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Note.- Not all the receipts shown above are available for obligation. In addition, certain accounts have authority to obligate funds before cash is received and to borrow from the Treasury. The reconciliation is as follows:

1964 actual 1965 estimate 1966 estimate Trust fund receipts.

30, 330, 646 30,514, 81933,615,972 Interfund transactions.

521, 379

578, 901 Increase (-) or decrease in unappropri

598,942 ated receipts: Highway trust fund.

- 289, 868 249, 250 - 54,000 Soldiers' Home permanent fund.

-2, 752

-1,125 - 497 Federal old-age and survivors insurance trust fund..

1,000 27,000 Indian tribal funds.

- 372

5,701 Unemployment trust fund.

3, 448 -2, 358 Bureau of accounts trust funds.


-105 - 105 Railroad retirement account..

15, 493

1, 231 District of Columbia.

3, 570 -11, 207

-2, 402 Contract authorization: Mutual defense and development trust funds

1, 148, 629 1,045, 400 1,139,300 Highway trust fund.

3, 705,000 3,830,000 3,930,000 Other Bureau of Public Roads trust funds..

779 Liquidation of contract authority: Mutual defense and development trust funds

-719, 701 -689,787 -977, 353 Highway trust fund.

-3, 249, 150 -3,898, 250 -3,900,000 Other Bureau of Public Roads trust funds.

-5,668 -3, 213
Advances for construction serv-

ices, General Services Ad-

- 82 Authorization to spend public debt


receipts: Secondary market operations fund..

62,037 111,194 162,000 Other adjustments: Soldiers' Home permanent fund..

60 District of Columbia..

8,592 To Treasury statements..

Total, new obligational au-

31,532, 693 31,757, 368 34,511,857

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Part III contains detailed schedules on personnel com- also covers savings due to vacancies, etc., and is offset in pensation which are furnished to the Congress pursuant part by terminal leave payments. to section 204 of the Budget and Accounting Act, 1921, as The pay scales which became effective for many emamended (31 U.S.C. 581). The schedules show data for ployees in January 1964 are used in the 1964 column, (a) permanent positions, (b) positions otber than perma- with a special deduct entry to account for the savings nent, (c) special personal service payments, and (d) other because pay was at the older, lesser rates for the first 6 personnel compensation.

months of the year. The current pay scales, which The sections on permanent positions relate to full-time became effective early in July 1964, are used in the 1965 employment in positions established for an indefinite and 1966 columns. duration and any others occupied for a year or more. For Compensation for "positions other than permanent" the position figures, any position is counted if it is occupied distinguishes obligations for full-time temporary positions, or will be occupied at any time during the year. A posi- for part-time positions (of any duration), and for intertion which is reassigned or reallocated is shown only once mittent positions. for a particular year—at the grade and rate prevailing at Special personal service payments include compensathe end of the year. The number of positions shown tion to persons who are not considered to be Federal nearly always exceeds the maximum number of employees employees, such as casual workers, prison inmates, etc.; at one time due to delays in filling vacancies, leave payments to other agencies for reimbursable details; and, without pay, and similar factors.

in certain accounts, an adjustment for the difference beGrades and their respective salary ranges are reflected tween leave earned and leave taken. in the stub column; the most commonly used grade series, “Other personnel compensation" covers overtime, holithe general schedule grades, is abbreviated "GS-- day pay, night work differential, post differentials, extra Titles are shown for positions with a base rate of $14,170 flight pay, etc. or above. Salaries are reported at the rate effective at The final amounts in these schedules agree with cortethe end of the year.

sponding entries in the object schedules of parts I and II. Because most annual salaries are by law the rate for In cases where a consolidated schedule in part III contains 52 weeks, an additional entry covers the extra earnings personnel compensation which is reflected in two or more whenever there are regular workdays above the 52-week | object schedules, a distribution by account title folows base. For employees with a Monday-through-Friday the total line. workweek there were 2 extra days in 1964, and there is 1 each in 1965 and 1966. The entry for “pay above the object schedules of parts 1 and II generally, exclude estir

The schedules in this part of the appendix, like the stated

annual rate” covers not only the extra compensable | mates which are proposed for later transmittal, other days but also the slight difference occurring when the than 1965 amounts required to meet costs of civilian and annual rates are translated into biweekly or other pay military pay increases. Such exclusions relate to periods.

number of items of proposed legislation affecting 1966 Since within-grade salary advancements occur various times during the year, the rates shown will not

and occasionally 1965, a number of supplemental estimates be exactly equal to the compensation earned, but the

which are presently forecast under existing legislation, difference is taken up in the "Lapses” line. That line

and the use of such

amounts as are currently estimated in the special allowances (for contingencies, etc.).

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