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| ledge of the truth. He also commented, in On Tuesday, Nov. 11, the friends here very encouraging terms, on the peculiar held a social tea party, at seven o'clock in adaptation of the Baptist Tract Society to

meet the the evening, to take farewell of brother

prevailing errors of the times, and I. Hendrie, who has now

removed from his spoke of instances of the usefulness of our sphere of labour here to Glasgow. All pre observation.

tracts, which had come under his own sent seemed as if they were sustaining a deep loss by his departure. After several of brother who has been induced to take the

The report was then read by a dear the brethren had spoken, brother H. gave a vacant office of secretary, and whose usefulparting address, in which he briefly noticed the providential circumstances which first bess, we trust, in connection with it, will be brought him amongst us, and then showed and liberality with which it is supported, and

greatly prolonged. In respect of the zeal that the time appeared to have come when the extent to which it has been blessed, the the same overruling Providence required Brighton Auxiliary is quite a pattern. May him to remove.

the good Lord bless it yet more abundantly. We are left now, as a church, dependent upon our own resources, humanly speaking, brethren Betts, of Romney-street; Wall, of

The meeting was further addressed by for edification and instruction, yet we trust Hailsham; Baldock, of that, by the divine blessing, we shall be en- of Eagle-street; Sedgwick, of Brighton ;

-; Overbury, abled to maintain a testimony for the truth and brother Thatcher. We regret we canin this quarter. Besides the baptism re- not find room this month for a larger account corded last month, we had another a fort of the

operations of this interesting Auxiliary. night after,--an aged man who surmounted some opposition, even in his own family, to follow the Lord fully.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday,

Dec. 16, at Romney-street Chapel, WestMISSION MEETING, ASTLEY BRIDGE.

minster. Public tea at five o'clock. Subject On Thursday evening, Oct. 30, a most for conference, “ The existing forms of interesting meeting was held at Astley church government.”. Sermon by brother Bridge. Brethren Holt, Leach, Maiden, J. H. Blake, of Trinity-street, on “ The Dawson, and Harvey, took part in the even faith of God's elect.” ing's engagements. The amount of subscriptions and collection was above £10. Those who best know the place and people will be able to appreciate their liberality, for

Mr. Cartwright

1 0 0 we can bear them witness that they most

Mr. Knight

1 0 0 nobly contributed. We wish that when

Mr. Read, Brighton

0 10 0 some of our brethren visit England, who are connected with mission service, they would call at Astley Bridge, for the benefit of such visitations would be mutual. The proceeds of the contributions will be divided between On Wednesday evening, Oct, 20, three the home and foreign claims of the Strict persons were baptized in the Baptist meetSociety. This is one of a series of meetings ing-house, Lower Abbey-street, Dublin, by held in connection with the Northern Branch. the pastor, Mr. Milligan, after a profession

of repentance towards God, and faith in our

Lord Jesus Christ. The persons immersed BAPTIST TRACT SOCIETY.

are expected to join the church, and are The Annual Meeting of the Brighton likely to become active and useful members. Auxiliary to the Baptist Tract Society was held at Salem Chapel, Bond-street, Oct. Nov. 2, 'four young men were immersed on

BURY, LANCASHIRE.-On Lord's-day, 29, 1851. The chair was taken by the pastor of the church, Mr. William Savory a profession of their faith in the

Son of God, The meeting was numerously attended, and by Mr. J. Harvey,in the Baptist chapel, Rocha very pleasing spirit pervaded it. Messrs. dale, kindly lent for the occasion. Mr. Betts and Overbury were present as a depu- tism, on magnifying Christ. May he be

Burchell preached a sermon before the baptation from the parent society. After singing and prayer by brother Reid, surrender implied in the solemn act of

frequently magnified by the scriptural Mr. Savory addressed the meeting, and referred to the humble means God frequently

believers' baptism. made use of to bring sinners to the know


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These two beloved sisters in Christ were

baptized together, the elder first, and the DIED, August 5, aged eighty-one, Mrs. younger succeeding; so they departed. Both Elizabeth Yeandal, a consistent and useful lived in high expectation of being gratified member of the Baptist church, Blindmore, with seeing our new temple opened for Buckland, St. Mary, Somerset. She died divine worship, which they were denied, the in full expectation of the promises of the latter only to be caried there as a corpse, gospel, through her dear ner.

both being now interred near together in our

burial ground, attached to Died, on Sept. 22, Mrs. Betty Knight, a Many of our little band of disciples have

our chapel. member of the same church, and kind been, and some still are, greatly afflicted, and highly useful to the church, her and have also been denied the enjoyment of afflicted neighbours

, &c. She was greatly spending a few hours in that house which distressed with agonizing pains, but com- they longed to see dedicated to the service of mitted her departing spirit into the hands the Most High God.

S. H. of her Saviour

Editorial Postcript.

We had hoped that we should have been enabled to gratify our friends by the announcement that the price of the Primitive Church Magazine would be reduced to threepence, beginning with January, 1852; but the communications which we have received have not been such as to warrant this step. We stated in our last, that a reduction of our price to threepence, including the stamped copies, without an increase of sale, would make an annual deficiency of £36 128.; excluding them, the deficiency would be about £30. Now, unless the proprietors could see their way pretty clear to the meeting of this deficiency, either by a proportionate increase of sale, or by annual subscriptions, they do not feel themselves justified to incur the responsibility. The best way by far, as it appears to them, of effecting a reduction in price, is by extending the sale; as it not only would protect us from pecuniary risk, but would also promote the object which we have chiefly in view, by the diffusion of our principles. Seeing, then, that there is a strong desire on the part of many of our friends that the price of our Magazine should be reduced to threepence, the proprietors are induced to make the following offer :--To make up the deficiency which would arise from the proposed reduction, our sale should be increased by one thousand per month; but the proprietors engage that the price shall be reduced to threepence so soon as the sale is increased by five hundred per month. In making this proposal, it will be seen that the proprietors take on themselves a full half of the additional pecuniary responsibility, whilst they leave the other half to be discharged by the kind exertions of their friends. This, they think, is advancing as far as they can do under the present circumstances, and they hope it is imposing no more on their friends than they are willing to undertake. We would say therefore unto them, arise, dear friends, and do it, for the work belong. eth unto you! Arise and strengthen the good cause; for the God of heaven he will prosper you ! We rejoice to know that many of our friends have already anticipated our counsel by the putting forth of zealous exertion, and we cannot doubt that very many more will be induced to do the same. We shall be glad to receive from them, as early in the present month as possible, some account of their proceedings, and of the success of their labours. Will they kindly set to work immediately, and will they work with a determination in the divine strength, to be satistied with nothing short of the accomplishment of that at which they aim ? If so, the thing is done. Printed by JOSEPH BRISCOE, 28, Banner Street, in the Parish of St. Luke, in the County of Middleser; and

published by ARTHUR Hall and GEORGE VIRTUE, 25, Paternoster Row, in the Parish of St. Faith under St. Paul's, in the City of London.-MONDAY, DECEMBER 1st, 1851,




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he says,


be situated ? What would become of their great unto us; although he has permitted large meetings, and what of their numerous that many should go out from us to the Sunday-schools, and their tract distribution ? Mormons, yet about double the number has Where would they invite people to come to been added to us in the same time. In the on the Lord's-day to hear the Word of God ! country is a continual increase. In Aalborg and how would they edify and build up the people are hard hearted with respect to themselves on that boly day? In short, all spiritual things; but we labour in hope, as what good could they do?" Contrasting the farmer does, and I believe that we shall the state of Denmark with that of England, not be made ashamed. In the town there

“ You have thousands of chapels are but sixteen Baptists, the others are gone and other places to meet in ; we have not to the Mormons. The church rejoices in

You have hundreds of well educated peace and love. I do not think that many learned, and talented men, to labour in word more will leave us, for God is with us. and doctrine, and to defend by word of May he be with you also, and with as many mouth, as well as by writing, your holy prin- as love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity." ciples; we have not one, although our The island of Christiansö near Bornholme, adversaries are numerous and learned, and in the Baltic.Brother Förster says, “Mr. talented too. You have plenty of means to Ryding made a journey to Christianső, near educate young men for the ministry; we Bornholme, a few weeks ago. He baptized have none.

You have many hundreds of three believers, so that there are now four various religious tracts, so that you can have Baptists on that island. It was a very in. loan societies, and regularly distribute tracts teresting tour. The commander on the from house to house; we have about half a island provided a place for him to preach in, dozen tracts of different sorts. You have and Mr. Ryding had several interviews with numerous and well conducted Sunday-schools, him. Mr. R., as I have told you before, and plenty of means to carry them on; in travels generally at his own expense, and Denmark we have scarcely one. A little yet he is but a poor man.

It would be well has been commenced in that respect; but it if he and others whom we might employ can hardly be reckoned anything. You could receive a little support." know not how badly we are off, until you come and see. Yet notwithstanding our

LIBERTY OF CONSCIENCE IN GERMANY. many disadvantages, much good has been done. Truly we can say, “ The Lord has The fourth annual assembly of the done great things for us, whereof we are GERMAN EVANGELICAL CHURCH UNION was glad ;' but I feel persuaded that much more held at Elberfeld in September last. Pubmight be done, both in Copenhagen and lic business commenced on the 16th. This other places, if we had the means to do union or Kirchentag consists of members of things properly."

the state churches only, with the exception It is certainly difficult for us in England, of the Moravians, who are included as to realize fully the state of our brethren in having long held an acknowledged position. Denmark, but it is pleasing to remember Considering the objects of the union, this that the sum received by brother Förster limitation of membership is not perhaps when in England, for the erection of a remarkable, but the manner in which the chapel in Copenbagen, only awaits a favour members of the union at their late meeting able opportunity for expenditure on that treated a reference to the Baptists, and to object, and gives hope that before very long the persecution still carried on against them, there may at least be one Baptist meeting-has awakened deep regret among the friends house in Denmark. What can be done to of religious freedom. The four bodies obtain a suitable place of meeting in Copen- united in it, are the Lutheran, the Rehagen till then ? and what to assist our formed, the United, and the Moravian brethren in other places in Denmark? We churches. have not, like the Mormonites, a fund of The President stated that he and other Californian gold to sustain our missions, nor members of the Kirchentag had been invited are the Strict Baptists of Britain so well to attend the recent meetings of the Evan. supplied themselves, but that they too know gelical Alliance in London ; that a reciprocal the pinch of need. But still, if God invitation had been given to the British shall please, something more may certainly brethren, and that the council of the Allibe done to supply brethren in Denmark with ance had deputed their president, two of better places for their meetings.

their honorary secretaries, and three other Aalborg.--"Last week,” says Mr. Förster, members, to attend the meetings of the “I received a letter from Mr. Föltved in Kirchentag. Dr. Steane was a member of Aalborg. He says, “With respect to the this deputation. “ It is said that he was church, the grace of God is particularly strongly urged to be a member of it, on the

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ground that the English dissenting element their fellow-Christians, but that he had no ought to be represented, and that he was doubt they all concurred in his own convicacquainted with the hardships that the tion that they should keep to the four con, Baptists were suffering." (Christian Times, fessions on which they stood. He called for Oct. 3.) Dr. Steane was aware that this a show of hands in support of this statement, latter subject was a delicate one; but he felt a call to which every one in the assembly it a duty, when called upon to speak, not to seemed to respond by holding up his hand. omit kind and earnest intercession for his Dr. Steane had not asked for the admission suffering brethren. The first part of his of the Baptists to the Union ; but this deaddress was well received, but when he monstration seemed to imply either that he began “to assert the rights of conscience, to was understood to have done so, or else that state existing instances of persecution, and the meeting did not recognize the senti. to plead for religious liberty, great uneasi- ments as to religious liberty which he had ness became apparent, especially on the expressed, as belonging to their four confesplatform and about the chair, and more sions. than once an effort was made by professor Even if there was mistake as to Dr. Hengstenberg, to induce the president to Steane's design, “is there not room, says stop him." This state of commotion was the correspondent of the “Christian Times," happily not observed by Dr. Steane. He "for saying that it was a melancholy thing is reported to have said,

that such an assembly could be told of the "My second point relates to the promo-gross instances of persecution which were tion and extension of religious freedom, and brought before them--of fellow-Christians the discouragement of all persecution for suffering boods and imprisonment in some conscience' sake, We must stand together instances, fines and banishment in other in times such as these, upon the great fun- instances, and in one, expatriation for life, damental principle of the Reformation, the for conscience' sake, and express no symright of every man to take God's word, pathy with the sufferers, and no righteous judge of its meaning for himself, and then indignation of their wrongs. Was this worship his Maker and his Redeemer ac- charitable ! Was this Christ-like ?...... If I cording to the dictates of his own conscience. had met a Roman Catholic, I felt that I

You, 'beloved brethren, can have no must hide my face from his reproach." sympathy with persecutors, but you will have In reference to the position of the Bapinuch sympathy with the persecuted; for tists, this writer says that they are the

if one member suffer, all the members only body of dissenters in Germany. All suffer with it. Let me then mention that the other denominations are acknowledged scattered over Germany there are many and supported by the state. They are the Baptist churches, and I mention it the more only body decidedly and openly opposed to freely because I have already been intro- the existing relations of church and state. duced to you as a member of that commu- They are consequently regarded with excesnity. These churches are formed on the sive jealousy, are charged with being anticongregational plan, but they nevertheless monarchial, and inimical to governments; love peace and social order. Their pastors so that high conservatism would think are good men, and their members are loyal almost any measures justifiable which would subjects of the governments under which arrest their progress. In the next place they live, and let me add, they hold in com- the diametrical opposition of their views to mon with yourselves the fundamental veri- the doctrine of baptismal regeneration, and ties of the gospel.......Ought these brethren of sacramental efficacy generally, of which then to be persecuted ? I am sure you will it is only a part, and which is both theoretinot think so.” Dr. Steane then referred to cally held, and zealously maintained by a the persecution they were suffering in large portion of the Lutheran clergy, marks Mecklenburg Schwerin, and in Baden, and them out as the objects in which the relito the perpetual banishment of Mr. Nilsson gious rancour such questions are apt to enfrom Sweden. He commended these facts gender may expend itself. And besides to their consideration, these brethren to this, I cannot but suspect that prejudices their sympathy, and concluded by throwing connected with the excesses of the Munster out the suggestion, that next summer “a Anabaptists of Luther's time are still lingreat Protestant meeting should be some- gering in the minds of some." where held, in continental Europe, for the Whatever may have been the chief cause, vindication and promotion of religious it appears certain that Dr. Steane's remarks freedom."

on religious liberty were received “with At the close of this speech, the president impatience and disfavour;" and the “Chrisreferred to what Dr. Steane had said, and tian Times" of Oct. 31, after stating this stated that it was their desire to love all fact, says, “We ask our continental bre

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