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bled himself unto death, yea | our visible conduct that we will even the cruel and ignominious not have this man to rule ore: death of the cross ; he resigned us? Nay, more! Do we not himself into the hands of his daily by our conduct, “Crucify implacable enemies; be suffer- the Son of God afresh and put ed them to seize him as a male- him to open shame" is not factor; to force and drag him the gracious Redecorer wound. away before a corrupt, a heathened and dishonored even by those tribunal ; where, horrible to re who profess to be his friends? latt 1 bis sacred body was scour- Is there not something most ged with whips! Who can astonishing in the behaviour of I had almost said--who can be- sinful men toward their Redeemlieve the tragic story! His sa- er? View his condescension; cred, his beloved face was defiled | see his goodness ; see him, durby being spit upon by the filthy ing the whole of his life which mouths of a brutal soldiery,' was devoted to his public miniswhile his cheeks were bruised try ; going about to do good; by the buffetings of their impi- all his labours and all his sufferous hands; a crown of piercing ings were for the good and happi. thorns was wrapped about his ness of others, while this divine head; that sacred head, which, Redeemer had not where to lay on the mount of transfiguration, his head--notwithstaning all this, a little before, shone with celes- ! how was he treated by the Jews! tial splendor. They also clad How is he treated by the prehim in a purple robe, for the sent generation !!- Be astonipurpose of exciting the mockery shed Oh ye heavens at this ; and revilings of the rabble which, and be horribly afraid ! surrounded him. Thus was HE

SENEX. treated, who was the messenger State of Connecticut, of peace and love ; who came July 20th, 1804. } on the most benevolent design whichever entered into the heart of the most benevolent being; yea! thus was HE treated by Religious Intelligence. those very creatures who were the immediate objects of this The Church of Christ in Chester, divine, superlative benevolence. the fourih Parish in Sayorcok, Let all enquire, let all examine to the Rev. EDITORS of the themselves whether they are Connecticut Etangelical Nunot acting the same ungrateful gazine, sendeth Greeting. part, which the betrayer and the

BELOVED, crucifiers of the divine Redeemer acted, though not in the same TT hath given great pleasure way? Do we not discover the same to find in your truly Evantemper? Are we not forget-gelical Magazine, so frequently, ful of him? Are we not un- | accounts from many parts of our thankful to him? Do we cheer- highly favored land, of the blessfully and thankfully accept the ed work of the spirit of a merci. offers of mercy and salvation ful God, in awakening poor sinwhich he makes us ? So far / ners--softening hard and rocky from this, do we not declare by hearts-arousing the stupid.

convincing gainsayers and infi- great joy ; though we at first dels- enlightening the ignorant, had no conception of the great and bringing many hopefully good a sin pardoning God deinto the glorious liberty of the signed for us, a sinful people. children of God; as well as re- | Immediately, lectures and confreshing those who have long ferences were proposed and attravelled in the way to Zion, tended. The meetings on Lord's with enlivening influences of the days and week days continued divine spirit. This monthly increasing, until scarcely any messenger has mostly brought person was to be found, but was an olive branch to the children | more or less impressed. The of God. It is earnestly desired, meetings in the week time were and humbly hoped, that this re- | made up of every age and class ligious Intelligencer may never and sectary of professing Chriswant for such precious and ex- | tians among us, and party spirit hiliatory food.--that those who disappeared. have had the soul-satisfying 1 Persons who appeared far view of a particular work of from the kingdom of God, and God's grace in their vicinities some who might by their own may always be ready to publish profession be denominated Dethe joyful tidings--thereby to ists, were among the first subgive glory to Immanuel.

mspiri- jects of the work. tual joy to his followers, and The impression upon 'chillead unbelieving sinners to en- dren from nine to fifteen years quire.

of age was wonderful. Besides And as we hope and trust, meeting frequently with the that this Parish, with many mixed assemblies, they for a others, has been remarkably and considerable time met two or blessedly visited by the great three times in a week by themHead of the Church, we think selves, and in a serious and solit our duty to give you informa emn manner prayed, sung God's tion, that you may, if it is tho't praises and exhorted one anothfor the honor of Christ's king- er to attend to the business of dom, give it publicity, that the religion. And it is supposed sister churches may rejoice with that a number of them became u6.

truly friends to Christ, and many For many years, until about received such impressions as fifteen months past, there has will be abiding. The doctrines been in this place an awful dis- of total depravity, sovereign regard to the cause of Christ's grace, and the necessity of rekingdom, productive of such generation by the spirit of God, neglect of Christian duties and were preached to us by various sinful practices, infidel and pro- ministers of the gospel; and fane language, as may always / these were the doctrines most be expected where God and his acceptable to penitents. divine word are not reverenced. On the 20th of February, But, blessed be God, toward the | 1803, two persons, a mother and close of the autumn of 1802, the her daughter, joined in full happy news was spread among communion with this church, us that a few young persons being the first who offered themwere awakened. This gave | selyes after the awakening be

gan ; from which time few | We hope we may truly say, Lord's days passed, in which that this awakening has produsome were not added, until in the ced a blessed and happy reforcourse of less than seven months, mation in this place. It appears viz. September 4th, when the to be crowned with the blessings number added amounted to for- of peace, love, friendship and inty seven, eighteen males and dustry. The Lord's day is hontweenty-nine females, and the ored--the house of our God is number baptized, adults and in- frequented; family devotion is set fants, sixty-one. And we ex-up-many heads of families are poct that as great or greater saying, “ as for me and my house numbers of our Baptist neigh-, we will serve the Lord”-probours, in proportion to their po- fane language is very much laid pulation in this Parish, joined aside--much of that leisure to Baptist Churches.

time that used to be spent in A few of those persons who vain conversation, jesting and joined this church were in cove calumny, is now improved in nant before the present pastor that which tends to acquire and was settled here; but the great communicate instruction. er part had never before made Our conferences are still kept any public profession of Christ. | up, though not so often. Those

A number were quite advan- in general who have made a ced in age. One woman aged profession, we hope are detereighty-five. A number were mined never to turn back. A young heads of families. A number who have made no pronumber of single youths-the fession, we hope are, some of youngest about fourteen years them, true friends, and others of age.

attentive. It may be proper to note here, This Church would wish, in a that the congregational society | humble manner, to communihere consits at most of about cate this intelligence to the sixty-five families—that at the churches ; and would express ordination of the present pastor, our gratitude most sincerely to October 25th, A. D. 1786, the the neighboring Ministers of church consisted of twenty-one Christ, and others who came members, seven males and four- l from a distance to help, to inteen females-from the time of struct and guide us in the day his settlement, for sixteen years, of the Lord's power. viz. to A. D. 1802, only nineteen But above all we desire we persons had joined in full com- may with broken hearts, offer munion-by which it appears, humble praise and thanksgiving that the number added in the to the Great Head of the Church, course of seven months in 1803, for visiting us a sinful rebellious was more than double the num- people, that he has not passed ber that had been added in six- | us by as he might justly have teen years. *

done, and left us to perish in our

sins, but has been pleased to . * We trust it is the prevailing sen- | cause a precious shower of ditiment in this Church and Society, that

vine grace to fall upon us. And regeneration is necessary to render a persen a true member of Christ's

we request the prayers of all Churck.

the friends of Zion for this little flock; that the glorious Redeem-, attended was very small, some er, who, we trust, has begun a times not more than two or three. good work here in a number of But these appearedstrong in the hearts, would make additions to faith and fervent in their prayer, our numbers and graces, and the "spirit helping their infirmicarry on his cause gloriously ties with groanings which could until the day of Christ.

not be uttered.” The number In behalf of the Church, of attendants soon began to in

S. MILLS, Pastor. crease, and their meetings beJanuary 20, 1804.

came increasingly solemn ; so that in September, the number

of religious conferences or rathTO THE EDITORS OF THE Con- er praying meetings, in differ

NECTICUT EVANGELICAL MA- ent parts of the Society, were GAZINE.

multiplied to four in a week. DRESUMING that news of Religious assemblies on the Sab

1 the prosperity of Zion in bath now became much more any part of the Redeemer's king- full, attentive and solemn than dom, will be grateful to your usual. A day of public fasting feelings, I cannot forego the and prayer about this time was present favorable opportunity of observed by the church and transmitting to you a concise some others, and attended with account of a late and remarka- , a special degree of solemnity. ble effusion of the Holy Spirit A few instances of serious imon the people in this place. pression had already appeared

I have been settled in the amongst us; but nothing very ministry here between six and special occured till some time in seven years, and till within a November, when on a sudden, few months past, have habitual the spirit of the Lord appeared ly had the feelings that my la. | to come down upon us,“ like a bours were all in vain, and that rushing, mighty wind.” Almost my strength was spent for the whole Society appeared to nought. From year to year, I be shaken at once. Scarce a religion appeared declining, the family could be found in which church decreasing in numbers there were not some earnestly and graces, and iniquity abound- | inquiring what they should do to ing. A little more than one be saved. And scarce a counyear ago the darkness which tenance could be discovered, intercepted my prospects of use without evident marks of solemfulness, and even continuance nity. Our praying meetings here, arose to its height, and were soon multiplied to seven in appeared scarcely to admit the a week, and in every neighboursmallest gleam of hope. It now hood were crowded and solemn appeared a reality, that there to an amazing degree. No emocould be no help but from God. tions, however, more violent than

In this hour of extremity, a shedding of tears, and no appearsmall number of the few reinain- ance of wildness or disorder ocing professors of religion a-cured. Nothing was heard but mongst us, agreed to meet once the still, small voice of the Holy a week for social prayer. For Spirit. Nothing appeared, but several weeks the number which / a silent, fixed attention and pro

found solemnity ; the most re. / us around the table of the Lord. sembling my idea of the day of How overpowering the sight! judgment, of any scene I ever Several of these are quite young, witnessed. My house became and I think none of them more crowded from time to time with than two and twenty years old. earnest inquirers after the way A number more of the same of life. Infidelity retired or class we hope have been brought was overcome by the bright to remember their Creator. manifestations of divine power / Several children, under fourteen and grace. Several who had years of age, give great evidence been hardened in loose princi- that their hearts have been rem ples were truly made to believe newed. But this work has not and tremble. One, that for a been confined to the youth. number of years had been secure Some of the aged, and a numly settled on the delusive scheme ber of the middle aged, have of Universalism, was constrain. hopefully been brought into the ed to say, “I know that there is kingdom. The whole number of one sinner who deserves eternal additions to the Church, since punishment. No man can ever the work of the Lord begun have that sight of his sins and with us, is 84. Some now stand sense of his guilt, which God propounded, and a considerable has given me and remain a Unic number more, for whom we versalist.” It is impossible ful-have hope, it is expected will ly to describe the amazing come forward. change of appearances that took Since about the middle of place amongst us within a few March, there has appeared some weeks, and even within a few | abatement of those peculiarly days. It was truly glorious to powerful manifestations of the stand and see the salvation of divine presence in our religious God. How evident it is that assemblies. But still we bethe Lord is a prayer-hearing lieve that the Holy Spirit is not God ! And how true, that withdrawn from us. Our praye " When Zion travaileth she shall ing meetings are continued, and bring forth children !” When are attended by goodiy numbers, Christians are enabled to open and with a great degree of fertheir eyes, and their hearts are vency and solemnity. And enlarged in prayer, how soon the there are numbers amongst us Lord cures their sore complaints now, that are evidently subjects and fills their souls with good! of the awakening influences of

This solemnity continued and | the spirit of God. Since the increased among us till about awakening began, we have obthe middle of February; with-served not less than six days of in which period a great num-/ public fasting and prayer. This ber were hopefully born again. I mention not by way of boastThe youth have hopefully shar ing, but as a mean which the ed very largely in the blessings Lord has manifestly crowned that have fallen upon us. Thir- with great success, in carrying ty-five young men and women, on his work amongst us. They the most of whom, but one year have truly been days of great ago, were wholly devoted to sin- solemnity. Last week a geneful amusements, now sit with | ral inceting was holden in this

VOL. V, No. 3.

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