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(The pages follow :) TABLE I.—Comparative summary of appropriations and appropriation estimates

(figures adjusted by action of the House on pay supplementals)

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TABLE II.-Summary of budgeted positions, 1965, 1966, and 1967

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Salaries and expenses, Library of Congress.
Salaries and expenses, Copyright Office.
Salaries and expenses, Legislative Reference Service.
Salaries and expenses, distribution of catalog cards.
Salaries and expenses, hooks for the blind.
Salaries and expenses, organizing and microfilming the papers

of the Presidents.
Preservation of motion pictures.
Collection and distribution of Library materials (special for-
eign currency program):
U.S. personnel
Native personnel.




10 101

10 114

15 169


2, 400



NOTE.-The total number in each instance includes the full-time equivalent of part-time positions.

Salaries and Legislative | Distribution | Books for the Special
expenses, cont Reference of catalog neral Books for the foreign Total
Library of ce Service cards collections blind currency
Congress program
To maintain present level of staff and service in 1967:
In-grade increases, * board increases, and reallocations
(including personnel benefits)------------------------- $183,824 $32,495 $45,446 $51,574 $319, 136
Annualization of pay increase (including personnel
benefits)----------------------------------------------- 137,970 19,600 30, 300 24,800 -------------- 216, 170
Provide for full financing of Monthly Index of Russian
Accessions (including personnel benefits)-------------- 102.200 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 162,200
Subtotal --------------------------------------------- 483,994 52,095 75,746 76,374 |-------------- 9,297 -------------- 697, 506
To meet increased prices: Printing and binding, increased
charges by Government Printing Office-------------------- 4,700 --------------|-------------- 22,000 --------------|---------------------------- 26,700
Total to maintain present operating level-------------- 488,694 52,095 75,746 98.374 ||-------------- 9,297 -------------- 724, 206
To meet increased workload, to strengthen service, and to
reduce arrearages:
Salaries, new positions----------------------------------- (58) 370,890 (25) 131, 191
Personnel benefits, new positions---------- 28,244 1

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LIBRARY of Congress

TABLE III.-Summary of increases and decreases requested, fiscal year 1967

Books and library materials
Commercial binding-----

Automation study----
Printing of publications--
other contractual services--
Printing forms.

rental of space-----------------------------------------
Books in braille---
Sound reproductio

Taiking book machines

Total to meet increased workload, etc.-----------------


Total increases, annual appropriations----------------



TABLE III.--Summary of increases and decreases requested, fiscal year 1967-Continued

Salaries and

Library of




Distribution Books for the
of catalog general

cards collections

Books for the






- $528

2, 347, 300


$430, 800

$463, 700


415, 400

Sound reproductions.
Accident compensation

Net increases, annual appropriations...
Collection and distribution of library materials (special
foreign currency program):

Foreign currencies
U.S. dollars.

Total increases, special foreign currency program.
Net increases

2, 347, 300

193, 500

430, 800

463, 700


415, 400

Native personnel.

NOTE.--Appropriations with no increase: "Books for the Law Library," $125,000 ; "Organizing and microfilming the papers of the President," $112,800; "Preservation o motion pictures," $50,000.

Mr. ANDREws. Dr. Mumford, the committee will get into the details of the requests that you have highlighted, but we might take a few minutes to orient ourselves to the general situation.


We assume the Library is becoming more crowded every day as materials continue to come in, is that correct?

Dr. MUMFORD. Yes, sir.

Mr. ANDREws. We also assume you are becoming more cramped for space as you have grown with funds given you by Congress in the last several years, is that correct?

Dr. MUMFORD. Yes it is.

Mr. ANDREws. And this budget, as you .. calls for more, yet you are several years away from your new building at best?

Dr. MUMFORD. Yes, sir.


Mr. ANDREws. As we understand it, the new Higher Education Act passed last year and for which supplemental finuds are in the pending supplemental bill for 1966 authorizes a rather substantial boost in the program of the Library of Congress, and the Labor-HEW bill adopted in the House last week, under that bill I believe you are scheduled to get $3,000,000 for 1967 in addition to $300,000 in the pending supplemental for 1966?

Dr. MUMFORD. That is correct.

Mr. ANDREws. These are large amounts in relation to your regular budget in the bill before us today. I wish you would take a few minutes and briefly relate the two and explain the much enlarged operation and its objectives.


But before you start, let me ask you this: Will that $3,000,000 that you are scheduled to get under the bill the House passed last week for 1967 be in addition to the $31,146,000 total that you are requesting from this committee?

Dr. MUMFORD. Yes, sir.

Mr. ANDREws. That would give you, then, if this committee were to approve your request, approximately $34.1 million for the operation of the Library 7

Dr. MUMFORD. Something like that. It would be the $31,146,000 plus the $3 million.

Mr. ANDREws. That would be $34,146,000.

What other money would you have coming into your funds by way of reimbursements, et cetera?

Mr. MUMFORD. We have money that is transferred from other agencies to perform work for them because we have the necessary collections and the Library is the only agency that can do the work required. The total income, from all sources, is included in the appendix to our justification book, including gifts and trust funds as well as transfers from other agencies.

Mr. ANDREws. What page is that?

Mr. RossITER. A-2.

Mr. Andrews. We will insert this page A-2 in the record at this point.

(The page follows:)

[blocks in formation]

! Includes $477,700 supplemental request for pay increase (H. Doc. 405). : Includes $880,000 budget amendment (H. Doc. 431).

Mr. ANDREWS. This shows for 1967 your total funds available from all sources will be $41,982,360.

Dr. MUMFORD. Yes, sir.

Mr. ANDREWS. Does that include the $3 million that we mentioned as being in the Labor-HEW bill?

Dr. MUMFORD. No, sir; it does not. We do not have that money as yet and it is not appropriated directly to us.

Mr. Andrews. But if you get it, that would be a total of $14,982,360 ?
Dr. MUMFORD. Yes, sir.
Mr. ANDREWs. Is that all?
Dr. MUMFORD. Yes, sir.

Mr. ANDREWS. This chart shows that for 1966 your total funds available from all sources are $36,792,828. This is May of fiscal year 1966. How firm is that figure?

Mr. RossiTER. It is very firm, Mr. Chairman.

Mr. ANDREWS. You do not anticipate any further income or funds available ?

Mr. RossITER. No, sir. The only thing would be the $300,000 in the pending supplemental.

Mr. ANDREWS. If that is approved, then your total funds available for 1966 would be $37,092,828 ?

Mr. RossITER. That is right, sir.

Mr. ANDREWS. And the total funds available in 1965 from all sources as shown on this chart were $35,965,207. Was that a correct figure?

Mr. ROSSITER. Yes, sir.


Mr. Andrews. Doctor, I believe you stated you are asking for 58 new positions ?

Dr. MUMFORD. Under the appropriations title, “Library of Congress, salaries and expenses."

Mr. ANDREWS. How are these 58 employees designated ?

Dr. MUMFORD. Some of them are in the Processing Department, which is concerned with the acquisition and organizing of material,

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