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Distribution to HHFA offices and other Federal agencies will be handled by the Division of General Services, Office of the Administrator, in accordance with instructions in HHFA Manual, Volumes III and V.

HHFA will enter and maintain one free subscription for each local agency carrying out one or more Title I projects or activities. All changes of address and other inquiries concerning distribution of the Manual should be directed to the Superintendent of Documents.


This Manual is issued in looseleaf form. It is essential that each copy be kept up to date.

Revisions will be sent to addressees on the distribution list by a Transmittal Letter. Transmittal Letters are serially numbered as R-1, R-2, R-3, etc. When the changes have been made in accordance with the instructions in the Transmittal Letter, the person making the change should place his initials next to the appropriate number in the Transmittal Checklist at the back of the Manual. Breaks in the continuity of Transmittal Letters will indicate missing changes.


The requirements in this Manual are issued by the Urban Renewal Administration (URA), a constituent of the Housing and Home Finance Agency (HHFA).

The HHFA Regional Offices are the principal points of contact concerning programs administered by URA. Questions pertaining to the content of this Manual and requests for assistance should be made to the appropriate HHFA Regional Office.

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