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I PRESUME to lay before Your Majesty the History of a Period, which, if the abilities of the Writer were equal to the dignity of the Subject, would not be unworthy the attention of a Monarch, who is no less a Judge than a Patron of Literary Merit.

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HISTORY claims it as her prerogative to offer instruction to Kings, as well as to their people. What reflections the


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Reign of the Emperor CHARLES V. may
suggest to your Majesty, it becomes not
me to conjecture. But your Subjects
cannot observe the various calamities,
which that Monarch's ambition to be
distinguished as a Conqueror, brought
upon his dominions, without recollecting
the felicity of their own times, and look-
ing up with gratitude to their Sovereign,
who, during the fervour of youth, and
amidst the career of victory, possessed
such self-command, and maturity of
judgment, as to set bounds to his own
triumphs, and prefer the blessings of
peace to the splendour of military glory.

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Posterity will not only celebrate the wisdom of Your Majesty's choice, but will enumerate the many virtues, which render Your Reign conspicuous for a sacred regard to all the duties incumbent on the Sovereign of a Free People.

It is our happiness to feel the influence of these Virtues; and to live under the dominion of a Prince, who delights more in promoting the Public Welfare, than in receiving the just Praise of his Royal Beneficence.

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