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Secretary of the Interior...

Thomas S. Kleppe

Office of Hearings and Appeals.... James R. Richards, Director

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This volume of Decisions of the Department of the Interior covers the period from January 1, 1976 to December 31, 1976. It includes the most important administrative decisions and legal opinions that were rendered by officials of the Department during the period.

The Honorable Thomas S. Kleppe, served as Secretary of the Interior during the period covered by this volume; Mr. Kent Frizzell served as Under Secretary; Messrs. Jack Carlson, James T. Clarke, Jack 0. Horton, Royston C. Hughes, John Kyl, Nathaniel P. Reed served as Assistant Secretaries of the Interior; Mr. H. Gregory Austin served as Solicitor. Mr. James R. Richards, served as Director, Office of Hearings and Appeals.

This volume will be cited within the Department of the Interior as “83 I.D."

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Page 1-Correct spelling in deciding date should be January.
Page 23—Delete punctuation preceding decided date in Pierresteguy decision.
Page 68—Right col., line 3, correct 1957 to 1975.
Page 74Right col., par. 2, line 3, correct affirmed.
Page 94—Left col., under Discussion, line 11, correct legal citation par. to read

Page 117—Right col., par. 2, line 7, legal citation should read 82 I.D. 362.
Page 145—Right col., par. 2, line 6, correct date should read July 24, 1971.
Page 220—Right col., syllabus par. line 1, correct spelling administrative.
Page 226—Right col., par. 1, line 15—Citation for Bishop Coal Co., should read

82 I.D. 553.

. Page 255—Left col., quoted text, line 8, correct date to read Oct. 1 to Oct. 21, 1970. Page 281–Syllabus No. 4, line 4 should read "purchaser" of two other 320 acre

en- * * * delete are subject to cancella.. Page 303—Footnote 1, line 5 from the bottom, correct legal citation to read

IBCA 978-11-72. Page 338—Right col., line 4, correct citation vol. from 432 to 532. Page 418_Footnote 2, Rushton Mining Co., 5 IBMA 367, delete 1. Page 421—Left col., topic 188ues on Appeal, par. 1, line 5, correct 54 to 43 CFR. Page 428—Footnote 5, line 16, correct citation for Bishop Coal Co., 82 1.D. 553. Pages 462, 463—Syllabi Nos. 4, 5, 6 Topical Headings should read Alaska : Land

Grants and Selections: Mental Health Lands. Page 476–Right col., line 6 of par. 1, correct 80 Stat. 1145 to 89 Stat. 1145. Page 489_Par. beginning "Protraction diagram" citation reads 43 CFR 2650

5(1) correct to read 2650.0–5(1). Page 523—Left col., line 6, correct edition date should read (1957). Page 598—Right col., par. 4, line 1 correct the word original. Page 708—Right col., par [1], line 7, correct legal citation par. to read 19,224.



Page 445

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Page Addison Construction Co, Appeal Appeal of Pirate's Cove Marina. of...

353 Appeal of McCollum, Paul E. Sr. Administrative Appeal of Hansen, Appeal of Ounalashka Corp---

Dean v. Area Director, Aber- Appeal of Port Graham Corp--deen Area Office Bureau of Appeal of S. A. Healy Co.----Indian Affairs.--

561 Appeal of Seldovia Native Assn., Administrative Appeal of Morgan,

James, Jr. v. Area Director, Appeal of the State of Alaska.--

Aberdeen Area Office, et al.--- 20 Appeal of Witham, Theodora M.
Administrative Appeal of Appeal of Wisenak, Inc.--.
McComas, Joe --

227 Appeals of Armstrong & ArmAdministrative Appeal of Stout,

strong, Inc.--Douglas v. Commissioner, Bu- Area Director, Aberdeen Area

reau of Indian Affairs.----- 604 Office, Bureau of Indian AfAffinity Mining Co. (On Re

fairs, Administrative Appeal of consideration)--

236 Hansen, Dean v. Affinity Mining Co. (Petitioner) Area Director, Aberdeen Area v. MESA (Respondent) &

Office, et al., Administrative UMWA (Respondent) (On

Appeal of Morgan, James, Jr. Reconsideration), In the Matler of ----

108 Armco Steel Corp---Airco, Inc., Appeal of..---- 137 | Armstrong & Armstrong, Inc., Alabama By-Products Corp. (On

Appeals of Reconsideration)

574 | Associated Drilling, Inc.Amerada Hess Corp--

194 Beery, Robert L., et al.--
Andrew, P. H., et al., City of Bishop Coal Co., Shapiro, Steve

Klawock v., City of Klawock v.
State of Alaska Department Bolinder, Glenn C. and L. O.
of Highways.--

47 Turner, et al., United States v. Appeal of Addison Construction Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Inc., Co.--


Appeal of Appeal of Airco, Inc..

137 Brinkerhoff, Eldon.Appeal of Booz, Allen & Hamil- Cannon, Brown W., Jr. et al.--ton, Inc.

95 Canterbury Coal Co.-Appeal of Eklutna, Inc..----- 500, 619 Carbon Fuel Company -Appeal of English Bay Corp---- 454 Chambers, Evelyn.--Appeal of Eyak Corp--

484 City of Klawock v. Andrew, P. Appeal of Iversen Construction

H., et al., City of Klawock v. Co. (a/k/a ICONCO)------ 179 State of Alaska Department Appeal of Klimas, Joe--

20 77

148 220 249



95 185

80 325 39


452 of Highways.. Appeal of Mason, Timothy.. 297 City of Kotzebue...

47 313

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