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12491 André (C.), Rayet (G.), and Angot (A.). mie pratique et les Observatoires en Amérique, depuis le milieu du XVII nos jours.


Europe et en Siècle jusqu'à 5 vols. 18mo. Paris, 1874-81.

1 Partie: Angleterre.

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12492 Annals of the Astronomical Observatory of Harvard College. See Harvard, No. 12553.

12493 Argelander (Dr. F. W. A.). Atlas des Nördlichen Gestirnten Himmels, für den aufang des Jahres 1855, entworfen auf der Königlichen Sternwarte zu Bonn. Oblong folio. Bonn, 1863.

12494 Argentine. Resultados Argentino en Cordoba.


Vol. 1.

del Observatorio Nacional Benjamin A. Gould, Di4to., and maps, large folio. Uranometria Argentina.

12495 Astronomical Engravings from the Observatory of

Harvard College.

In 4to. Plates 24 to 35 incl. and Text.

Cambridge, 1876.

(For the preceding plates, see No. 5130.)

12496 Astronomical Papers, prepared for the use of the American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac.

Vol. I, Part I. Tables of Eclipses.





4to. Pamphlet. Washington, 1879. "II. Transformation of Hansen's Lunar· Theory.

4to. Pamphlet. Washington, 1880. "III. Velocity of Light.

4to. Washington, 1880.

"V. On Gauss's Method of Computing Perturbations.

4to. Pamphlet. Washington, 1881.

12497 Astronomical Society. Memoirs of the Royal, Vols.

40 to 46.

6 vols. 4to. London, 1874-81.

For preceding vols., see No. 5132.

12498 Astronomische Nachrichten.


For preceding vols., see No. 5134.

Vols. 81-100, &c.


Bond (Geo. P.). The Nebula in Andromeda, Dis-
tances of a Comet from the Earth.
Bond (W. C.). The Nebula of Orionis.
4to. Pamphlet.

12500 Cordova, or, Cordoba Observatory.
See Argentine, No. 12494.


12501 Dubois (Edmond). Les Passages de Vénus sur le disque solaire, consideres au point de vue de la détermination de la distance du Soleil à la Terre. Passage de 1874. 12mo. Paris, 1873.


Cours d'Astronomie.

3o Édition.

8vo. Paris, 1877.

Appendix II.

12503 Eastman (Prof. J. R.). Transit of Mercury, 1878. Washington Observations, 1876.


July 29, 1878.

12504 Eclipses.

(January 11, 1880.

Washington, 1879. See Washington Observations for 1876. Appendix III.

12505 Flammarion (Camille). Études et Lectures sur



5 vols. 18mo. Paris, 1867-74. Les Terres du Ciel. Description Astronomique, Physique, Climatologique, Géographique des Planètes qui Gravitent avec la Terre autour du Soleil.

8vo. Paris, 1877.

12507 Forbes (George). The Transit of Venus.

12508 Galle (Dr. J. G.). Parallaxe.

12mo. London, 1874.

Ueber eine Bestimmung der Sonnen8vo. Pamphlet. Breslau, 1875. 12509 Gylden (Dr. Hugo). On the Relations between the number, brightness and relative mean distances of the Fixed Stars, as seen from the Earth. Translated from the "Ofversigt af Kongl. Vetenskaps Akademiens Förhandlingar," No. 7, by Prof. Edward S. Holden, U. S. Navy, and Lieut. Eric Bergland, U. S. Engineer Corps. 8vo. Pamphlet, 12510 Hansen (M.). Mémoire sur la Determination des Perturbations Absolues. Traduit de l'Allemand par M. Victor Mauvais. Svo. Paris, 1845.

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12511 Harkness (Wm.). Instructions for observing the Total Solar Eclipse of July 29, 1878.

4to. Pamphlet (2 copies), Washington, 1878. See Instructions, No. 12518.

12512 Harris (John). Astronomical Lectures.


ment of the Sun's Distance.

8vo. Pamphlet. London, 1876.

12513 Harvard College Observatory.

Annual Reports of

the Director for 1877, 1878 and 1879. By Professor Edward C. Pickering.

3 8vo. Pamphlets. Cambridge, 1877–80. 12514 Harvard College. Astronomical Engravings from the Observatory of, See Astronomical, No. 12495.

12515 Holden (Edward S.). Observations on the Light of Telescopes used as Night-Glasses.

8vo. Pamphlet.

12516 Instructions for Observing the Transit of Venus, December 8-9, 1874.

4to. Pamphlet. Washington, 1874. 12517 Instructions for Observing the Transit Mercury, 1878, May 5-6. 4to. Pamphlet, Washington, 1878. 12518 Instructions for Observing the Total Solar Eclipse of July 29, 1878.

4to. Pamphlet. (2 copies.) Washington, 1878. 12519 Littrow (I. I.). Darstellung der grossen und merkwürdigen Sonnenfinsterniss des 7 September 1820. 16mo. Pamphlet bound. Wein, 1820. 12520 Locke (Richard Adams). The Moon Hoax; or a discovery that the Moon has a vast population of Human 8vo. Pamphlet. New York, 1859.


12521 Lockyer (J. Norman). Contributions to Solar Physics.

8vo. London, 1874.

12522 Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society.

See Astronomical Society, No. 12497.

12523 Mercury. Instructions for Observing the Transit of, See Instructions, No. 12517.

12524 Mercury. The Transit of,

See Washington Observations, No. 12581.

12525 Nasmyth (James) and Carpenter (James). The Moon: considered as a Planet, a World, and a Satellite. 4to. London, 1874.

12526 Neison (Edmund). The Moon, and the condition and configurations of its surface. 8vo. London, 1876. 12527 Newcomb (Simon). Popular Astronomy.

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8vo. New York, 1878. Astronomy, for Students

12mo. New York, 1880.

and General Readers. 2d Edition Revised.

12529 Occultations Visible in the United States.
(Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge.)
See No. 5328.

12530 Plummer (John Isaac). Introduction to Astronomy. 16mo. New York, 1873. (Putnam's Elementary Science Series.)

12531 Proctor (Richard A.). The Moon: Her Motions, Aspect, Scenery, and Physical Condition.



12mo. New York, 1873. The Expanse of Heaven, a Series of Essays on the Wonders of the Firmament.

Transits of Venus.

12mo. London, 1873.


London, 1874.

12534 Rayet (G.). L'Astronomie Pratique, &c. See André, No. 12491.

12535 Shadwell (Charles F. A.). Tables for facilitating the approximate Prediction of Occultations and Eclipses for any Particular Place.

12536 Young (C. A.). The Sun.

8vo. London, 1847. 12mo. New York, 1881.

(International Scientific Series.)


12537 American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac, for the years 1878-1883. 6 vols. 8vo. Washington, 1875–80. 12538 Astronomical and Meteorological Observations, made during the years 1873, 1874, 1875, (1876, 2 parts), 1877. 6 vols. 4to. Washington, 1875-81. (For preceding volumes, see No. 5363.)

12539 Astronomical Observations.

Washington Observations for 1871. Appendix II.
Results of Observations made with the Transit In-
strument and Mural Circle, in the years 1853 to
1860, inclusive.
4to. Washington, 1872.
Washington Observations for 1873. Appendix I.
The Uranian and Neptunian Systems, investigated
with the 26-inch Equatorial of the United States
Naval Observatory. By Simon Newcomb.

4to. Pamphlet. Washington, 1875. Washington Observations for 1875. Meteorological Observations.

4to. Pamphlet. Washington, 1877. Washington Observations for 1875. Appendix II. Researches on the motion of the Moon. By Simon Newcomb. 4to. Washington, 1878.

Washington Astronomical Observations for 1876. Appendix I. A Subject-index to the Publications of the U. S. Naval Observatory, 1845-1875.

4to. Washington, 1879. Washington Observations, 1876. Appendix II. Reports on Telescopic Observations of the Transit of Mercury, May 5-6, 1878. 4to. Washington, 1879. Washington Observations for 1876. Appendix III.

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Reports on the Total Solar Eclipses of July, 1878, and January 11, 1880. 4to. Washington, 1880. 12540 Burnham (S. W.). Report to the Trustees of the "James Lick Trust," of Observations made on Mt. Hamilton, with reference to the Location of Lick Observatory. 4to. Pamphlet. Chicago, 1880. 12541 Eastman (Prof. John R.). Tables of Instrumental Constants and Corrections for the Reduction of Transit Observations.




4to. Pamphlet. Washington, 1873. (Washington Observations for 1872. Appendix I.) Report on the Difference of Longitude between Washington and Detroit, Michigan; Carlin, Nevada; and Austin, Nevada.

4to. Pamphlet. Washington, 1874. (Washington Observations for 1872. Appendix II.) Report on the Difference of Longitude between Washington and Ogden, Utah.

4to. Pamphlet. Washington, 1876. (Washington Observations for 1874. Appendix II.) A Value of the Solar Parallax, from Meridian Observations of Mars, at the Opposition in 1877. 4to. Pamphlet. Washington, 1881. (Washington Observations for 1877. Appendix III.) 12545 Edinburgh Astronomical Observations. Vol. 14, for 1870-1877. See No. 5396.


12546 Hall (Asaph). Observations and Orbits of the Satellites of Mars. 4to. Pamphlet. Washington, 1878. Zones of Stars, observed at the U. S. Naval Observatory with the Mural Circle in the years 1846, 1847, 1848, and 1849. By Prof. J. H. C. Čoffin, U. S. N.; Lieut. T. J. Page, U. S. N.; Lieut. Charles Steedman, U. S. N. 4to. Washington, 1872. (Washington Observations for 1869. Appendix II.)

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