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Mr. WIGGLESWORTH. Any piece of public construction that any agency wants has to go through you?

Dr. ELLIOTT. That is right, as a channel. Utilities, even though publicly owned, are handled by the Office of War Utilities, while reclamation projects are handled by the War Food Administration.

Mr. WIGGLESWORTH. You had about 1,500 of them in the last fiscal year. Is that Federal, State, or local?

Dr. ELLIOTT. In the calendar year 1944, 1,674 Federal applications were handled, of which 1,555, valued at $172,576,355, were approved. In addition, there were 1,380 applications from State and local government agencies, valued at $154,682,402, which were approved. The value of the 119 Federal projects not approved was $63,155,753. There were 397 State and local applications not approved, the value of these being $94,805,143.

Mr. WIGGLESWORTH. What is your authority in respect to Federal construction? Can you veto it?

Dr. Elliott. The Government Bureau can deny applications for Federal projects. Authority is delegated to us by the Construction Bureau on Lanham Act projects on the certification of need by the President and determination of essentiality of each project by the Federal Works Agency. There was, I think, a letter from the President that said that the Federal Works Agency would have only one point of reference in this matter from the point of view of a further screening. It should not have two screenings. That has, to some extent, eliminated us as a screening agency.

Mr. WIGGLESWORTH. Does it include reclamation projects?

Dr. Elliott. No reclamation projects but all flood-control projects as the first reference.

Mr. WIGGLESWORTH. As a matter of fact, you do not have any Federal construction?

Dr. ELLIOTT. We do handle Federal projects as stated above. Mr. WIGGLESWORTH. Iwonder if you can give us a table that would show by agencies the number of projects which you have received.

Dr. ELLIOTT. I am speaking for the War Production Board, for which we act as the screening board.

Mr. WIGGLESWORTH. I would like to get a table which would show the number of projects for public construction by agencies that you have received, the number that have been approved and the number that have been vetoed.

Dr. ELLIOTT. We will try to put that into the record. (Tables A and B. The tables do not include any projects processed in the field or any projects processed in Washington by the Office of War Utilities.)

Mr. WIGGLESWORTH. And perhaps a word as to the type of project that has been turned down.

Would a T. V. A. project go through your agency?

Dr. ELLIOTT. Not if it were for utility purposes. We handle all other T. V. A. projects such as phosphate plants, office buildings, garages, and so forth.

Mr. WIGGLESWORTH Would dams?

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Dr. ELLIOTT. Not dams primarily for power purposes but for flood control primarily and power as a secondary matter.

Mr. WIGGLESWORTH. If you will give us such a statement as I suggested, I think it would give us a picture of it.

Dr. ELLIOTT. You want a classification of projects that have been approved. Is that Federal projects, or both State and Federal?

Mr. WIGGLESWORTH. I am particularly interested in Federal construction, approved and disapproved.

Dr. ELLIOTT. I think we can do that. (The information is as follows:)


Total projects submitted to and denied by Government Bureau, Jan. 1, 1944, through December 1944

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Federal Works Agency. $28,165,904
Public Buildings Admin-

istration (not included
in above)
Veterans' Administration.
Tennessee Valley Author-


Civil Aeronautics Ad


All others.
Department of Interior 986, 242
Public Roads Adminis-

Department of Agriculture.
War Department

12, 600
Maritime Commission.

46, 053
Reconstruction Finance

Defense Plant Corporation.
Federal Public Housing

Federal Security Agency
National Advisory Com.

mittee for Aeronautics...
Department of State
Department of Justice 23, 900
Office of War Information..
Government Printing

Office ,
United States Public

Health Service
War Emergency Program
of Puerto Rioo.

49,634 Puerto Rico Insular Onice. Puerto Rico Touring A




677, 034
71 473,981
16 1, 453, 530

4 199, 487
14 1, 200, 125

123, 386
3 7,898. 153

231, 1761
1,445, 974

186, 887
1, 023, 335

123, 386
7,875, 000

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1 The Major Part of Public Building Administration Projects are included under Federal Works Agency. · The major part of the highway totals are listed under state, county, and municipal government agencies.

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