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Page 85 - Whosoever, being a director, manager, or public officer of any body corporate or public company shall make, circulate, or publish, or concur in making, circulating, or publishing, any written statement or account which he shall know to be false in any material particular, with intent to deceive or defraud any member, shareholder, or creditor of such body corporate or public company, or with intent to induce any person to become a shareholder or partner therein, or to intrust or advance any property...
Page 159 - The Commission may, in its discretion, prescribe the forms of any and all accounts, records, and memoranda...
Page 177 - ... the amounts expended for improvements each year, how expended, and the character of such improvements; the earnings and receipts from each branch of business and from all sources; the operating and other expenses; the balances of profit and loss; and a complete exhibit of the financial operations of the carrier each year, including an annual balancesheet.
Page 177 - Such annual reports shall show in detail the amount of capital stock issued, the amounts paid therefor, and the manner of payment for the same; the dividends paid, the surplus fund, if any, and the...
Page 177 - June thirtieth, and shall be made out under oath and filed with the commission at its office in Washington within three months after the close of the year for which the report is made, unless additional time be granted in any case by the commission...
Page 177 - Commission may, within its discretion, for the purpose of enabling it the better to carry out the purposes of this Act, prescribe (if in the opinion of the Commission it is practicable to prescribe such uniformity and methods of keeping accounts) a period of time within which all common carriers subject to the provisions of this Act shall have, as near as may be, a uniform system of accounts, and the manner in which such accounts 'shall be kept.
Page 177 - SEC. 20. That the Commission is hereby authorized to require annual reports from all common carriers subject to the provisions of this act, to fix the time and prescribe the manner in which such reports shall be made, and to require from such carriers specific answers to all questions upon which the Commission may need information.
Page 82 - It shall be lawful for the auditors to employ such accountants and other persons as they may think proper, at the expense of the company, and they shall either make a special report on the said accounts or simply confirm the same ; and such report or confirmation shall be read, together with the report of the directors, at the ordinary meeting.
Page 78 - The directors shall cause full and true accounts to be kept of all sums of money received or expended on account of the company by the directors and all persons employed by or under them...
Page 128 - A LARGE DAILY TASK. Each man in the establishment, high or low, should daily have a clearly defined task laid out before him. This task should not in the least degree be vague nor indefinite, but should be circumscribed carefully and completely, and should not be easy to accomplish.

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