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ness and forbearance of God! 1 to be mentioned or even thought be is infinitely gracious to the of in comparison of that shockcvil and unthankful, or long be- | ing ingratitude, which you will fore now we should have been be guilty of to the kind bestower plunged in the depths of despair.) of all good, unless you imme

But what kind of improve- diately chuse him for your God ment do you intend to make of and portion. the late alarming dispensation Your brother and sincerc of Providence towards you? I

friend. see not on what pretence you can receive it as any other than the voice of God, loudly pro- | A Letter to a new married couple, claiming to you the vanity of the

from a Brother. world, and warning you to make

DEAR BROTHER & SISTER, haste in securing that better part which death itself cannot THE following is a testimony take from you. When groan- 1 of my affectionate concern ing under the violence of a dis- for your welfare and happiness. ease, which threatened your dis- United in a most important relasolution, did you not resolve, tion, one to another, you will that, if spared, you would never probably be partners of each be overtaken again by sickness other's joys and sorrows, till the unprepared for death? What- bonds, by which you are - conever your thoughts might be, it nected, shall be broken by the will certainly be folly and even hand of death. The mutual madness not to seek first the happiness of the sexes is one kingdom of God and his righ | important end, designed in the teousness. Very soon, you must marriage institution ; nor will it be, not on a sick bed, but in the ordinarily fail of being answered, silent grave.

unless by some criminal fault in In view of these reflections, the parties united. To them, it dare you indulge the thought of | is, therefore, exceedingly imliving a single day in a careless portant, that neither of them neglect of your soul? But should do any thing to plant, or should you do it for a number of nourish the seeds of misery.years, and then on a sick bed, Every wise precaution should should be alarmed with the ap- | be used to prevent the beginprehensions of appearing beforening of evil. Multitudes, suryour judge, and with a view of rounded by many circumstances your aggravated guilt, could you favorable to a life of happines, forgive yourself or expect for- are miserable in a great meagiveness from your abused Sove- sure, through their own fault. reign, for having neglected your Did those who enter the marpresent opportunities, and dis- riage relation begin and perseregarded the late admonition of vere, as they ought, in a firm reProvidence? What your views solution to promote eath other's or resolutions are at this time, I happiness, in every way consistknow not, God knoweth. Notent with a good conscience, the to regard the advice of an af- bitter plant of domestic misery fectionate brother will be un- would be nipped in the bud--it grateful ; but this is unworthy I would not spring up and flourish

fruit an

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as it now does, and bring forth | take each other by the hand, and

hundred fold. The apparently joyful, travel all their avenues to domestic wretched- days, alas ! in the road to endless ness are exceedingly numerous. pain. Do you believe this? An unguarded expression, where Doubtless you do. And is no evil was intended, or even not madness in their hearts thought of, has, sometimes, giv- | while they live ? You answer, en rise to a tide of miseries suf “ Yes certainly it is." Can you ficient to deluge whole families then be guilty of imitating their in irretrievable ruin. In regard example ? I am sorry to think to this matter, it is highly import- of believing it. In many inant, therefore, to shun the appear- stances, you are very sensible, ance of evil. If possible, noth- the distance between a marriage ing should ever be done which bed and a dying bed is small inwill express the least want of deed. The natural inference is, that solid affection which the how important to be immediateparties have an absolute right to ly and always ready! How expect one from another. · A great is the hazard of delay in a small degree of this may create matter so deeply interesting ! the most uncomfortable feelings How insupportable must be the and lead on to a train of evils bitterness of parting, should one which will not end even in the of you be called away, without grave, but last, in their deplora- leaving the other a rational ble consequences, through an im- ground of hope!Those who mourn mortal existance. Those, there without hope are unhappy mourfore, who think they stand safe ners indeed.

But for this as ly in regard to this matter, will well as all other evils there is a do well to take heed, lest they remedy. Were it applied, death fall.

would not be the terrible and But there is a more deeply in- unwelcome messenger, which he teresting subject, which must now is, either to the living or not be passed over in silent meg. dying. Nor is the application lect. When I look over into difficult or ungrateful, if there eternity,

1, your present happiness, be only a willing mind. What considered by itself, is stripped of God requires is a most reasonits importance. The life we able service. It would be acthere live in the flesh, is of very ing the part of wisdom to serve little value, for any thing, but to him, and of extreme folly to do prepare for another state. otherwise, were no punishment Whatever may be your thoughts prepared for the wicked. Wisof the matter, you are swiftly dom's ways are pleasant in themhastening to a world of unseen selves, and not merely because realities. A preparation for your they furnish an escape from fudeparture therefore, ought to be ture pain. And can you exyour first and chief object of at- pect a season more convenient tention. While this is neglect- than the present for beginning ed, however pleasing your situa- to prosecute the great business tion in this life, you still can have of life? Any better opportuno rational prospect of substan- nity for becoming followers of tial felicity. It is sought by Christ in good earnest ? If you multitudes, with eagerness, who / refuse when he calls, you may Vo... V. No. 5.


justly fear lest he should laugh | But before I proceed to advise at your calamity, and disregard you, I must say something reyour cry, when trouble cometh. lative to myself. I consider Had I therefore but one request | myself as having done with morto make to you, whether in | tal things, and all to come is perfect health, or sinking in the vast, boundless and endless eterembraces of death, it should be nity. For several years past my this, that you immediately make mind has been fixed on death your peace with God and en- and judgment. They are now gage in his service. The bare brought near and in some meathought of being at enmity a- sure realized. But to give you gainst the author of our exis- the feelings I have on these awtence and of all the good we ex- ful subjects is altogether bepect or enjoy, is shocking in- | yond the power of language. deed. Now is the time to be When millions of years multireconciled--to-norrow may be plied by millions have elapsed I forever (oo late. If the price in shall be no nearer the end of my your hands to get wisdom be fi-existence than I am now. What nally misimproved, as doubtless then must be my condition if I it will by very many, what a / am cast out of the favorable precloud of witnesses will rise a- sence of God ? gainst you, on the day of deci | Previous to the death of your sive trial ?

eldest sister, I thought I had, in What you have now been a good measure, discharged my reading will probably then come duty to my children with reinto remembrance, and, if mis- gard to their spiritual concerns. improved, : will sharpen the But alas ! I then found my great stings of a self-condemning con mistake, and resolved that I science. But that the God of would ever after be more caregrace may give you the wisdom, 1 ful to bring up the remainder of which is from above, and ena- | my children in the nurture and ble you to live usefully and die admonition of the Lord. But peaceably is the earnest prayer the cares of the world, my inof yours sincerely. :

cessant hurry in my profession, | and my love of literature (when

I had a moment's leisure) preAn GDDRESS from an eminent vented, putting my resolution in

Physician, in the County of practice as I ought to have done. Fairfield, to his children, de- And now with heartfelt anxiety livered on his death bed. and regret, I have to lament my

great negligence. AS my children who are My children are as dear to

1 living are all present, ex- me as my life. What then must cept one, and as there is not the be my feelings with respect to least probability that I shall ever their future happiness? And again see so many of them to- | what can I say upon the subgether, and no probability of my ject? I can only say, rememever again seeing one who is ber now your creator in the soon to take his departure for a days of your youth. First seek distant country, I now under- | the kingdom of God and the take to give you sutious advice. I rightcousness thereof, and other

things shall be added to you.- is cut down. He fleeth also as Strive to enter in at the straight a shadow and continueth not. gate ; for straight is the gate We must all very soon apand narrow the way which lead- pear before the awful tribunal of eth unto life, and few there be Christ. And what if myself who find it. Give all possible with some of you should be cast diligence to make your calling into utter darkness; and you and election sure. Not that you should say, if my father had can merit your own salvation. done his duty towards me I All that you can do is to pros- | should not have come into this trate yourselves before the Great place of torment? Oh, dreadSupreme, and beseech him to ful! inexpressibly dreadful tho't! have mercy on you.

I can add no more, only my Most of you have families,

dying prayer for mercy and forand the others may hereafter

giveness ; and that the merits of

the great Redeemer may prehave them. Let me, therefore,

vent our everlasting destruction exhort you to constant family

and bring us all at the great day prayer for the benefit of your

to meet together in the New selves and children ; and to con

Jerusalem? .stant secret prayer for the salva

When I have passed through tion of your own souls. What

the dark valley of the shadow of would it profit a man if he should

death, and am covered with the gain the whole world, and lose his own soul; or what shall a

clods of the valley, and my body man give in exchange for his

is enrapt in cold marble, the soul? If one of your children

above hints may be of great should live to adult years and!

use to each of you!.

The advice given me by my then die; and you had never

mother on her death bed, tho’ prayed with it nor for it, the re

much reglected in middle life, flections which would wound

has of latter years been of very and sting your heart, would be

great use to me. My mother, next to the worm that never dies

in some of her last moments, and the fire which is never quenched. Each of you carry

said to me, tho' you are so near in your bosom

my heart, yet, at the last day, an immortal

if you should be cast off, I shall part, destined to cudless exis

doubtless glorify the sentence of tence, and of more worth than ten thousand such worlds as this.

God in your perdition ; because Oh! then be admonished to flee

the judge of all the earth will

do right. from the wrath to come, and lay

Sabbath Evening, July? hold on eternal life.

24th, 1804. To persons of your age the life of man seems long. Seven- From the Christian Cbserver. ty years look at a great distance. Extracts from the CommonBut it is a mistake. I have tri Place Book of a Country ed the experiment, and find it a

i Clergyman. vapor, a shadow. Men that| is born of a woman is of few' ON RELIGIOUS Arre PIONS." days and full of trouble. He TF actions only' were requiru, someth. forth like a fower and without dicessitins, the words of religion would be compara- | amiable and perfect a scheme of tively easy. Men may pro- virtue presented to the world ? nounce prayers, wear sackcloth, Surely, a virtuous man would keep fasts, give alms, &c. These wish such a religion to be true, external acts are in their power, though he could not think it so ! and however irksome in them- He would see it to be of so much selves, many would be found to importance to the peace and observe them as the price of good order of society, and to the their salvation. But the affec welfare of all mankind individutions of the heart are out of our ally, that he would rejoice if own power-we cannot at plea- | other men believed it, though sure change the objects of our he could not. He would do love and aversion. We may per nothing to impede its reception, form religious actions as a task, but rather would promote its inbut we cannot make ourselves fluence to the utmost of his delight in them as a privilege power. Nay more, he would And yet nothing short of this is practise it himself, in spite of his true religion, Religion de- unbelief. If a good rule be givmands the affections—“ Thou en us, that will promote our shalt love the Lord thy God.”- own happiness and that of others, “ My son, give me thy heart.we ought to embrace and follow Here then appears the necessity it, whoever be the author, and of divine grace, and the efficacy whatever its authority. Our of its operation. It actually pro own interest is obligation es duces this change in the affec nough. Is it not plain, that tions, and thus the work proves every man, who acts contrarily itself to be of God.

to these maxims, deceives him

self, when he supposes that he On the PRINCIPLE Of FRIENDSHIP. | loves Virtue, while, in truth, he

The principle of friendship only talks of it? is an indication of the dignity for which we were designed. We L ON VITAL RELIGION, sigh for union with other intel That vital religion is a blessligent beings--seek a commerce ed reality needs no better proof of hearts-cannot realize our than the exact coincidence of ideas and wishes here below- judgment, taste, principles and human friendships and unions | habits, which prevails amongst deceive our expectations--to its professors. Papists and Profind what we want, we must as- | testants, men in the wilds of cend to God himself.

| America, and in the cultivated

countries of Europe, persons ON THE LOVE OF VIRTUE. who lived under the Jewish

INFIDELS talk much of the economy, and multitudes who love of virtue. And why then | live under the Christian institudo they not love the Bible ? - tion now, have all spoken, in Let any man read the thirteenth spite of their several peculiarichapter of St. Paui's first epistle ties, one common language of to the Corinthians-the precep- the heart about God and Christ, tive parts of all the Apostolic sin and holiness, time and eterepisles-Our Lord's Sermon onnity. Their religious hopes and the Mount, &c. Was ever so I fears, their joys and their sor

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