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6. Government Reports

Annual or biennial reports issued by the insurance departments of Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey (Annual report issued by the Commissioner of Banking and Insurance), New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas (Report issued by the Department of Insurance Statistics and History), Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Canada—Superintendent of Insurance, Abstract of statements of insurance companies in Canada. Ottawa, 1888–1907.

JENNEY, C. A., Report on Insurance Business in the United States at the Eleventh Census, 1890. United States Census Office, 11th Census, 1890.

New York State—Insurance Department, Insurance Reports, condensed edition, by Commissioner Barnes, 1873–1900. Albany: Weed, Parsons & Co.

United States—Foreign Commerce Bureau, Insurance in Foreign Countries, Special Consular Reports, Vol. 38. Washington: Government Printer, 1905.

United States—Foreign Commerce Bureau. Fire and Building Regulations in Foreign Countries. Washington: Special Consular Reports, 1892.

7. Compilations of State Laws Relating to Insurance

The following States have compiled their insurance laws:

Alabama; Arkansas, 1906; California, 1907; Colorado, 1908; Connecticut, 1907; Delaware, 1905; District of Columbia; Florida, 1909; Idaho, 1905; Illinois, 1906; Indiana, 1901; Iowa, 1909; Kansas, 1902; Kentucky, 1909; Louisiana, 1906; Maine, 1905; Maryland, 1906; Massachusetts, 1908; Michigan, 1905; Minnesota; Missouri, 1905; Montana; Nebraska, 1905; New Hampshire, 1907; New Jersey, 1906; New Mexico, 1909; New York, 1909; North Carolina, 1905; North Dakota, 1905 and 1907; Ohio, 1904; Oregon; Pennsylvania, 1908; Rhode Island, 1902; South Dakota, 1907; Tennessee, 1907; Texas, 1905; Utah; Vermont, 1905; Virginia, 1905; Washington, 1909; West Virginia; and Wisconsin, 1908.

In nearly all these cases the compilations were made by the state officer having charge of the supervision of insurance companies; and in some cases supplements are added. The Law Reporting Company of New York also publishes the various insurance enactments. Thus, in 1910, it published the “Insurance Enactments of 1909, including all the laws relating to Insurance enacted by the Legislatures of the several States in 1909, compiled from Official Copies of the Same.” The Education Department Bulletin of the New York State Library also contains, annually, a review of legislation, one section of which is devoted to the review of insurance legislation.


1. Historical and Descriptive

* A History of the Insurance Company of North America; The Oldest Fire and Marine Insurance Company in America. Philadelphia, 1885.

*BATES, WILLIAM W., American Navigation: The Political History of Its Rise and Ruin, especially Chapters XIX and XX. Boston and New York, 1902.

* American Marine. The Shipper's Question in History and Politics, especially Chapters VI, XV, and XIX. Boston and New York, 1893.

* BOLLES, ALBERT S., Industrial History of the United States. Chapter II. Norwich, Conn., 1881.

*References indicated by an * are recommended as especially suggestive and valuable from an historical standpoint; those indicated by a f as giving the best description of the extent, nature, and operation of the marine insurance business. Most of the literature on marine insurance deals with the legal side of the subject; yet most of the legal treatises mentioned in this bibliography treat the subject historically in their introductory chapters.

CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER. C., Insurance and Crime. Chapters II, III, IV, V, and VI. New York and London, 1902. * FOWLER, JOHN A., History of Insurance in Philadelphia. Part I. “Marine Insurance.” Philadelphia. f GAMBARO, R., and GAULT, JAMES, Lessons in Commerce. Chapters VIII and IX, on “Average” and “Insurance.” London, 1901. *f GOW, WILLIAM, Marine Insurance. A Handbook. 4th Edition. London, 1909. Handworterbuch der Staats Wissenschaften. Volume VII, p. 191. A Bibliography of German and French Works on Marine Insurance. HOPKINS, MANLEY, A Manual of Marine Insurance, pp. 535. Philadelphia, 1867. HUEBNER, SOLOMON. S., Development and Present Status of Marine Insurance in the United States. Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. September, 1905. — Policy Contracts in Marine Insurance. Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. September, 1905. * MARTIN, FREDERICK, History of Lloyd's, and of Marine Insurance in Great Britain, London and New York: Macmillan & Company, 1876. f PLIMSOLL, SAMUEL, Twelve Millions per Annum Wasted in the . Sea. The Nineteenth Century. Volume XXV, p. 325. RAVEN, A. A., Marine Insurance: Its Rise and Growth in the History of the World. Yale Insurance Lectures. Volume II. New Haven, 1903, 1904. Report of the United States Industrial Commission. Washington, 1900 (see index). Report of the Commissioner of Corporations on Transportation by Water in the United States. Part I, Chapter W. Washington, 1909. The Insurance Year Book, Volume II, dealing with Fire and Marine Insurance. f WILSON, A. J., The Business of Insurance. Chapter VI. “Marine Insurance and the Corporation of Lloyd’s.” London, 1904. f YoUNG, T. E., Insurance: A Practical Exposition for the Student and Business Man, Chapters XIII and XIV. London, 2. Legal Treatises

*ARNOULD, JOSEPH, On the Law of Marine Insurance. 2d Edition. 2 Volumes. Boston, 1850. — On the Law of Marine Insurance. 6th Edition, 2 Volumes. London, 1887. — On the Law of Marine Insurance. 7th Edition, 2 Volumes. London, 1901. BAILEY, LAWRENCE R., Perils of the Sea and Their Effect on Policies of Insurance. London, 1860. BEACH, CHARLES FISKE, Commentaries on the Law of Insurance, Including Life, Fire, Marine, Accident, and Casualty and Guarantee in Every Form. 2 volumes. Boston and New York, 1895. BRUCE, J. R. B., and BROOMFIELD, REGINALD C., A Handbook on the Law of Shipping and Marine Insurance. London, 1898. BUM, John ILDERTON, A Practical Treatise or Compendium of the Law of Maritime Insurance. London, 1901. CRUMP, F. O., The Principles of the Law Relating to Marine Insurance and General Average in England and America. London, 1875. Dixon, FRANCIS B., Handbook of Marine Insurance and Average. 2d Edition. New York, 1866. Douglas, R. R., Index to Maritime Law Decisions. London,

1888. DUCKworTH, LAWRENCE, An Encyclopedia of Marine Law. London, 1908. An Epitome of the Law Affecting Marine Insurance. London, 1901.

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NotE.-A considerable number of legal treatises, dealing with the various forms of insurance, contain chapters on the law of corporate suretyship. A number of these are indicated in the foregoing lists of legal treatises.

ELLIOTT, CHARLES B., Fidelity Insurance. Contained in “A Treatise on the Law of Insurance,” Part VII, Chapter XVI. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill Co., 1907.

FROST, T. G., Treatise on Guarantee Insurance and Compensated Suretyship. Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 2d Edition,

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