Cases Decided in the Court of Claims of the United States, Volume 72

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1932 - Law reports, digests, etc

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Page 618 - ... Whenever In the opinion of the Commissioner the use of Inventories is necessary In order clearly to determine the Income of any taxpayer, inventories shall be taken by such taxpayer upon such basis as the Commissioner...
Page 183 - For the purpose of this section two or more domestic corporations shall be deemed to be affiliated (1) if one corporation owns directly or controls through closely affiliated interests or by a nominee or nominees substantially all the stock of the other or others, or (2) if substantially all the stock of two or more corporations is owned or controlled by the same interests.
Page 59 - The provision in section 5 of the act of June 25, 1910. as amended by the act of February...
Page 300 - ... tax alleged to have been erroneously or illegally assessed or collected, or of any penalty claimed to have been collected without authority, or of any sum alleged to have been excessive or in any manner wrongfully collected until a claim for refund or credit has been duly filed with the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, according to the provisions of law in that regard, and the regulations of the Secretary of the Treasury established in pursuance thereof...
Page 101 - Now that it has succeeded, it may seem very plain to anyone that he could have. done it as well. This is often the case with inventions of the greatest merit. It may be laid down as a general rule, though perhaps not an invariable one, that if a new combination and arrangement of known elements produce a new and beneficial result, never attained before, it is evidence of invention.
Page 67 - ... explain the principle thereof, and the best mode in which he has contemplated applying that principle, so as to distinguish it from other inventions ; and he shall particularly point out and distinctly claim the part, improvement, or combination which he claims as his invention or discovery.
Page 445 - ... goals and uniforms, golf bags and clubs, lacrosse sticks, balls of all kinds, including baseballs, footballs, tennis, golf, lacrosse, billiard and pool balls, fishing rods and reels, billiard and pool tables, chess and checker boards and pieces, dice, games and parts of games (except playing cards and children's toys and games), and all similar articles commonly or commercially known as sporting goods...
Page 104 - ... and in any suit for infringement, by the party failing so to mark, no damages shall be recovered by the plaintiff, except on proof that the defendant was duly notified of the infringement, and continued, after such notice, to make, use, or vend the article so patented.
Page 564 - Pacific Railroad, or any part thereof, shall be a post route and military road, subject to the use of the United States for postal, military, naval, and all other Government service, and also subject to such regulations as Congress may impose restricting the charges for such Government transportation.
Page 284 - Debris Commission, consisting of three members. The president of the United States shall by and with the advice and consent of the senate, appoint the commission from officers of the corps of engineers, United States army. Vacancies occurring therein shall be filled in like manner. It shall have the authority, and exercise the powers hereinafter set forth, under the supervision of the chief of engineers and direction of the secretary of war.

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