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11540 Aide-Mémoire à l'usage des officiers d' Artillerie. 4 Édition. Paris, 1880.

11541 Aide-Mémoire portative de Campagne à l'usage des officiers d'Artillerie. 18mo. Paris, 1864. Ammunition. See Majendie, No. 635, and Treatise Nos. 11606 and 11607.


11543 Artillerie. Aide-Mémoire de Campagne. See AideMémoire, No. 11541.

11544 Artillery Exercises, 1873.

See Manual, No. 11570.

11545 Artillery Institution. See Minutes, No. 11577. 11546 Artillery Tactics, United States Army. See United States Army, No. 11612. 11547 Bashforth (Francis). Mathematical Treatise on the motion of Projectiles, founded chiefly on the results of experiments made with the author's chronograph. 8vo. London, 1873. 11548 Bralion (E. N.). Mines et Canons. Théorie des effets de la Poudre. See Bralion, No. 11501.

11549 Butler (Capt. John G.). Projectiles and Rifled Cannon. Systems of Projectiles and Rifling.

4to. New York, 1875. 11550 Carriages Military. See Military Carriages, No. 11576. 11551 Close (Lieut. Col. F.). Military Travelling Carriages; an outline of the principles affecting their construc


Svo. Pamphlet. London, 1875. 11552 Converse (Lieut. G. A.). Notes on Torpedo Fuzes. See Navy Bureau of Ordnance, No. 11582.

11553 Cooke (A. P.). Text-Book of Naval Ordnance and Gunnery. Prepared for the use of the Cadet Midshipmen at the U. S. Naval Academy.

Royal 8vo. New York, 1875. 11554 Dahlgren (J. A.). Drill of Pivot XI in. gun. See Navy Bureau of Ordnance, No. 11582.

11555 Demmin (Auguste). Weapons of War, being a History of Arms and Armour, from the earliest period to the present time. 8vo. London, 1870.

11556 Essayons Club (The) of the Corps of Engineers. No. 47, Testing of medium and high tension fuzes. By Bvt. Brig. Gen. Henry L. Abbot, Major of Engineers. 4to. Pamphlet.

11557 Experiments on Repeating Rifles. By a Board of French Naval Officers. Translated from Extrait du Mémorial de l'Artillerie de la Marine, Number 37, November, 1878. By Theo. B. M. Mason, Lieut. U. 8vo. Pamphlet. New York, 1879. 11558 Field Artillery Exercises, 1877. See Manual, No.

S. Navy.


11559 Fuzes. Testing of medium and high tension, See Essayons Club-47, No. 11556.

11560 Hoffbauer (E.). The German Artillery in the battles near Metz. See Hoffbauer, No. 11903.

11561 Hooks, Hook Bands and Hook Swivels, for stacking Rifles, Muskets and Carbines; adopted by the United States Government for the Regular Army and Mili8vo. Pamphlet. Washington, 1874. 11562 Hotchkiss Revolving Cannon. A description of the, With tables giving results obtained in experiments made with it. By Alfred Koerner.



11563 Kemmis (Major W.).

Pamphlet bound. Paris, 1874.
Treatise on Military Carriages.

&c. See Treatise, No. 11610.

11564 Kirkland (Com. W. A.). Vienna Exhibition, Ordnance and Marine Material. See Navy Bureau of Ordnance, No. 11582.

11565 Kraft. On the employment of Field Artillery, in combination with the other arms. the German, by F. C. H. Clarke.

Svo. Pamphlet.

Translated from

London, 1872.

11566 Laidley (Col. T. T. S.). On the resistance of thick cast-iron cylinders to internal pressures. See Report,

No. 11595.

11567 Langlois (Capt. H.) l'Europe en 1874.

11568 Lyle (Lieut. D. A.). Rocket Apparatus.

Les Artillerie de Campagne de Avec 5 Planches et 33 Tableaux. 16mo. Bruxelles et Paris, 1875. Foreign Life-Saving Rockets and

8vo. Pamphlet bound. Washington, 1880. 11569 Majendie (V. D.). The arms and ammunition of the

British service.

16mo. London,

(Cassell's Technical Manuals.)

11570 Manual of Artillery Exercises, 1873.

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11573 Marvin (Com. J. D.).

Instructions for use and care of Gatling Guns. See Navy Bureau of Ordnance, No. 11582.

11574 Mason (Lieut. T. B. M.). Experiments of Repeating Rifles. See Experiments, No. 11557.

11575 Mayevski (N.). Traité de Balistique Extérieure. 8vo. Paris, 1872. 11576 Military Carriages. See Treatise Nos. 11610 & 11611. 11577 Minutes of Proceedings of the Royal Artillery Institution.

Vol. 11. 8vo. Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Woolwich, 11578 Moncrieff Gun Carriages. Reports relating toFolio Pamphlet. London, 1875. 11579 Muller (H.). Développement de l' Artillerie de Place et de Siège Prussienne. Sous le rapport du matériel, de l'organisation, et de l'instruction, de 1815 à 1875. Traduit par Alfred Bertrang. 8vo. Paris, 1876.

11580 National Rifle Association. Annual Report, 1876.

11581 Naval Mission to Europe.

8vo. New York, 1877.

Report on a Naval Mission to Europe, especially devoted to the material and construction of Artillery. By Capt. E. Simpson, 1870-1872.


2 vols. 4to. Washington, 1873.

11582 Navy Bureau of Ordnance Publications. Computation of Range Tables. By Lt. Edward W. 8vo. Pamphlet, (3 copies), 1877. Description of Naval 3-in. B. L. Howitzers, with instructions for the use and care. By Com. Mont

gomery Sicard.

Dimensions and weight of Gun implements.

8vo. Pamphlet

Svo. Pamphlet (2 copies)

Divisional course of Instruction, 1872.



24mo. Pamphlet. Washington, 1872.

Drill of Pivot XI in. Gun. As practiced on board the
U. S. Ship Plymouth, J. A. Dahlgren.

4to. Pamphlet,

Electric Position, Indicator; or, Distance Measurer. 4to. Pamphlet. Washington, 1871.

Exercise of XI inch Shell Gun, iron carriage.


Granulation of Gunpowder. By Com. J. D. Marvin.

24mo. Pamphlet,

8vo. Pamphlet (3 copies)

Gunnery Instructions. Detail drill, 1873.




Gunnery Notes.

Svo. Pamphlet, (2 copies)


Instructions for care and preparation of ammunition. 8vo. Pamphlet, (2 copies) ——, 1874. Instructions for use and care of Gatling Guns. Compiled by Commander J. D. Marvin.

8vo. Pamphlet, (2 copies)

Instruction and Proof of Canon.


4to. Pamphlet. Washington, 1864.

Laboratory Notes.

8vo. Pamphlet, (2 copies)

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Landing Drill of Naval Brigade at Key West, March 23, 1874. Svo. Pamphlet. (2 copies)

Lecture on Galvanic Batteries, and Electrical Machines. By Lieut. John P. Merrell.

Part I.


Galvanic Batteries.


Svo. Pamphlet, copies), 1875.

III. Dynamo-Electric Machines.

8vo. Pamphlet, (2 copies). 1875.

Lecture on the Whitehead Torpedo. By Lieut. F. M. Barber. Svo. Pamphlet.


Lecture on Movable Torpedoes. By Lieut. F. M.

Svo. Pamphlet.

Lecture on Submarine Boats. By Lieut. F.
Svo. Pamphlet, (2 copies)


Liquid Carbonic Acid. By Walter N. Hill.

Svo. Pamphlet.

Naval Ordnance Papers.
.No. 1. Gunpowder.


M. Bar



Svo. Pamphlet, (2 copies).

No. 2. Pressure and Impact of Guns.

Svo. Pamphlet.

No. 3. Fabrication of XV inch Guns.

Svo. Pamphlet.

No. 4. The Electric Clepsydra.

8vo. Pamphlet, (2 copies).

Notes on Movable Torpedoes.

8vo. Pamphlet.

8vo. Pamphlet.


Notes on Torpedo Fuzes. By Lieut. G. A. Converse.

Notes on Explosives. By Walter N. Hill.

-, 1875.

Svo. Pamphlet, (3 copies), 1875.

Organization of landing parties for operations on shore. By Lieut. Theo. B. M. Mason.

8vo. Pamphlet, (3 copies) —, 1875.

Organization of the Naval Brigade. By Edward W.


8vo. Pamphlet.



Ordnance Notes. The Reffye Gun.

8vo. Pamphlet.


Partial list of cases involving gross carelessness in details of Ordnance Administration, Afloat and 8vo. Pamphlet.

Phosphorus Bronze.

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By C. Montefiore-Levy and C.
Pamphlet. Washington, 1872.

Kunkel. 4to.
Provisional Drill of Gatling Gun.

24mo. Pamphlet.


Regulations for Powder Magazines and Shell Houses. 8vo. Pamphlet, (2 copies), 1874. Report on the Vienna Exhibition, Ordnance and MarineM aterial. By Com. W. A. Kirkland.

8 vo. Pamphlet, (2 copies) Washington, 1874. Report on Spar Torpedoes, U. S. S. Monongahela. By Lieut. Commander Nicol Ludlow.

Svo. Pamphlet., 1875. Report of the Chief of Bureau of Ordnance, 1876.

Svo. Pamphlet.

Spar Torpedo. By Lieut. Commander H. B. Robe


24mo. Pamphlet.


Suggestions on Torpedo outfits of the vessels of the
Navy. By Lieut. R. B. Bradford.

8vo. Pamphlet. Washington, 1876.
Torpedo Instructions. Arranged in two Parts.
Part I. Spar Torpedo. Part II. Towing Torpedo.
24mo. Pamphlet,


Torpedo Experiments at Key West, Fla., March 1874.
Svo. Pamplet, (3 copies)

The Armament of our Ships of War. By Capt. W.
N. Jeffers.
8vo. Pamphlet.

The French Mitrailleuse.


8vo. Pamphlet, (2 copies) Washington, 1873. The Iron-Clad Ships of the World. By M. P. Dislere. 4to. Pamphlet, (4 copies) Washington, 1875. The Objects and Resources of the Naval Experimental Battery at Annapolis, Md.

8vo. (2 copies)

1875. The Zapata Chronograph. By Francisco Javier Zapata. 8vo. Pamphlet, (3 copies) —, 1875. 11583 Noble (Lieut. W. H.). Second Report on Ballistic 8vo. London, 1865.


11584 Ordnance. Construction and Manufacture of. See Treatise, No. 11608.

11585 Ordnance Department.

Reports of the Chief of Ordnance, 1873-1881. 9 vols. 8vo. (1878 and 1879, 2 copies) Washington, 1873–80.

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