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CHAP perhaps, or one of the other grains. not inherit a divine kingdom, nor CHAP ". But God giveth it a body, as it will corruption inherit the incor

XVI. 39 pleaseth hiin, and to every seed its ruption of it.

peculiar body. All flesh is not the Behold! I tell you a mystery : 51 same flesh ; but there is one flesh of we shall not Sall die indeed, but Circum

at stances ate men, and another flesh of beasts, we shall be changed in a moment,

and another of birds, and another in the glance of an eye, at the last coming of 40 of fishes. There are also heavenly trumpet ; for the trumpet will Christ.

Mitt. bodies, and earthly bodies, but the sound, and the dead will be rais

xxiv. 35. brightness of the heavenly is one, ed incorruptible, and we shall ***

and that of the earthly is another. I be changed; for this corruptible 53 41 There is one brightness of the sun, must be clothed with incorrup

and another brightness of the moon, tion, and this inortal must be and another brightness of the stars; clothed with immortality. But 54 nay, even one star differeth from when this corruptibles all be clothanother star in brightness.

ed with incorruption, and this morSo will the resurrection of the tal shall be clothed with immortaand what virtuous dead also be. Man is in tality, then will that scripture be

hey this world sown unto corruption ; fulfilled, “ Death is swallowed up Isaiah will have.

xxv. &. he is to be raised in incorruption; in victory.” O grave, where is Hosea

he is sown in dishonour, he is to be thy victory? O death where is thy xiii, 14. 43 raised in glory; he is sown in weak- sting? The sting of death is sin; 56

ness, he is to be raised in power ; and the power of sin is the law. 44 he is sown an animal body, he is to But thanks be to God who giveth 57

be raised a spiritual body. There us the victory over death through

45 is an animal body, and there is a our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, 58 Genesis, spiritual body ; and thus saith the my beloved brethren, be ye stedii. 7. scripture, “ The first man Adam fast, iminoveable, always abound

became a living animal :" but the ing in the work of the Lord, know

last Adam is a spirit that givething that your labour will not be in 46 life. The spiritual, however, was vain in the Lord. not first, but the animal, and after- Be watchful, stand fast in the CHAP,

XVI. 47 ward the spiritual. The first a man faith, show yourselves men, be

from the ground was dust: the se- strong, let all things be done by Exhorta.. cond a man from heaven is heaven-you in love. The salutation of me

tion to vi. 48 ly. They that are earthy are like Paul, with my own hand. If any &c.

the Adam of the ground, and they man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, Conclusion.

that are heavenly will be like him let him be separated from you. 49 from heaven ; and as we have Our Lord is coming. The favour 23

borne the likeness of the earthy of our Lord Jesus Christ be with

man, we shall also bear the like you. My love be with you all in 24 30 ness of the heavenly. I mean this, Christ Jesus. Amen.

brethren, that flesh and blood can


1 As God has prepared suitable bodies He means, that some will be found alive
for his creatures, birds, beasts, fishes, &c. at the coming of Christ, who shall be chang-
so we may be assured he will for Christians, cd without undergoing death.
when they rise from the dead.

• As it gives men a strong sense of their
The divinely commissioned Christ. sinfulness, by their proneness to transgress it.





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able to ad.

AP. DAUL, an apostle of Jesus Christ, ledge ; and I hope will acknow. CHAP. 1.

1 by a divine appointment, and ledge to the last, even unto the day The ad Timothy our brother, unto the of our Lord Jesus Christ ; for ye in 14

church of God which is in Co- turn acknowledge us to be your rinth, and to all the saints in boast, as ve are ours. 2 Achaia: favour be to you and peace Now, thanks be to God who CHAP. from God our Father, and our Lord | leadeth us in triumph always in ' Jesus Christ.

Christ, and maketh known by our and the 3 Blessed be the God and Father means the sweet odour of his know

ness of it The apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ ! the Fa- ledge in every place. For we are before that he has ther of mercies and God of all com- a sweet odour of Christ unto : God God. both receiv- fort : who giveth us · comfort in among those that are saved, and ed, and is every affliction, so that we are able among those that are lost ; to the 16 minister

14- to comfort those that are in any af- one à deadly savour unto death, comfort. fliction by that comfort with which to the other, a living savour unto

5 we are comforted by God. For as life, according to the suitableness of

the sufferings of Christ abound in each. For we are not like many 17

us, so doth our comfort also abound who adulterate the word of God,
6 through Christ. For if we be af- but we speak in Christ, as of since-

flicted, it is for your encourage-rity, as of God, and as in the pre- u
ment, and salvation, and if we be sence of God.
comforted, it is also for your en- Wherefore, as we have been gra- CHAP.
couragement, which showeth jtself|ciously entrusted with this minis-
by your enduring the same suffer- I try of being apostles, we continue The apos-
ings that we also do.

not in what is wrong, but have re-of

7. preach 12 For we glory in this testimony of nounced the hidden things of themares our conscience, that with the great-shame, not walking in craftiness, selves, but rity with est simplicity and purity, not with nor emploving the word of God de- arist which he worldly wisdom, but with the ut- ceitfully, but by the manifestation 2 preached most kindness of behaviour, we of the truth, recommending oursgospel, have behaved ourselves in the world, selves to every man's conscience in 13 and more particularly to you. For the sight of God. (Now, if our 3

we write to you no other things gospel also be hid, it is hid through
than what ye know, and acknow-ihose destructive sins by which the

es did not

Declares the sin


,1 The apostle having written his first of Macedonia, about October, A. D. 57.
epistle to the Corinthians to try what power The main business of both epistles is, to take
he had still with that church, in which there off the people from their new leaders, and
was a great faction against him, was in pain wholly to put an end to the faction and dis-
until he found what success it had. But order which they had caused in the church
when he had received an account by Titus, at Corinth.
of their repentance, in consequence of his . Part of his comfort arose from the good
former letter, of their submission to his or effect which his former epistle had on the
ders, and of their good disposition towards minds of the Corinthians.
him, he takes courage, speaks of himself! 3 The apostle means, that his labours,
more freely, and justifies himself more bold-whether successful or unsuccessful, were ac-
ly. This epistle was written from some part ceptable to God.


ce in a

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CHAP. 'god of this present age hath for a moment, worketh for us a very CHA).

blinded the eyes of the unbeliev- exceeding and everlasting weight" 4 ers; so that the brightness of this of glory. For we consider not the 18

glorious gospel of Christ, who is things which are seen, but the the image of God, shine not upon things that are not seen : for the 5 them.) For we preach not our things that are seen, are only for a selves, but Jesus Christ our Lord, time: but the things that are not and ourselves your servants for Je- seen are eternal. 6 sus' sake ; because that God, who For we know, that if this tent CHAP,

commanded light to shine out of wherein we dwell, which is fixed V. darkness, hath shined in our hearts, on the ground, be taken to pieces, Full conf. to enlighten us with the knowledge we have a divine building, an house de

s better life of that brightness of God which is not made with hands, eternal in the supported

on the face of Jesus Christ. heavens. For indeed in this tent the apos

7.We have, however, this treasure we sigh with an earnest desire of tles ; Weakness in earthen vessels, that the extraor- clothing ourselves with that heaven- ? tles dis

Se dinary power which we exercise in ly habitation ; if indeed, when we 3 played the spreading the gospel, may in every have stripped ourselves, we shall power of thing appear to be from God, and not be found ' naked. For truly 4 God;

not from ourselves. We are press- we who are in this tent groan with 8 ed, but not straitened; perplexed, the weight thereof, not that we 9 but not in despair ; persecuted, but wish so much to put off this, as to

not forsaken ; cast down, but not put on another, that mortality may
Jo destroyed ; bearing about every be swallowed up by life. Now, he 5

where the deadly marks of the who will accomplish for us this
Lord Jesuis on our body, that the very thing, is God, who hath given

life also of Jesus may be displayed us the pledge of the spirit. There-6
11 in the same body. For we who fore we are always of good courage,

are alive are constantly delivered though we know that whilst we
over unto death, that the life of Je- continue in the body we are absent

sus also may be displayed in this from the Lord; (for we walk by 7
12 mortal body : so that death show-faith and not by sight) ; we are 8

eth itself in us, but life in you. of good courage, I say, and desir

13 Now, having that spirit of faith ous rather to be absent from the Psalm spoken of in scripture, “ I believed body, and to be present with the CXVI. 19. and therefore spake;" we also be Lord. So then it is our ambition, 9

14 lieve, and therefore speak, know- whether present or absent, to be

ing that he who raised the Lord acceptable unto God. For we 10
Jesus to life, will raise up us also by must all appear before the judgment

Jesus, and present us with you. | seat of Christ, that every one may

15 Now, all these sufferings are for receive the things done in his body, and condu- your sakes, that the favour of the according to what he hath done, ced to his glory.

gospel abounding in many, may whether it be good or bad.

make thanksgivings abound also Knowing therefore this terror of who had 16 unto the glory of God. Therefore the Lord, we persuade men, and no

any and any thing we faint not; for thoughouroutward act openly before God, and I trust but the man decay, our inward man is re-appear plainly also to your con-glory of

* God, and 17 newed day by day. For our pre-sciences. For we commend not our

ul. the good of sent light affliction, which is but selves again unto you, but give you mankind.

ew to

* The prevailing turn and temper.
• 1 he human body.

3 Not clothed with an incorruptible body.

14 metastingere cu trat in hear outwards have

by their


CHAP. an opportunity of boasting of us ; | saith, “In the season of acceptance CHAP. 1.

that ye may have somewhat to an- | I have heard thee, and in the V.

swer those who boast in outward day of salvation I have helped The aposa 13 appearance, but not in heart. For, thee.” Behold! now is a time tles ap,

proved if we were extravagant in our most acceptable; behold, now is themselves

boasting, it was to God, and if we the day of salvation. We give no of- as minis14 are moderate, it is for you. For the fence in any thing, that our ministers of

love of Christ is urgent upon us, try be not blamed, but in every re- zeal and

whilst we perceive that as one died spect approve ourselves as minis- sufferings, 15' for all, all then were in a state of ters of God by much patience, by Isaiah;

death, having forfeited life by afflictions, by distresses, by straits,
their sins; and that he died for all, by stripes, by imprisonments, by 5
that those who live, should no wanderings, by labours, by watch-
longer live to themselves, but to ings, by fastings, by purity, by 6
him who died and rose again for knowledge, by long suffering, by

kindness, by a holy temper, by
16 So then, we henceforth know no love unfeigned, by true doctrine, 7
Nothing one after the flesh; and if we have by divine power, by the armour of
under the known even Christ after the flesh, righteousness on the right hand
jospel, but yet now we know him no more in and on the left, through honour and 3
eforma- that respect ; so that if any one be disgrace, through evil report and
ion of
din Christ, he is in a new creation. good report ; as deceivers, and yet 9

inch ife. Old things are passed away, behold, true; as ignorant, but full of know

13 all things are become new from ledge; as dying, and behold we

God, who hath reconciled us to live; as chastened, but not killed ;
himself by Jesus Christ, and hath as sorrowful, but always rejoicing ; 10

given to us the ministry of reconci- as poor, but making many rich;
19 liation : for it is God who is recon- | as having nothing, and yet pos- .

ciling the world unto himself in sessing alĩ things.
Christ, by not imputing their sins Our mouth is opened unto you, II
unto them; and who hath given O Corinthians ! our heart is enlarg- Associating
unto us the doctrine of reconcili- ed. Ye are not straitened in us,"

with idola 20 ation. We are ambassadors there- but ye are straitened in your own bidden.

fore for Christ : as if God were affections. So then, in return, I 13
beseeching you through us, we en- speak as unto children, do ye also

treat you in behalf of Christ, “ Be enlarge yourselves. Be not asso-14 21 ye reconciled unto God;" for heciates with unbelievers; for what

made him, who knew no sin, to be fellowship can righteousness have
treated as one who had committed with iniquity ? and what com-
sin, that we might be justified be- munion hath light with darkness ?
fore God through him.

and what agreement hath Christ 15 JAP. And as fellow labourers with with 3 Belial ? What part then

God, we beseech you also, that this can a believer have with an unbe-
kindness of God, which ye have re- lievers and what consent hath a 16
ceived, be not in vain. For he temple of God with idols ? For ye

leart and



1 For the benefit of all, that all seeing · The gospel affords new instructions, new the noble example of patience under suffer- obligations, ne w motives, and new hopes. ings which he set, and being convinced of 3 A false god, that profiterh not. It is a the truth of his gospel, which he scrupled general name, for all the false gods woranot to die in defence of, might turn from shipped by the idolatrous Gentiles,

theirsins, and be reconciled to God.

lii. 11

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CHAP. are a temple of the living God, as kindness abound unto yourselves, so CHAP

IX. Wh. God hath said, " I will dwell that in every thing, at all times, ye Lev.. among thein, and walk among may have all sufficiency, and abound

WWW.12. them, and I will be their God, and in every good thing, as it is writIsaiah, they shall be my people.” “Where- ten, “ He scattered abroad, he giv. Psalm

fore come out from among them, eth to the poor, his kindness abid-c..9. 18 and separate yourselves, saith the eth for ever.”

Lord, and eat no unclean thing, Try yourselvcs, whether ye be in CHAP, and I will receive you to myself, the faith, examine yourselves. Do II and will be a father unto you, and ve not perceive in yourselves, that and to a ye shall be my sons and daughters, Jesus Christ is in you ? unless yeni

omniece ve right use

of men's saith the Lord Almighty."

are without discernment. I trust, own judga CHAP. Having therefore these promises, however, that ye will be convinced ments.

Wir beloved brethren! let us cleanse that we are not without discernExhorta- ourselves from all defilement of ment. But I pray unto God that 7

boue body and mind, perfecting holi- ye do no evil : I pray not that our
rity, and
to prefer ness in the fear of God. Receive discernment may appear, but that
the apostles us with enlarged affection : we ye may do what is right, even though
before other have done wrong to no one, we we should appear to be without dis-
teachers ;

have corrupted no one, we have cernment. For 'we have no power 8
taken undue advantage of no one. against the truth, but we have for
3 1 speak not this to condemn you : the truth; and we rejoice when we 9

for I have said before, that ye are in are weak, and ye are strong, and
our hearts to die together, and to this is what we pray for, even your
live together.

I perfection. For this cause I write 10 CHAP. Consider the kindness of our ihus, when absent, that I may not

V. Lord Jesus Christ, now, while he use sharpness with you, when preto bene- was 'rich, for your sakes he was sent; according to the authority ficence by ? poor, that ye through his poverty which the Lord hath given me for the exam.

. might be ' rich. He who soweth edification, and not for destruction. Christ ; sparingly, in his bounty to the poor, Finally, brethren, rejoice, make 11 CHAP. will reap also sparingly; and he yourselves complete, encourage each Conclusion IX. who soweth liberally, will reap also other, be of the same mind, live in ing

7 liberally. Let every one give ac- peace, and the God of love and

cording as he chooseth in his heart, peace be with you. The favour of 13 not grudgingly, or by constraint ; the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love

for God loveth a cheerful giver. of God, and the partaking of the 8 Now God is able to make every holy spirit be with you all!

In office, in power of working mira- good.
cles, in knowledge, in the favour of God. Ľ 3 In good works, and in well founded

• Acted like a servant, ministering to the hopes of divine acceptance.
wants of others, and going about doing thein l.

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