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IV. Parties:

Rule 17. Parties Plaintiff and Defendant; Capacity:

(a) Real Party in Interest -

(b). Capacity to Sue or Be Sued.-----

(c) Infants or Incompetent Persons.----

Rule 18. Joinder of Claims and Remedies:

(a) Joinder of Claims--------

(b) Joinder of Remedies; Fraudulent Con-


Rule 19. Necessary Joinder of Parties:

(a) Necessary Joinder.-------------------

(b) Effect of Failure to Join.

(c) Same: Names of Omitted Persons and

Reasons for Non-Joinder to be pleaded.

Rule 20. Permissive Joinder of Parties:

(a) Permissive Joinder-----------

(b) Separate Trials.-

Rule 21. Misjoinder and Non-Joinder of Parties

Rule 22. Interpleader---

Rule 23. Class Actions:

(a) Representation -----

(b) Secondary Action by Shareholders -

(c) Dismissal or Compromise.------

Rule 24. Intervention:

(a) Intervention of Right ----

(b) Permissive Intervention.

(c) Procedure.-----

Rule 25. Substitution of Parties:

(a) Death.-------

(b) Incompetency ----


(c) Transfer of Interest...

(d) Public Officers; Death or Separation from


V. Depositions and Discovery:

Rule 26. Depositions Pending Action:

(a) When Depositions May Be Taken -----

(b) Scope of Examination. ----

(c) Examination and Cross-Examination...

(d) Use of Depositions.--

(e) Objections to Admissibility --

(f) Effect of Taking or Using Depositions.--

Rule 27. Depositions Before Action or Pending Appeal:

(a) Before Action:

(1) Petition.----------

(2) Notice and Service..

(3) Order and Examination

... (4) Use of Deposition..

(b) Pending Appeal.-----------

(c) Perpetuation by Action ----

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V. Depositions and Discovery-Continued.

Rule 28. Persons Before Whom Depositions May Be


(a) Within the United States --------

(b) In Foreign countries -------

(c) Disqualification for Interest .----

Rule 29. Stipulations Regarding the Taking of Deposi-


Rule 30. Depositions Upon Oral Examination:

(a) Notice of Examination: Time and Place.

(b) Orders for the Protection of Parties and


(c) Record of Examination; Oath; Objec-


(d) Motion to Terininate or Limit Examina-


(e) Submission to Witness; Changes; Sign-


(f) Certification and Filing by Officer;

Copies; Notice of Filing-------

(g) Failure to Attend or to Serve Subpoena;


Rule 31. Depositions of Witnesses Upon Written Inter-


(a) Serving Interrogatories; Notice--------

(b) Officer to Take Responses and Prepare


(c) Notice of Filing-

(d) Orders for the Protection of Parties and


Rule 32. Effect of Errors and Irregularities in Deposi-


(a) As to Notice ---

(b) As to Disqualification of Officer -------

(c) As to Taking of Deposition.-----

(d) As to Completion and Return of Deposi-


Rule 33. Interrogatories to Parties-----

Rule 34. Discovery and Production of Documents and

Things for Inspection, Copying, or Photo-


Rule 35. Physical and Mental Examination of Persons:

(a) Order for Examination.

(b) Report of Findings.------------------

Rule 36. Admission of Facts and of Genuineness of Doc-


(a) Request for Admission....

(b) Effect of Admission.---...

V. Depositions and Discovery-Continued.

Rule 37. Refusal to Make Discovery: Consequences:

(a) Refusal to Answer---

(b) Failure to Comply With Order:

(1) Contempt.---------

(2) Other Consequences.----

(c) Expenses on Refusal to Admit.-

(d) Failure of Party to Attend or Serve



(e) Failure to Respond to Letters Rogatory.

(f) Expenses Against United States.-------

VI. Trials:

Rule 38. Jury Trial of Right:

(a) Right Preserved.-----------

(b) Demand.---------

(c) Same: Specification of Issues

(d) Waiver..

Rule 39. Trial by Jury or by the Court:

(a) By Jury----

(b) By the Court....

(c) Advisory Jury and Trial by Consent....

Rule 40. Assignment of Cases for Trial..


Rule 41. Dismissal of Actions:

(a) Voluntary Dismissal: Effect Thereof:

. . (1) By Plaintiff; By Stipulation...

(2) By Order of Court --

(b) Involuntary Dismissal: Effect Thereof..

(c) Dismissal of Counterclaim, Cross-Claim,

or Third-Party Claim.--

(d) Costs of Previously-Dismissed Action....

Rule 42. Consolidation; Separato Trials:

(a) Consolidation.----

(b) Separate Trials.-..

Rulo 43. Evidence:

(a) Form and Admissibility-------


(b) Scope of Examination and Cross-Exam-


(c) Record of Excluded Evidence-

(d) Affirmation in Lieu of Oath ---

(e) Evidence on Motions...

Rulo 44. Proof of Official Record:

(a) Authentication of Copy ----

(b) Proof of Lack of Record.--

(c) Other Proof

Rule 45. Subpoena:

(a) For Attendance of Witnesses; Form;


(b) For Production of Documentary Evi-


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VII. Judgment—Continued.
Rule 55. Default-Continued.

(d) Plaintiffs, Counterclaimants, Cross


(e) Judgment Against the United States....
Rule 56. Summary Judgment:

(a) For Claimant.----
(b) For Defending Party ------
(c) Motion and Proceedings Thereon...
(d) Case Not Fully Adjudicated on Motion..
(e) Form of Affidavits; Further Testimony
(f) When Affidavits are Unavailable---

(g) Affidavits Made in Bad Faith.--------
Rule 57. Declaratory Judgments-------
Rule 58. Entry of Judgment....
Rule 59. New Trials:

(a) Grounds -----------------
(b) Time for Motion.---
(c) Time for Serving Affidavits.

(d) On Initiative of Court---..
Rule 60. Relief from Judgment or Order:

(a) Clerical Mistakes.--
(b) Mistake; Inadvertence; Surprise; Ex-

cusable Neglect.-------
Rule 61. Harmless Error.------------
Rule 62. Stay of Proceedings to Enforce a Judgment:

(a) Automatic Stay; Exceptions-Injunc

tions, Receiverships, and Patent Ac

(b) Stay on Motion for New Trial or for

(c) Injunction Pending Appeal.----
(d) Stay Upon Appeal.-
(e) Stay in Favor of the United States or

Agency Thereof.-------
(f) Stay According to State Law-----------

(g) Power of Appellate Court not Limited..
Rule 63. Disability of a Judge.----------
VIII. Provisional and Final Remedies and Special Proceedings:

Rule 64. Seizure of Person or Property ----------- ----
Rule 65. Injunctions: ..

(a) Preliminary; Notice ------
(b) - Temporary Restraining Order; Notice;

Hearing; Duration.--
(c) Security ------------
(d) Form and Scope of Injunction or Re-

straining Order ----
(e) Employer and Employee; Interpleader;

Constitutional Cases.--

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