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ESTIMATED Cost OF THE ABOLITION OF PURCHASE SCHEME.-The following Report by two Actuaries has been recently presented to Parliament. It may be useful for future reference, and therefore we print it.

Assuming the proposed Act for Abolishing Purchase in the Army to operate at its greatest probable cost and therefore at its maximum rapidity), which assumption is equivalent to saying that officers are eager to sell out to as large a number as the Act permits, viz., the greatest number who have sold in each rank during either of the last five years : Maximum number to sell

Household Cavalry Foot Infantry & Rank.

Cavalry. of Line. Guards Colonial Corps Lieutenant-Colonel . . . . . 4 . . - . Major . . . . . . . . . . Captain . . . . . . .


. . Lieutenant . . . . . 5 ... 27 ... 9... 141

Cornet and Ensign . . 4 ... 20 ... 6 ... 58 Assuming also that the prices to be paid for Commissions be the average amounts shown by Mr. Hammersly in his evidence before the Royal Commission on overregulation payments, viz. :


Cavalry. Foot Guards. Infantry.
Lieutenant-Colonel . £13,250 £12,150* . £8,500
Major . .

9,450 Captain . .


2.500 Lieutenant


800 Cornet and Ensign . 1,240

450 . 1,200

450 Assuming also that on retiring to full pay, or to permanent half pay, an officer shall receive the difference between the customary and the regulation prices of his Commission :

We find that the sums to be paid for extinguishing effective commissions, having a saleable value, will be at the maximum :- For the year 1871-72, £1,160,058 ; 1872, £1,017,501; 1873, €874,609; 1874, £763,782; 1875, £637,974; 1876, £608,214; 1877, £511,875: 1878, £393 732; 1879, €346,327; 1880, £305,422 ; 1881, £276,357; 1882, £252,015; 1883, £213,550; 1884, £159,918; 1885, £102.385; 1886, £55,900; 1887, £52,290, 1888, £18,210; 1889, £37,500; 1890, £34,140; 1891, £21,440; 1892, £21,270; 1893, £20,420; 1894, 219,400; 1895, £10,760; making a total sum of £7,995,067, made up as follows :--Household Cavalry, £263,863; Cavalry of Line, £1,714,569; Foot Guards, £791,650; Infantry and Colonial Corps, £5,224,985.

As regards the purchase of permanent half-pay commissions, we have assumed the sales as the maximum in each rank for each of the last five years, viz. :-6 lieutenant-colonels, 7 majors, and 3 captains; and the price we have taken as the difference between the regulation price of the commission and the sum the Commutation Board would give for the half-pay surrendered. On this basis, the cost up to 1895-96 would probably be £534,230.

The above is the proper maximum expenditure involved; and by way of probable minimum, we have assumed that the officers who in future will sell, will only bear to the officers able to sell the ratio they have borne during the last ten years. The cost, on this second hypothesis, for the year 1871-2 would be £857,756, and the total ultimate cost £7,578,646 (including purchase of half-pay commissions.) The Purchase System would not he entirely abolished until 1906-7. The true cost would, we imagine, lie between these extremes.-(Signed), DENAAM ROBINSON, ROBERT R. P. DAVEY. War Office, February, 1871.

[Note.- The arrangement that a limited number of commissions may be bought from the temporary half-pay list will not cause an increase of charge over the foregoing amounts, inasmuch as the proposal in the schedule of the Bill reduces equally the number allowed to sell from full pay.-D. R., R. D.]

* In these rates is included a proportion for the difference between Cavalry and Infantry prices existing before 1861.


Colonel John Edward Orange, on half pay. 34th Foot, and Staff Officer of Pensioners, died on Feb. 24, at Halifax, Yorkshire, aged 65. He entered the service, April, 1825; became Lieut., Oct., 1827; Capt., Dec., 1833; Major, Nov., 1846; Lieut. Col., June 1854; Col., Dec , 1858; and appointed Staff Officer of Pensioners, Feb., 1814. He served in the Burmese war in 1825, and had the Indian war medal for Ava.

Major Mark William Carr, of the Madras Staff Corps, and Assistant Inspector General of Madras Police, was drowned on Jan. 16, off Rutna. gherry, from the steamship General Outram. He entered the service, Feb., 1850; became Lieut., Feb., 1854; Capt., Aug., 1861; and Major, Feb., 1870.

Captain Stephen Croft, late of the 68th Foot, died on Feb. 28, at Stillington Hall, Yorkshire, aged 43.,

Commander Henry Coode (Retired List P) died on the 9th of March at 24 Hugh Street, Pimlico, aged 73. He entered the Navy, Aug. 17, 1812, as 1st-class volunteer, on board the Cornwall, and, until the conclusion of the war, was employed in that ship, and as Midshipman, in the Inconstant, in blockading Flushing, the Texel, and Brest, and in protecting the trade on the coast of Brazil. He afterwards served on the West India, Home, and Mediterranean stations, part of the time as Admiralty Mate (he passed his examination, June 2, 1819), in the Antelope, Brisk, Pyramus, and Spartiate. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Aug. 26, 1829, in the Mosquito on the Mediterranean station; he returned home, and was paid off at the close of 1830; and for a short time in 1835-6 he was employed in the Rodney, and as Ist Lieutenant in the Nimrod. He was placed on the Reserved List in July, 1851, and attained his late rank in 1865.

Assistant-Surgeon James Sarsfield Barry, 1854, of H.M.S. Teazer, died of consumption at the Military Hospital, Bombay, on Feb. 2, aged 37 years.

Captain St. George Lowther, late of the 69th Foot, died on March 10, at Redland, near Clifton.

Captain John Janson Howard, late of the 2nd Warwick Militia, died March 11, at Whilhethood Park, Shirley, Southampton, aged 40.

Captain Alexander Brodie Melville, of the Bengal Staff Corps, died on March 2, at Mymensing, Bengal. He entered the service, Dec., 1852; became Lieut., Aug., 1856 ; and Capt., Dec., 1864.

Deputy Inspector of Hospitals and Fleets John Sloan, M.D. (Retired List), died on Feb. 19, at Mount Edgecumbe Terrace, Stoke, Devonport, aged 62.

Commander Thomas C. Ponsonby (Retired List), died on Feb. 26, at Southampton.

Commander John Cornish (Retired List), died at Fowey on Feb. 24, aged 74 years.


(Corrected to March 27.)
With the Dates of Commission of the officers in Command.
Aboukir, 86, SC., Comdre. R. W. Charybdis, 18, sc., Capt. A. M. L.
Courtenay, 1859, Jamaica

Lyons, 1862, Pacific, ordered home
Achilles, 20i, Capt. R. V. Hamilton, Cherub, 2, Lieut.-Com. N. S. Digby,
1862, Portland

1861, North America and West
Agincourt, 28, Capt. H. H. Beamish,

1864, Rear Admiral R. P. E. Wil. Clio, 18, Commodore. F. H. Stirling,
mot, C.B. Channel Squadron

1860, Australia
Algerine, 3, Lieut.-commander Grey, Clyde, 16, Com. Hon. H. Cherwydd,

1862, Aberdeen
Antelope. 2, Lieut.-Com. Charles S. P. Cockatrice, 2, sc., Com. J. F. Prowse,
Woodruffe, 1860, Malta

1866, Mediterranean
Asia, Capt. Edward B. Rice, 1855, Cockchafer, 2, 8C., gunboat, Lieut.

Flag of Rear-Adl. Loring, C.B., Com. S. S. Sunith, 1861, China

Guard Ship of Reserve, Portsmouth Columbine, 3, Com. J. C. Tucker, 1866,
Audacious, 14, Capt. D. Spain, 1862, East Indies

Cossack, 16, Capt. John E. Parish,
Avon, 4, Com. R. E. Tracey, 1864, China 1863, East Indies
Barrosa, 17, Capt. L. J. Moore, 1863, Cracker, 2, Com. R. P. Dennistoun,

1865, Brazils
Basilisk, 6, pad, Capt. J. Moresby, 1864, Crocodile, 2, Capt. G. H. Parkin, 1866,

Indian Troop Service
Beacon, 4, double sc, Com. T. S.

Curlew, 3, —
Gooch, 1864, Brazils

Dædalus 16 Com. E. T. Parsons, 1866,
Black Prince, 28, Capt. A. C. Gordon, Naval Reserve Drill ship, Bristol
1858, Greenock

Danae, 6, sc., Capt. W. Graham, 1863,
Blanche, ti, sc., Capt. J. E. Montgomerie N. America and W. Indies
1962, Australia

Dasher. 2, st. ves., Com. W. F. Johnson,
Boscawen, 20, Com J. Grant, 1866, 1865, Channel Islands
Training Ship, Portland

Dee, 1, G. A. Waters, 1863,
Boxer, 4, Lieut.-com. F. W. Egerton, Channel Service
1859, Pacific

Defence, 16, Capt. N. Salmon, 1869,
Brilliant, 16. Com. W. H. Pym, 1861,

Naval keserve Drill Ship, Dundee, Dove, 2, Lieut J. G. Jones, 1865, China
Bristol, 31, Capt, the Hon. Walter C.

Druid, 10, — - Sheerness
Carpenter, 1866, Portsmouth Dryad, 4, Com. G. Parsons, 1863,
Britannia, 8, Cadet Training Ship.

Capt. J. Corbett, 1857, Dartmouth Duke of Wellington, 49, Capt. G. Han-
Britomart, 2, Lieut.-Com. Basil E. Coch cock, 1855, Admiral Sir J. Hope,

rane, 1860, N. America and W.Indie G.C.B., Portsmouth
Bullfinch, 3, Com. E. F. Lodder, 1863, Durham, 20, Com. W. A. Cambier,
East Indies

1865, Sunderland
Buzzard, 2, pad., Staff Com. A. Brown, Dwarf, sc., Com. C. F. Walker, China
1867, Channel Service

Eagle, 50, Com. Guy 0. Twiss, 1866
Cadmus. 16, Capt. W. H. Whyte, 1864 Naval Reserve Drill Ship, Liverpl.
Flying Squadron

Eclipse, 6, Capt. A. H. Hoskins, 1863,
Caledonia. 30, Capt. T. Cochran, 1857, North America and West Indies

Egmont, receiving ship, Capt. W. A. R.
Cambridge, gunnery ship, Capt. Hon. Pearse, 1862, Rio de Janeiro

F. A. C. Foley, 1860, Devonport Elk. 4, Com. A.G. Wootton, 1864, China
Cameleon, 7, sc., Com. J. H. Hatchard, Enchantress, 1, st. Admiralty Yacht,
1864, Pacific

Staff-com. Kerr, Portsmouth
Castor, 18, Commander W. A. Smyth, Enterprise, 4, Com. G D. Morant,
1863, Drill Ship, North Snields

1866, Mediterranean
Chanticleer, 7, sc. Com. W. W. Bridges Euphrates, 2, Capt C. T Curme, 1864,

Troop service. India

Bxcellent, gunnery ship, Capt. H.

Boys, 1857, Portsmouth Fawn, i5, Com. H. P. Knevitt, 1866,

Pacific Firm, 2, Hext, 1865, China Fisgard, 42, Staff Com. F. Inglis, 1867,

Woolwich Flora, 10, Com. E. F. Kerby, 1864,

Ascension Fly, 4, Com. T. T. Phillips 1864,

N. America and W. Indies Forte, 24, Capt. H. Fairfax, Rear-Admrl.

J. H. Cockburn, 1868, East

Indies Fox, 2, sc. store ship, Staff-commander

Allard, 1866, store service Galatea, 26, Sc., Capt. H.R.H. The

Duke of Edinburgh, K.G., 1865,

ordered home Ganges, training ship, Com. A. R.

Tinklar, 1867, Plymouth Gladiator, 6, Capt. N. B. Bedingfield,

1862, Cape of Good Hope, S. E.

Coast of America. Grasshopper 2, Lieut.-com. H. L. Ryder,

1867, China Growler, 4, Com. E. H. Verney, 1866,

West Coast of Africa Hart, 4, Commander G. Borlase, 1865,

West Coast of Africa Hector, 20, Capt. A. F. R. De Horsey,

1857, Southampton Helicon, Commander Henry E. Crozier.

1864, special service Hercules, 12, Capt. Lord Gilford, 1859,

Channel Squadron Hibernia, receiving ship, Com. E. D.

P. Downes, 1864, Rear Adm. A,

C. Key, CB., Malta Himalaya, troop ship, Capt. E. Madden,

1865, Devonport Hornet, 4, Com. D. G. Davidson 1863,

Icarus, 3, Com. Lord C. T Scott, 1865,

China (ordered home)
Immortalité, 28, Capt. F. Sullivan,

C.B., 1863, Flying Squadron Implacable, 24, Com. A. H. Kennedy,

1866, Training Ship, Devonpert Impregnable, 78, Capt. w. G. Jones,

1863, Training Ship, Devonport Inconstant, 16, Capt. C. L. Waddilove,

1862, Channel Squadron Indus, Capt. C. Fellowes, 1858, Rear

Adml. Stewart, C.B., Devonport Industry, 3, sc. Staff-Com. R. Cleveland,

1867, (ordered home)
Invincible, 14, Capt. C. W. Hope, 1861,

Iron Duke, 14, sc., Capt. E. H. Lam.

bert, 1861, trial cruizing

Jackal, 4, st. ves., Lieut.-com. J.

Bruce, 1859, Coast of Scotland Jaseur, 5, Com. C. F. Hotham, 1865,

Mediterranean Jumna, 2, Capt. P. W. Richards, 1866,

East Indies Juno, 6, Capt. J. K. E. Baird, 1864,

China Lapwing. 3, Com. C. G. F. Knowles,

1865, North America and West

Indies Lee, 5, Com. C. S. Fitton, 1866, Medi.

terranean Leven, 3, A. W. Whish,

1864, China Lord Warden, sc., 20, Capt. T. Brand.

reth, 1863, Vice-Adm. Sir Hastings

R. Yelverton, C.B., Mediterranean Lynx, 4, Com. J. S. Keats, 1866,

East India station Magpie, 3, gunboat, Com. P. Doughty,

1866, East Indies Malabar, 3, Capt. S. Douglas, 1865,

India Troop Service Manilla, sc., Nav. Lieut.-com. Johnston,

1856, Yokohama Medusa, 2,, Polkinghorne,

1864, Channel service Megæra, Capt. A. T. Thrupp, Australia Mersey, 36, sc., Capt. A. H. Gardner

1856, Rear-Admiral A. Forbes,

1864, Queenstown Midge, 4, Com. C. C. Rising, 1865, China Minstrel, 1, Lieut.-Com. H. Yeatman,

1861, N. America and W. Indies Minotaur, 34, Capt. R Wells, 1866,

Vice-Adm. G. C. Wellesley, C.B.,

Channel Squadron Monarch, 7, Capt. C. M. Aynsley,

1862, Channel Squadron Myrmidon, 4. Com. H. L. Holder, 1864,

North America and West Indies Nankin, 50, Capt. R. Hall, C.B., 1858,

Pembroke Dock Narcissus, 35, screw, Capt. W. Codring

rington, 1869, Rear Adm. F. B. P.

Seymour, C.B., Flying Squadron Nassau, 5, Com. W. Chimmo, 1864,

China Nereus, 6, store depot, Staff-com

Dillon, 1867, Valparaiso Newport, 5, Capt. G. S. Nares, 1862,

Red Sea Nimble, 5, Com. W. F. Lee, 1865,

passage to East Indies Niobe, 4, Com. R. G. S. Pasley, 1864,

North America and West Indies Northumberland, 26, 8c., Capt. C.

H. May, 1859, Channel Squadron Nymphe, 4, Com. R. Adams, 1866,

East Indies

U. S. Mag. No. 509, April, 1871.


Ocean, 24, screw, Capt. Hewett, V.C.,

1862, Vice-Adm. Sir H. Kellett,

K.C.B., 1868, China
Opossum, i, Lieut. J. Hope, 1864,

Orontes, 2, Capt. J. L. Perry, 1865,

troop service
Orwell, 2, Lieut.-Com. H. J. Price,

Coast of Ireland
Pandora, 5, sc., Com. J. Burgess, 1863,

Pembroke, 25, sc. Captain J. C. Wil-

son, Vice-Admiral C. G. J. B. Elliot,

C.B., Sheerness
Penelope, 10, Capt. M. Conolly, 1858,

Pert, 4, Com. C. G. Jones, 1865, West

Coast of Africa
Philomel, 3, twin screw, Com. D. Walker,

1862, America and West Indies
Pigeon, 2, R. L. Turton,

1860, Mediterranean
Pigmy, 3, st. ves. W.

Drysdale, 1867, Portsmouth
Pioneer, i, Lieut.-Com, A. F. Grant,

1868, Cape of Good Hope
Plover, 3, Com. J. A. Poland, 1863,

North N. America and West Indies
President, 16, Com. J. B. Scott, 1861,

Naval Reserve Drill Ship, City

Prince Consort, 24, Captain J. D.

McCrea, Mediterranean
Princess Charlotte, 12, Comdre. F. H

Shortt, 1858, Receiving Ship, Hong

Pylages, 17, Captain Cecil W. Buckley,

V.C., 1862, North America and

West Indies
Racoon, 22, sc., Capt. E. H. Howard,

1864, North America and West

Rattlesnake, 19, Commodore. W. M.

Dowell, C.B., 1858, W. C. of Africa
Rapid, 3, Com. Hon. F. L. Wood,

1866, Mediterranean
Repulse, 12, Capt. W. R. Rolland, 1857,

Queensferry, N. B.
Resistance, 16, Capt. W. H. Haswell,

1858, Rockferry
Rinaldo, 7, Com. George Robinson,

1865, China
Ringdove, 3, Com. T. M. Maquay,

1863, Pacific, ordered to China
Rocket, 4, Com. A. R. Wright, 1864,

West Coast of Africa
Rosario, 3, sc., Com. H. J. Challis,

1865, Australia
Royal Adelaide, 26, Capt. T. P. Coode,

1862, Adml. Sir H. J. Codrington,
K.C.B., Devonport

Royal Alfred, 18, sc., Capt. Henry F.

Nicholson, 1869, Vice-Admiral E.
Fanshawe, K.C.B., North America

and West Indies
Royalisi, 11, Com. R. S. Bateman,

1865, N. America and West Indies
Royal Oak, 24, sc. Capt. Leveson E. H.

Somerset, 1854, Mediterranean
Salamis, 2, st, ves. Lieut.-Com. H. Dol-

phin, 1861, China
Scorpion, 4, Captain - Bermuda
Scout, Capt R, P. Cator, 1871, passage

to Pacific
Scylla, 21, Capt. F. A. Herbert, 1864,

Serapis, 2, Capt. H. D. Grant, 1864,

Indian troop service.
Seringapatam, Lt.-com. H. Packe, 1856,

Receiving Ship, Cape of Good Hope
Sirius, 6, Capt. David Miller, 1863,

West Coast of Africa
Sparrowhawk, 4, Com. H. W. Mist,

1863, Pacific
Speedwell, sc., 5, Com. J. P. Jones.

Parry, Brazils
Sphinx, 6, Capt., H. B. Phillimore,

C.B., 1864, N. America and W.

Starling, 2, Lieut.-com. Bradshaw, 1856,

St. Vincent, 26, Training Ship, Com. R.

H. M. Molyneux, 1865, Portsmouth
Supply, 5, Staff com. Arguembau, 1867,

passage to W. C. of Africa
Sylvia, 5, Com. H. C. St. John, 1866,

Tamar, 2, Capt. H. D. Hickley, 1864,

Troop Service
Teazer, 4, Com. R. M. Bloomfield, 1866

East Indies
Terror, 16, sc. Capt. E. D'O. D'A.

A plin, 1861, Bermuda
Thalia, 6, Com. J. E. Commerell, C.B.,

Cape of Good Hope, ordered home
Thistle,4, Com. H. K. Leet 1866, China
Torch, 5, sc., Com. Louis Geneste, 1866,

passage to W. C. of Africa
Trafalgar, 60, Capt. T. B. Lethbridge,

1863, special service
Trincomalee, 16, Com. E. White, 1866,

Naval Reserve, West Hartlepool,
Valiant, 24, Capt. Arthur Wilmshurst,

1861, River Shannon
Valorous, 12, Captain E. Hardinge,

1863, Devonport
Vestal, 4, sc., Com. J. E. Hunter, 1863,

North America and West Indies
Victoria and Albert, steam yacht, Capt.

H.S.H Prince Leiningen, K.C.B.,

1860, Portsinouth
Virago, 6, pad., Com.

1864, passage home

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