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ding. If an attempt was made to part (d) The depth of each active or susany casing, a complete report of the pended well; the name, character, and methods used and results obtained must depth of each formation drilled during be included.

the month; the date each such depth

was reached; the date and reason for $ 250.92 Log and history of well.

every shutdown; the names and depths The lessee shall furnish in duplicate, on of important formation changes and conForm 9-151, to the supervisor, not later tents of formations; the amount and size than 30 days after the completion of each of any casing run since last report; the well, a complete and accurate log and dates and results of any tests such as history, in chronologic order, of all op- production, water shutoff, or gasoline erations conducted on the well. If a log content; and any other noteworthy inis compiled for geologic information formation on operations not specifically from cores or formation samples, dupli- provided for in the form. cate copies of such log shall be filed in (e) If no runs or sales were made addition to the regular log. Duplicate during the calendar month, the report copies of all electric logs, temperature must so state. surveys, or direction surveys shall be furnished. The lessee shall require the

$ 250.94 Statement of oil and gas runs

and royalties. drillers to record pertinent information obtained in drilling the well.

When directed by the supervisor, a $ 250.93 Monthly report of operations.

monthly report shall be made by the

lessee in duplicate, on Form 9–153, showA separate report of operations for ing each run of oil; all sales of gas, each lease must be made on Form 9- gasoline, and other lease products; and 152 for each calendar month, beginning the royalty accruing therefrom to the with the month in which drilling op- lessor. erations are initiated, and must be filed in duplicate with the supervisor on or

§ 250.95 Special forms or reports. before the 20th day of the succeeding When special forms or reports other month, unless an extension of time for than those referred to in the regulations the filing of such report is granted by in this part may be necessary, instructhe supervisor. The report on this form tions for the filing of such forms or reshall disclose accurately all operations ports will be given by the supervisor. conducted on each well during each

$ 250.96 Waiver on filing reports. month, the status of operations on the last day of the month, and a general The supervisor may waive the requiresummary of the status of operations on

ment for the filing of reports, records, or the leased lands, and the report must

notices required by $$ 250.90 through be submitted each month until the lease

250.95. is terminated or until omission of the

MINERAL LEASES AFFECTED BY SECTION 6 report is authorized by the supervisor.

OF OUTER CONTINENTAL SHELF LANDS It is particularly necessary that the re

Аст port shall show for each calendar month:

$ 250.100 Effect of regulations on pro(a) Each well listed separately by

visions of lease. number and its location shown if pos- (a) As contemplated by section 6(b) of sible.

the act, the regulations in this part will (b) The number of days each well supersede the provisions of any lease produced, whether oil or gas, and the which is determined to meet the requirenumber of days each input well was in ments of section 6(a) of the act, to the operation.

extent that they cover the same subject (c) The quantity of oil, gas, and water matter, with the following exceptions: produced; the total amount of gasoline The provisions of a lease with respect to and other lease products recovered, and the area covered by the lease, the minerother required information. When oil als covered by the lease, the rentals payand gas, or oil, gas, and gasoline, or other able under the lease, the royalties payhydrocarbons are concurrently produced able under the lease (subject to the from the same lease, separate reports on provisions of sections 6 (a) (8) and 6 (a) this form should be submitted for oil

(9) of the act), and the term of the lease and gas and gasoline, unless otherwise

(subject to the provisions of section 6 (a) authorized or directed by the supervisor. (10) of the act and, as to sulphur, sub

ject to the provisions of section 6(b) (2) of the act) shall continue in effect and, in the event of any conflict or inconsistency, shall take precedence over the regulations in this part.

(b) A lease that meets the requirements of section 6 (a) of the act shall also be subject to the mineral leasing regulations applicable to the outer Continental Shelf,' as well as the regulations relating to geophysical and geological exploratory operations and to pipeline rights-of-way in the outer Continental Shelf, to the extent that those regulations are not contrary to or inconsistent with the provisions of the lease relating to the area covered, the minerals covered, the rentals payable, the royalties payable, and the terms of the lease.

NOTE: The record keeping or reporting requirements of this part have been approved by the Bureau of the Budget in accordance with the Federal Reports Act of 1942.

1 See 43 CFR Part 201.



[blocks in formation]


PART 400 EMPLOYEE RESPONSI- part shall be reviewed by the Board BILITIES AND CONDUCT

Members of the agency. When this re

view indicates a conflict between the inSec.

terests of an employee or special Govern400.735–101 Adoption of regulations.

ment employee of the agency and the 400.735–102 Counselor and designee of performance of his services for the Gov

agency. 400.735–103 Review of statements of em

ernment, the Board Members of the ployment and financial inter

agency shall have the indicated conflict ests.

brought to the attention of the employee 400.735–104 Disciplinary and other remedial or special Government employee, grant action.

the employee or special Government em400.735–105 Gifts, entertainment, and ployee an opportunity to explain the infavors.

dicated conflict, and attempt to resolve 400.735–106 Outside employment.

the indicated conflict. 400.735–107 Specific provisions of agency

regulations governing spe-
cial Government employees.

$ 400.735–104. Disciplinary and other 400.735–108 Statements of employment and

remedial action. financial interest by

An employee of the agency who vioployees.

lates any of the egulations this part AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 400 or adopted under $ 400.735–101 may be issued under E.O. 11222, 30 F.R. 6469, 3 CFR, disciplined. The disciplinary action 1965 Supp.; 5 CFR 735.101 et seq.

may be in addition to any penalty preSOURCE: The provisions of this part 400 ap- scribed by law for the violation. In pear at 3i F.R. 2897, Feb. 18, 1966, unless addition to or in lieu of disciplinary otherwise noted.

action, remedial action to end conflicts $ 400.735–101 Adoption of regulations.

or appearance of conflicts of interest

may include but is not limited to: Pursuant to 5 CFR 735.104(f), the Fed- (a) Changes in assigned duties; eral Coal Mine Safety Board of Review

(b) Divestment by the employee of (referred to hereinafter as the agency) his conflicting interest; or hereby adopts the following sections of

(c) Disqualification for a particular Part 735 of Title 5, Code of Federal

assignment. Regulations: 735.101-102, 735.202 (a), (c), (d), (e)-210, 735.302, 735.303(a),

$ 400.735–105 Gifts, entertainment, and 735.304, 735.305(a), 735.306, 735.403 (a)

favors. (c), 735.404, 735.405, 735.406, 735.407– The agency authorizes the exceptions .411, 735.412 (b) and (d). These adopted to 5 CFR 735.202(a) set forth in 5 CFR sections are modified and supplemented 735.202(b) (1)-(4). as set forth in this part.

§ 400.735–106 Outside employment. § 400.735–102 Counselor and designee of agency.

An employee of the agency may en

gage in outside employment or other The General Counsel of the agency is outside activity not incompatible with designated to be the counselor for the

the full and proper discharge of the agency and to serve as the designee of duties and responsibilities of his Govthe agency to the Civil Service Commis

ernment employment. sion, on matters covered by this part. It shall be the duty of the General Coun- $ 400.735–107 Specific provisions of sel, among other things, to give author- agency regulations governing special itative advice and guidance to each em

Government employees. ployee and special Government employee (a) Special Government employees of who seeks advice and guidance on ques- the agency shall adhere to the standards tions of conflicts of interests and on all of conduct applicable to employees as other matters covered by this part. set forth in this part and adopted under

§ 400.735–101, except 5 CFR 735.203(b). $ 400.735–103 Review of statements of

(b) Special Government employees of employment and financial interests.

the agency may teach, lecture, or write Each statement of employment and in a manner not inconsistent with 5 CFR financial interests submitted under this 735.203(c).


(C) Pursuant to 5 CFR 735.305(b), the agency authorizes the same exceptions concerning gifts, entertainment, and favors for special Government employees

are authorized for employees by § 400.735–105. § 400.735–108 Statements of employ

ment and financial interest by em

ployees. (a) The General Counsel is required to submit a statement of employment and financial interest, at the principal office of the agency in Washington, D.C.

(b) The incumbents in all other employee positions of the agency are excluded from the requirements concerning the filing of statements of employment and financial interests. In this regard, the Board Members have determined that the duties of these other positions are at such levels of responsibility that the submission of statements of employment and financial interests by the incumbents is not necessary, because of the degree of supervision and review over the incumbents as to the matters specified in 5 CFR 735.403(d), and because of the remote and inconsequential effect on the integrity of the Government.

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