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The Balfour declaration was a pledge made to the Jews in the midst of the war in accord with allied policy, but at the same time pledges were made to the Arabs, which have been kept.

The Hedjaz Kingdom was established in ancient Arabia, with the father of Prince Feisel as King. The French mandate in Syria provides for recognition of the rights of Arab nationality. Mesopotamia, which alone is capable, under the Willcocks irrigation plan, of absorbing 30,000.000 people, also provides for Arab national rights. The homeland of the Arabs is in Arabia. Their centers are Mecca and Medina. They also have flourishing cultural and political centers in Damascus, Bagdad, and Cairo. On the other hand, Palestine has never been an Arab center. There are Mohammedan shrines there, but Christian ones as well, and certainly Jewish ones.


The entire present population of Palestine occupies only 25 per cent of the arable land. The balance is unused. It can be made habitable for 6,000,000. The present population, whether of Jews or Arabs, stands only to profit by the efforts of the Jews of the world to establish a haven of refuge for the dispossessed of the Jewish race. Certainly it will be no injustice toward the present Arab population, whose land and other property and opportunities for business will be greatly enhanced by the new developments projected by the Jewish people.

The value of the land owned by Arabs has increased fivefold during the past three years. Every purchase of land by Jews means adding to the wealth of the Arabs. Every industry established in Palestine means not diminution of Arab wealth but its increase.


The Balfour declaration was written by Lord Milner, advised by Mr. Balfour and by outstanding official representatives of the American Government, and was approved in advance by many others. It was drawn very carefully. Naturally, the Jews who were to be the beneficiary of this document were consulted. Many forinulas were suggested. Not every suggestion was incorporated. It was a process of elimination until the happy formula was found. The declaration assures the Jews the possibility to build a national home in their own land, but clauses which guarantee the civil and political rights of other inhabitants were inserted. The Zionist press discussed in the open the implications of the Balfour declaration, told the story of how the agreement was reached; nothing was concealed. The Jewish nationality may justly lay the claim that it was among the first to practice open diplomacy. The British Government consulted in this matter not only with the Jewish representatives but also with accredited Arabian representatives and with the Arabian nationality; not with the Palestinian Arabians, since they are only a part of the Arabian nationality. In dealing with the representatives of the Arab nationality the Palestine Arabians were also included. It is sheer nonsense to assert that Arabians were not consulted. On the contrary, it was due to this constant consultation with Arabian chieftains and rulers that the Arabian Kingdom was recognized; that Mesopotamia was handed to them as a land, where in addition to Arabia they could develop their national genius.


The Zionist platform was promulgated in 1897. It is the same to-day as it was then. It is no secret. Negotiations with regard to Basle platform were carried on by Theodor Herzl with Turkey, with England, with Italy, and with Germany. It is well known that the Sultan was prepared to sell certain large concessions to the Jewish people, but was prevented by influences that had selfish intentions with regard to Palestine. At that time the Arabs raised no outcry, made no threats, organized no attacks.

The Balfour declaration set the seal of its approval to the aspiration of the Jewish people for a homeland wherein they could establish their culture, maintain their religion without oppression, and practice the arts of peace, and

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sincere effort to establish such rules and formulas for administrative action that will give that assurance to the Jewish people. They have been going slowly. Zionists have contributed a great deal of thought to the problems involved. The right and the just way will be found, but it can only be found if it is conceded that the object is just and fair. The friendly cooperation of the Arabs resident in Palestine can not be expected at this time. They are inspired by excessive chauvinism. They are excited to attacks upon life and property. They would, if given power, prevent Jewish immigration, prevent economic development by Jews. Witness three riots since the Balfour declaration. Witness appeals to the Palestine government to shut off all immigration. Witness objections to purely economic concessions which they are unable to take up principally because these concessions have been offered to Jewish interests. There must be a trustee to act for the Jewish people, to protect the ward, to prevent unfairness and the frustration of the Jewish homeland; and this is covered by the mandate, which is merely another word for trusteeship, offered to the British people,



For the United States Government to approve the doing of a good deed does not mean that it becomes responsible for it. This resolution means for the Jewish people what the Irish resolution meant for the Irish,

It does not mean military or naval appropriation. It does not vote any supplies. It makes a draft, however, upon the idealism of America, its interest and sympathy with oppressed peoples, its longing to see liberty and justice established on earth.

The following are excerpts from official report issued by the Government of Palestine of the riot in Jerusalem which occurred on April 4, 1920; Jaffa, May 1, 2, 3, and 4; Kefr Saba and Ain Hai, May 3; and in Petach Tikvah on May 5, 1921 :

At 9 a. m. on the morning of April 4 the usual band of Hebron pilgrims to the feast of Habi Moussa entered Jerusalem, to the accompaniment of sword brandishing, shouting, and dancing

Several notables, including the Sheikh of Hebron, began to harangue the crowd. The speeches, coupled with a display of the portrait of King Feisel, soon worked up the excited audience to a dangerous pitch of enthusiasm, and suddenly the window of a Jewish shop was shattered and stones commenced to fly. The crowd swept through the Jaffa Gate into the old city, brutally attacking the Jewish passers-by and methodically looting the Jewish shops. The Jewish casualties numbered 170. Significant is the fact that children and aged people together constituted 50 per cent of the injured. It is noteworthy that there were simultaneous attacks in three different Jewish quarters of the old city, and for two hours the infuriated mob was free to wreak their worst on helpless victims, of whom so heavy a toll was taken.

Sinister rumors and blood-curdling threats of massacre continued for the succeeding days to disturb the Jewish population, but as each rumor proved baseless and each alarm was dissipated the feeling of surety returned

JAFFA RIOTS, MAY 1, 2, 3, AND 4, 1921.

The disturbances dealt with in this report began with a riot in Jaffa on Sunday, the 1st of May, 1921, followed by serious acts of violence in the same town on the two succeeding days, and local attacks on Jewish agricultural colonies on the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of that week. To the same group of events belong sporadic anti-Jewish manifestations which occurred in Jaffa during June and as late as July.

There is a large house and courtyard next to the French hospital, which is known as the Immigration House, and is used as a shelter for newly arrived immigrants, who are cared for in that place until work is found for them, under the control of the Zionist Commission, and has been a useful institution. At the time of the raid in this house there were in the building about 100 immigrants, men and women; most of these people were young men. The invaders broke through the doors and looted a part of the interior yard. They broke into the main floor of the main building and into the other buildings; men who sought refuge by running into the street were beaten to death by the crowd. Others were killed inside the courtyard. The invaders came in

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On the 6th of May, 1921, a raid was made from neighboring villages upon Khedera. The lives of the colonists were saved by the arrival of an airplane, but two houses were burned and 14 houses were wholly or partially ransacked. Much cattle is said to have been stolen.

It has been said that what the Arabs really want is loot; that when there is trouble they take advantage

of it to pillage; that this love of pillage is at the bottom of every anti-Jewish | movement.

In this case it is clear that the colonists had done nothing whatsoever to provoke an attack. The armed crowd that proceeded to raid them intended to kill and loot, and it is a pity that they were not firmly handled before they had the opportunity of doing damage. The raiders can not be excused because they believed a preposterous story without examination. There was nothing to prevent them from discovering the truth about the alleged detention of the laborers.

We express no opinion as to the amount of damage. It has been put to us at about £27,000. There is a prima facie case against the villages of Tulkeram and Kakon because armed mobs proceeded from those places to attack the colony. If the inhabitants consider that by being thus singled out they are unjustly victimized, the remedy lies with them; they have only to show what other persons or communities are involved in the same crime and ought to share the same responsibility. In a different degree responsibility lies upon the camp of the Wadi Hawaret Bedouin. Not only was loot found in that camp, but there is other evidence which associates them with the raid.


Petach Tikvah is a large Jewish colony about 7 miles northeast of Jaffa. The Arabs made two attacks on the colony, one from the north and the other from the south. The Jewish casualties, as reported by the medical authorities, was 12 wounded and 4 dead.




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So, on Wednesday morning, the Jews went quietly to their business, and relying on the assurance of the Government, opened their shops. But, in spite of the promises given to the governor of Jerusalem, every Arab shop was shut. In the streets a feeling of general excitement and unrest was manifest. Arabs were moving around conspicuously toying with sticks and clubs. Between 9 and 9.30 about a hundred hooligans and small boys gathered by the Jaffa Gate, and shouting out all manner of anti-Jewish slogans, started to proceed in the direction of the post office. Between 11.30 and 12 the Arab demonstrators tried to penetrate into the Jewish quarters. Five policemen who were on the spot tried to put up some resistance, but some of the Arabs began using firearms. The result of the day's riots was 4 Jews killed, 8 seriously wounded, and 20 slightly wounded.

At 2 o'clock on the same day, the English artist, Mr. Snowman, on leaving his rooms in the Damascus Gate, was stabbed by an Arab while going peacefully through the gate. Near him another Jew was badly wounded by a knife wound in the back. Mr. Zalman Rubin, head of the Ashkanazi Community, was seriously wounded in different parts of the body.


The following are some of the more important interests of American Zionists in Palestine :


The Jewish National Fund, whose aim is to acquire land in Palestine, has contributed toward that end in the past five years more than one-half a million dollars; previous to that, in round figures, about $300,000.


The Palestine Restoration Fund contributed in the past five years $4,900,000.

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