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Statement of-

Ala'ilima, Vaiinupo J., Takoma Park, Md. (representing Tutuila,



Arnold, William, United States Department of the Interior----

Aspinall, Hon. Wayne, a Representative in Congress from the State

of Colorado-----


Derrickson, Russell C., chief investigator, Committee on Education

and Labor, United States House of Representatives-------
Fitzgerald, Gerald, legislative representative, Government and civic
employees organizing committee, AFL-CIO-------


Goott, Daniel, Special Assistant for International Labor Affairs,

Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of States; Dwight Cramer,
Office of Dependent Area Affairs, and Philip Sullivan, Bureau of
Far Eastern Affairs, United States Department of State .

Herr, Lt. Col. Norman P., Procurement Law Division, Office of the

Judge Advocate General, Department of the Army------------- 133, 200
Lundquist, Clarence T., United States Department of Labor; accom-

panied by John J. Babe, Office of the Solicitor, and Harry Kantor,
United States Department of Labor--------

Mason, Walter J., American Federation of Labor and Congress of In-

dustrial Organizations; accompanied by Kenneth J. Meiklejohn,
International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union, AFL-CIO_-

Moore, William D., Jr., Van Camp Co., Terminal Island, Calif., and

Linton M. Collins, Washington, D. O-----
Munro, Howard E., legislative representative, the Central Labor Union

and Metal Trades Council, AFL-CIO---
Nixon, Lt. Col. Perry E., Procurement Policy Division, Director of

Procurement Production, Headquarters, United States Air Force_ 138

Parks, Rear Adm. Joel D., accompanied by William Sellman, counsel;

William Speck, assistant counsel, and T. L. Jones, Department of

the Navy------

-------- 113, 171, 266–279, 281

Yeomans, William L., United States Department of the Interior ---- 82, 140
Bills, documents, letters, prepared statements, reports, tables, etc., submit-
ted for the record by--
Agreement for the trust territory under United States administration,

and related documents_----
Ala'ilima, Vaiinupo J. (representing Tutuila, Samoa)------------- 347, 359
Antikickback regulations----


Arnold, William A., Assistant Director for Insular Affairs--

Aspinall, Hon. Wayne, a Representative in Congress from the State

of Colorado---------

--- 43-81

Appendixes to report (American Samoa, pursuant to H. Res. 89) - 67

Chart showing the ratio of cropland to population (American

Samoa) --------

Map, Samoa and Canton Islands ---

Organizational and functional charts, Samoan local government. 53, 54

Report. American Samoa, pursuant to House Resolution 89----

Barden, Hon. Graham A., a Representative in Congress from the State

of North Carolina.-------
Calingo, Mauro, Minister-Counselor, Philippine Islands..


Chart showing agreements with respect to wages with principal coun-



Cramer, Dwight, United States Department of State, agreement cover-

ing the trust territory----


Davis-Bacon Act------

--- 176

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List of Territories, possessions, Department of the Interior has juris-
diction over------------ ---

of private enterprise in Canal Zone 285

Vermilya-Brown decision 188–200

Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act_-_______________________ 107–184
Romulo, Carlos P., Ambassador, Philippines--------------------- 145, 146
Roosevelt, Hon. James, a Representative in Congress from the State
of California---------- -- 279

Seafarers International Union of North America------------------- 365


Average rates paid by private firms in Guam------------------- 282

Panama Canal Company and Canal Zone Government contract

awards and work 313

Panama manual wage schedule 285
Panama wage statements 299
United States civil administration of the Ryukyu Islands:
Ordinance 90 229
Ordinance 68 232
Ordinance 116 241

Vermilya-Brown decisions --- 188, 192

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