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ings with her, both before and , viour had fixed on, to bring her since her conversion, have been out of darkness into marvellous remarkable. In the journey of light. This too was gradual, as her married life, she has been her preparation for it' had been. led through a series of the most Awakened by the still, small trying scenes of untoward mis- voice of conscience, the hand of fortunes and distresses, both be- God was remarkably tender in fore and since her residence with her impressions. Her terrors, you, which there is not time to and distresses were not great, particularize. By the word and and; though the change must providences of God, and the ten- have been instantaneous, yet her der and unwearied exertions of transition from darkness to light, her husband, she was gradually was gradual, like the progress led to adopt the great and dis- of day-break. Her enmity and tinguishing doctrines of graée. | opposition were taken away, but This, however, was but in spec- she was not immediately blest ulation ; but in this way she was with the comfort of hope. For: instructed in the truth, and by several weeks before Christ was knowledge in the mind, a foun- pleased to reveal himself in her, dation was laid for divine grace the hope of glory, she was held in her heart, in God's appointed in one point of view, that is adtime. This, to me, accounts for miring and adoring the infinitely her setting a very high estima- perfect justice of God, by which, tion upon argumentative ser as she considered, she must be mons upon the cardinal points, for ever excluded his kingdom and being peculiarly edified with and presence.- Herterrors were them, which is not common gone. She had no fears of wrath. even among Christian professors. All was right--all was just-she By the operations of the Spirit was a fit subject of eternal punupon her mind, in her unconvert-ishment-deserved nothing else, ed state, she became in succes- and had nothing to object. She, sive seasons deeply impressed, however, felt as if she had lost when her attention and concern, her conviction, and was sinking for a short period, would be so- into stupidity. lemny drawn towards the things .« God is pleased to work by of eternity ; and the tender so- means, though infinitely above licitude and fervent prayers of the need of them, and to make her affectionate husband, be his ministers workers together much awakened and excited. with him, in accomplishing the These solemn seasons, however, designs of his grace and mercy. were short, and these serious im- The following is an example. pressions would soon wear off. The Rev. David Huntington,

« We pass on to the period of providentially sent on this erher residing in this town, which rand of love, returning from his has been the theatre of her reli- northern mission, took lodging gious life. She was not one of for a night, under her hospitable the fruits of the attention which roof. His conversation was spicommenced in Dr. Edwards' ritual and heavenly-upon the day, but a grape gleaned after love of God--the fullness, grace the vintage. The winter of the and glory of Christ. It was vear 180 1 was t:: time her Sa- | quickening it was refreshing VOL. VI, NO. 9.

* Uu

to her, and like the cooling she been heard to say, with great stream to the thirsty fainting emotion, « Oh, had I but the soul. The light of Heaven beam- means, I would make the hearts ed upon her soul-she accepted of the poor sing for joy.She of Christ, and rejoiced in his had a great attachment to the salvation.

| word of God, and made her Bi“ In the May after, she made ble the man of her counsel. She a public profession of her faith was prayerful and conscientious in Christ, entered into covenant in the religious duties of the fawith God, and united with this mily and the closet, and in the Church.

religious instruction of her chil. “ By their fruits, saith Christ, dren. She loved the sabbath, shall ye know them ; and by and the duties of it, and never this rule, the Christian charac- was unnecessarily detained from ter of Mrs. Lee has been par- the worship and instruction of ticularly known and distinguish- the sanctuary. ed. It has appeared peculiarly “I mention not these things, amiable in the family and social my friends, to give you any new relations. As the mistress of a information about her; but to fainily, order, carefalness, in- hold up examples, so deserving dustry and frugality marked all of our imitation, that they ought her movements. These, which not to be unnoticed, and by before were the fruits of a good which, though dead, she yet education, now flowed from a speaketh. My acquaintance religious principle. She was an with her, since her becoming affectionate wife-her husband's a disciple of Christ, and espeheart trusted safely in her, and cially in her long last sickness, reposed unlimited confidence has been particular, and the She was a very tender and af- statement now given of her life fectionate mother to her child and character; is derived from dren, and to the children of oth- the most authentic sources ers under her family care. She “ I shall now advert to a cermanifested a benevolent regard | tain trait in Mrs. Lee's religious for her neighbors, both in their character, very distinguishing temporal and spiritual interests, and extraordinary, and which

often conversed with them up- I can truly say, I never met on the importance of religion, with in the same degree, in any and warned them of the danger other person and that is, such of neglecting it. She received clear and full evidences of a her friends with generous kind- gracious state, accompanied at ness, and her house was the the same time, with so small a seat of hospitality. I speak this degree of religious enjoyment. with confidence, for you all know It is, undoubtedly, a correct it. She was charitable and for- scripture sentiment, that religiving towards every one's faults gion and its comforts, are not, but her own-nor less was her in this world, inseparable ; and charitable compassion to the that a man's religion cannot be poor. Often has she contribu- measured by his joys, and transted to their necessities, with a ports ; but, in no other instance liberality beyond the scantiness | have I ever known, this princiof her means ; and often has ple so fully exemplified, as in

the history of Mrs. Lee ; and, cannot be made too publicly for the same reason, I conclude known, in order to shew, that a her rest is the more refreshing person may be even very em-her heaven the more happy inent in grace, and yet possess and glorious to her. In her but a very small share of reliChristian journey, she has tra- gious enjoyment. The graces velled mostly by night-but of the Christian are the fruits though “ weeping may endure of the Spirit--they are prefor a night, joy cometh in the cious pearls-and if Christ is morning ;” and her darkness we pleased to strew them in this trust is succeeded by the light sinful world, bidding us “ mark of eternal day. It is undoubt the perfect man” shall we, thro' edly characteristic of the real motives of delicacy, scruple to Christian, to be diffident of his gather them, and lay them up own exercises, and have a godly among our jewels ? God forbid. jealousy over his heart ; but I It will not be making the subject never knew one maintain such cheap, but the more precious a rigid scrutiny over her own for, the more grace there is in heart, and be so afraid to take the world, and the more it is up any evidence in her own fa- exhibited and distinguished, the vor, as was Mrs. Lee-though, | more highly will it be 'valued, perhaps, in the strength of holy and the more glory will redound desire she is equalled by few, who to God and the Lamb. profess the Christian character. “Let us now attend to the Many a time, has she been interesting scene of her last kept from sinking by that pre- sickness and death, which, like cious promise of Christ, con- all her other exercises and sufscientiously applied—“ Blessed ferings, gradually progressed to are they that hunger and thirst their consummation. About after righteousness, for they the beginning of the last winshall be filled.” It was adapted ter, she was suddenly seized to her case.

with the disorder that finally " It seems to have been the terminated her valuable life-a design of heaven, by her exam- distressing cough, with other ple, to exhibit the Christian cha-symptoms of a pulmonary conracter, in a new attitude. Thus sumption. From her first seito display God's holy sovereign- zure, her mind was impressed ty, and rebuke us for prescri with the belief, that it was her hing rules to him. This circum- last sickness, and she should stance in her character, is to be never recover. accounted for, from one or both “ With the history of her last of these two causes either from sickness, you are all acquainted. constitutional make, or from her No exertions were spared, and setting up as her model and stan- | no means neglected, which a dard for examination, charac-fond husband, and her benevo, ters, eminent, not only for their lent friends could administer for religious exercises, but their re- her recovery. But the progress ligious enjoyments. It is for toward dissolution, was steady this reason, I feel that the and sure. At times her friends Christian character, and reli- were cheered with hopes of her gious exercises of Mrs. Lee, I recovery ; and she herself, at a

certain time, took encourage-comfort were restored, her lanment, and assigned as the prin- guage has been, “it is just as cipal ground of it, her faith in well to die at thirty-five as at sethe efficacy of prayer. “I have, venty-my children are God's said she, so many pious, Chris- creatures--they are in his hands tian friends, constantly praying -there they ought to be there for, memit is a great mercy, and I choose they should be, I have I believe that God will hear and no wish to take them outanswer their prayers."'-- leave them with God-blessed

" As to the exercises of her be his name, he does not need mind, she was, through almost me to take care of them I feel the whole time of her last sick- no particular desire to live, ness, under a cloud, and her soul but to honor and serve him, and Jabored in darkness, under the to convince every one as far as I hidings of God's face. But, can, of the excellency of relithough distressed she was pa- gion.” This happy state of tient-though cast down she mind took place, about ten days was not destroyed. The justice | before her death, and it deand propriety of God's dealings serves our notice, that it was with her, both in her outward directly after being publicly . and inward affliction, shone very prayed for by this church and clear and bright in her mind, congregation. The long continand her principal comfort seem- tinued gloom broke, and the day ed to be in contemplating and star again arose in her heart. Her acknowledging it saying, “it spiritual comfort seemed to rise, in is all right-perfectly right- proportion as her bodily strength God does every thing well. It decayed. It was ever God's is just, that I should be denied method of dealing with her to his gracious presence in the lead her on gradually, and step hour of trial. I deserve noth-by step. He was now about to ing better I have been so un-cut short his work in rigbteous, faithful to him."

ness, and she ripened fast.She “ She had a high relish for re- never had the high triumphs of ligious society, and conversa- faith-never stood on Pisgah's tion, and used to say in the view top looking over, and viewing and fear of perishing * Must I the promised land--but in the be excluded the society of all vale below, looking up-followgood beings, and confined to the ing hard after the Lordhumcompany of abandoned wretch-| bly hoping, and earnestly hunes eternally blaspheming God, gering after righteousness.-In where I never shall hear one the course of her last week, she good word spoken, nor one pray- was visited by Rev. Mr. Robbins er made? This would be misery and myself, and she professed indeed.” At a certain time she to be strengthened, and confort. said, and it was, periaps, the on-ed in her mind. Providence so Jy instance that looked like com- ordered it, that I was with her plaining, “ must I die, a young | when she died ; and I bless God woman at five and thirty, and for this disposal. On the Friday leave my three little children in before her death, she set her a wicked world, as lambs among house in order to leave it. With wolves ?” Since her light and I the utmost calmness and com

posure, though she could speak | willing to die? Answer. I hope only in a whispering voice, she I am it is a solemn thing to gave directions to her husband, | appear before God in judgment her mother Lee, and her chil--but () Christhere her dren, about her funeral, and voice was interrupted by the ratwhat she would have done after tling of phlegm.-Q. Do you her death, in a variety of parti- | feel a spirit of forgiveness? A. çulars ; and took a solemn and I freely forgive every body, and affecting leave of them. It was die in love and peace with all not expected she would be cal-mankind. Q. Do you feel that led away so soon, but God knew you have done any thing to dewhen it was the best time. serve salvation ? A. Nothing, I The latter part of Saturday am a guilty hell deserving creanight, it was observed by the ture it must be boundless merwatcher, that she altered in her cy-Christ is my only hope. breathing-she observed it her. Through his merits I hope we self, and desired to have Mr. shall all meet in Heaven. 0. Lee called up, who slept in the Does Heaven appear glorious to same room. She believed she you ? A. Oh, my soul panteth was going, but her hope was for God! I long to be perfectly darkened. I cannot give up my conformed to him to be absorhope, said she, “but oh, if af- bed and swallowed up in himter all I should be denied.” She this, this is heaven- this is desired Mr. Lee to pray with worth dying for. Q. Is your her, which he did twice before faith strong ? A. Christ is the morning.-This cloud continu-l only foundation, I humbly trust ed on her mind till about the in him. I cling to the rock ; middle of the forenoon. Mr. but am afraid I shall not be paLee sat by her, and read to her tient and honor God in my several chapters in the book death. of Psalms-among others, the « About the middlle of the af30th Psalm, the last words of ternoon, I happened in-found which are, “ O Lord my God, I thehouse filled with sympathizing will thank thee for ever and ev- neighbors Mrs. Lee dying, and er.”_Upon hearing this, she just able to speak a few words readily signified that she joined in a very low whisper. In a litwith the Psalmist. Her peace tle time, it was proposed to her and serenity were restored. by Mr. Lee to have two verses She requested Mr. Lee, that no of a Psalm sung-to which she uncommon parade might be readily assented. The words made at her funeral, and that proposed were the 4th, and 6th, decency only might be con- verses of the 149th Psalm. sulted. She remarked that Saints shall be joyful in their king, it was a very great mercy that | Ev'n on a dying bed, she had her reason clearly.-- And like the saints in glory sing, 4 Oh, I cannot be thankful! For God shall raise the dead. enough, I hope it may continue w may continue / When Christ the judgment seat

ascends, to the last."

And bids the world draw near, Several of her answers to Thrones are prepar'd for all his questions now asked her, I can friends, not omit. Question. Are you! Who humbly lov’d him here."

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