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CHAP. is treading out the corn.” Doth, I made myself a slave to all, that CHAP. • God take care for the ox only? I might gain the more. 10 Or doth he certainly say this! Accordingly, to the Jews I be- 20

for our sakes also ? For our came as a Jew, that I might gain Compli.... sakes, no doubt, it was written, the Jews; even to those that are a

others in because the ploughman should under the law, as under the law, indifferent

plough in hope, and the thresher that I might gain those under the matters 11 be in hope of partaking. If we law; to those that are without say have sown in you spiritual things, the law, as without the law, (being tian.

is it a great thing if we shall not without law to God, but under 12 reap your worldly things? If law to Christ) that I might gain those

others partake of this right over that are without the law; to the weak 22

you, ought not we rather? I became as weak, that I might
d a right Nevertheless we have not used gain the weak. I became all things
if the this right, but we endure all to all men, that I may by all
ought things, lest we should give any means save some. And all this I 23
oper. hindrance to the gospel of Christ. I do for the sake of the gospel, that
13 Know ye not that they who per- I may become a joint-partaker

form the services of the temple, with others of the rewards of it.
live by the temple, and that they Do ye not observe of the run- 24
who attend at the altar, are par- ners in a race, that all run, but one In the
takers with the altar. And after only receiveth the prize.

So run Chi

race all may the same manner the Lord hath ye also that ye may win. And win the appointed that the preachers of the every man who contendeth in the prize.

gospel should live by the gos-game, is temperate in all things ; 25 15 pel. But I have used none of now they do it to obtain a corrup

these things; nor do I write thus, tible crown, but we an incorruptithat it should be so done unto ble one. I therefore so run, as one 26 me; for it were better for me to not doubtful of the prize. I so 27 die than that any one should de- fight as not vainly striking the air, prive me of the satisfaction which but I bruise my body, and keep it

I feel from acting as I have under ; lest by any means after 16 done. I cannot glory indeed 'in preaching to others, I myself should

thus preaching the gospel, for be rejected.
necessity is laid upon me: alas ! | Moreover, brethren, I wish you CHAP.

for me, if I preach not the gospel. to observe, that all our fathers were su 17 For if I do this willingly, I have under the cloud which miracuously Outward a reward : but if I am entrusted covered and guided them, and all priveleges

are of no with an office without my con- were' baptized into Moses in the avail with

sent, what is my reward then ? cloud, and in the sea, and all ate out obedi18-I can expect none but by being the same spiritual food, and all ence.

willing to make the gospel of drank the same spiritual drink; for 4 Christ, whilst I preach it, without they drank of the spiritual rock, the charge, in not using to the ut- water of which ? followed them, most my privilege in the gospel. and that rock was a representation 19 For when I was free from ali nien, l of Christ. With most of them, 5

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? Initiated into the law given by Moses, of baptism.
and led to acknowledge his divine mission . That is, they carried some of the water
through the miracles of the cloud and pas- with them in the desert.
sing of the Red Sea, which were expressive

1. I praise your out for the ether in

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CHAP. however, God was not pleased, for I praise you not when I declare CHAR • they were overthrown in the de- this, that your assemblies are not sert. . . for the better, but for the worse Wrong

manner of 6 Now these things are patterns For first, when ye come together in Ged will for us, that we may not lust after the church, I hear that there are di- Lord's punish

Sins hurtful things, as they also lusted, visions among you; and I partly supper, as he fore nor like some of them worship an believe it ; for indeed, there cens merly did image, as is written, “ The peo- ' must be parties among you, that 19

s ple sat down to eat, and to drink, the approved among you may besins. and rose up to dance before the come manifest. So then, when ye 20 Exod., idol.Neither let us commit for- meet together, it is not to eat the XXXü. O. nication, as some of them commit- supper of the Lord; because at the 21

8 ted, and fell in one day three and eating of it, each taketh his own
9 twenty thousand. Nor let us try supper before others, and one is
God, as some of them also tried hungry, and another indulges to

him, and perished by serpents. excess. Have ye not houses to eat 22 10 Neither do ye murmur as some of and to drink in? Or do ye des

them also murmured, and perished pise the house of God, and shame 11 by the destroyer. Now all these the poor? What can I say unto

things befel them, and were written you? Shall I praise you in this?

to admonish us upon whom the 1 praise you not. 12 ends of the ages are come : where- For I have received from the 23

fore, let him who thinketh that he Lord, what I also delivered to you, Its original 13 standeth, beware lest he fall. No that the Lord Jesus, on the night lastitution

trial hath come upon you, but such in which he was delivered up, took
as is common to man; and God bread, and when he had given 24
unay be relied on, that he will not thanks, brake it, and said, “Take,
suffer you to be tried above your cat, this is the representation of
ability, but with the trial will also my body, which is given for you;

give you power to bear its effects. do this in remembrance of me.” In 25 14 Wherefore, my beloved bre- the same manner he took the cup

thren, flee froin idolatry. I speak after supper,and said, “This cup is
as to wise men, judge ye what the representation of the new co-
I say.

venant, confirmed by the shedding 31 Whether ve eat, or whether ye of my blood; this do in rememThe ho- drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all brance of me.” For as often as ye 26 nour of

of to the glory of God. Give no cause eat this bread, and drink this cup, should be of offending to the Jews, or to the ye make a declaration of the Lord's our first Gentiles, or to the church of God; death until he come. Wherefore, 27 object. even as I please all men in all law-whosoever shall eat this bread, or

33 ful things, not seeking iny own ad-drink this cup of the Lord unwor.

vantage, but the advantage of all, thily, he is blameable on account of CHAP, that they may be saved. Be ye the body and blood of the Lord.

imitators of me, as I also am of But let a man try himself, whether 28 Christ.

The rightly understand the nature


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* * Some invisible power.

human nature, parties must be expected • Considering the state and condition of among men,

necessary for che

CHAP. of the ordinance, and eat accord-y writings of Moses and the pro- CHAP. We ingly of that bread, and drink of phets, and to another by the same

XII. 29 that cup; for he that eateth and spirit, faith, or an unshaken confi- 9

drinketh unworthily, eateth and dence in delivering and confirming
drinketh punishment to himself, the doctrines of the gospel, and to

not distinguishing the Lord's another gifts of healing by the same 30 body ; for this cause many of you spirit ; and to another workings of 10

are weakly and sick, and not a few miracles, of various other kinds ; 31 sleep in death. For if ye your- and to another prophecy ; and to

selves had made a difference, ye another discernment of the spirits,

would not have been so punished ; or minds of men ; and to another 32 but this punishment from the Lord different kinds of languages; and

is a lesson to us, that we may not to another the interptetation of lan

be condemned with the world. Iguages. But all these operations 11 33 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, are from this one same spirit, dis

when ye come together to eat this tributing severally to cach, as it 34 supper, wait for each other; and if pleaseth.

any one be hungry, let him eat at For as the body is one, and hath 12

many members, and all the mem- and all as CHAP. Now, concerning spiritual.things, bers of that one body, though maXII.

brethren, I would not have you ig-ny, are but one body, so also is church, as 1 spiri- norant. Yeknow that ye were Gen- Christ ; for we were all baptized in the rem. le from

* tiles carried away to dumb idols, one spirit into one body, whether od; even as ye were led. Wherefore I Jews or Greeks, whether slaves or body.

3 declare unto you, that no one speak- freemen, and all received drink from 14
ing with a divine spirit saith, that the pouring out of the gifts of this
Jesus should be rejected, and no one spirit. For indeed the body is 15
one can say that Jesus is the Lord, not one member, but many, so
4° but by a holy spirit. Now there that, if the foot should say, “Be-

are various distributions of gifts, cause I am not a hand, I am not 5 but the same 4 spirit ; and there are of the body;" is it therefore not of

various distributions of offices, but the body? And if the ear shall 16 6 the same Lord; and there are vari-say, “ Because I am not an eye, I

ous distributions of 5 operations, but am not of the body ;” is it there-
the same God causeth all these ope-fore not of the body? If the whole 17
7 rations in all. And the manifesta- body were an eye, where would be

tion of the spirit is given to every the hearing ; or if the whole were 8 man as it is expedient; for unto hearing, where would be the smell?

one is given by the spirit a word of Accordingly, therefore, God dis- 13
wisdom, or a power of declaring | posed the members severally in the
the real nature of the Christian re- body, as he pleased. And if all the 19
ligion in its full extent, to ano-parts were one member, where
ther, according to the same spirit, would be the body? But as it is, 20
a word of knowledge, or a power there are many members, but only
of confirming and enforcing the one body. So an eye cannot say 21
truths of Christianity, from the to the hand, I have no need of


e for the


The bread which was the representation Or acts of power which the spirit of God
of the Lord s body from a common meal. enabled men to perform.
2 The true Messiah.

6 Or an extraordinary power of speaking
3 Unless he be virtuously disposed, and to the edification, exhortation and consolation
bave a sincere love of truth.'

of men. * The same divine energy or power.

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the whole

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CHAP. thee; nor again, the head to the our prophesying is imperfect; but CHAP. 41186 feet, I have no necd of you. | when perfection is come, then will

27 Now, ye are Christ's body, and these imperfections be done away. 10 Each severally members thereof; and So whilst I was a child, I talked like 11

usc God hath appointed in the church, a child, I had the dispositions of a gift, for the first apostles, secondly prophets, child, I reasoned like a child; but benefit of thirdly teachers, then workers of when I became a man, I left off the whole. miracles, then persons endowed manners of a child. And in this 12 28 with gifts of healing, helpers of life we may well be compared to

the apostles, regulators of Christian children, for now we see as through

assemblies, persons speaking diffe- a din glass, darkly ; but then we 29 rent kinds of tongues. Are all shall see face to face : now I know

apostles ? Are all prophets ? Are in part; but then shall I know,

all teachers? Have all miracles ? even as I am known. And now 13 30 Have all gifts of healing? Do all remaineth in the church faith, hope,

speak with different languages ? | love, these three, but the greatest of
Do all interpret?

these is love.
31 Now ye are ambitious of the Now, I wish you to consider, CHAP.

greater gifts; I will show you, brethren! to what purpose I preach

therefore, a much better way fored those glad tidings which I did The apos CHAP. your ambition : for though i| preach unto you, which also you re

preached, speak with the languages of menceived, and on which ye stand, and as princi Love ex. and of angels, and have not love, I by which ye must be saved ; for if pal points, plained,

the death am but sounding brass or a tinkling ye maintain them not, then yen and recommended. cymbal. And though I have the believed in vain. For I delivered rection of 2 gift of prophecy, and understand all unto you as a principal thing, such Christ.

Isaiah, mysteries, and all knowledge, and as I indeed received it, that Christi though I have all faith, so as to re-Jesús died for our sins according to Daniel, move mountains, but have not love, the scriptures, and that he was ix. 24. 3 I am nothing ; yea, though I be- buried, and that he was raised

stotv all my goods to feed the poor, to life on the third day, accord- 4 and give my body to be burned, ing to the scriptures; and that he Psalm and have not love, it profiteth me was seen by Cephas, and then 4 nothing. Love is forbearing and by the whole number of apostles. liii. 10.

kind; love envieth not ; love is not Afterward he was seen by above five 6 5 rash, nor puffeth itself up, nor be- hundred brethren at once, of whom

haveth unbecomingly, nor seeketh the greater part is yet alive, though 6 its own advantage ; nor is easily some are fallen asleep. Afterwards 7

provoked, nor thinketh upon evil, he was seen by James, and then by nor rejoiceth in falsehood, but re- all the apostles; and last of all he 8 7 joiceth in the truth ; is contented was seen by me also, as by one at all times, full of trust at all times, born out of due time ; for I am the 9

full of hope at all times, patient at least of the apostles, unworthy to 8 all times. This love will never be called an apostle, because I per

fail, whereas prophecy will be done secuted the church of God; but by 10 *Away, languages will be silent, and extraordinary favour I am what I 9 knowledge will be destroyed. Foram ; and this favour of God to

our knowledge is imperfect, and ward me was not in vain, because I


and resur

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» With a clearness proportioned to that by which I am known by superior beings.

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CHAP. laboured more abundantly than they nence, and all authority and power; CHAP. *V. all, yet not I, but the favour of for he will reign until all enemies 11 God, which was with me. Whe-are put under his feet. The great- 26

ther, however, I or they have la- est enemy, even death, shall be de- 27 boured, such is our preaching, stroyed; for all things are put under Psalm, and such was your belief.

the feet of Christ. But when it is cx. 1 12 Since then the resurrection of said, “ all things are put under illy of Christ from the dead, is thus pro- him," it is plain that this is in addi.

claimed, why say some among you tion to their being subject to God, lurrec

that there is no resurrection of the who put all things under Christ. 13 dead ? Now, if there be no 're- And the son himself, when all 2$

surrection of the dead, then Christ these things are put under him, will 14 hath not been raised; and if Christ also be subject to God, who put all

has not been raised, then is our things under him, that God may

preaching vain, and your belief is be every thing among all. 15 also vain. Nay, we are detected! But now, if there be no resurrec- 29

also of false testimony concerning tion, what shall thev do that are Christians God ; because we testified of God baptized in the place of those that w

al most dethat he raised up Christ, whom he are dead? If the dead rise not at ceived

raised not up, if the dead rise not; all, why then are they baptized in and disap.. 16 for if the dead be not raised up, their place? And why stand we al poin

to all men, if neither hath Christ been raised ; so in danger every hour ? I pro- there be ng 17 and if Christ have not been raised, test I die daily, on account of the resurrean · your belief is vain ; ye are yet in boastful confidence which I have 10:44 18 your sins. Then they also, who in Christ Jesus our Lord, And 32

are fallen asleep in Christ are lost ; though I fought, as far as a man 19 and we, since in this life we have could, with men fierce as beasts at

no hope but in Christ, are more Ephesus, what advantage shall I · wretched than all other men. have? If the dead will not be rais

20 But, indeed, Christ hath been ed, let us eat and drink, for to-moresurrec- raised from the dead, and become row we die, Be not deceived; evil 33 brist is, the first fruits of them who sleep ; conversations corrupt good manedge of for since by a man came death, by ners. Be thoughtful as ye ought it's a man also cometh a resurrection of to be, and sin not: for some have er the dead; for as by means of Adam no knowledge of God I speak de 10 all die, even so by means of % Christ this to your shame. 23 will all be made alive ; but each in But sone will say, s Why are the 35

his own order, Christ the first fruits, dead raised up? and with what He shows next they that are Christ's, at his body are they to come! Inconsi- way men

die to live 24 appearance. Then will come the derate man! That which thou agai

end of Christ's kingdom, when he sowest is not brought to life unless 36
shall have delivered up that king- it dię: and that which thou sow- 37
dom to his God and Father, after est, is not sown the body which it
he shall have put down all pre-emi-will be, but a bare grain, of wheat


* If the resurrection be a thing impossible family: Christ was the representative of a
and absurd, as the heathens in general re- spiritual, heavenly, and immortal race.
garded it.

3 The answer which the apostle gives to
By the promises which he gave in the this question, is in effect, " That they may
name of God, to his disciples, and by the have other bodies ;” and to the next question,
exhibition which God made of him alive" That they may have spiritual and incorrupa
from the dead. Adam was the founder and tible bodies,"
representative of an animal, earthly, mortal

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