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Printed by WILLIAM CLOWES and Sons, Duke Street, Stamford Street,

and Charing Cross.




1.- The Life and Letters of Lord Macaulay. By his Nephew,

George Otto Trevelyan, M.P. In Two Volumes.

London, 1876

II.--1. A History of British Forest-Trees, Indigenous and

Introduced. By Prideaux John Selby, F.L.S., &c.

London, 1842.

2. Trees and Shrubs for English Plantations. By

Augustus Mongredien. With illustrations. London,


3. The Forester. A Practical Treatise on the Planting,

Rearing, and General Management of Forest-Trees.

By James Brown, LL.D. 4th edition. Ediuburgh

and London, 1871.

4. Arboriculture. A Practical Treatise on Raising and

Managing Forest-Trees. By John Grigor, the Nurse-

ries, Forres, N.B. Edinburgh, 1868.

5. The Trees of Old England. By Leo H. Grindon.

London, 1870. 2nd edition.

6. The Parks, Promenades, and Gardens of Paris. By

William Robinson, F.L.S. London, 1869.

7. Timber and Timber Trees. By Thomas Laslett,

Timber Inspector to the Admiralty. London, 1875 50

III.-1. Boswell's Life of Johnson. Edited by the Right

Hon. John Wilson Croker. New Edition. London,


2. Essays on the Early Period of the French Revolution.

By the late Right Hon. John Wilson Croker. Re-

printed from the Quarterly Review,' with additions

and corrections. London, 1857 - - - - 83

IV.-1. The Orkneyinga Saga; translated from the Icelandic

by Jon A. Hjaltalin and Gilbert Goudie. Edited,

with Notes and Introduction, by Joseph Anderson,

Keeper of the National Museum of the Antiquaries of

Scotland. Edinburgh, 1873.

2. Rude Stone Monuments in all Countries; their Age

and Uses. By James Fergusson. London, 1872 - 126

V.-Life, Letters, and Journals of George Ticknor. 2 vols.

Boston, 1876 - - - - - - - - 160

VI.-1. Lectures on some Recent Advances in Physical Science.



By Professor P. G. Tait, Professor of Natural Philo-

sophy in the University of Edinburgh. 1876.

2. On Geological Dynamics. By Sir William Thomson,

LL.D., F.R.S. Transactions of the Geological Society

of Glasgow,' 1869.

3. On Geological Time. By Sir William Thomson,

LL.D., Geological Society of Glasgow. 1868.

4. Sur le Ralentissement du mouvement de Rotation de

la Terre. Par M. Delaunay. Paris, 1866.

5. Climate and Time. By James Croll. H.M. Geo-

logical Survey of Scotland. London, 1875.

6. Principles of Geology. By Sir Charles Lyell. 14th

Edition. London, 1875 -


VII.-1. Myths and Songs from the South Pacific. By the

Rev. W. W. Gill, B.A., of the London Missionary

Society. With a Preface by F. Max Müller, M.A.

London, 1876.

2. Polynesian Mythology, and Ancient Traditional His-

tory of the New Zealand Race. By Sir George Grey,

late Governor-in-Chief of New Zealand. London,


3. Te Ika a Maui; or New Zealand and its Inhabitants.

By the Rev. Richard Taylor, M.A., F.G.S. Second

edition. London, 1870.

4. Traditions and Superstitions of the New Zealanders.

By Edward Shortland, M.A. Second edition. London,


5. Die Wandersagen der Neuseeländer und der Maui-

mythos. Von G. Schirren. Riga, 1856 -

- 232

VIII.–1. The American Genealogist; being a Catalogue of

Family Histories and Publications containing Genea-

logical Information issued in the United States.

Arranged chronologically by William H. Whitmore.

Third edition. Albany, 1875.

2. Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the American

Revolution, with an Historical Essay. By Lorenzo

Sabine. 2 vols. Boston, 1864.

3. The Old Streets of New York under the Dutch. A

Paper read before the New York Historical Society

by J. W. Gerard. New York, 1875.

4. Puritan Politics in England and New England. A

Lecture delivered before the Lowels Institution by

Edward E. Hale. Boston, 1869.

5. The Rise of the Republic of the United States. By

Richard Frothingham. Boston, 1873


IX.-1. Navy Estimates, 1835–6 to 1876–7.

2. Hansard's Parliamentary Debates, 1835 to 1876.

3. Report on Army, Navy, and Ordnance Estimates,




I.-1, A Description of the Villa of Mr. Horace Walpole,

Youngest Son of Sir Robert Walpole, Earl of Orford,

at Strawberry Hill, near Twickenham, Middlesex.

With an Inventory of the Furniture, Pictures, Curi-

osities, &c. Strawberry Hill : printed by Thomas


2. The Letters of Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford.

Edited by Peter Cunningham. Now first Chrono-

logically arranged. In Nine Volumes. London,


- 303

II.-1. Tales and Traditions of the Eskimo, with a Sketch of

their Habits, Religion, Language, and other Pecu-

liarities. By Dr. Henry Rink, Director of the Royal

Greenland Board of Trade, Translated from the

Danish by the Author, and Edited by Dr. Robert

Brown; with numerous illustrations, drawn and en-

graved by Eskimo. London, 1875

- 346

III.—1. Letters and other Writings of the late Edward Deni-

son, M.P. Edited by Sir Baldwin Leighton, Bart.

London, 1872.

2. Our New Masters. By Thomas Wright (the Journey-

man Engineer). London, 1873.

3. The Seven Curses of London. By James Greenwood.

4. Pauperism: its Causes and Remedies. By Henry

Fawcett, M.A., M.P. London, 1871.

And other Works

. 373

IV.-1. Eight Months at Rome during the Vatican Council :

impressions of a Contemporary. By Pomponio Leto.

Translated from the original. London, 1876.

2. De Hebræorum et Christianorum sacrâ Monarchiâ: et

de infallibili in utrâque Magisterio. In tres partes

divisa. Editio altera. Per Professorem Aloisium

Vincenzi. Romæ, ex typographiêu Vaticanâ, 1875 - 402

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