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Surgeon Thomas John Peatfield, William Beresford, 107th Regi. from the Royal Artillery, to be ment; Dec. 29, 1865. Lieutenant staff assist. Surg., vice Donald James Aloysius Miley, 12th Regi. McEwen, M.B., appointed to the ment; May 20, 1869. Ensign Royal Artillery ; Dec. 14.

Robert Nicholls Harrington, 104th Half Pay-Major and Brevet Foot; June 26, 1869. Ensign Lieut. Col. Thomas S. Brown, Edward Baynes Nixon, 1st Foot; from 55th Foot, to be lieut. col., July 16, 1869. Ensign William without purchase, April 1.

James Alexander Birch, 58th BREVET.

Regiment; Aug. 16, 1869. The commission of Major Gen. Thomas Beckett Fielding Marriott, MADRAS STAFF CORPS. Royal Artillery, to be antedated To be capts.--Capt. St. George to March 6, 1868, such antedate Caulfield, 108th Regiment; July not to carry back pay prior to 30, 1862. Capt. Thomas Henry Oct. 24, 1870.

Way, 108th Regiment; July 30, The commission of Major Gen. 1862. Captain William Shapter Henry Drury Harness, C.B., Hunt, 19th Regiment; Nov. 17, Royal Engineers, to be antedated 1863. to March 6, 1868, such antedate To be lieut.-Lieut. John Mcnot to carry back pay prior to Nov. Mullin, 102nd Regiment; Oct. 8, 23, 1870.

1861. Lieut. Thomas Morris JenBrevet Colonel Edward Stop- kins, 19th Regiment; June 19, ford Claremont, C.B., to have the 1869. Note.—The admission of local rank of major general Lieut. (now Captain) McMullin while holding the appointment of should have been previously Military Attaché at Paris; Dec. 14. gazetted.

Brevet Charles Pynder Beauchamp Walker, C.B., Lieut. Col., BOMBAY STAFF CORPS. half pay, late 2nd Dragoon Guards, To be capt.-Lieut. Josiah Rowto have the local rank of major ley Watson, 108th Regiment; Nov. general while holding the appointe 7, 1862. Lieut. Wilhelm Lock. ment of Military Attaché at Berlin; bardt, 102nd Regiment; July 30, Dec 14.

1862. Lieut. Col. Henry Adair. Royal Marine Artillery, having com- THE MILITIA GAZETTE. pleted the qualifying service with WAR OFFICE, Pall Mall, Dec. 13. the rank of Lieut. Col., to be col., COMMISSIONS SIGNED BY LORDS under the provisions of her Ma

LIEUTENANT. jesty's Order in Council of Nov. Hertfordshire Regiment of Mi. 13, 1858; Nov. 28.

litia-Capt. James John Gape to Quartermaster John Nally, re- be major; Dec. 13. tired upon half pay, late 84th Foot,

MEMORANDUM. to have the honorary rank of Her Majesty has been graciously capt.; Dec. 14.

pleased to accept the resignation Apothecary John Hart, of the of the commission held by Capt. Subordinate Medical Department Thomas Henry Clinton in the 1st in Bengal to have the local and Regiment of the Duke of Lanbonorary rank of assist. surg. in caster's Own Militia ; Nov. 29. India ; Dec. 15.

Her Majesty has been graciously

pleased to approve of Major John India OFFICE, Dec. 15. Hickinbotham Chatham, of the Her Majesty has been plased to 6th Regiment of Royal Lancashire approve of the following admis- Militia, being granted the honorary sions to the Staff Corps made by rank of lieut. col.; Nov. 30. the Governments in India :

5th Regiment of Royal Lan

cashire Militia-John H. ThursBENGAL STAFF CORPS. by, Esq., to be lieut. col., vice To be lieuts. --Lieut. George John Towneley, resigned; Nov. 23.

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Drummond Hay to be hon. col.; Nov. 21.

Edinburgh or Queen's Regiment of Light Infantry Militia-Lieut. Sir James Liston Foulis, Bart., to be capt., vice Boyd, resigned; Nov. 29.

Forfar and Kincardine Militia Artillery-Lieut. Col. David Laird to be hon. col.; Dec. 7.

Royal Sherwood Foresters or Nottinghamshire Regiment of Militia-Harvey Charles Tryon, gent., late 48th Foot, to be lieut. ; Oct. 6.

MEMORANDA. Her Majesty has been pleased to approve of Lieut. Col. Sir Edmund Henry Knowles Lacon, Bart., of the East Norfolk Militia, being granted a step of honorary rank.

Her Majesty has been pleased to approve of Lieut, Col. William A. St. Clair, of the Artillery Battalion of the Royal Sussex Militia, being granted the honorary rank of colonel; Dec. 9. THE VOLUNTEER GAZETTE. WAR OFPICE, PALL MALL, Dec. 13. COMMISSIONS SIGNED BY LORDS

LIEUTENANT 28th Middlesex Rifle Volonteer Corps-Thomas Tully to be ens.; Nov. 30.

48th Middlesex Rifle Volunteer Cops-George Hurlstone Hardy to be ens.; Nov. 30.

8th Lancashire Artillery Volun. teer Corps---First. Lieut. George Gresham Belchor to be capt., vice Bartlett, resigned ; Nov. 18.

1st Lancashire Engineer Volunteer Corps—Major Christopher Obec Ellison to be lieut. col.; Nov. 14.

5th Lancashire Rifle Volunteer Corps-Ens. Edward Samuel Seddon to be lieut. ; Nov. 18. Charles Barker, gent., to be ens.; Nov. 18. William Henry Davidson, gent., to be ens., Nov. 18. David Roberts McCallum, gent., to be ens.; Nov. 18. William Dwerry. bouse, gent., to be ens., Nov. 21.

40th Lancasbire Rifle Volunteer Cops - John Inskipp Hawkins, gent., to be ens. ; Nov. 10. Alfred Hillkirk, gent., to be ens.; Nov.


LIEUTENANT. North Devon Yeomanry Cavalry -Lieut. John Philip Sydenham Marshall to be capt., vice Ley, deceased ; Nov. 3. Cornet the Hon. Walter Rodolph Trefusis to be lieut., vice Marshall, promoted; Nov. 3. William Matthias Lan caster, gent.. to be cornet, vice Hodge, promoted ; Aug. 1.

Cambridgeshire Militia-W. E. Frost, gent., to be lieut.; Dec. 9. W. H. Bullock, gent., to be lieut. ; Dec. 10.

Royal Cornwall and Devon Miners' Artillery Militia-Lieut. Thomas Roxburgh Polwhele to be capt., vice Clark, resigned; Dec.


1st Derbyshire Militia--Stuart Le Blanc Smith, gent., to be lieut., vice Meynell, resigned ; Dec. 14.

Royal Perthshire Rifle Regiment of Militia--Lient. Col. H. M.

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19. John Shaw, gent., to be hon lieut., vice Stephens. promoted ; quartermaster; Nov. 11.

Nov. 29. Ens. John Joseph Mat1st Aberdeenshire Rifle Volun. thews to be lieut.; Nov, 29. Henry teer Corps-Lieut. Harvey Hall John Hisset, gent., to be ens., to be capt., vice Bower, resigned; vice T. R. Pearse, promoted ; Nov. Dec. 5.

29. Jonadab Rodda, gent., to be Prince Albert's Own Leicester. ens., vice H. S. Pearse, promoted ; shire Regiment of Volunteer Ca Nov. 29. David Browne, gent., valry - Cornet Thomas Charles to be ens., vice Matthews, proDouglas Whitmore to be super- moted ; Nov. 29. William James numerary captain, vice Brooke, Penn, gent., to be ens. ; Nov. 29. resigned: Dec. 5. Alexander B. The Rev. Charles Thomas Wilkin. Churchill Dixie, gent., to be son, M.A., to be hon. chap.; Dec. supernumerary cornet, vice Whit- 7. more, promoted; Dec. 5.

l1th Devonshire Rifle Volun. lst Surrey Artillery Volunteer teer Corps-Edward Nason, gent., Corps — Vincent Ambler, Esq., to be hon. assist. surg., vice Ed. M.D., to be surg., vice W. P. I. wards, resigned; Nov. 4. Llewellyn, resigned; Nov. 30.

16th Devonshire Rifle Volun. 10th Surrey Rifle Volunteer teer Corps-Ens. Thomas Waldo Corps-James Wallace, gent., to How to be lieut., vice Bayley, rebe ens.; Dec. 3.

signed; Nov. 14. Richard Ed. 23rd Surrey Rifle Volunteer ward Holmes, gent., to be ens., Corps — Ens. Thomas Bissell to vice How, promoted; Nov. 30. be lieut. ; Dec. 3.

5th Bucks Rifle Volunteer Corps 12th Ayrshire Rifle Volunteer - William 0. Thompson, clerk, to Corps-David Lawson Scott, gent., be hon. chap., vice Simpson, reto be ens., vice Muir, promoted; signed ; Dec. 2. Nov. 12.

1st Middlesex Artillery Volun.

teer Corps-Frederick Lark, gent., WAR OFFICE, Pall Mall, Dec. 16. to be sec. lieut. ; Dec. 5. QUEEN'S COMMISSION.

22nd Middlesex Rifle Volunteer 2nd Administrative Battalion of Corps-Ens. Joseph Nash to be Glamorganshire Rifle Volunteers lieut., vice Shipway, promoted; -Frederick W. S. Webber, late Nov. 25. Capt. 45th Foot, to be adjt., from 48th Middlesex Rifle Volunteer Oct. 27.

Corps — Frederick Serle, gent., 8th Lancashire Rifle Volunteer to be ensign; Dec. 9. Thomas Corps-James Edmund Christie, Hamilton Fox, gent., to be ens.; Esq., to be adjt., from Oct. 5. Dec. 9.

1st Warwickshire Rifle Volun- 1st Newcastle-upon-Tyne Rifle teer Corps-Walter John Tarte, Volunteer Corps-Charles George Major, half pay, late Adjt. 3rd Dunford, gent., to be ens.; Dec. 2. Depot Battalion, to be adjt., from 3rd Northumberland Artillery Nov. 1, vice McInnis, resigned. Volunteer Corps — Lieut. John COMMISSIONS SIGNED BY LORDS B. Hutton to be capt.; Dec. 2. LIEUTENANT.

1st Administrative Brigade of 2nd Devonshire Rifle Volunteer Hampshire Artillery VolunteersCorps—Major John Elliott to be Maj. Henry Duncan Preston Cun. lieut. col.; Nov. 29. Captain ningham to be maj. ; Dec. 13. Mortimer Jobn Collier to be maj., 1st Lanarkshire Engineer Vovice Elliott, promoted; Nov. 29. lunteer Corps-Sec. Lieut. John Lieut. George Browse to be capt., Albert Black to be first lieut. ; vice Collier, promoted; Nov. 29. Dec. 6. Sec. Lieut. Robert StevenLieut. John Stevens to be capt.; son Symington to be first lieut. ; Nov. 29. Ens. Tbomas Richard Dec. 7. Sec. Lieut. John McQueen Thomas Pearse to be lieut., vice Barr to be first lieut.; Dec. 8. Browse, promoted; Nov. 29. Ens. Sec. Lieut. Robert Whitson to be Henry Hiram Steere Pearse to be first lieut.; Dec. 9.

William Henry McClure, gent., to be sec. lieut.; Dec. 6.

1st Lancashire Rifle Volunteer Corps-Ens. Robert Bishop to be lieut., vice D. Greig, resigned; Nov. 10. George Macdonald Play. fair, gent., to be ens., vice Bishop, promoted ; Nov. 10. Patrick Condra, gent., to be honorary quartermaster; Nov. 23. James Provan, M.D., to be hon. assist. surg.; Oct 28.

3rd Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteer Corps-Charles Macquarrie, gent, to be lieut., vice Wilson, promoted; Nov. 7. Alexander Reid Farm, gent., to be ens., vice Barr, resigned; Dec. 3.

4tb Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteer

Corps-Lieut. James Ritchie to be captain; Nov. 5. Ens. William John Wingate to be lieut.; Nov. 7. Ens. Warden Robertson Marwell to be lieut. ; Nov. 26. Henry John Sillars Dubs, gent., to be ens.; Nov. 8. Charles Ralph Dubs, gent., to be ens.; Nov. 8. Alexander Allan, gent., to be ens.; Nov. 9.

105th Lanarkshire Rifle Volun. teer Corps-Daniel Rippon Kil. patrick, gent., to be ens.; Dec.

3rd Royal Surrey Militia-Matthew Howitt, gent., to be lieut.; December 5. Charles Herbert Curtis, gent., to be lieut.; Dec. 5.




The collapse of the French Empire has been attributed among other things to a baueful system of centralization, which monopolized the monetary transactions of the Army, and, through long years of bribery and corruption, of chicanery and peculation, enriched the satellites of the Imperial Court at the expense of a credulous and defrauded Bourgeoisie. Not but that one man keenly foresaw the impending ruin, and endeavoured to remedy the defects of an administration rotten at the core.

Even at the risk of succession to his throne, the Emperor determined to re-organise the Services, while in the sustentation of a showy soldiery—a soldiery that after all achieved such glorious victorious as Magenta and Solferino—there cannot be a doubt but that success attended his efforts. In one branch of administration, however, he found himself hampered and hindered. The inevitable Cerberus of red-tape stood in his way, keeping watch and ward over the money-chest, and however willing, he was unable to alter the system of centralization in the matter of his Intendance Militaire which he now confesses to the world was a huge deception and a melancholy failure.

It may not, therefore, be out of place to consider at the outset the scheme of formation of a Department destined, in the present war, to undertake a task of such vast proportions as mustering the troops, checking the accounts of regiments, issuing treasury bills, supplying provisions, clothing, forage and fuel, securing means of transport for men, food, and ammunition, regulating the issue of camp equipage and arms to troops, as well as taking charge of all matériel of war, organising and supervising temporary hospitals, and carrying out provost duties in the field.

The leading features of the Intendance may be briefly described as follows, preinising that it owes its origin to an order of Marshal St. Cyr so far back as 1817:- A military character was from the beginning assigned to it by the pensioning of officers formerly belonging to the Corps of inspectors of inusters and war commissariat—which merged in the Intendance—and it was thenceforth, in its consolidated form, exclusively officered from the higher ranks of the Army. By these means it was hoped that an harmonious understanding would prevail among the officers in carrying out the administrative functions of the Department, and an esprit de corps be established sufficient to withstand the effects of public criticism and ensure Governmental approval.

As at present constituted, no one is eligible for employment in the Intendance Militaire until he attains the rank of captain, when

U. S. Mag. No. 507, FEB., 1871.


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