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4163 Boisbertrand (E. D.). Cours d'Algébre.

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1810-11. 4164 Bonnycastle (John). A Treatise on Algebra, in Practice and Theory; with Notes and Illustrations. 2d edition, revised and greatly improved. (Vol. II. wanting).

4165 Bourdon. Élémens d'Algébre.

1st vol. 8vo. London, 1820. 3me édition. 8vo. Paris, 1823.


Elements of Algebra.
Lt. Edward C. Ross.

Translated from the French, by 8vo. New York, 1831.



Elements of Algebra. Translated from the French, by Charles Davies. Revised edition.

8vo. (4 copies). Philadelphia, 1839. Elements of Algebra: including Sturm's Theorem.

Translated from the French, by Charles Davies.

8vo. Philadelphia, 1844. Elements of Algebra. Translated from the French. 2d vol. 8vo. New York, 1831.


(Vol. I. wanting).



Algebra. Appendix to.

8vo. Pamphlet. Philadelphia, 1870.

Algebra. Key to. See Davies, No. 4179.

4172 Brahmegupta & Bhascara. Algebra, with Arithmetic, and Mensuration. Translated from the Sanscrit by Henry Thomas Colebrooke. 4to. London, 1817. 4173 Bridge (B.). A Compendious Treatise on the Theory and Solution of Cubic and Biquadratic Equations, and of Equations of the higher orders. 8vo. London, 1821. 4174 Cayzer (Thomas S). One Thousand Algebraical Tests, specially adapted, by a novel arrangement, for Examination Purposes, but also suited for general use in Schools. 8vo. London, 1864. 4175 Chase (S.). Treatise on Algebra, for the use of Schools and 12mo. New York, 1859.


4176 Choquet. Traité d'Algébre. See No. 4208.

4177 Clairaut. Élémens d'Algébre. 6me édition, avec des notes par Garnier; précédés d'un traité d'Arithmétique par Théveneau, avec une instruction sur les nouveaux poids et mesures. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1801. 4178 Clarke (H.). Lorgna's Dissertation on the Summation. See No.


4179 Davies' Key to Bourdon's Algebra.

8vo. New York, 1870

4180 Day (Jeremiah). An Introduction to Algebra.

8vo. New Haven, 1814.

4181 Dodgson (Charles L.). Elementary Treatise on Determinants, with their application to simultaneous linear Equations, and Algebraical Geometry. 8vo. London, 1867.

4182 Drinkwater Bethune (J.). Algebraic Expressions. See No.



4183 Emerson (William). Treatise of Algebra: in two Books. 2d edition. 8vo. London, 1780. Treatise of Algebra: in two Books. A new edition, carefully revised and corrected. 8vo. London, 1808. The Doctrine of Combinations. See Emerson, No. 4630. 4186 Euler (Léonard). Élémens d'Algébre; traduits de l'Allemand. Nouvelle édition, revue et augmentée des notes par J. G. Garnier. 2 vols. 8vo. (2 copies). Paris, 1807. Elements of Algebra. Translated from the French, with the notes of M. Bernouilli, &c., and the additions of M. de la Grange. 3d edition, carefully revised and corrected by the Rev. John Hewlett. To which is prefixed a Memoir of the Life and Character of Euler, by the late Francis Horner. 8vo. London, 1822. 4188 Fenn (Joseph). A new and complete System of Algebra; or, Specious Arithmetic, comprehending all the fundamental rules and operations of that science, &c. 8vo. Dublin-No date.


4189 Frend (William). The Principles of Algebra.

8vo. London, 1796.

4190 Garnier (J. G.). Élémens d'Algébre. 3me édition.

4191 Hackley (Charles W.). Treatise on latest improvements. 3d edition.

8vo. Paris, 1811. Algebra; containing the 8vo. New York, 1849. (Double Part).

4192 Haddon (James). Elements of Algebra.

18mo. London, 1850.

4193 Hammond (Nathaniel). The Elements of Algebra, in a new and easy method, with their use and application, &c. 3d edi8vo. London, 1764. Algebraic Problems and Formulæ. See Hirsch,


4194 Hirsch (Meier).

No. 4141.

4195 Lacroix (S. F.). Élémens d'Algébre à l'usage de l'École Centrale des Quatre Nations. 11me édition. 8vo. Paris, 1815. Complément des Élémens d'Algébre à l'usage de l'École




Centrale des Quatre Nations. 4me édition.

8vo. (2 copies). Paris, 1817.

Élémens d'Algébre à l'usage de l'Ecole Centrale des

Quatre Nations. 13me édition.
Elements of Algebra.
by John Farrar. 2d ed.

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8vo. Paris, 1820.

Translated from the French, 8vo. Cambridge, N. E., 1825. 4199 Lagrange (J. L.). Traité de la Résolution des Équations Numériques de tous les degrés, avec des Notes sur plusieurs points de la théorie des Equations Algébriques. Nouvelle édition, revue et augmentée par l'Auteur. 4to. Paris, 1808.

4200 Landen (John). The Residual Analysis, a new branch of the Algebraic art.

4to. London, 1764.

4to. London, 1811.

4201 Lea (W.). Treatise on the Resolution of the Higher Equations in Algebra,


4202 Legendre (A. M.). tion.

Essai sur la Théorie des Nombres. 2me édi4to. Paris, 1808. 4203 L'Huilier (Simon). Élémens Raisonnés d'Algébre, publiés à l'usage des Étudiens en Philosophie.

2 vols. 8vo. Genève, 1804.

4204 Lockhart (James). A Method of approximating towards the Roots of Cubic Equations belonging to the Irreducible Case. 8vo. London, 1813. 4205 Lorgna (M. A.). A Dissertation on the Summation of Infinite Converging Series; with Algebraic Divisors. Translated from the Latin by H. Clarke. With illustrative notes and observations, and an appendix. 4to. London, 1779.

4206 Maclaurin (Colin). Treatise of Algebra, in three Parts: to which is added an Appendix concerning the general properties of Geometrical Lines. 4th edition. 8vo. London, 1779. 4207 Maseres (Francis). A Dissertation on the Use of the Negative Sign in Algebra; containing a demonstration of the rules usually given concerning it, and showing how Quadratic and Cubic Equations may be explained without the consideration of Negative Roots: to which is added, as an appendix, Mr. Machin's Quadrature of the Circle. 4to. London, 1758. 2me édition.

4208 Mayer et Choquet. Traité Élémentaire d'Algébre.

8vo. Paris, 1836.

4209 Mole (John). Elements of Algebra: to which is prefixed a choice collection of Arithmetical Questions with their Solutions, including some new improvements worthy the attention of mathematicians. 8vo. London, 1788. 4210 Murphy (Rev. Robert). Theory of Algebraical Equations. See No. 4207.

4211 Peirce (Benjamin). An Elementary Treatise on Algebra: to which are added Exponential Equations and Logarithms. 8vo. Boston, 1843. 4212 Perkins (George R.). Treatise on Algebra; containing, moreover, the new method of Cubic and Higher Equations, as well as the development and application of the more recently discovered Theorem of Sturm. 8vo. Utica, 1842.

4213 Reynaud (A. A. L.). Traité d'Application de l'Algébre à la Géométrie et de Trigonométrie. 8vo. (6 copies) Paris, 1819. 8vo. Paris, 1821.

Traité d'Algébre. 5me édition.

4214 4215 Ronayne (Philip). Treatise of Algebra, in two Books; the first treating of the Arithmetical, and the second of the Geometrical part. 2d edition, with additions. 8vo. London, 1727. 4216 Ryan (James). Elementary Treatise on Algebra, theoretical and practical; to which is added an Appendix, containing an Algebraic method of demonstrating the propositions in the fifth Book of Euclid's Elements, according to the text and arrangement in Simson's edition, by Robert Adrain. 2d edition, revised and corrected. 12mo. (2 copies.) New York, 1826.

4217 Saunderson (Nicholas). Elements of Algebra, in ten Books: to which are prefixed the Life and Character of the Author, and his Palpable Arithmetic deciphered.


2 vols. 4to. Cambridge, 1740. Elements of Algebra. 4th edition, revised and corrected. 8vo. London, 1776. 4219 Scott (William). Elements of Algebra. See Scott, No. 4152.

4220 Serret (J.A.). Cours d'Algébre supérieure, professé à la Faculté des sciences de Paris. 8vo. Paris, 1849. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1850. 4222 Sonnet (H.). Problèmes et Exercices d'Arithmétique et d'Algé bre. See Sonnet, No. 4154.

4221 Smith (Francis H.). Elementary Treatise on Algebra.

4223 Strong (Theodore). Treatise on Elementary and Higher Algebra. 8vo. New York, 1859.

4224 Todhunter (I.). Elementary Treatise on the Theory of Equations, with a collection of Examples. 2d edition revised.


4226 Trail.

12mo. London, 1867.

12mo. London, 1870.

Algebra. 5th edition, revised and enlarged.

Elements of Algebra: to which is added an Appendix. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1789.

4227 Wallis (John). Treatise of Algebra, both historical and practical; showing the original, progress, and advancement thereof, from time to time; and by what steps it hath attained to the height at which now it is. With some additional treatises.

Fol. London, 1685.

4228 Waring (Edward). Meditationes Algebraicæ.

Fol. Cantabrigiae, 1770.

4229 Wolfius (Christian). Treatise of Algebra; with the application of it to a variety of problems in Arithmetic, to Geometry, Trigonometry, and Conic Sections; with the several methods of solving and constructing Equations of the higher kind: to which is prefixed what he refers to in his three preliminary treatises. Translated from the Latin. 8vo. (2 copies).

London, 1739



4230 Adams (George). Geometrical and Graphical Essays; containing a general description of the Mathematical Instruments used in Geometry, Civil and Military Surveying, Levelling, and Perspective; with many new Practical Problems. 3d edition, corrected and enlarged, by William Jones.

8vo. (2 copies). London, 1803.

4231 Alvord (Benjamin). The Tangencies of Circles and of Spheres. (Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge).

4to. Pamphlet. (2 copies.) Washington, 1855. 4232 Apollonii. Pergaei conicorum, &c. See Appollonii, Nos. 3994, 3995.

4233 Baker (T.). Rudimentary Treatise on Mensuration, comprehending the Elements of Modern Engineering. 18mo. London, 1850. 4234 Bardin (G.). Cours de Dessin industriel. 2° partie. Étude géométrique des Solides. See Bardin, No. 10506.

4235 Barrow (Isaac). Geometrical Lectures; explaining the Generation, Nature, and Properties of Curve Lines.

8vo. London, 1735.

4236 Beckett (Joseph). Elements and Practice of Mensuration and Land Surveying. 8vo. London, 1822.

4237 Binns (W. S.). Course of Geometrical Drawing. See Binns, Nos. 10509, 10510.

4238 Bonnycastle (John). Elements of Geometry; containing the principal propositions in the first Six, and the Eleventh and Twelfth Books of Euclid; with Critical Notes, and an Appendix. 6th ed. 8vo. London, 1818. Treatise on Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, with their most useful practical applications. 3d edition, corrected and improved. 8vo. London, 1818.


4240 Bourdon. Trigonométrie rectiligne et sphérique.

8vo. Paris, 1854.

4241 Bourgogne (Duc de). Élémens de Géométrie. 4to. Paris, 1705.

4242 Braikenridge (Gulielmo). Exercitatio Geometrica de descrip4to. Londini, 1733.

tione Linearum Curvarum.

4243 Brianchon (C. J.). Théorie des Transversales. See No. 4328.

4244 Bridge (Rev. B.). A Treatise on the Construction of the three Conic Sections. 2d edition. London, 1817. A compendious Treatise on the Elements of Plane Trigonometry. 2d edition. (Bound in one volume).

London, 1818.

8vo. London, 1817-18.

4245 Briggii et Gellibrand. Trigonometrica. See No. 4715.

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