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acceptable to the Veterans Administration, payment may be prorated on the basis of attendance regardless of the refund policy.

(3) If an institution customarily charges for the amount of credit or number of hours of attendance for which a trainee enrolls, payment may be on that basis when a trainee enrolls after the final date permitted for carrying full credit for the semester or term.

(c) The terminal date to which payment will be made is the day following:

(1) The end of the semester, term, or quarter during which the training is furnished

(2) The date of interruption or discontinuance of training.

(3) The date of completion of the course.

(1) Payment for tuition or fees will be made in arrears and will be prorated in installments over the school year or the length of the course except:

(i) Institutions may be paid in accordance with the provision of paragraph (a)(2) of this section, provided such institutions operate on a regular term, quarter, or semester basis and normally accept students only at the beginning of the term, quarter, or semester and provided further such institutions are either:

(a) Institutions of higher learning that use a standard unit of credit recognized by accrediting associations (such institutions will include those which are members of recognized national or regional educational accrediting associations, and those which, although not members of such accrediting associations, grant standard units of credit acceptable at full value without examination by collegiate institutions which are members of national or regional accrediting associations).

(6) Public tax supported institutions.

(c) Institutions operated and controlled by State, county, or local boards of education.

(2) Institutions coming within the exceptions of paragraph (a)(1) of this section which have a refund policy providing for a graduated scale of charges for purposes of determining refunds may be paid part or all such tuitions or fees for a term, quarter, or other period of enrollment immediately following the date on which the refund expires.

(3) Proration of charges will not apply to a fee which is for noncontinuing service such as registration fee, etc.

(b) The period for which payment of charges may be made will be the period of actual enrollment and subject to the following:

(1) The effective date will be the date of the trainee's entrance into training status except that payment may be made for an entire semester, quarter, or term in institutions operating on that basis if the trainee enters no later than the final date set by the institution for enrolling for full credit.

(2) In those cases where the institution has not set a final date for enrolling for full credit or will not set a date

8 8-95.209 Records and reports.

Contracts, agreements, or arrangements will provide for the number and frequency of reports, adequate financial records to support payment for each trainee and maintenance of attendance and progress records. Such records will be preserved for a period of 4 years following the date of the last payment or a longer period if requested by a representative of the General Accounting Office or the Veterans Administration. [36 FR 19697, Oct. 9, 1971)

8 8-95.210 Correspondence courses.

Contracts with institutions for correspondence courses will provide that:

(a) Major changes in courses or course material will not be binding on the Veterans Administration until such time as a supplemental agreement is negotiated to the contract.

(b) Minor changes in course or course material not affecting the length of the course or number of lessons and not lowering the educational value of the course or the quality of the course material such as revision of text, the substitution of a newer lesson for an older one or the substitution of equipment of equal or greater value are permitted without supplemental agreements. Such minor changes and revisions shall be placed on file with the Contracting Officer at the time of the change or revision.

(c) Trainees be provided with prompt and adequate lesson service and, unless otherwise specified in the contract, be furnished the same texts, lessons service, diplomas, and other services as are normally provided for regularly enrolled nonveteran students.

(d) All lessons be adequately serviced on an individual basis. Grouping of lessons into units or partial servicing does not meet this requirement.

(e) Each lesson must have a separate examination adequate in terms of lesson content.

(f) The training of persons under a Veterans Administration contract or the fact that the United States is utilizing the facilities of the institution for training veterans shall not be used in any way to advertise the institution. References in the advertising media or correspondence of the institution shall be limited to a list of courses under

chapter 31, title 38, United States Code, and shall not be directed or pointed specifically to veterans.

(g) The rates, fees, and charges are not in excess of those charged nonveterans.

(h) That payment will be made on a lesson completed basis in areas for assignments sent in by trainees and serviced during a pay period as established by the contract.

(i) Payment will be made only once for each lesson even though it is necessary to service a lesson more than


8 8-95.211 Information concerning corre

spondence courses. Specific questions on correspondence courses as to the content of courses, academic credit, and entrance requirements for courses included in Veterans Administration contracts may be directed to the institutions offering the courses. (36 FR 19697, Oct. 9, 1971)


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