chooseth him for his covenant peace which passeth understandGod and eternal portion. Anding and keepeth the heart thro' I will be to them a God. And Jesus Christ. It is a covenant I will receive you, and will be as ordered in all things and sure ; Father unto you, and ye shall be so that all things shall work tomy sons and daughters, saith the gether for good, to them that Lord Almighty. These pas- love God, to them that are called sages of scripture give us the according to his purpose.* God fullest assurance that God is wil- himself, in his infinite perfection ling to enter into an everlasting and fulness, becomes theirs to covenant of peace with fallen make his grace sufficient for men. The gift of his only be-them, to give them peace in life gotten Son, from his bosom, to and death to raise them up in open the way for it, the gift of glory at the last day, and to give the Holy Spirit to make applica-them eternal life. He that over. tion of the purchased redemp- cometh shall inherit all things, tion, all the invitations and pro- and I will be his God, and he mises of the gospel, and means shall be my son.t This covenof reconciliation, show that the ant thus full, ordered in all divine mind is exceedingly en- things and sure, is also an evergaged in it.

lasting covenant. Nothing can Had it not pleased God thus vacate it, or prevent the Christo have made known his willing-tian's enjoying all the blessings ness to be a covenant God to of it. This is the language of men, and to have made known the scripture ; He hath made the terms of his covenant, there with me an everlasting covencould have been no rational foun- ant. The mountains shall dedation for covenanting with him. part, and the hills be removed, It could not have been known but my kindness shall not depart that it was possible ; or on what from thee, neither shall the covterms it might be effected.- enant of my peace be removed.ll There could have been no ra- He hath said I will never leave tional ground of faith or hope in thee, nor forsake thee. covenanting. All attempts to This is the covenant which covenant with God, without a God freely proposeth to lost revelation of his will, would be men, through Jesus Christ. He the highest presumption and is the mediator of the new covmadness. But blessed be his enant, and the only mediator be. name, that he hath given us thetween God and man. No man fullest assurance on this point ;

** Rom. viii. 28. f Rev. xxi.7. * Jerem. xxxi. 33. + Gen. xvii. 7. 2 Sam. xxij.5. Isai. liv. IOA # Heb. viü. 10. 12 Cor. vi. 17. I Ś Heb. xiii. 5.

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