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13113 Cowell (Benjamin). Spirit of '76 in Rhode Island: or Sketches of the efforts of the Government and People in the War of the Revolution.

8vo. Boston, 1850.

13114 Davis (Jefferson). The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government. 2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1881. 13115 Documents relating to the Colonial History of the State of New York.

Vol. 13. Old Series.

Vol. 2. New Series.

4to. Albany, 1881.

For preceding vols., see No. 8332.


13116 Drake (Francis S.). Memorials of the Society of the Cincinnati of Massachusetts. Svo Boston, 1873. 13117 Elliott (Henry W.). Report on the Prybilow Group, or Seal Islands, of Alaska. 4to. Washington, 1873. 13118 Ferris (Benjamin). History of the Original Settlements on the Delaware, from its Discovery by Hudson, to the colonization under William Penn. which is added an account of the Ecclesiastical Affairs of the Swedish Settlers, and a History of Wilmington. 8vo. Wilmington, 1846. 13119 Flagler (Maj. D. W.). History of the Rock Island Arsenal from its Establishment in 1863 to December. 1876 and of the Island of Rock Island, the side of the Arsenal from 1804 to 1863.

See Ordnance Memoranda, No. 20, No. 11587. 13120 Freeman (Frederick). History of Cape Cod. Annals of the Thirteen Towns of Barnstable County. 2 vols. large 8vo. Boston, 1869. 13121 Furman (Gabriel). Antiquities of Long Island, to which is added a Bibliography by Henry Onderdonk, Jr. Edited by Frank Moore.

Svo. New York, 1875. 13122 Gasparin (Cte Ag. de). Un Grand Peuple qui se Relève. 4 édition revue et corrigée.

12mo. Paris, 1873.

13123 Greene (George Washington). The German Element in the War of American Independence.

12mo. New York, 1876. 13124 Gunn (Donald) and Tuttle (Charles R.). History of Manitoba, from the earliest settlements to 1835. 8vo. Ottawa, 1880. 13125 Hamilton (Major-Genl. Schuyler). Our National Flag; the Stars and Stripes; its History, in a Cen8vo. Pamphlet. New York, 1877.


Young Folks' History of 12mo. Boston, 1875.

13126 Higginson (Thomas W.). the United States. 13127 Hotten (John Camden). The Original Lists of Persons of Quality; Emigrants; Religious Exiles; Political Rebels; Serving Men sold for a Term of years; Apprentices; Children Stolen; Maidens Pressed; and others who went from Great Britain to America Plantations 1600-1700. 4to. London, 1874.

13128 Indians. Are they Dying Out? Preliminary Observations relating to Indian Civilization and Education. Washington, November 24, 1877. 8vo. Pamphlet. 13129 Jackson (W. H.). Descriptive Catalogue of Photographs of North American Indians.

See Hayden, Miscellaneous Publications, No. 9, No. 12843.

13130 Jones (Charles C.). Antiquities of the Southern Indians, particularly of the Georgia Tribes.

8vo. New York, 1873. 13131 Lamb (Mrs. Martha J.). History of the City of New York; its Origin, Rise, and Progress.

2 vols. 4to. New York,

13132 Massachusetts. The Society of the Cincinnati of, See Cincinnati, No. 13109.

13133 McParlin (Dr. Thos. A.). Notes on the History and Climate of New Mexico.

Svo. Pamphlet. Washington, 1877. 13134 Moravians in New York and Connecticut. A Memorial of the Dedication of Monuments erected by the Moravian Historical Society, to mark the sites of ancient Missionary Stations. 8vo. New York, 1860. 13135 New England. Proceedings of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, at the Annual Meetings for 1874, 1875, 1877, 1878, 1880.

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13136 New Jersey. Archives of the State of,

First Series.

Documents relating to the Colonial History of the State. Edited by William A. Whitehead. Vols. 1, 2, 3.

8vo. Newark, N. J., 1880-81.

13137 New York. The Centennial Celebrations of the State

of New York.

See New York, No. 13467.

13138 Parkman (Francis). France and England in North America. 8vo. Boston, 1877. Part V. Count Frontenac and New France under

[blocks in formation]

13139 Pennsylvania Historical Society. Memoirs of the, Vol. XI. Acrelius' History of New Sweden.

8vo. Philadelphia, 1874.

For vols. 1-10, see No. 8446.

13140 Pennsylvania Archives. Second Series. Published under the direction of Matthew S. Quay, Secretary of the Commonwealth. Edited by John B. Linn and Wm. H. Egle, M. D.

7 vols. 8vo. Harrisburg, 1874-78.

13141 Peruvian Antiquities.

See Reiss & Stübel, No. 13144.

13142 Polar Colonization. Memorial to Congress, and Action of Scientific and Commercial Associations.

8vo. Washington,

13143 Preble (Geo. Henry). History of the Flag of the United States of America.

2d Revised Edition.
8vo. Boston, 1880.

13144 Reiss (W.) and Stübel (A.). Peruvian Antiquities: The Necropolis of Ancon in Peru. A series of Illustrations of the Civilization and Industry of the Empire of the Incas. In folio. Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. History of the United States, Schools.

13145 Ridpath (John Clark). prepared especially for

13146 Swinton (William). the United States.

12mo. Cincinnati, 1876.

Condensed School History of 12mo. New York, 1874.

13147 Verrazzano: A motion for the 'Stay of Judgment. 18mo. Pamphlet. New York, 1876.

13148 Von Holst (Dr. H.). The Constitutional and Political History of the United States. 1750-1850. Translated from the German by John J. Labor and Alfred

B. Mason.

3 vols. 8vo.

Chicago, 1877-81.


13149 American (The) Annual Cyclopædia and Register of Important Events of the years, 1873, 1874, and 1875.

3 vols. Royal 8vo. New York, 1874-77.

General Index, 1861-1875.

Royal 8vo. New York, 1876.

For earlier volumes, see No. 8510.

For subsequent volumes, see Appletons' Annual
Cyclopædia, No. 13150.

13150 Appletons' Annual Cyclopædia and Register of Important Events of the years, 1876, 1877, 1878, 1879. New Series, Vols. 1, 2, 3, 4.

4 vols. Royal 8vo. New York, 1880.

Formerly The American Annual Cyclopædia.

13151 Dezobry (Ch.) and Bachelet (Th.). Dictionnaire Générale de Biographie et d'Histoire de Mythologie, de Géographie ancienne et moderne comparée, des Antiquités et des Institutions Grecques, Romaines, Françaises et Étrangères. 6 édition, corrigée et aug 2 vols. Roy. 8vo. Paris, 1873.


13152 Putnam (Geo. P.). The World's Progress: A Dictionary of Dates. 20th Edition.

12mo. New York, 1873.

13153 Redgrave (Samuel). Dictionary of Artists of the English Schools. 8vo. London, 1874.

13154 Smith (William). Dictionary of the Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology. By various writers.

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1873.



13155 Abbott (John S. C.).

The Life and Adventures of

Rear-Admiral John Paul Jones.

See Jones, No. 13208.

13156 Albert, the Prince Consort. Life of,

See Martin, No. 13217.

13157 Arnold (Benedict). The Life of, His Patriotism and

his Treason. By Isaac N. Arnold.

8vo. Chicago, 1880.

13158 Ayres (Anne).

The Life and Works of William

Augustus Muhlenberg. See Muhlenberg, No. 13226.
The Life and Death of, With
a view of the primary causes and movements of the
Thirty Years' War. By John Lothrop Motley.
2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1872.

13159 Barneveld (John of).

13160 Bartlett (William Francis). Winthrop Palfrey.

Memoir of,

By Francis Boston, 1878.

The Life of,

By Samuel

13161 Bayard (George Dashiell). J. Bayard.

13162 Blaikie (William Garden).

12mo. New York, 1874.

The Personal Life of

David Livingstone. See Livingstone, No. 13214.

13163 Boissonnas (Me. B.). Un Vaincu: Souvenirs du Général Robert Lee. 3e édition.

12mo. Paris. 1875.

13164 Borel (Th.) Le Comte Agénor de Gasparin.

See Gasparin, No. 13191.

13165 Brown (Thomas Storrow).

Brief Sketch of the Life

and Times of the late Hon. Louis Joseph Papineau. See Papineau, No. 13231.

13166 Burgoyne (Field Marshal Sir John). Life and Correspondence of, By his son-in-law, Lieut.-Col., the Hon. George Wrottesley. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1873. 13167 Cæsar. A Sketch. By James Anthony Froude. See Froude, No. 13189.

13168 Campbell, Colin, Lord Clyde. The Life of, by Lieut.General Shadwell, C. B.

2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh and London, 1881. 13169 Carlyle (Thomas). The Early Kings of Norway : Also an Essay on the Portraits of John Knox. 12mo. New York, 1875. 13170 Chapman (Maria W.). Harriet Martineau's Autobiography. See Martineau, No. 13218.

13171 Chesney (Charles Cornwallis). Essays in Military Biography. 12mo. New York, 1874. 13172 Church (Prof. Albert E.). Personal Reminiscences of the United States Military Academy, from 1824 to 1831. A paper read to the U. S. Military Service Institute, West Point, March 28, 1878.

12mo. Pamphlet. West Point, 1879.

13173 Cicero. The Life of, By Anthony Trollope.

2 vols. 12mo. New York, 1881.

13174 Clyde Lord. See Campbell, No. 13168.

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