Influence of Climate in North and South America: Showing the Varied Climatic Influences Operating in the Equatorial, Tropical, Sub-tropical, Temperate, Cold and Frigid Regions, Extending from the Arctic to the Antarctic Circle. Accompanied by an Agricultural, and Isothermal Map of North America

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D. Van Nostrand, 1867 - America - 334 pages

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Page 27 - The streams and navigable rivers rising in this mountain range, and flowing into the Atlantic Ocean on the east, and the Gulf of Mexico on the south, are very numerous.
Page 233 - Blackfeet, and other mountain tribes. Upon investigating the peculiarities of the country, I learned from the Indians, and afterwards confirmed by my own explorations, the fact of the existence of an infinite number of hot springs at the headwaters of the Missouri, Columbia, and Yellowstone rivers, and that hot geysers, similar to those of California...
Page 93 - ... barometrical pressure, the calm state of the air or the action of opposite winds, the amount of electric tension, the purity of the atmosphere or its admixture with more or less noxious gaseous exhalations, and, finally, the degree of ordinary transparency and clearness of the sky, which is not only important with respect to the increased radiation from the Earth, the organic development of plants, and the ripening of fruits, but also with reference to its influence on the feelings and mental...
Page 240 - Belize, on the east by the Gulf of Mexico and on the west by the Pacific Ocean.
Page 213 - Are brought ; and feel by turns the bitter change Of fierce extremes, extremes by change more fierce, From beds of raging fire to starve in ice...
Page 25 - ... the animals and vegetables that delight in the extremes of heat and cold, and produces its own peculiar plants, which can neither grow above its limits nor descend below them. Its temperature, which does not brace the constitution of its constant inhabitants, acts like spring on the diseases of the hot regions, and like summer on those of the frigid zone.
Page 25 - ... that arise from checked perspiration. The hot zone of these places does not experience excessive heat ; but it is a continuance of the heat, together with...
Page 70 - Montreal is distinguished everywhere for the fine quality of its apples, and the island of Orleans, below Quebec, is equally celebrated for its plums. Over the whole of Canada the melon and tomato acquire large dimensions, and ripen fully in the open air, the seeds being planted in the soil towards the latter end of April, and the fruit gathered in September. Pumpkins and squashes attain gigantic dimensions; they have exceeded 300 pounds in weight in the neighbourhood of Toronto.
Page 205 - Mexico; on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and on the west by the Pacific Ocean.
Page 290 - ... (bind-weed), which descend from the highest summits of the trees, or closely twine round the strongest trunks, and gradually kill them ; lastly, those parasitical plants by which old trees are invested with the garment of youth, the grotesque species of the pothos and...

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