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New authority:

Personnel compensation-Continued Appropriation.. 190,000 199,000 226.000 11.3 Positions other than permanent..

1 Transferred from

Other personnel compensation..

314 444 445
"Administration and regional operation"
(77 Stat. 62)

Total personnel compensation.

7,843 8,602 8.697 "Transportation" (77 Stat. 62) (78 Stat.

12.0 Personnel benefits..

608 650 661

5,000 476
21.0 Travel and transportation of persons.


22.0 Transportation of things ---

1,214 1,302 1,312
Appropriation (adjusted)

196,005 199,476 226,000 23.0 Rent, communications, and utilities. 121,414 136,655 152,793
24.0 Printing and reproduction.--

5,487 5,737 6,023
25.1 Other services..

2,806 3,274 3,617 1 Selected resources as of June 30 are as follows:

25.2 Services of other agencies.

498 570 517
26.0 Supplies and materials.-

48,469 39,492 48,287
32.0 Lands and structures..


6,448 1964

4,033 ments

1965 Accrued annual leave.- -498

-502 -532

Employees compensation

Total obligations.....

194,827 199,476 226,000


- 42 - 46 - 46
Lease purchase contracts
-7, 075

-6,656 -6, 430

-4,834 -87654


Personnel Summary
Unpaid undelivered or-

14,536 882 15, 004 10,714 13, 014
Total selected re-

Total number of permanent positions..

1,430 1,416 1,416
sources. ----

1,057 14, 643 10, 534 13,050
Full-time equivalent of other positions.


0 Average number of all employees...

1,392 1,394 1,400 This appropriation provides for expenses of occupying Average postal field service level.

4.5 4.5 4.5 postal facilities, for supplies and certain types of contrac- Average postal field service salary..

$6,085 $6,455 $6,486 tual services required by the postal service, and for field service organizations operated by the Bureau of Facilities.

1. Building occupancy.—This activity provides for rental of postal facilities; cost of communications, fuel,

PLANT AND EQUIPMENT and utilities; one-time payments for improvements to leased buildings; installments on lease-purchase contracts; For expenses necessary for modernization and acquisition of and the acquisition and resale of sites to lessors under the equipment and facilities for postal purposes, including not to exceed commercial leasing program. The recoveries from the

$2,000,000 for increases in prior year orders placed with other Govresale of such land shown under Advances and reimburse

ernment agencies in addition to current increases in prior year orders

or contracts made as a result of changes in plans, [$89,000,000] ments are applied to the purchase of additional sites for $124,000,000: Provided, That the funds herein appropriated shall resale. Increased rental costs result from (a) the acqui- be available for repair, alteration, and improvement of the mail sition of additional postal space, (b) increased rental equipment shops at Washington, District of Columbia, and for pay

ment to the General Services Administration for the repair, alterarates, and (c) replacement of inadequate or substandard tion, preservation, renovation, improvement, and equipment of space in Government buildings.

federally owned property used for postal purposes, including im

proved lighting, color, and ventilation for the specialized conditions LEASED AND RENTED BUILDINGS

in space occupied for postal purposes. (5 U.S.C. 22a;31 U.S.C. 22a;

39 V.S.C. 1, 301, 309, 501, 503, 2001, 2003-2007, 2101, 2102-2116,
[In thousands)

2202, 2233, 2507, 2509, 6603, 6009; Post Office Department Appro-
Annual rate
Square feet

priation Act, 1965.)
of rental
obligations Interior Loading

June 30, 1962.
$68,847 52,806 3,323 71,385

Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars) June 30, 1963.

77,201 56,310 3,745 83,186 June 30, 1964.

85,128 58,940 4,117 96,275 June 30, 1965 (estimate) 95,432 63,552 4,509 108,119

actual June 30, 1966 (estimate)

110,190 69,765 5,089 124,523 2. Supplies and services. This activity provides for

Program by activities:
1. Federal buildings improvement.

42,604 50,061 21,255 procurement of supplies and services, including postal 2. Major mechanization projects..

2,882 10,172 29,592 supplies, stamps, and other accountable paper; the rental

3. Vehicle program..

14,842 29,141 20,014 of equipment; certain types of contractual services; the

4. Other equipment...


29,947 40,739 Warehousing and distribution of all postal supplies and



program costs, funded.. equipment; the manufacture, storage, and repair of mail

119,321 111,600 Change in selected resources 1.

34,381 -39,321 12,400 bags and other specialized mail equipment items; and the costs of field personnel engaged directly in these services.

Total obligations.....

115,894 80,000 124.000
Object Classification (in thousands of dollars)

Unobligated balance lapsing-



1965 estimate

1966 estimate

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Identification code

1964 actual

1965 estimate

1966 estimate

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1964 actual

1965 estimate

1966 estimate

Object Classification (in thousands of dollars) This appropriation provides funds to alter and improve Federal buildings used for postal purposes; for procurement of equipment, including installation of major mail-processing machines; and for procurement of vehicles and garage equipment for the Post Office Department vehicle

22.0 Transportation of things

2,108 3,834 3,094 31.0 Equipment.-

54,991 64,526 78,906 fleet. The program and financing schedule shows, in 32.0 Lands and structures

58,795 11,640 addition to obligations, the extent to which yearly costs



42,000 are expected to be incurred with the corresponding in

Total obligations

115,894 80,000

124,000 crease or decrease in the amount of assets on order, which is indicated by changes in selected resources applied to the program.

Proposed for separate transmittal: 1. Federal buildings improvement.This activity pro

CONSTRUCTION, POSTAL FACILITIES vides for modernizing and extending Government-owned buildings to make them adequate and efficient for postal

Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars) purposes. Air conditioning, heating plant improvements, and the purchase of additional land adjacent to Federal buildings are included in this activity. 2. Major mechanization projects.— This activity provides Program by activities:

Capital outlay: for the installation of major mail processing machinery and Site and design equipment in large postal facilities designed for such Construction...

6,671 installations. It also provides for modification of existing installations to adapt them to changing concepts of mail

Total program costs, funded.

Change in selected resources.. handling. This mechanization consists of bulk transport conveyors, tray transport conveyors, parcel sorting Total obligations. machines, and sack sorting machines. Since 1957 such mechanization has been ordered for 54 facilities. By the


New authority---end of 1965, 7 additional installations will be on order or in the process of completion, and 12 installations will be ordered in 1966.

Under proposed legislation, 1966.—The above appropria3. Vehicle program.

This activity provides for replace- tion will be requested following the enactment of legisment of wornout vehicles, for additions to the fleet required lation authorizing a Federal construction program for by growth of the postal service, for vehicles to augment facilities specially designed and exclusively used for the carrier mechanization program, and for the purchase postal operations. The estimates cover costs of land of garage equipment. The estimate provides for the pur- purchase, preparation of designs and specifications, conchase of 5,384 vehicles of y-ton capacity and over for local struction of facilities ready for contract award in 1966, transportation and special delivery, and 4,941 small and additional engineering personnel.


18,000 74,154

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The rel

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of the total reimbursements estimated to be received in 1966.

4. Foreign air transportation: Transportation of military mail (Department of Defense). --The Department of Defense pays for the overseas portion of the transportation of mail moving to and from military post offices in foreign countries. Because it is set up to do so, the Post Office Department makes the arrangements with and pays the bills of commercial air carriers who haul this mail overseas. The Department of Defense makes a reimbursement to the Transportation appropriation for the costs thus incurred by the Post Office Department. The trend in volume growth experienced during the past several years is expected to continue through 1966 although CAB Order E-21514 effective October 1, 1964, decreased the ton-mile rate for this type of service resulting in a decrease in the reimbursement in 1965 and 1966.

5. Building occupancy: Sale of sites and related costs to prospective lessors. This program provides for purchase of sites for construction of leased postal facilities and payments of architect-engineering fees for the design of such buildings. The sites are resold to successful bidders upon award of the agreement to lease, and the proceeds reimbursed to the Facilities appropriation. The amount estimated for 1966 results from the larger value of awards which will be made in 1966 as compared with 1965.

Object Classification (in thousands of dollars)

Program by activities: Operating costs, funded: 1. Executive direction and administration. 2. Mail handling and window service: (a) Sale of migratory bird stamps

(Department of the Interior).. (b) Alien registration (Department

of Justice... (c) Sale of savings bonds and stamps

(Treasury Department). (d) Sale of Coast Guard boat stamps

(Treasury Department). (e) Services performed for contrac

tors. (f) Other 3. Vehicle supplies and services. 4. Foreign air transportation: Transpor

tation of military mail (Department

of Defense). 5. Building occupancy: Communications,

fuel and utilities, and rent. 6. Supplies and services... 7. Research, development, and engineer

ing: Miscellaneous reimbursements.-8. Fines and penalties....

Total operating costs, funded-obli


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Personnel Summary

1 Reimbursements from non-Federal sources consist of receipts from the sale of postal vehicles and other equipment (40 U.S.C. 481(c)); from damage to postal vehicles and other personal property (39 U.S.C. 2203(a)), the sale of scrap material private concerns for space in buildings acquired under 39 U.S.C. 2102 and 2103: payments made by contractors for services performed by postal personnel (39 U.S.C. 2203(C)(3))? and fines, penalties, and refunds resulting from nonperform(); from the sale and lease of real estate (39 U.S.C. 2113); and from the refund of annual leave payments (5 U.S.C. 61(b)).

The reimbursements from foreign air transportation and sale of sites to prospective lessors amount to 92.6%

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Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)--Continued
Identification code


1965 1405-0113-01-151

actual estimate

General and special funds:

1966 estimate



Program by activities Continued For necessary expenses of the Department of State, not otherwise

Reimbursable program-Continued provided for, including expenses authorized by the Foreign Service 6. Administrative and staff activities.... 4,032 3,922 3,954 Act of 1946, as amended (22 U.S.C. 801-1158), and allowances as authorized by the Overseas Differentials and Allowances Act (5

Total reimbursable obligations...-- 91,668 96.663 98,914 U.S.C. 3031-3039); expenses of bi-national arbitrations arising under international air transport agreements; expenses necessary to 10 Total obligations ....

244,039 267,408 280,589 meet the responsibilities and obligations of the United States in Germany (including those arising under the supreme authority Financing: assumed by the United States on June 5, 1945, and under con- Receipts and reimbursements from: tractual arrangements with the Federal Republic of Germany); 11 Administrative budget accounts... -91,622 -96,049 -98,300 purchase (not to exceed four) and hire of passenger motor vehicles; 14 Non-Federal sources

-532 -614 --614 services as authorized by section 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946 (5 16 Comparative transfers to other accounts. 492 U.S.C. 55a); dues for library membership in organizations which 25 Unobligated balance lapsing----

576 issue publications to members only, or to members at a price lower than to others; expenses authorized by section 2 of the Act of August

New obligational authority...

152,953 170,745 181,675 1, 1956, as amended (5 U.S.C. 170g); refund of fees erroneously charged and paid for passports; radio communications; payment in advance for subscriptions to commercial information, telephone and New obligational authority: similar services abroad; care and transportation of prisoners and 40 Appropriation

153,000 164.000 181.675 persons declared insane; expenses, as authorized by law (18 U.S.C. 41 Transferred to "Operating expenses, Public 3192), of bringing to the United States from foreign countries Buildings Service," General Services persons charged with crime; expenses necessary to provide maximum Administration (77 Stat. 436).--

-47 physical security in Government-owned and leased properties abroad; and procurement by contract or otherwise, of services, supplies, and 43 Appropriation (adjusted)...-

152,953 164,000 181,675 facilities, as follows: (1) translating, (2) analysis and tabulation of 44 Proposed supplemental due to civilian technical information, and (3) preparation of special maps, globes,

pay increases...

5,855 and geographic aids; ($164,000,000) $181,675,000, of which not less 46 Proposed transfers from than $12,000,000 shall be used for payments in foreign currencies or

"Contributions to international orcredits owed' to or owned by the Treasury of the United States:

ganizations,” due to civilian pay Provided, That passenger motor vehicles in possession of the Foreign


740 Service abroad may be replaced in accordance with section 7 of the

"International tariff negotiations," Act of August 1, 1956 (70 Stat. 891), and the cost, including the

due to civilian pay increases.

150 exchange allowance, of each such replacement shall not exceed $3,800 in the case of the chief of mission automobile at each diplomatic mission (except that five such vehicles may be purchased at Relation of obligations to expenditures: not to exceed $7,800 each) and $1,500 in the case of all other such

10 Total obligations.....

244,039 267,408 280,589 wehicles except station wagons. (Department of State Appropriation 7 Receipts and other offsets (items 11-17).-- _-91,663 -96,663–98,914 Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)

71 Obligations affecting expenditures... 152,376 170,745 181.675 72 Obligated balance, start of year...

10,467 12,990 22,235 Identification code

74 Obligated balance, end of year.

-12,990 -22,235 -30,610 14-05-0113-0-1-151

actual estimate
77 Adjustments in expired accounts..

-1.001 Program by activities:

90 Expenditures excluding pay increase

148,852 155,832 173,113 1. Executive direction and policy formu.

91 Expenditures from civilian pay 13,628 16,194 16,420 crease supplemental..

5,668 187 2. Conduct of diplomatic and consular relations with foreign countries--- 116,109 129,701 136,948

i Reimbursements from non-Federal sources are derived from payments for cable. 3. Conduct of diplomatic relations with

grams and telephone service involved in procuring, information for corporations.

firms, and individuals (5 U.S.C. 169). from sales of personal property (40 U.S.C. international organizations...


2,240 2,247 481(c)), from refunds of terminal leave payments (5 U.S.C. 61(b)), and from re4. Domestic public information and

coveries of jury service fees (5 U.S.C. 30p).

1,890 2.221 2,456 5. Central program services -

7,881 9,671 11,932

The program described below is financed by this appro6. Administrative and staff activities. 10,808 10,717 11,672 priation and by reimbursements from other agencies,

which are provided with most of their administrative Total direct obligations...

152,371 170,745 181,675

services overseas by the Department of State, and from

non-Federal sources, as follows (in thousands of dollars): 1. Executive direction and policy formu

1964 lation....


1966 704 690 696

actual 2. Conduct of diplomatic and consular

United States Information Agency .... 16,176 17, 470 relations with foreign countries... 83,933 89,080 91,268

17,819 Foreign assistance activities..

18,144 18,743 3. Conduct of diplomatic relations with

Other accounts.


56,816 59,836 international organizations...-

34 Non-Federal sources.

61,363 532

614 4. Domestic public information and

614 32


Total reimbursable obligations.... 91,668 5. Central program services... 2.933 2,905 2,929

96,663 98.914



1966 estimate

Direct program:


Reimbursable program:


esiim ale



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