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condition of honest industry. I solemnly declare that I would rather bequeath to my child the honorable inheritance of good principles and a good name, than 6 millions of silver and gold' with an ungoverned spirit, or a corrupted heart. We all know the uncertainty of reputation, and fortune, and power. We farther know that were they even permanent in their own nature, they have not the capacity of conferring virtue or happiness. On the contrary, they have a natural tendency to render the heart presumptuous, to inflame the passions, and to foster crine. Neither can they ward off the stroke of disease, nor the shafts of calamity. In the gloomy hour of dissolution, when the heart sinks, and the spirits sail, and there is no pleasure in life,' they cannot afford one gleam of hope, or one moment of consolation. Under such circumstances, how different is the lot of him, who has been educated with sound principles of piety and morality! With regard to all his true interests, he is entirely independent of the chances and changes of the world; and even in the last solemn hour, the light of a good conscience and the staff of christian hope cheer and sustain his spirit, as he journeys' through the valley of the shadow of death,' to a better country and a Father's home.

In conclusion, christian parents, if you desire that your children should be duly guided by your instructions, show them in all things the sincerity and value of your precepts, by their happy influence upon your own lives and conversation.' Example is the most agreeable and the most powerful instructer. As they learn your language, copy your manners, and acquire your

habits of thinking upon ordinary subjects, so will they become imbued with your christian temper and princi. ples. But, remember, if you walk not worthy of the high vocation wherewith you are called,' your example must be destructive, and you can no longer be objects of affection or respect. Do not force your children to err against nature. No child can love a tyrant, a sensualist, a despiser of religion, or a neglecter of parental duties. Walk in the midst of your families, in the constant exercise of kindness tempered with firmness, of piety without austerity, of holiness adorned by cheerfulness, and you cannot fail, in the virtues and happiness of your children, to reap an abundant harvest of joy and peace.





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Can there any thing good come out of Nazareth ?

Tue hasty. conclusion, implied in this question of Nathaniel, was suggested by his prejudices ; and it proved to be, like most other hasty conclusions, a mistake. The belief that the Messiah would appear, surrounded by all the splendor of a victorious king, was so fixed in the mind of this Jew, that when Philip told him the long-expected one had come in the person of Jesus, the reputed son of Joseph the carpenter, of the despised village of Nazareth, the prejudices of Nathaniel were at once violently shocked. He revolted at a story so new, and, as he hastily thought, so unreasonable and derogatory. The exclamation of astonishment and contempt burst involuntarily from his lips

can there any good thing come out of Nazareth ??

But it should ever be remembered, in justice to this Israelite, and as worthy of all praise and imitation, that he did not allow his prejudices to triumph over his love of truth. He had the candor to go to Nazareth, and see for himself the man, who was said to be the Christ. He saw, he conversed with Jesus. His prepossessions

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