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Page 71 - Includes those development programs being engineered for Service use but which have not yet been approved for procurement or operation. This area is characterized by major line item projects and program control will be exercised by review of individual projects.
Page 512 - Naval Operations and the Commandant of the Marine Corps in overseas areas on attache or mission aircraft.
Page 43 - Far more important: the effectiveness of an active ballistic missile defense system in saving lives depends in large part upon the existence of an adequate civil defense system. Indeed, in the absence of adequate fallout shelters, an active defense might not significantly increase the proportion of the population surviving an "all-out^ nuclear attack.
Page 30 - Congress has regularly underscored this limitation by explicitly forbidding in our annual appropriation act "the payment of a price differential on contracts * * * for the purpose of relieving economic dislocations.
Page 293 - DEFENSE AGENCIES For expenses of activities and agencies of the Department of Defense ( other than the military departments and the...
Page 256 - Appropriations of the executive departments and independent establishments of the Government shall be available for the expenses of committees, boards, or other interagency groups engaged in authorized activities of common interest to such departments and establishments and composed in whole or in part of representatives thereof who receive no additional compensation by virtue of such membership...
Page 292 - Defense available for research, development, test, and evaluation, or procurement or production related thereto, to be merged with and to be available for the same purposes, and for the same time period, as the appropriation to which transferred...
Page 45 - All of these considerations — the broad range of military capabilities required, the coordination of our efforts with those of our allies, the close relationship between our own military program and the assistance we give our allies, the abilities of our Reserve components, and the various alternatives we have for increasing our readiness — must be taken into account in determining the requirements for general purpose forces.
Page 357 - Training Corps, under the appropriation "Reserve personnel, Navy," which we call "RPN." The estimates presented for these appropriations are based upon projections for naval force objectives and policies approved by the Secretary of the Navy and the Chief of Naval Operations. I shall treat each of the two appropriations separately, beginning with "Military personnel, Navy.
Page 639 - Reserve, and 143,000 in the Retired Reserve. The Ready Reserve consists of those units and individuals available for immediate employment in the expansion of the Active Forces in the event of mobilization.

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