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forward, in order that those who knowing where they were to be fill them may hear the preacher taken, some days ago found without being obliged to leave means to put an end to a fate of their places, as was the case before uncertainty, too bad in a manner this alteration took place. The for most crimes, by making thir picture of Richard the Second is escape, removed from the place in which The Pope, though a great friend it was hung, into the Chapter- to the Ex-Jesuits, has been obliged, house, and the pulpit is placed on notwithstanding, to banith them the opposite side of the choir. The his capital, on pain of having the stalls for the clergy and singing Spanish ones left on his hands by men are not materially altered, the stoppage of their pension from but the places appointed for the the court of Madrid. gentlemen of weitmiofter school, An ancient piece of paintthough plain and neat, are better ing, by Holbein, repre.

isth. conftruded than the old ones. senting an interview betiveen King jith.

This day and the 13th, Henry Vill. and Francis l. of

a Acet fitted out by the Pro- France, at Guines, near Ardres, vincials on Lake Champlain was and containing upwards of four entirely defeated, two of their thousand faces, which had been vessels taken, and ten burnt or de. hitherto kept in the private apartAtroyed, by another fleet partly builtments in Windsor Castle, was, by and rebuilt there, and partly car- their Majetties command, placed ried there fome miles over land. for public inspection in the Royal The provincials, on the news of Picture Gallery; as was likewise their feet being defeated, quitted another ancient picture, a feaC:own Point, having first set fire piece, representing the return of to all the houses and buildings Henry Vill. and his nobility, from within it, and returned to Ticon. the said in:erview. The reader deroga.

will find an account of the first of A few days ago, as Major Bal. these pictures in our last volume. four, of the first or royal Scots re In consequence of two

16th. giment, and his brother, were out declarations lately issued by a shooting, near Fort George, in Lord Howe and General Howe, Scotland, the Major, having fired one, on the 14th of July, purporthis piece at some birds, desired ing, that his Majesty was delivous his brother to fire also, when, un to deliver his American subjects fortunately, as he was preparing from the calamities of war, and to do so, the Major ftept forward other oppressions; and to store before the muzzle of the gun, re the colonies to his protection and ceived the charge in his head, and peace : the other, on the 19th ult. expired a few hours after. The ihe purport of which the reader Major was universally efteemed. may fee against that date; upNo words can express the agony of wards of nine hundred persons, his brother upon this melancholy of respectable characters, 'inhabicatastrophe.

tants of the city and county of Thirty-two convi&ts, who had New York, presented their Exlain fix months on board-a tranf. cellencies with address, in port in Limcho.le-hole, without which, after the warmest expres




sions of duty, affection, and gra- wayman, foon overtook him, titude for his Majesty, and some and, discharging a pistol at him, compliments to their Excellencies, killed him on the spot. they express their hopes, that the An address of the Lord. sufferings of their absent fellow- mayor, Recorder, Aldercitizens, many of whom had been men, Sheriffs, and Commons, of driven away by the calamities of the city of York, in common war, and the spirit of persecution council assembled, congratulating which lately prevailed there; or sent his Majesty on the success of his to New England, and other distant arms in North America; approv. parts; will plead in their behalf, ing of his measures with regard to and engage their Excellencies, on his colonies there; and afluring thele their dutiful representations, him that they are zealous friends to restore the city and county of to law, liberty, and order, and New-York to his Majesty's pro. determined enemies to faction, lite&tion and peace. Accordingly, centiousness, and sedition ; and soon after, Governor Tryon was that they regarded the honous and se-established in his government, dignity of his Majesty's crown, and the several courts re-opened for and the supreme authority of the the administration of justice, British legislature, as the great

His most faithful' Majesty has pillar of that excellent conftitution, lately published a general pardon on which depends the freedom and to all his subjects who had fied prosperity of every branch of the their country for different crimes, British empire, was this day preon condition of their serving five sented to his Majesty, and most years in the army.

graciously received. Between eight and nine at night, When, in the beginning of this the General Wolfe Packet was run year, the House of Commons was down, between Liverpool and moved to inquire into the methods Dublin, by the Hawke tender, used to obtain addresses in pretty then going at the rate of fix knots much the same style with the above, (miles) an hour; and out of forty. Sir William Bagot got up, and rethree passengers, exclusive of the lated to the House the origin and crew, but twenty persons, in all, conduct of the Stafford address. were saved.

He said, that having, while in The king's forces en- Warwickshire, seen the address to 18th.

camped on New York all the 'electors of Great Britain, Island, having got behind the Pro- which was signed by Deputy Pi. vincials stationed at King's-bridge, per; and, not being willing that and obliged them thereby to aba... the gentlemen of the county which don their almost impregnable in- he had the honour to represent trenchments at that place.

should dance to Deputy Piper's Lord Berkeley having been tune, he went home immediatestopped in his post-chaise, about ly; and at the fellions an address ten at night, near Salt-hill, and containing sentiments very difrobbed of nis money, watch, &c. ferent from that of Mr. Deputy one of his servants, who came up Piper, was proposed and agreed at that in tant, pursued the high to, only one person, whom the


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House well knew, (Mr. Wool During the mayoralty of the dridge, who had last year spoken present Lord - mayor, Joha Sawat their bar) objecting to it.' bridge, Esq; eighty-eight per

The Bishop of Ely took postel- fons received sentence of death, fion of an house in Dover-itreet, and thirty-nine were executed; fix: erected by act of parliament for the of them, for murder,

future town residence of the Bishops The Grand Duke of Tusca-: C: of that see, and to be called Ely- ny, by, an edict of this date, has

house for the future, in lieu of the brought several places under the old palace, on Holborn-hill. . immediate dependence of his

The sessions ended at the crown, which were formerly under 21ft.

Old Bailey, when seventeen that of the Camadule Hermites. capital convicts received sentence The question is under which ju. of death, viz. three, for coining; risdi&tion the inhabitants of these cne, for forgery ; two, for horse. places are likely to be happiest. ttealing; one, for theep-Itealing; His excellency the Marone, for burglary; one, for quis de Noailles, Ambaf: 25th. robbery in a house of ill fame; fador from France, had his firf and eight, for various footpad and private audience. of his Majesty, other highway and street robberiese to deliver his credentials. Five more convicts were fentenced The Marquis de Bernard to hard labour on the Thames; Tanucci, who, for a great

27th. and seven, to hard labour in Bride- number of years past, had been well; seven, to confinement in Prime Minister, and chief or sole Newgate; four, to be whipped ; favourite, to the present and the cight were branded in the hand;, late King of Naples and Sicily, and twenty-two were discharged by was dilmified his employments, proclamation.

but in the most honourable manner. And, on the oth of December, He is succeeded by the marquis two of the coiners, the forger, Della Sambacca, the son of Prince and five of the other capital con- De Campo Reale, Counsellor of viâs, were executed at Tyburn. State, and Prefident of the junto The unhappy man, for forgery, of Sicily. having been once a tradesman in The Registers of the Court of great credit, both for honesty and Chancery, and their clerks, took industry, was indulged with a poffeffion of their new office in mourning-coach. He made a very Chancery-lane ; and, next day, an affecting speech to the populace, elegant buft, in marble, of the at the place of execution, of near preient Lord Chancellor, executed a quarter of an hour's continuance, by Mr. Nollekin, was put up in in which he attributed his unhappy the said office, with the following fate, not so much to any extrava- inscription : “ The Right Hon. gancy, as an indiscreet' defire of Henry Earl Bathurst, Lord High being able to carry on

a great Chancellor

of Great - Britain, trade. Before his death, he sa 1776." tished all his creditors to the ut

About a quarter

28th. most of his power, though by so eleven o'clock, a sudden doing he left his family in the fhock of an earthquake was felt all most wretched circumstances.


quarter before

over the town of Northampton, ed the session of parliament with and in many adjacent villages, 'at & most gracious speech; which, lended with a noise much like the with the addresses in return from violent jolt of a cart, which very both houses, and his Majesty's apparently jarred the houses, and most gracious answers to them, the threw the windows into a noisy reader will find among our State agitation for about two seconds; Papers. and a ball or balls of fire were seen The following humane order has at the same time by many persons been sent from the war-office, to in the fame town and neighbour. General Howe, in America. hood.' The like phænomena were

“ State of Allowances and Regufelt and feen at Harborough, and

lations. as far as Loughborough, in the If a wound Thall be received in county of Leicester, about the same action by any commissioned officer, time. The concufion did not ap- which shall occafion the lofs of an pear so great in those parts; but eye or a limb, he shall receive a the light, from various defcrip- gratuity in money of one year's tions, feems to have been equal. full pay, and be further allowed 301h.

His Majesty was pleased, fuch expences relating to his-cure

by two feveral proclama. (if not performed at the King's tions, to order that a public fast and charge) as shall be certified to be bumiliation should be observed reasonable by the Surgeon General thoughout England, and the of the Army, and Inipector Gene. kingdom of Ireland, upon Friday ral of regimental infirmaries, upon the 13th of December next, for examination of the vouchers which the purposes, besides the other he shall lay before them. ufual ones, of imploring the inter. If the wounds received shall rot vention and blefing of the Al- amount to the loss of a limb, the mighty, speedily to deliver his charge of cure only shall be allowloyal subjects within his colonies ed, certified as above. When any and provinces in Norih America, commissioned officer fall fose an from the violence, injustice, and eye of a limb as aforesaid, the tyranny, of those daring rebels, Commanding Officer of the corps who had assumed to then selves the in which he serves, shall deliver io exercise of arbitrary power; to him a certificate, fpecifying the open the eyes of chofe who had time when, and the place where been deluded, by specious false- the said accident happened ; a duhoods, into acts of treason and re- plicate of which certificate thall bellion; to turn the hearts of the likewise be transinitted with the au:hors of these calamities; and cext monthly returns, finally to restore his people in those When any commissioned officer distracted provinces and colonies Mall be killed in action, his wito the happy condition of being dow and orphan children (if he free subjects of a free state, under leaves any) thall be allowed as folwhich heretofore they had flourished low:: fo long, and profpered fo much. The widow, a full year's pay

His Majesty went to the according to her husband's regia House of Peers, and open mental commillion; each child

, under

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under age and unmarried, one DIED, the 3d infant, Mr. third of what is allowed to the wi.' Etheridge, a celebrated architect, dow; pofthumous children to be who, among other public works, included.

built Walcon bridge. All persons dying of their The 4th, Mrs. Roflanley, the wounds, within fix months after widow of Mr. Wells Rollanley, battle, Thall be deemed Nain in an ingenious defigner in Oxford action,

Kreet, who died the itt inflant; The commanding officers of the Mrs. Rollanley having refused to corps in which the fain officer take any manner of ruitenance, afserved, fall, on demand, give a cer his death, till the expired. certificate of his being killed in The 26th, the Rev. Dr. Pierre action to his surviving wife and or- Fráncois Le Courayer, in the 95 ta pbans respectively, Tpecitying the year of his age, in Downing treet, time when, and the place where, Weftminfler. the said accident happened ; a du. The 18th, John Ellis, Esq; plicate of which thall likewise be F. R. S. Agent for the Province transmitted with the next monthly of Welt Florida, and for the island returas.”

of Dominica; but better knowa, His Majesty has besides been as the first discoverer of the prograciously pleased to order 100l. perties of those curious fubftances, to each of the matters, and 501. to called corals and coralines, and each of the men of the undermen. Rill better, for his public-spirited tioned transports, who bravely endeavours to promote the Itedy, exerted themselves in their coun- and extend the benefits, of natural try's cause in the late affair at history; at Hamfiead. New-York island; viz. Robert The 25th, Mr. Levy Marks, Roughead, of the Good Intent; principal fcribe of the Jews fynaRickman Fowler, of the Symetry; gogue, and a gentleman of unbleJohn Randall, of the Grand Du- mihed character, aged 95. chess of Russia; Thomas Brown, Lately, Sir William Yorke, late of the Saville; Joho Chambers, of Chief Justice of Ireland, after re-, the Mercury; and James Stuart, tiring on a penfion.

a pension. His death of the America.

was owing to a mistake of his fer-: In the course of this month, the vant. Sir William was grievously Continental Congress resolved to afflicted with the stone, and in-his borrow eight millions of dollars, a severe fits he used to take a certaia four per tenta interest, and issued quantity of laudanum drops. On a proclamation accordingly, calling for, bis usual remedy, do

In the course of this month, ring the most racking pains of his likewise, a great sevolution hap. distemper, the drops could not be pened in the government of Ma. found; whereupon the servant was dras; some of the gentlemen of dispatched to his apothecary; but, the council there having thought' inttead of laudanum drops, he froper, by their own authority, to asked for laudanum. A quantity depofe and imprison Lord Pigot of laudanum was accordingly sent, the Governor, and confer the go with a special charge not to give Sir vernment on Colonel Stuajt.

William more than twenty four



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