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Gate; land at Frogs Neck; Skirmish at the White Plains. Foris W'afrington and Le taken, and the whole of York Ifand reduced. JerJeys overrun. Rbode Island reduced.



General conduer of European powers will respect 10 the American troubles.

France. Military preparations. Count de St. Germain placed at the bead of the war department. Musquetaires reduced. Mr. Necker placed at the head of the Finances. Spain. Extraordinary military preparations. Dispute with Portugal. Improvements. Dis overies in the Soutbern Ocean. New Academy. Vienna.

Vienna. Torture abolished. Toleration enlarger. Bobemia pealants on the royal demefnes freed from their former Rate of villainage

. Attempt 10 open a trade with the Eaft Indies, Rujia. Endeavours 10 people the uncultivated parts of the Empirs. Grand Duchess dies. Grand Duke marrie: sbe Princess of Wirtemberg. Porte. Basora taken by the Perfians. Northern kingdoms. Holland.


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Summary of the trial of Elizabeth, filing herself Dutchess of Kingfton, for

bigamy, before the House of Lords of Great-Britain, in Westminster-Hall, on Monday the 15th of April, and the several fiucceeding days.

[-31 Alkort review of Mr. Garrick's theatrical reign, with some particulars of the former part of bis life, &c.

[236 Heads of an a&t pased on the 23d of May, 1776, being the left day of the lap feffion of parliament, for the relief of Insolvent Debtors.

(238 Remarkable address of the prefent Governors and Directors of the poor of the

parißo of Saint Andrew Holborn above the Bars, and Saint Gcorge the Martyr, united, 10 the inbabitants of the said parish.

[241 Some account of the public trials made by David Hartley, Esq; to evince the

efficacy of a new, cheap, and easy method, invented by him, for preserving boufes, hips, &c. from fre; with the proceedings of the Lord Mayor, &c. of London, relative thereto.

(244 Supplies granted for the fervice of the year 1776, with the ways and means for raising them.

(249 Supplies of 1775 and 1776 compared. His majesty's milage to the House of Commons, for a vote of credit. [251

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Petition of the City of London, presented, separately, to both Houses of Par

liament, at the opening of the second feffion of the fourteenth parliament of Great Britain.

(252 Protest of several of the Lords against their House's Address, in answer to ibe

King's Speech, at the opening of the aforesaid Jeffion of parliament. [252 Letter from Commodore Sir Henry Parker, io W. Trich, Ele; Governor of New York.

[255 Proclamation by General Carleton for the relief of fugitive Provincials, after they bad been driven from before Quebec.

[255 Subftane of the Speech made by Sir Fletcher Norton, Speaker of the House of

Commons, to bis Moj lly, previous to that, by wbich bis Majefiy, on the 23d of May, put an end to the second fellion of the 14th parliament of Great-Britain.

[256 The King's most gracious Speech to both Houses of Parliament, on Thursday

the 23d of May, when his Majolly put an end to ibe forefaid fulfion of parliament.

[256 Circular Léttir asritten ly Lord Howe to the Governors of the American

provinces, and an enclosed aeclaration, addresses to the inhabitants; wirb The resolutions and proceedings of the Continental Congress relative to both.

(257 Singular Resolutions agreed to, in the Council of Safety, at Savannab, in

Georgia, to deliroy their holes and shipping raiber than let them fall

into the hands of their enemies. Decree of his mof faithful Majesty the King of Porțugal, relative to the revolt of the Britisó North American colonies.

(260 Suljtance of a Letter, written by the Marquis De Grimaldi, to the Governor

of Bilboa, relative to an American Corjair, which had taken five Englise ibips, and had been detained thereupon at that port, at ibe sequest of the English Vice-Confule

[261 Reasons alligried by the Conringiital Congress, for the American colonies and provinces withdrawing their Allegiance to the King of Great Britain.

[261 Articles of confideration and perpetual union between the united States of America




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Picture of the condition and marrers of the people of Rome, when firf pillaged

by the Barbarians; coleged from different cotemporary writers. Curious particulars relating to the ancient Academy and Philofopbers of

Aibens ; with jure account of the manners, cufloms, &c. of ibe modern inhabitants of that city and its territory.

4 Sketch of the manners and cuficms of the old Mexicans; with some account of their remaining genuine difcendantsa






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Some Account of the late inhabitants of Acadia, in North America, called

hy fome authors Neutral French, but confulcred as rebels by the Britisla government. Singular Adventures of a German Princess, confort of Alexis, the unfortu

nate son of the Czar Peter the Great. A Sketch of the character of the late Gcorge Lord Lyttelton. New Anecdotes of Sir Isaac Navton.

24 An Account of the life and writings of the late David Hume, Esq. 27 Translation of a letter from M. de Voltaire to the King of Prufli, dateil March 30, 1776.

33 Anecdotes of the late Edward IPortley Montagne, El.

34. Anecdotes of the late Rev. George Stubbs und John Straight, authors of several ingenious pieces in prose and verse.

36 Memoirs of the Life of the late Rev. Dr. John Hvadly.

38 Recent Account of the perfon filed in England the Pretender, and in Roma Il Re, or The King.

43 Brief Account of that excellent critic, the late Mr. Jerry Markland. 45 Some Account of the life and writings of the late Mr. Benjamin Stillingsteet

46 Memoirs of the late Mr. Peter Collinson, F. R. S. and S. 4. Some Account of the late celebrated Mr. Ferguson. Memoirs of the late Mr. George Edwards, F. R. S.

55 Some Account of the death, &c of the Abbé Luurence Ricci, General of the

Jefuits at the time of their diffolution; with an authentic copy of a declaraa

tion left by him concerning the crimes imputed to himself and his order. 60 Picture of London and its inhabitants; by the Abbé Raynal


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An account of various experiments, lutely made in France, to ascertain the

truth of Sir Isaac Newton's doctrine, concerning the difference in the gravitation of bodies towards the carth, at different distances, both above and below her surface.

65 Substance of twn curious articles in the Philosophical Transactions for 1778 being

A proposal for measuring the Attraction of some Hills in this Kingdom by Aftronomical Observations;" and " An Account of Obs"servations made on the Mountain of Schehallien in Scotland, for finding its Attraction;" ivy the Rev. Nevil Ma/kelyne, D. D. F. R. S.

68 Parallel between the Old and New Worlds, with regard to extent, fitua

tion, climate, foil, inhabitants, &c. by the Abbé Raynal Experiments on water obtained froin the melted ice of fea-nvator; also Er

periments to find the degree of colil in which sea-water begins to freeze. 76 A Comparison of the heat of London and Edinburgh,

81 An Account of some curious experiments tried lately

, with very great degrees of heat anil cold, on animal and vegetable boilies. Two cases of great futness and fomnolency, treated by Dr. Fothergill

. 93 Some account of a very remarkable medical case, in which all the bones, par. ticulary those of the thighs and legs, lost their folidiry.


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Some account of a new species of mortification, and of the extraordinary effi

cacy of opium in the cure of it. An account of some experiments tried on the urine of a man about thirty-three,

labouring under a confirmed diabetes, with the very extraordinary result

thereof. Singular instances of a revived, or newly discovered, property in carrots

, grateel and reduced in a poultice, to subdue tħe intolerable Nench,' and abate the great pain, attending cuncerous ulcers; and of wort, or the infufion of

malt, to cure the said desperate complaints. Physical obfervations on the surprising efficacy of salt, in feeding, fattening,

and multiplying cattle, and, of course, improving land. The highest exertions of human art in Mofaic work, compared with the Mo. Jaic work of the wing of a butterfly.




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On the air properest for persons labouring under consumptions, or chronic

difcases of the lungs, in the several fealons of the year, particularly in the neighbourhood of London; and on the use and abuse of exercise, milk, and Spirits, in the fume complaints. A relation of fome of the moft fimple, though efficacious means, by which Cap

tuin James Cook preferved himself and his phip's company, in his last voyage round the ruorld in his Majesty's pip Resolution.

114 4 fummary of the discovery of the great amiifcorbutic virtues of wort; with

an account of two other vegetable preparations for the same purpose, one of them used by the Ruffians with amazing success, and the other by the Captain of an English man of war.

117 Obfervations on the method of burying the parish poor in London, and on the

manner in which some of the capital buildings in it are constructed and kept; as two great sources of the extraordinary sicknefs and mortality So sensibly felt in that capital.

119 Easy method of effectually preferving dead bodies, as practised by the Capu.

chins of Pulermo in Italy. Some account of Mr Braidwood's Academy in Edinburgh, for teaching pero

fons born deaf and dumb, to speak, write, and read, with understanding.

124 The rural industry and economy of the Chinese proposed as an example to all the nations of the universe; by the Abbé Raynal.

125 Rules for the constructing of wine cellars, particularly those intended for the keeping of wines of a delicate texture and flavour.

128 An account of several trials made on a boat, or shoop, fit for inland naviga

tion, coafting voyages, &c. which is not liable to be overset or jurk by winds, waves, water-spouts, or too heavy a load.

130 The effects of rifled gun-barrels and feathered arrows, ascertained, and ac

counted for. An easy and effe&ual remedy for the head-ach, and alleviative for the asthma.






General fate of the Roman empire in the height of its prosperity, with re

gard to the number and greatness of its cities, and the easy communication

between them by sea and land. A general review of the rise, progress, and amount of the Roman revenues.

137 An account of the Fall of Palmyra under Zenobia, ard of that accomplished Princess herself, and ber Secreiary Longinus.

142 History and present state of the celebrated Mount St. Michael, near Gran

ville in France, one of the most celebrated fate prisons of that kingdom. 148 An account of some very ingenious poems, attributed 10 Thomas Rowley, of

Bristol, in the fifteenth century, and others his fellow-citizens and cotemporaries; and of the very extraordinary person who firft produced tbem.

155 A fnort account of William Cannings, the perfon po ofren mentioned in the preceding article, Founder of St. Mary Redelife's Church, Brittal,

162 Some account of the prerogatives, &c. of Sarum, especially of the Episcopus

puerorum, a very fingular institution, in memory of St. Nicholas, Bilamp of Myra, in Lycia, jurnamed ibe Child Bishop.



Valour, patriotism, and friendship, weighed in the balance of Christianity;

from ibe " View of the internal Evidence of the Christian Religion, by Soame Jenyns, Esq;"

166 Slavery absolutely inconfiftent with, and even contrary to, found policy, bu

manity, reason, and justice; uith some bints to shole cebo are not to be moved by such arguments, for the better treatment of saves during their pasage from Africa to America ; and on the plantations of tbe latter, greatly to the advantage of their owners as well as themselves. From ine Abbé Raynal's Historical and Political Survey, &c.

168 The rights of the brute creation to tenderness from man deduced from the two

fold confideration of their being susceptible of pain and pleasure as well as man himself, though not susceptible of a just compensation for any evils man may inflict on them. From the Rev. Dr. Primatt's D.Gertation on the Duiy of Mercy and Sin of Cruelty to Brute Animals

176 Thoughts on education, particularly that of boys ; by Father Ganganelli, af

terwards Cardinal Ganganelli, and laftly Clement XIV, the late Pope. 180 Translation of a Letter from M. de Voltaire, concerning the collection of letters from which the preceding article is taken

185 On the conne&tion between mufic, prophecy and poetry, particularly under the

Feavije dijpensation ; from Ýte General History of Music, by Charles Burney, Esg; Mul. D. F.R.S."

188 Translation of a letter from M. de Voltaire to M. d' Argenteuil, concerning Shakespeare's Works, and the translation of them into Fren b. 190


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