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Title 41–PUBLIC CONTRACTS AND PROPERTY MANAGEMENT consists of Subtitle A-Federal Procurement Regulations System, Subtitle B-Other Provisions Relating to Public Contracts and Subtitle C-Federal Property Management Regulations System. Subtitle D is reserved for other provisions relating to property management.

The Federal procurement regulations in Chapter 1 of Subtitle A are those government-wide procurement regulations issued by the General Services Administration. In Chapters 2 through 49 of Subtitle A are procurement regulations issued by individual government agencies. The first 49 parts in each of Chapters 2 through 49 are reserved for agency regulations implementing the Federal procurement regulations in Chapter 1 and are numerically keyed to them. The remaining parts in Chapters 2 through 49 contain agency regulations supplementing the Federal procurement regulations.

Other government-wide procurement regulations relating to public contracts appear in Chapters 50 through 100, Subtitle B.

The Federal property management regulations in Chapter 101 of Subtitle C are government-wide property management regulations issued by the General Services Administration. In the remaining chapters of Subtitle C are the implementing and supplementing property management regulations issued by individual Government agencies. Those regulations which implement Chapter 101 are numerically keyed to it.


The numbering system of Title 41 differs from that used for other titles of the Code of Federal Regulations. The numbering system is especially designed to permit the keying of agency regulations to government-wide regulations in Subtitles A and C which are issued by the General Services Administration. Chapters are designated by Arabic numerals. Each section number is a combination showing to the left of the decimal point the chapter and part numbers, separated by a dash. To the right of the decimal point the subpart, section, and subsection numbers are indicated in that order. Thus, an agency assigned to Chapter 2, and wishing to implement the cost-plus-a-fixed-fee contract provisions contained in Chapter 1, Part 1-3, Subpart 1-3.4, section 05, subsection 5 of the Federal procurement Regulations (§ 1-3.405-5), would assign the section number “g 23.405-5” to the implementing provisions.

Where material in the Federal Procurement Regulations (FPR) requires no implementation or deviation, there is no corresponding number in the agency regulations. Thus, there may be gaps in the sequence of numbers where the FPR, as written, are applicable to agency procurement.

Title 41 is composed of thirteen volumes. The chapters in these volumes are arranged as follows: Chapter 1 (1-1 to 1-10), Chapter 1 (1-11 to App.), and Chapter 2, Chapters 3-6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapters 10-17, Chapter 18 (Volumes I, II, and III), Chapters 19-100, Chapter 101 and Chapter 102 to end.

For this volume Linda A. Rice-Johnston was Chief Editor. The Code of Federal Regulations publication program is under the direction of Martha B. Girard, assisted by Robert E. Jordan.

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CHAPTER 3-Department of Health and Human Services....... 3-1 CHAPTER 4–Department of Agriculture

4-1 CHAPTER 5—General Services Administration .......

5-1 CHAPTER 5A-Office of Acquisition Policy, General Services Administration....

5A-1 CHAPTER 6-Department of State


CROSS REFERENCES: Armed Services Procurement Regulations, 32 CFR, Chapter I, Subchapter A.

Army Procurement Procedure, 32 CFR, Chapter V, Subchapter G.

Department of the Navy procurement, property, patents, and contracts, 32 CFR, Chapter VI, Subchapter D.

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