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Arrows. Ballard, A. 75c. Bardeen.

Ars et vita, and other stories. Sullivan, T. R. $1.25. Scribner.

Art and modern practice of photographic print-
ing in carbon and the various pigments. Mar-
ton, A. M. $5. American Autotype Co.
Art and morality. Brunetière, F. 35c. Crowell.
Art-enameling upon metals, Theory and prac-
tice of. Cunynghame, H: net $1.60. Mac-

Art for the eye. Turner, R. pa. 25c. Prang.
Art lovers' series. See Clement, C. E.; French,
J. L:

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Art of extempore speaking; or, How to obtain fluency of speech. Ford, H. net 75c. Young

Ch. Art of getting rich. Hardewicke, H: 50c. Useful Knowledge Co.

Art of good manners. Powers, S. D. 50c. Werner.

Art of horse-shoeing. Hunting, W: $1. Jenkins.

Art of living. Grant, R. $1.50. Scribner. Art of living alone. Bradford, A. H. 50c. Dodd. Art of memory. Fuller, H: H. $3. National Pub. Co.

Art of phonography. Munson, J. E. $2. Put


Art of singing.

iver Ditson.

Shakespeare, W: pa. $1. Ol

Art of taxidermy. Rowley, J. $2. Appleton.
Art of teaching. Salmon, D: $1.25. Longmans.
Art of the goldsmith and jeweller. Wigley, T:
B., and Stansbie, J: H. $3. Lippincott.
Art of the house. Watson, R. M. Changed
price, $2. Macmillan.

Art of thinking. Knowlson, T. S. $1. Warne.
Art of winning cases. Hardwicke, H: net $5.


Art poétique. Boileau, N. net 60c. Macmillan. Art portfolio of stage celebrities. Burroughs, M. $3; hf. lea. $3.50; lea. $4. Marquis. Artagnan-Memoirs of Monsieur D'Artagnan, Captain-Lieutenant of the 1st Company of the King's Musketeers, now for the first time tr. into English by Ralph Nevil. 3v. v.1. The cadet. O. 508p. lea. $6. '99. imp. Scribner. Arthur, Joseph C. D. Sc. and MacDougal, Daniel Trembly, Ph. D. Living plants and their properties: a collection of essays. 6-234p. il. $1.25. '98. Wilson; N.Y., Baker, Contents: The special senses of plants: The development of irritability; Wild lettuce as weed and compass plant; Mimosa, a typical sensitive plant; Universality of consciousness and pain; How cold affects plants; Two opposing factors of increase; Chlorophyll and growth; Leaves in spring, summer and autumn; The significance of color; The right to live; Distinction between plants and animals; Index to plant names. Arthur (Julia), book. Thorold, W. J. pa. 25c. Meyer.

Arthur. R, M.D. Purity and impurity.


17p. pa. 10e. '99. Wood-Allen Pub. Co. Arthur, Tim Shay. Ten nights in a barroom, and what I saw there. D. 304p. $1. (Home lib.) '99. Burt.

Arthur Ponnicastle. Holland, J. G. 75e. Scrib


Arthur Brown, the young captain. Kellogg, E. $1. Lee.

Arthur Gordon Pym. See Poe, E. A.

Arthur O'Leary. Lever, C: 75c. Little.
Articles of confederation. pa. 15c. Sanborn.
Artist historian. Armstrong, W: J. 50c. A. H.

Artistic ordering of life. Cook, A. S. leatherette 35c. Crowell.

Artistic wrought iron of the 18th century at Nancy, France. Lamour, J. $8. Hessling. Artist's honor. Feuillet, O. 50c. Stein. Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society. Arts and crafts essays, with a pref. by W: Morris; new ed. O. hf. el. net $1. 99. Longmans. Contents: Of the revival of design and handicraft, with notes on the work of the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society, by Walter Crane; Textiles, by W: Morris; Of decorative painting and design, by Walter Crane; Of wall papers, by Walter Crane; Fictiles, by G. T. Robinson; Metal work, by W. A. S. Benson; Stone and wood carving, by Somers Clarke; Furniture, by Stephen Webb; Stained glass, by Somers Clarke; Table glass, by Somers Clarke; Printing, by W: Morris and Emery Walker; Bookbinding, by T. J. Cobden-Sanderson; Of mural painting. by F. Madox Brown; sgraffito work, by Heywood Sumner; Of stucco and gesso, by G. T. Robinson; Of cast iron, by W. R. Lethaby; Of dyeing as an art, by W: Morris; Of embroidery, by May Morris; lace, by Alan S. Cole; Of book illustration and book decoration, by Reginald Blomfield; Or designs and working drawings, by L: F. Day; Furniture and the room, by E: S. Prior; Of the room and furniture, by Halsey Ricardo; The English tradition, by Reginald Blomfield; Carpenter's furniture, by W. R. Lethaby; Of decorated furniture, by J. H. Pollen; Of carving, by Stephen Webb; Intarsia and inlaid wood-work, by T. G. Jackson; Woods and other materials, by Stephen Webb; Of modern embroidery, by M. E. Turner; Of materials, by May Morris; Colour, by May Morris; Stitches and mechanism, by Alan S. Cole; Design, by J: D. Sedding; On designing for the art of embroidery, by Selwyn Image. Arts. Fine.

See also Archæology, Architecture, Coins and medals, Costume, Decoration and ornament, Drawing, Engraving, Needlework, Painting, Photography, Pottery, Sculpture. Address to the students of the Birmingham municipal school of art. Morris, W: bds. net $1. Longmans.

Angels' wings. Carpenter, E: $2. Macmillan. Art and beauty of the earth. Morris, W:

bds. net $1. Longmans.

Art and morality. Brunetière, F. 35c. Crowell.
Art for the eye. Turner, R. pa. 25c. Prang.
Art instruction in primary schools.
M.. D. 2v. ea. 75c. Prang.

Artistic ordering of life. Cook, A. S. leatherette 35c. Crowell.

Artistic wrought iron of the 18th century at Nancy, France. Lamour. J. $8. Hessling.

Arts and crafts essays. hf. cl. net $1. Long

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Arts, Fine. Continued.

Goupil's Paris "Salon," 1899. Proust, A. vel. ed., Fr. text, $12; Eng. text, $15; Holland ed., Fr. text, $15; Eng. text, $18. Goupil. How to enjoy pictures. Emery, M. S. $1.50. Prang.

Love in art. Potter, M.. L. $2. Page. Moments with art. D., J. E. P. $1. McClurg. Old English plate. Cripps, W. J. $6. Harper, F. P.

Popular handbook to the Tate Gallery. Cook, E: T. roxb. $1.50. Macmillan.

Principle in art. Patmore, C. K. D. $2.50. Macmillan.

Proportion and harmony of line and color in painting, sculpture, and architecture. Raymond. G: L. $2.50. Putnam. Quattrocentisteria. Hewlett, M. pa. net 75c. Mosher.

Renaissance in Italian art.

Brinton, S. pt.

1, 75c: pt. 2, $1.25. Truslove. Royal Academy pictures, 1899. $3. Cassell. Royal gallery of Hampton Court. Law. E. net $10. Macmillan.

Teachers' manual for the Prang elementary course in art instruction. Clark, J. S. and others. 3 pts. ea. 75c. Prang.

Theory and practice of art-enameling upon metals. Cunynghame, H: net $1.60. Macmillan.

Treasures of the Metropolitan Museum of art. Hoeber, A. $1.50. Russell.

What is art? Tolstoi, Count L. N. $1.25. Crowell.

With brush and pen. Hall, Ja. 90c. J. C. Witter Co.

Work and art. Bailey, S.. L. bds. $1. G: H. Walker.

Works of Anna Jameson. 5v. ea. $3; the set, $15: hf. ef. $25. McClurg.

Works of Catherine Charlotte, Lady Jackson. See Jackson, C.. C.


American art annual, 1898. Levy, F. N., ed. $3. Macmillan.

Art and artists of our time. Cook, C. C. 6v. $28.50. Selmar Hess.

British contemporary artists. Monkhouse, C. $5. Scribner.

Historic art studies. Warner, R. J. pa. 75c.
G: A. Mosher.

History of art. Goodyear. W: H: one vol.
ed. net $2.80; 2v. net $3. Barnes.
History of French art, 1100-1899. Kingsley.
R. G. $5. Longmans.

History of Greek art. Tarbell, F. B. net $1.

Italian art, History of modern.
R. $5. Longmans.

Renaissance and modern art.

H. net $1. Macmillan.

Willard, A.

Goodyear, W:

Roman and mediæval art. Goodyear, W: H. net $1. Macmillan.

Year's art. 1898. Carter, A. C. R. $1.40. imp. Brentano's.

Sacred Art.

gothic styles.

Altars in romanesque and
Niedling. A. $13.40. Hessling.
Christ in art. French, J. L: $2; 34 lev. mor.
$5. Page.

Church and art. Hatfield, J. T., Atchison, H.
D.. and Gaggin, E. H. pa. net 15c. Curts.
English altars from illuminated manuscripts.
Hope, W. H. St. John. net $8. Longmans.
Life of our Lord in art. Hurl, E. M. $3.
Madonna in legend and history. Vincent,
E.. C. $1.50. Whittaker.

Manual of emblems of the saints; by which they are distinguished in works of art, and represented in the decoration of churches.

Whayman, H. W. net $1.50; pa. net $1. Champlin Press.

Saints in art. Clement, C. E. $2; mor. $5. Page.

Arts, Useful.

See also Agriculture, Architecture, Blacksmithing. Business manuals, ChemistryIndustrial, Commerce, Cookery, Domestic Economy. Engineering, Engraving. Gardening, Manufactures, Medicine, Metals. Mines and mining. Navigation, Photography, Pottery, Publishing and printing, Ship-building. Surveying, Telegraph, Transportation.

Applied mechanics, Text-book on. Jamieson, A. $2.50. Lippincott.

Art of taxidermy. Rowley, J: $2. Appleton.

Bicycle repairing. Burr, S. D. V. $1. Williams.

Boys' book of inventions.

Baker, R. S. $2.

Brussels international exposition. U. S. State Dept.

Cabinet-making for amateurs. Arkwright, J: P. $1. imp. Scribner.

Cyclopædia of home arts. Marks, M., ed. and comp. $3. Lippincott.

Discoveries and inventions of the nineteenth century. Routledge, R. $2.50. Routledge. Experimental mechanics. Jacobus, D. S. $1.50. Stevens Inst. Tech.

Glass blowing and working. Bolas, T: $1. Truslove.

How to make money by inventions. cock, A. E. $1. A. E. Glascock.



How to turn your patents into money. son, H. G. bds. $1. H. G. Johnson. Hubbard's practical illustrated ready reference book for general mechanics, in pocket form. Hubbard, F. A. $1. F. A. Hubbard. Manual training: woodwork. Ricks, G: net $1.60. Macmillan.

Mechanical movements, powers, devices, and appliances. Hiscox, G. D. $3. N. W. Henley.

Modern mechanism. Cochrane, C: H: $1.50. Lippincott.

Patents and how to make money out of
them. Hutchinson, W. B., and Criswell,
J. A. E. $1.25. Van Nostrand.
Pocket hand-book of useful information and
tables relating to the use of electro-glazed
prisms. Crew, H: and Basquin. Ö. H.,
eds. $2. Amer. Luxfer Prism Co.
Practical mechanics. Wells, S. H. net $1.25.

Practical scourer and garment dyer. Brannt.
W: T.. ed. $2. Baird.
Training of craftsman. Miller, F. $2.

Wehman's book on building. rowing, and sailing boats. pa. 10c. H: J. Wehman. Window dressing. Daly, J: J. pa. $1; gratis with subs. to Bookseller & Newsman. World's Columbian exposition. History of. Johnson, R., ed. 4v. $20. Appleton.

Arville. Greville d'. Omega et alpha, and other poems. D. 5-123p. bds. net $1.25. '99. Elder.

As a man lives. Ferris, M. C. 75c. Editor Pub. Co.

As having nothing. Oakley, II. C. $1; pa. 50c. Putnam.

As in a looking class. Phillips, F. C. pa. 10c. Street.

As in a mirror. Alden, I. M. $1.25. Lothrop. As it seems to me. Hubbard, E. bds. $2. Roycroft.

As others saw him. Jacobs, J.$1.25. Houghton. As the hart panteth.


As the wild bee hums.

Rives, H. E. $1.25. Dil

Lunt, H. $1. Ed. Pub.


As told by the typewriter girl. Ervin. M. C.
$1.25; pa. 50c. Herrick.

Asa Kahabka. Baltzer. F: 20c. Eden Pub.
Asbury twins. May, S. $1.25. Lee.


Ascham, Roger. The scholemaster.
E:, ed. 317p. $1.25. '98. Heath.
Ashanti and Japan, Travels and life in. Free-
man, R. A. $5. Stokes.

Ashbourne, Lord. See Gibson, E:
Ashby, H:, M. D. Health in the nursery. D.
12-227p. $1.20. '98. Longmans.

Diseases of children, medical and surgical;
ed. for American students by W: Perry
Northrup. 4th ed. rev. and enl. O. 27-894p.
217 il. net $5. '00. Longmans.
Ashby, Holden M. How to analyze clay: prac-
tical methods for practical men. O. 75p. 50c.
'98. Windsor & Kenfield Pub. Co., Chicago.
Ashes of an empire. Chambers, R. W. $1.25.

Asheville. Rogers, H. T. $1; 50c. H.T.Rogers.
Ashmore, Ruth, pseud. (Isabel Mallon.) The
business girl in every phase of life. S. 8-177p.
linen 50c; flex. lea. $1. (Ladies' Home Jour-
nal girls' lib., v.12.) '98. Doubleday.
Ashton, J: The history of gambling in Eng-
land. O. 286p. $2.50. '99. Stone.

Florizel's folly. D. 308p. 13 il. $2.25. '99. imp. Scribner.

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C. D. $1. Eaton.

Glimpses of the Orient.

Franklin Bk. Co.

White, T. $1.50.

Heart of Asia. Skrine, F. H:, and Ross, E:
D. $3.50. Lippincott.

India, Ceylon, Straits Settlement, British
North Borneo, Hong Kong. $3.50. Funk.
Islam, Turkey, and Armenia. Shahid Bey,
Sadik. 60c. H. B. Yacoubi.

Japan, China, Korea, and the Philippines as
seen from an American cruiser in the East.
Ford. J: D. $2.50. Barnes.

Making of a frontier. Durand, A. $6.40. imp. Scribner.

Missions and politics in Asia. Speer, R. E.
$1. Revell.

Nacht und morgen. Adams, I: 75c; pa. 50c
Verlagshaus der Reformierten Kirche.
Personal narrative of a pilgrimage to Al-
Madinah and Meccah. Burton, R: F. 2v.
ea. net $1. Macmillan.

Russia in Asia. Krausse, A. $4. Holt.
Russia on the Pacific and the Siberian rail-
way. Vladimir. $5. imp. Scribner.
Russian hosts and English guests in Central
Asia. Perowne, J. T. W. $2. Lippincott.
Siberia and Central Asia. Bookwalter, J: W.
$4. Stokes,

Through Asia Hedin, S. 2v. $10. Harper.
Through the storm. Nazarbek, A. $2. Long-


Unchanging East. Barr, R. 2v. $3; 4 mor. $7.

Voyages and adventures of Ferdinand Men-
dez Pinto. Pinto, F. M. $1.25. Lippincott.
Askwith, E. H. The Epistle to the Galatians:
an essay on its destination and date; with an
appendix on the visit to Jerusalem recorded
in chapter II.: being an enlargement of the
Norrisian prize essay for 1898, on "The lo-
D. 20
cality of the churches of Galatia."
153p. $1.50. '99. Macmillan.


Asmodeus. Le Sage, A. R. pa.50c. Stein.
Aspects of religious and scientific
Hutton, R: H. $1.50. Macmillan.
Aspects of the Old Testament. Ottley, R. L.
$2.50. Longmans.

Aspiration of a devout soul expressed in words
of the Psalter, or psalms of David: selec-
tions from the Psalms arranged according to
subject, with preface, by Herbert C. Pollock.
O. 10-166p. $1. '98. Longmans.

Assayers' and miners' text-book. Fisk, J. H. $2.50. J. K. Gill Co.

Assayer's guide. Lieber, O. M. $1.50. Baird.
Assaying, Manual of. Brown, W. L. $2.50;
lea. $3. E. H. Sargent.

Assimilative memory. Loisette, A. net $2.50.

Associate hermits. Stockton, F. R. $1.50. Har-


See also Charities, Church institutions, Col-
leges, Insurance, Secret societies, Religious
Year-book of the Michigan society of the
sons of the American Revolution.
Sons of the American Revolution.
Assyria, Religion of. See Jastrow, M., Jr.
Assyrian, First steps in. King, L. W. net $5.

Assyrian and Babylonian letters belonging to
the K collection of the British Museum.
Harper, R. F. 4v. ea. $6. Univ. of C.
Aston. W: G: A history of Japanese litera-
D. 11-408p.
(Short histories
of the literatures of the world.)
Astonishing history of Troy town. Couch, A.
T: Q. $1.25. Scribner.
Astor, W: Waldorf.



Valentino: an historical romance. D. 75c. (Scribner's popular ser. of copyright novels.) '99. Scribner.

Astray in the forest, and The boy hunters.
Ellis, E: S. $1. Cassell.


Gospel of the stars.


Hingston, J. $1. Con


Heliocentric astrology.

$1.50. McKay.

Medical astrology, Treatise on.

H. W. White, F.,

and Hollingsworth, R. 50c. F. White.
Solar biology. Butler, F. $5. Casper.
Universe is a book of condensed thought.
Stowe, L.E. $ Astrological Pub.Co.

See Alamanacs, Astrology. Navigation.
Annals of the Lowell observatory. Lowell, P.
and others. v.1. net $10. Houghton.
Astronomy. Clerke, A. M.. Fowier, A. and
Gore, J. E. hf. lea. $2. Appleton.
Astronomy: the sun and his family. Wright,
J. MacN. 50c. Penn.

Earth and the sky. Holden, E: S.
28c. Appleton.

Elementary astronomy.

$1.20. Holt.

bds. net

Holden, E: S. net

Elements of practical astronomy. Campbell,
W. W. net $2. Macmillan.

Family of the sun. Holden, E: S. net 50c.

Geodetic astronomy, Text-hook of Hayford,
J: F. $3. Wiley.
Heavens, The.


Guillemin, A. $2.50. Mac

Laboratory manual in astronomy. Byrd, M..
E. $1.25. Ginn.

New astronomy for beginners. Todd. D. P.
$1.30. Am. Bk. Co.

Observations taken at Dumraon, Behar, In-
dia. during the eclipse of 22d January,
net $3.50.
1898. Campigneulles, V. de.

Outlines of astronomy. 35e. Graham, A. J.
Recent advances in astronomy. Fison, A. H.
$1.25. Stone.

[blocks in formation]

ter and Putnam. Story of the eclipses. Appleton.

Chambers, G. F. 40c.

Sun's place in nature. Lockyer, Sir J. N. net $2.75. Macmillan.

Text book of general astronomy. Young, C: A. hf. mor. $2.75. Ginn.

Tides and kindred phenomena in the solar system. Darwin, G: H. $2. Houghton. Total eclipses of the sun. Todd, M. L. $1. Little.

Wonders of the sky. Russell, W. J. 50c. Christian Pub.

Astrup, Eivind. With Peary near the pole; tr. from the Norwegian by H. J. Bull. O. il. from photo. and sketches by the author; 4-362p. $3.50. '98. Lippincott.

At a winter's fire. Capes, B. $1.25. Doubleday.
At Aboukir and Acre. Henty, G: A. $1.50.

At dawn of day. Greenough, J. A. B.


At early candle light, and other poems. McIntyre, R. net $1. Curts.

At Erato's fane. O'Hara, J: M. $1.25. Mayer & Miller.

At friendly point. Scott, G. F. $1.25. Mansfield.

At last. Harland, M. $1.50. pa. 25c. Dillingham. At opening doors. Benning, H. $1.25. Am. Tract.

At sea and in port. Gill Co.

Hines, H. K. $1. J. K. At the Bluebell inn. Fletcher, J. S. 75c. Rand. At the court of Catherine, the Great. Whishaw, F: $1.25. Stokes.

At the evening hour. Warfield, E. D. 75c. Westminster.

At the foot of the mountain. Logue, E. R. 50c. Kilner.

At the seige of Havana. Otis, J. $1.50. Burt.
At the sign of the silver crescent. Prince,
Helen Choate. $1.25. Houghton.
At the wind's will. Moulton, L.. C. $1.25.

At Thompson's ranch. Carter, N. pa. 10c.


At you-all's house. Baskett, J. N. g. t. $1.50. Macmillan.

Ater i sverige. Swenson, C. $2.75; mor. $4. Swedish Book Co.

Athenaeum Press series.

See Burns, R., Collins, W.. Cowper, W:, Gibbon, E:, Landor, W. S.. Shelley. P. B.

Athenian archons of the third and second cenFerguson, W: S. bds.

turies before Christ. net 75c. Macmillan.

Athenian secretaries.

50c. Macmillan.

Ferguson, W: S. net

[blocks in formation]

Athletic League of the Y. M. C. A. of America. Official hand-book. D. 113p. pa. 10c. (Spalding athletic lib., v. 8, no. 96.) '99. Athletic League, N. Y.

Athletics Shearman, M. $3.50; hf. roxb. $5. Longmans.

Atkins, Barton. Modern antiquities: comprising sketches of early Buffalo and the great lakes; also sketches of Alaska. S. 190p. il. $1. '98. Courier Co., Buffalo, N. Y. Atkins, Ja. See Kirkland, W. D. Atkinson, E. H. de V. Text-book of practical solid geometry; for the use of the military students; with folding plates. O. 115p. il. $3.99. Spon.

Atkinson, E:, LL.D., Ph.D. Development of the resources of the southern states: an address to the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, delivered Apr. 14, 1898. 7-56p. pa. n.p. '98. E: Atkinson, Boston. Legal tender in money. Reform Club.

D. 7p. pa. Je. '99.

The science of nutrition; also The art of cooking in the Aladdin oven. D. 240p. $1. '98. Damrell.

Atkinson. G: Francis. Elementary botany. D. 23-444p. il. $1.25. '98. Holt.

Atkinson, Philip. Power transmitted by electricity and applied to the electric motor; incl. electric railyway construction. 2d ed. rev. and enl. D. 244p. $2. '99. Van Nostrand. Atlantic coast. Ammen, D. $1. Scribner. Atlantic reporter. v.38-43. Permanent ed. Sept. 1, 1897-Aug. 23, 1899. O. av. 1175p. sh. ea. $4. (National reporter system, state ser.) '98-99. West.

Atlantic tragedy. Russell, W: C. $1.25. Biddle. Atlas and epitome of operative surgery. Zuck erkandl, O. net $3. Saunders.

Atlas of bacteria pathogenic in man. Shattock, S: G. leatherette. $1. Treat. Atlas of diseases of the larynx. Grunwald, L. net $2.50. Saunders.

Atlas of external diseases of the eye. Ramsey. A. M. hf. mor. net $20. Macmillan.

Atlas of internal medicine and clinical diagnosis: the first of a series to be issued on different subjects. 260p. 68 pl. net $3. '98. Saunders.

Atlas of legal medicine.

$3.50. Saunders.

Hofmann, E. v. net

Atlas of methods of clinical investigation. Jakob, C. $5. Saunders.

Atlas of syphilis and venereal diseases. Mracek, F. net $3.50. Saunders.

Atlas of the world: historical, descriptive, statistical, topographical, commercial, political. F. 320p. maps of all countries, $4: hf.rus. $6. '98. Rand.

Atlas of urinary sediments. Rieder, H. net $6. Lippincott.

Atlas: universal travellers' and general business code. D. 726p. $5. '99. Watkins Universal Shipping Code Office,39 BroadSt.,N.Y. Atonement. Paton, J: H. pa. 10c: per doz., $1. J: H. Paton.


At-one-ment between God and man.
C: T. 60c; pa. 25c. Watch Tower Bible and
Tract Soc.

Attár. Bird parliament. See Jámí. Atterbury, Anson Phelps. Islam in Africa; its effect-religious, ethical and social-upon the people of the country; with F. F. D. 24-208p. $1.25. 99. Putnam. Attfield, J: Chemistry, general, medical, and pharmaceutical. 16th ed. D. 784p. net $2.50. $99. Lea.

Ellinwood. D. 4-351p. $1.50. '98.

A daughter of the vine. D. 3-300p. $1.50. '98. Lane.

- The valiant runaways; with il. by Walter C. Greenough. D. 5-276p. $1.25. '98. Dodd. Athey, H: and Bowers, A. Herbert. With gyves of gold: a novel. D. 274p. $1.50. '98. Dillingham.

Attic philosopher in Paris. Souvestre, E. 75c. Crowell.

Attic theater. Haigh, A. E. $3.10. Oxford. Attitude of Greek tragedians toward art. Huddilston, J: H. $1.25. Macmillan.

Attorneys' and agencies' association. Legal
directory. v.8-9. Jan. 1898, Jan. 1899. 0.
340-30: 342-28p. sh. ea. $2.50; pa. $1.50. 98-
'99. Attorneys' and Agencies Assn., N. Y.
Attraction of the cross. James, J: A. 30c.

Attractive Christ, and other sermons. Mac-
Arthur, R. S. $1. Am. Bap. Pub. Soc.
Attwood, E: L: Text-book of theoretical na-
val architecture: a manual for students of
science classes, and draughtsmen engaged
in shipbuilders' and naval architects' draw-
ing offices. O. 5-295p. 114 diag. $2.50. '99.

Atwater. Joshua. Atwater's American farm-
er's figurer; rev. and improved ed. D. nar.
16-206p. 50c; lea. $1. '99. Fowler & Johnson,
Des Moines, Ia.

Atwater, May R. Stories from the poets: a
reader for the first grade; il. by Jane E.
Combs. S. 110p. bds. 30c. '98. Morse.
Atwood, G: E. Standard school algebra. D.
432p. $1.20. '98. Morse.

-Exercises in algebra. D. 235p. 80c. '98.

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pa. 25c. '98. C. B. Aubery, Milwaukee,

Aubigné, Agrippa d'. See Macdowall, H. C.
Aubrey, Frank. A queen of Atlantis: a ro-
mance of the Carribean sea; il. by D. Mur-
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The devil tree of El Dorado. D. il. $1.25;
pa. 50. 98 Amsterdam

Aubrey, J: Brief lives, chiefly of contempor-
aries, set down by John Aubrey, between
the years 1669 and 1696; ed. from the au-
thor's manuscript by Andrew Clark, M. A.
2v. 0. 20-798p. il. $6.25. '99. Oxford.
Aucassin and Nicolette: a manuscript song-
story of the 12th century; rendered into mod-
ern French by Alexander Bida, and into
English verse and prose by A. Rodney Mac-
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Auf der sonnenseite. Bernhardt, W: ed. 35c.

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and Sandeau, Jules. Le gendre de M.
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Augustan ages. Elton, O. net $1.50. Scribner.
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and the home; authorized by the Evangelical
Lutheran Augustana Synod in North Amer-
ica. S. 271p. maps. 35c. 98. Lutheran Au-
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Augustine. St. Confessions: new tr. with
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75c; lea. $1.25. '98. Stokes,

Same. S. g.t. $1. (Books of the heart.) '98.

Auld lang syne. Burns R. pa. 25c. Mansfield.
Auld lang syne. Müller, (F) Max. $2. Scrib-


Aulnoy. Madame d'. Perrault, C, and oth-
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$1. 99. Little.

Contents: Princess Minikin; Prince Elfin;
Prince Sincere; Blanch and Vermilion; Prince
Desire and Princess Mignonetta: Toads and
diamonds: The beneficent frog: Graciosa and
Percinet: The princess Maia; The white cat;
Babiola: Puss-in-boots: Prince Cherry,

Old French fairy tales. S. 358p. $1. '99.

Aunt Elvira abroad.

Aunt Jane's hero.

Harlow, W: B. 50c. Og-
Prentiss, E.. P. 75c. Ran-


Aunt Louisa's book, of animal stories.
entine, Mrs. L. 50c. Warne.

Aunt Martha's corner cupboard. Kirby, M.
and E.. 40c. Altemus.

Aunt Nabby. Hansell, L. P. E. pa. 50c. Og-

Aunt Polly Shedd's brigade, and other stories.
D. 40p. il. 25c. '99. Werner.

Aunt Susan Jones. McBride, H. E. pa. 15c.

Aurelia, pseud. See Mace, A. G.

Aurelius Antoninus, Marcus. Meditations of
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Same; tr. by B: E. Smith. Tt. 204p. $1.
(Thumb nail ser.) '99. Century.

The golden book, of Marcus Aurelius; tr.
with notes and glossary by Meric Casaubon.
S. g.t. 50c; limp lea. 75c. (Temple classics.)
'98. Macmillan.

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus to himself; an
English translation with introductory study
on Stoicism and the last of the Stoics by Ger-
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Thoughts. D. $1. (Golden books.) '99. Little.
Auringer, O. C. and Smith, J. Oliver. The
Christ; a poetical study of his life from Ad-
vent to Ascension. O. 6-106p. il. $1. '98. Put-

[blocks in formation]


Contents: Sense and sensibility, 2v. 249; 297p.
Pride and prejudice. 2v. 275; 287p. Emma, 2v.
318; 314p. Mansfield park. 2v. 308; 310p. North-
anger Abbey. 303p. Persuasion. 328p. Lady
Susan, The Watsons; with a memoir by J. E.
Austin. 349p. Letters of Jane Austen; ed. by
S.. Chauncey Woolsey. 10-333p.

Novels: ed. by Reginald Brimley Johnson.
10v. S. g.t. col. il. $10, sold in sets only. '98.

Same. 10v. Temple ed. S. col. front. limp
lea. $8. Sold only in sets. '99. Macmillan.
Novels. Winchester ed. 10v. por. 31 photo.
subs. ea. $3.50; 4 lev. $7. '99. Taylor.
Emma. D. $1. (Golden books.) '99. Little.
Same. D. il. $2. '98. Stokes.
Letters of Jane Austen.
75c. Little.

Woolsey, S.. C.

Mansfield Park. D. $1. (Golden books.)
'99. Little.

Same. D. il. $2. '98. Stokes.

Northanger Abbey; and Persuasion. D.
21-444p. il. $1.50; peacock ed. $2. '98. Mac-

Pride and prejudice. 75c. (Waldorf lib.)
'99. Crowell.

Same. D. $1. (Golden books.) '99. Little.
Sense and sensibility. D. front. g.t. 75e.
(Waldorf lib.) '99. Crowell.

Same. D. $1. (Golden books.) '99. Little.
Same. D. il. $2. '98. Stokes.

Jane Austen, her contemporaries and her
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See Dobson, A.

Austen, W. C. Roberts. An introduction to the
study of metallurgy, 4th ed. rev. and enl. 0.
$5. '98. Lippincott.

Canada's metals: a lecture delivered at the
Toronto meeting of the British Association
for the advancement of science, Aug. 20. '97.
O. 46p. net. 75c. '98. Macmillan.

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