Nominations of D.C. Commissioner, Assistant to Commissioner, and Nine City Council Members: Hearings...90-1, on the Nomination of D.C. Commissioner (Walter E. Washington), Assitant to the Commissioner (Thomas W. Fletcher), and Nine City Council Members (John W. Hechinger, Walter E. Fauntroy, Mrs. Margaret A. Haywood, J.C. Turner, Joseph P. Yeldell, John A. Nevius, Stanley J. Anderson, William S. Thompson, and Mrs. Polly Shackleton), September 20, October 20, 1967

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Page 246 - The continued use of the name of a deceased or former partner, when permissible by local custom, is not unethical, but care should be taken that no imposition or deception is practiced through this use.
Page 68 - May the road rise to meet you, May the wind be always at your back...
Page 244 - It is unprofessional to represent conflicting interests, except by express consent of all concerned given after a full disclosure of the facts. Within the meaning of this canon, a lawyer represents conflicting interests when, in behalf of one client, it is his duty to contend for that which duty to another client requires him to oppose.
Page 193 - Prepared by the President and transmitted to the Senate and the House of Representatives in Congress assembled, April 24, 1958, pursuant to the provisions of the Reorganization Act of 1949, approved June 20, 1949, as amended CIVILIAN MOBILIZATION SECTION 1.
Page 252 - The obligation to represent the client with undivided fidelity and not to divulge his secrets or confidences forbids also the subsequent acceptance of retainers or employment from others in matters adversely affecting any interest of the client with respect to which confidence has been reposed.
Page 193 - The reorganizations provided for in this plan make necessary the appointment and compensation of new officers, as specified in sections 3(a) and 3(b) of the plan. The rates of compensation fixed for these officers are comparable to those fixed for other officers in the executive branch who have similar responsibilities.
Page 232 - That unless otherwise specially authorized by law, no money appropriated by this or any other Act shall be available for payment to any person receiving more than one salary when the combined amount of said salaries exceeds the sum of $2,000 per annum...
Page 230 - For the purposes of sections 205 and 207 of this title, the term "official responsibility" means the direct administrative or operating authority, whether intermediate or final, and either exercisable alone or with others, and either personally or through subordinates, to approve, disapprove, or otherwise direct Government action.
Page 229 - Government employee, after his employment has ceased, knowingly acts as agent or attorney for anyone other than the United States in connection with any judicial or other proceeding, application, request for a ruling or other determination, contract, claim, controversy, charge, accusation, arrest, or other particular matter...
Page 229 - Acts affecting a personal financial interest. (a) Except as permitted by subsection (b) hereof, whoever, being an officer or employee of the executive branch of the United States Government, of any independent agency of the United States, or of the District of Columbia, including a special Government employee...

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