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10687 New York Society Library, Catalogue of the.

8vo. New York, 1838.

Annual Report of the Trustees. 1867. With a list of Additions from April 1, 1866, to April 1, 1867.

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10688 New York State Catalogue of Maps and Surveys in the offices of the Secretary of State, of the State Engineer and Surveyor, and in the New York State Library.

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4. Catalogue of, (1856) Maps, Manuscripts, Engraving, Coins, &c.

5. Catalogue of the Books on

6. Catalogue of the, 1861


7. Catalogue of the, 1872.


8vo. Albany, 1857. Bibliography, Typography and 8vo. Albany, 1858. General Library: First Supple8vo. Albany, 1861.

Subject-Index to the General Li

8vo. Albany, 1872.

Annual Reports of the Trustees of the, for 1854, '55, '56, '58, 59, '60, '61, '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, '67, '68, '69, '70, and '71. 17 vols. 8vo. Albany, 1854-71.

10690 Philadelphia Library Company. Catalogue of the Books belong3 vols 8vo. Philadelphia, 1835–56.

ing to the. 10691 Public Libraries in the United States of America, Notices of 8vo. Washington, 1851. 10692 Putnams & Co.'s Catalogue of Foreign and American Books, in every Department of Literature, Science, and the Arts. 8vo. New York, 1852.

10693 Reinwald (C,). Catalogue Annuel de la Librairie Française. 1858-1867. 10 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1859-68.

10694 St. Louis Mercantile Library Association. 8th Annual Report

of the Board of Directors of the.

Svo Pamphlet. St. Louis, 1864, 10695 San Francisco Mercantile Library Association. Twelfth Annual Report of the President, Treasurer and Librarian. 8vo. Pamphlet. San Francisco, 1865.

10696 Surgeon General's Office.


Catalogue of Books in the Library of the.


Roy. 8vo.

Washington, 1868. 1872.

Memorandum referring to Extracts from Letters, Re

views and Bibliographical Notes to Publications of the Surgeon

General's office.

8vo. Pamphlet. Washington, 1870.

10698 Taylor (Oliver A.). Catalogue of the Library of the Theological Seminary in Andover, Mass. 8vo. Andover, 1838. 10699 Watt (Robert). Bibliotheca Britannica; or, a General Index to British and Foreign Literature. 4 vols, 4to. Edinburgh, 1824.

10700 Young Men's Association of the City of Milwaukee. 2d Supplements to the Catalogue of the Library.

1st and

2 8vo. Pamphlets. Milwaukee, 1863–65.


10701 Andover Theological Seminary. Catalogue of-1871-72.

8vo. Pamphlet. Andover, 1872.

10702 Berea College, Ky. Catalogues of-1870-72.

2 8vo. Pamphlets. Cincinnati, 1871–72.

10703 Bowdoin College. Catalogue of-1871–2.

8vo. Pamphlet. Brunswick, 1872.

10704 Bowdoin College. Catalogue of-1870-71.

Svo. Pamphlet. Columbus, Ga, 1871.

10705 Brown University. Catalogue of-1871–72.


8vo. Pamphlet. Providence, 1871.

10706 Columbia College. Catalogue of the Governors, Trustees, and 8vo. Pamphlet. New York, 1865 Catalogues of Officers and Students of12 8vo. Pamphlets. New York, 1859–73. advancement of Science and Art. Sev

10707 Columbia College.
from 1859 to 1873.
10708 Cooper Union for the
enth Annual Report of the Trustees of the.

8vo. Pamphlet. New York, 1866.

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10711 Georgetown College. Catalogues of-1866-67, 1874-75. 2 8vo. Pamphlets. Georgetown & Baltimore, 1867-75

10712 Griswold College. Catalogue of-1859-60.

8vo. Pamphlet. Davenport, 1860.

10713 Harvard University. Catalogues of-1861-62, & 1871–72. 2 12mo. Pamphlets. Cambridge, 1861-71.

10714 Howard University. Catalogue of-1868-1869.

8vo. Pamphlet. Washington, 1869.

10715 Hudson River Institute, & Claverack College. Catalogue of8vo. Pamphlet. New York, 1870.

1870-71. 10716 Kentucky University. Catalogues of-For 1865-66, 1867-68, 1868-69, and 1869-70. 4 8vo. Pamphlets. Louisville, 1866-70.

10717 Lehigh University. Register of the.
8vo. Pamphlet.
10718 Louisiana State Seminary and University.
1867, 1867-68, and 1871-72.

3 8vo. Pamphlets.

10719 Michigan University. Catalogues of.

2 8vo. Pamphlets.

10720 Mount St. Mary's College. Catalogue of

Bethlehem, Pa. 1866.
Registers of. For

New Orleans, 1867-72. For 1857-1868.

Ann Arbor, 1857-'68. 1859-60.

8vo. Pamphlet. Baltimore, 1860.

10721 National Institute of Letters, Arts, and Sciences. Constitution of the. Founded 1868. 8vo. Pamphlet

New York, 1868.

10722 Newark Academy. 15th Annual Circular of the-1873.

8vo. Pamphlet. Newark, N. J., 1873.

10723 New Hampton Institution. Catalogue of—1868.

8vo. Pamphlet. Burlington, 1868.

10724 New Jersey College. Catalogues of--1748-1868, and 1871-'72. 8vo, and 1 8vo. Pamphlet.

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1869. 10725 New York City Free Academy. Eleventh Annual Report, and Eleventh Annual Register of.

2 8vo. Pamphlets. New York, 1859. 10726 New York City College. Twentieth Annual Register, and Annual Report of the President for 1872. 2 8vo. Pamphlets.

nouncement of Lectures.

New York, 1868-73.

10727 New York University. Medical Department. Annual AnSession 1855-6. With Catalogues of Students and Graduates. 8vo. Pamphlet. New York, 1855. 10728 Pennsylvania Polytechnic College. Catalogue of-1864–65. 8vo. Pamphlet. Philadelphia, 1865.

10729 Pennsylvania University. Catalogue of 1856-57.

8vo. Pamphlet. Philadelphia, 1857.

10730 Poughkeepsie Military Academy.

24mo. Pamphlet. Poughkeepsie, 1867.

10781 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Registers of the. For 1863, 1864, 1866, 1868, 1869, 1871, 1872, and 1874.

8 8vo. Pamphlets. Troy, N. Y., 1863-14.

10782 St. James' College. Register of-1859-60.

8vo. Pamphlet. Baltimore, 1860.

10733 St. John's College. Catalogue of-1866-67.

8vo. Pamphlet. New York, 1867.

10734 Saint Louis University. Catalogue of 1865-66.

8vo. Pamphlet. St. Louis, 1866.

10735 South Carolina Military Academy. Official Register of the.

12mo. Pamphlet. Columbia, S. C., 1860.

10736 South Carolina University. Catalogues of the-1867 and 1870. 2 8vo. Pamphlets. Columbia, S. C., 1869-70. Registers of the-1871-72, and 1872 2 8vo. Pamphlets. Austin, 1872–73.

10737 Texas Military Institute. -73.

10738 Union College. Circular and Catalogue of 1871-2

8vo. Pamphlet. Albany, 1872.

10739 Virginia University. Catalogues of the--1870-71, and 1871-72. 2 12mo. Pamphlets. Charlottesville, 1871-72.

10740 Wabash College. Catalogue of-1865–66.

8vo. Pamphlet. Cincinnati, 1866.

10741 Wesleyan University. Catalogue of the-1871-72.

8vo Pamphlet. Middletown, 1871.

10742 West Point Military Academy. Official Register of the. From

1818 to 1873.

10743 Yale College. Catalogues 1872-73, and 1873-74.

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of-1702-1861, 1868-69, 1871–72, In 8vo. New Haven, 1862-73.

10744 Yale College. Obituary Record of Graduates of.

8vo. Pamphlet.



10745 Académie Française. Dictionnaire de l', revue, corrigée et augmentée. 5o édition. 2 vols 4to. Paris, 1814.

Supplément au Dictionnaire de l'Académie Française. 6 édition, Publiée en 1835. 4to. Paris, 1836. 10746 Adler (G. J.). Dictionary of the German and English Languages. In two Parts: I. German and English.-II. English and German. Fifth revised Edition. Roy. 8vo. New York, 1860. 10747 Ainsworth's Latin Dictionary, improved and enlarged, by Thomas Morell. A new edition, carefully revised, and enriched with many new explanations of words and Phrases, and many additional authorities from the Classic Authors, by John Carey. 4to. London, 1816.

10748 Alberti (François d'). Nouveau Dictionnaire François-Italien, et Italien-François 2o Edition.

2 vols. 4to. Bassau, 1796. 10749 American Cyclopaedia. See New American Cyclopaedia, No. 10783.

10750 Americana Encyclopædia. See Encyclopædia, No. 10766. 10751 Bachelet (Th.) & Dezobry (Ch.). Dictionnaire Général des Lettres, des Beaux-Arts et des Sciences Morales et Politiques. 2 parts roy. 8vo. Paris, 1862. Dictionary of the Otchipwe Language, 12mo. Cincinnati, 1853.

10752 Baraga (Rev. Frederic). explained in English.

10753 Baretti (Joseph). Italian and English Dictionary.

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1839.

10754 Beleze (G.). Dictionnaire Universel de Vie pratique à la Ville

Royal 8vo.

et à la Campagne. Paris, 1867.⋅ 10755 Bescherelle ainé. Dictionnaire National; ou, Dictionnaire Universel de la Langue Française. 2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1846-47. 10756 Boiste (Pierre-Claude-Victoire). Dictionnaire Universel de la Langue Française, avec le Latin et les Étymologies, Extrait Comparatif, Concordance, Critique et Supplément de tous ses Dictionnaires; Manuel Encyclopédique, et de Grammaire, d'Orthographe. de Vieux Langage, Néologie. 4to. Paris, 1829. 10757 Boyer (A.). Dictionnaire Royal Français-Anglais et AnglaisFrançais. Nouvelle édition. (2 vols, in one.)



Londres, 1796.

Royal Dictionary Abridged, in Two Parts. French 8vo. London, 1814.

and English, English and French.

10759 Chambers (E.). Cyclopædia; or, an Universal Dictionary of the Arts and Sciences. With the Supplement.

4 vols. fol. London, 1751-53.

10760 Courtin. Encyclopédie Moderne; ou, Dictionnaire abrégé des Sciences, des Lettres, et des Arts. (Tome 24 is incomplete.) 24 vols. 8vo. & Plates Paris, 1823-32. 10761 Diccionario universal Francés-Español, y Español-Francés, por Don Ramon Joaquin Dominguez. Segunda edicion considerablemente corregida y aumentada.

2 vols. large 8vo. Madrid, 1853. 10762 Dictionary of the Russian, French, German, and English languages. (Part I. Russian Part).

8vo. St. Petersburg & Carlsruhe, 1853. 10763 Dominguez (Don Ramon Joaquin). Diccionario universal Francés-Español y Español-Francés, segunda edicion considerablemente corregida y aumentada.

2 vols. large 8vo. Madrid, 1853.

10764 Donnegan (James). A New Greek and English Lexicon. First American from the second London edition.

Roy. 8vo. Boston, 1889.

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