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WARFIELD, EDWIN, Corporate Suretyship. Contained in Fricke's



NoTE.-The bibliography dealing with title insurance is very limited, and much of the information must be obtained from the private publications of the companies. A considerable number of legal treatises, dealing with the various forms of insurance, contain chapters on the law of title insurance.

American Association of Title Men, Proceedings of the First and
Second Annual Meetings.
ELLIOTT, CHARLES B., A Treatise on the Law of Insurance. Part
VII, Chapter XVI.
G*TES, LEE C., Address on Title Insurance delivered at the
Second Annual Meeting of the American Association of
Title Men, August, 1908, at Des Moines, Iowa. Page 114
of the Proceedings of the Second Annual Meeting.
Insurance News, A New Idea in Title Insurance. April, 1910.
Insurance Register, Title Insurance. September, 1909.
Insurance Register, The Lawyers Title Insurance and Trust Co.
July, 1909.
Lawyers’ Mortgage Company, Semi-Annual Report for July 1,
Lawyers’ Mortgage Company, “Guaranteed Mortgages of New
York City Real Estate.” (Descriptive of the methods
used in guaranteeing and insuring mortgages.)

NIBLACK, WM. C., Abstracters of Title Insurance. Chicago: Callaghan & Company, 1908.

Title Guarantee and Trust Co., “The Mortgage Business of the Title Guarantee and Trust Co., the Bond and Mortgage Guarantee Co., and the New York Investors’ Corporation.” New York, 1908.

Title Insurance and Trust Company of Los Angeles, Cal. (A pamphlet descriptive of the examination and guaranteeing of titles, the protection afforded by title insurance, and the perils attending real estate transactions.)


NoTE.-The bibliography on credit insurance is very scanty, and most of it consists of brief articles published in the insurance press, or of pamphlets issued by the companies.

A Symposium of Credit Insurance Arguments. Prepared and published for the exclusive use of agents of the American Credit Indemnity Co. of New York. Collateral on Merchandise Accounts. Issued by the American Credit Indemnity Co. of New York. (This booklet contains a description of credit insurance underwriting, and also contains a number of valuable papers on the subject, by W. E. Schweppe, A. S. Keady, Jos. G. McClurg, and J. A. Taylor. Credit Insurance Explained. A pamphlet issued by the American Credit Indemnity Co. of New York. Credit Insurance in Brief. A pamphlet issued by the American Credit Indemnity Co. of New York. PRENDERGAST, “Credit and Its Uses,” D. Appleton & Co., New York. Chapter on Credit Insurance. (This chapter deals only with the theoretical aspects of the subject.) The Report of the New York and Massachusetts Insurance Departments on the Condition of the American Credit Indemnity Company. (This report of 128 pages contains valuable information concerning the nature of credit insurance and the practices in the business.)


Abandonment in fire insurance,
in marine insurance, 302, 303,
310, 315.
notice of, 303.
Abstracter, individual, 354, 355.
Abstracting of titles, 357–359.
system of, Title Insurance and
Trust Co. of Los Angeles,
Acts, barratrous, 301.
Actual cash value, 102.
loss, 15.
total loss, in marine insurance,
302, 303.
Adjacent buildings, increase of
hazard in, 144.
Adjustment of claims, marine
policy provisions concern-
ing, 313, 314.
Administrator's bond,
form of, 351.
Advantages of credit insurance,
of title insurance, 354–357.
Agency, character of, 70–72.
definition of, 67.
evidence of, 68.
legislation concerning, 68, 69.
system, 21, 54–57, 137.
Agent, authority of, 57, 66.
effect of opinion of, 79.
general, 76.
of both parties to contract, 71.


Agent, powers of, 75–77.
Agents, state supervision of,
Agreement, coverage, 379–382.
Agreements, special. See
Alien corporations, amount of
business transacted by,
regulation of, 243, 244.
“All other perils, losses, and
misfortunes,” 301.
Ambiguity, in wording of policy,
18, 19.
American Bar Association, re-
port of the Insurance Law
Committee of, 250, 251.
American Lloyds of the United
States, 280, 281.
Antedating policies, 106, 108.
Anti-coinsurance laws, 171.

Appliances for extinguishing
fire, 63.

Application, fidelity, sample form
of, 337.

for corporate suretyship, 331.
for marine insurance, 293, 294.
for title insurance, 361.
sample form of, 367.
Appointment of receiver, 149.
Apportionment of loss, 23, 43–46.
See Contribution.
Appraisal, 134, 139–141, 164.
clause, 250.

Assessments, 52.
in factory mutuals, 69.
in local and state mutuals, 59,
Assignment blanks, 215.
of fire policies, 214–219.
of policy, 15, 39, 143.
as collateral security, 217,
of title policies, 355, 356.
Associations of underwriters,
“At and from,” 296, 297.
Atkinson, Edward, 62.
Automatic fire-alarm
sprinkler clause, 152.
sprinklers, 63, 197, 226–235.
as a means of reducing rates,
benefits of, 230.
description of, 226–228.
function of, 226.
installation of, 230, 231.
Average, general, 302–306.
law of, 59.
particular, 302, 306, 307.


Bankers, protection of, by fire
insurance, 12.
Barratrous acts, 301.
Barratry, 299, 301.
Basis rate, 189, 190.
in Dean Schedule, 202-204.
in Universal Mercantile Sched-
ule, 193, 194.
Bates, William A., 260.
Benefit of doubt, given to insured,

18, 19, 23.

Bills of lading, in relation to
marine insurance, 321,

Binder, 106, 107.
Bissell, Richard M., 63, 192.
Bituminous coal clause, 151.
Blanket policies, 127–131, 168,
with coinsurance, 169.
Blanks, assignment, 215.
Block limits, 209, 210.
Board of directors of a stock
company, 58.
form of, 351.
contractor's, sample form of,
fidelity, sample form of, 340.
covering several employees,
sample form of, 345.
Bonding, 323–352.
Bonds, contractor's, 333, 335.
fidelity, 333, 334.
judicial, 333.
types of, 330.
Bottomry, loans on, 261, 262.
Bradstreet's mercantile agency,
379, 380.
statistics of failure liabilities,
Breakage, loss by, 99.
Brick construction, 190.
British marine insurance com-
panies, position of, in the
U. S., 274, 275.
Broker, insurance, 55, 69, 72–75,
Building unoccupied, in Univer-
sal Mercantile Schedule,
Buildings, adjacent, 144.
construction of, 235–242.
fireproof, 236–241.
coinsurance in relation to,

Bond, sample

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