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as many as are here present, to ers, and spare all those who conaccompany me with a pure heart fess their sins unto thee: that and humble voice unto the they whose consciences by sin throne of the heavenly grace : are accused, by thy merciful parsaying with me:

don may be absolved, through

Christ our Lord. Amen.
To be said by the Minister and People.

The Lord's PRAYER.
ALMIGHTY and most mer-

To be said by the Minister and People. ciful Father: we have Our Father who art in erred and strayed from thy ways heaven, Hallowed be thy like lost sheep. We have fol name. Thy kingdom come. lowed too much the devices Thy will be done on earth, as and desires of our own hearts. it is in heaven. Give us this We have offended against thy day our daily bread. And forholy laws. We have left un- give us our trespasses, as we done those things which we forgive those who trespass ought to have done; and we against us. And lead us not have done those things which into temptation ; but deliver we ought not to have done. us from evil: for thine is the But thou, O Lord, have mercy kingdom, and the power, and upon us. Spare thou those, ó the glory, for ever and ever. God, who confess their faults. Amen. Restore thou those who are penitent, according to thy O Lord, open thou our lips. promises declared unto man And our mouth shall show kind in Christ Jesus our Lord. forth thy praise. And grant, Omost merciful Now unto the King eternal, Father, that we may hereafter immortal, invisible, the only live a godly, righteous, and wise God; sober life, to the glory of thy Be honor and glory, through holy "name. Amen.

Jesus Christ, forever and ever.

Praise ye the Lord. Then shall the Minister say this Prayer. The Lord's name be praised. O LORD, we beseech thee,

mercifully hear our pray- | (Here a Hymn or Anthem may be sung.)



One or more sentences to be read by the


AGAIN we rest from the

active duties of


come before the Lord, earthly pilgrimage, to sing our and bow myself before the high songs of gratitude and adoraGod? He hath showed thee. tion, and renew our souls at

the fountains of life. We are O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of

not strangers or servants, but

children of the household of thee, but to do justly, and to

With humble and ferlove mercy, and 'to walk hum. God. bly with thy God?

vent spirits let us offer up our Who shall ascend into the prayers to Him who, though he hill of the Lord? and who shall dwelleth on high, yet never stand in his holy place? He faileth to listen to the lowly

and contrite who call upon that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not listed him. And when we leave this up his soul unto vanity, nor place, may we all with fresh sworn deceitfully. He shall zcal and love go on our way receive the blessing from the rejoicing to the blessed and Lord, and righteousness from everlasting home. the God of his salvation.

If thou bring thy gift to the To be said by Minister and People. altar, and there remember that HEAR, O Israel: the Lord thy brother hath aught against our God is one Lord : thee, leave there thy gift be- and thou shalt love the Lord fore the altar, and go thy way; thy God with all thy heart, and first be reconciled to

to thy with all thy soul, and with all brother, and then come and thy mind, and with all thy offer thy gift.

strength. Though I speak with the This is the first commandtongues of men and of angels, ment. and have not charity, I am be- And the second is like, come as sounding brass, or a namely, this: Thou shalt love tinkling cymbal.

thy neighbor as thyself.

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There is none other command-be mindful how far off from ment greater than these.

thee we should have been withAll things whatsoever ye out him, and how near to thee would that men should do to he will lead us, if we humbly you, do ye even so to them.

and steadfastly yield ourselves For this is the law and the up to his guidance. Thou, prophets.

Lord, hast made all things, and Beloved, let us love one an- art wonderful in all thy doings; other, for love is of God.

yet art thou most wonderful And every one that loveth is and glorious in thy works of born of God, and knoweth God. love and mercy. Amen. Though I have all faith, so

The Lord's PRAYER. that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am

To be said by the Minister and People. nothing.

OUR Father who art in Now abideth faith, hope, char

heaven, Hallowed be thy ity, these three; but the greatest

Thy kingdom come. of these is charity.

Thy will be done on earth, as Glory be to God in the it is in heaven. Give us this highest :

day our daily bread. And forAnd on earth peace, good-will give us our trespasses, as we toward men.

forgive those who trespass

against us. And lead us not To he said by the Minister.

into temptation; but deliver

us from evil: for thine is the THOU, O Lord most High,

art our light and our life, kingdom, and the power, and our strength and our joy, our

the glory, for ever and ever.

Amen. refuge in distress, our everpresent friend

and helper. İnspire us, we beseech thee, and the Last, be thanksgiving

To the only Holy, the First with thoughts suited to, thy and praise : most holy presence. As disci

From all kindreds and ples of Jesus Christ thy Son, and with great love to him, we

tongucs on carth, and the voices would come to thee : may it be of saints in heaven. Amen. also in his spirit. We would (A Hymn may here be sung.)



for us.

One or more sentences to be read by the will serve; but as for me and Minister.

my house we will serve the

The Lord our God GIVE unto the Lord the Lord. glory due unto his name:

will we serve, and his voice bring an offering, and come into will we obey. his courts.

Be thou strong and very Surely the Lord is in this courageous, that thou mayest place. This is none other but observe to do according to all the house of God, and this is the law : turn not from it the gate of heaven.

to the right hand or to the In God is my salvation and

left that thou mayest prosper my glory: the rock of my

whithersoever thou goest. strength, and my refuge, is in

If we live in the spirit, let God. Trust in him at all times;

us also walk in the spirit. ye people, pour out your heart before him : God is a refuge


LE ET us draw nigh to the O worship the Lord in the throne of grace in the beauty of holiness: fear before spirit of Jesus Christ, that we him, all the earth.

may offer to

our heavenly Let us search and try our Father the spiritual worship ways, and turn again unto the which he seeketh. May our Lord.

hearts be open to all holy inIt shall come to pass, saith | Aluences. May heaven open to God, that I will pour out my the eye of our souls, and our spirit upon all flesh, even the prayers and God's blessings be spirit of truth, which shall like angels ascending and de. guide you into all truth.

scending. Be this day blessed Thus saith the Lord, who among our days on earth, a made heaven and earth, and season of refreshing to our all that in them is: I am the spirits, a day of the Lord, spent first and I am the last, and in his intimate presence, and beside me there is no God. preparing us for his everlasting

Choose ye this day whom ye service.



we bring to thee our devout To be said by the Minister and People. offerings. Purify us, we beseech BLESSED, O Lord, is the thee, from all guile; unite us

people that know the joy- to one another in the bonds of ful sound of thy gospel.

love and peace; pour down They shall walk, O Lord, in upon us thy spiritual gifts, and the light of thy countenance.

grant that this season of holy Illuminate according to thy quiet may be profitable to us good pleasure all nations with

in heavenly things, and refresh the brightness of thy truth.

and strengthen us to finish the O Lord, give the word, and work which thou hast given us

to do. Amen. great shall be the company of preachers.

Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into

To be said by the Minister and People. the heart of man, the things OUR Father who art in which God hath prepared for heaven, Hallowed be thy them that love him ;

name. Thy kingdom come. But he hath revealed them Thy will be done on earth, as unto us by his Spirit.

it is in heaven. Give us this Create in us a clean heart, day our daily bread. And forO God.

give us our trespasses, as we forAnd renew a right spirit give those who trespass against within us.

And lead us not into tempCast us not away from thy tation; but deliver us from evil: presence.

For thine is the kingdom, and And take not thy Holy Spirit the power, and the glory, for from us.

ever and ever. Amen.

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The Lord be with

To be said by the Minister.

And with thy spirit.
OT as being worthy, but Lift up your hearts.

trusting in thy loving- We lift them up unto the
kindness, O God Most High, | Lord.
we draw near to thee. Not as
we would, but as we are able, (A Hymn may here be sung.)

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